Portrayed By Ryan Merriman
Position Wingrider
Former title(s) Wingrider (Ista Weyr), Handyman (Ista Weyr), Wanderer, Cothold Brat (Crom Region)
Sex Male
Age 27
Place of Birth Crom Hold Region
Family Mother: Jillian, Father: Kyrvel, Siblings: Many
Faction Neutral

Character History

Born in a small cothold somewhere in the north, Killian was just one of many children. There was certainly no attempt to curtail how many there were to his family. Being a middle child, Killian evaded attention (good or ill, however) for the most part. Unfortunately, when he began to come into his teenage years and showed no interest in women like his elder brother and father (who were womanizers in their own right), it did start to cause some strife.

Rather than continue to have issues, Killian decided to take to the roads and leave. He traveled from place to place for a while, offering an extra hand for his bed and meals. He operated on ground crews, helped plow fields. Finally he ended up at Ista Weyr as a handyman, assisting in repairs about the Weyr as it was brought back to former glory slowly, but surely.

It was there that he was pegged for Search and asked to Stand. There upon the Sands he found his Twylaeth and became a bluerider. For some time, he has operated within their transport wings when not fighting thread, but a recent injury found K'lian convalescing upon Southern's beaches. He took so much to the weather that he's since requested, upon hearing of Eastern's opening, to be transfered there. He's not certain of these politics, but there's no better way to find out than get into the thick of it.


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K'lian's Logs


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