Portrayed By Sean Connery
Position Criminal Barkeep
Former title(s) Barkeep, Renegade/thug, apprentice, holdless
Sex Male
Age 52
Place of Birth Fort area
Family Sirinanne (mother, missing), Yolnik (father), sisters (Yaira, Sierre, Selye) and brothers (Siret, Kasjan), Regane (wife, deceased)
Faction Progressive

Character History

Here's a short present-day summary on Keane:

Keane is known to be the criminal barkeep of the Blood and Bucket tavern up in Telgar. The Blood and Bucket has become a neutral ground for all – which was a smart business move all around – and Keane never turned away business from those either dragonrider or renegade. Since the barkeep before him helped him escape trouble all those turns before, he made it his mission to do the same for those criminals and holdlessfolk looking for solace. Over the turns he grew respected – especially from the older renegades that had knew of him or worked with him back when the last Telgari crimelords were running things. He worked hard to make his bar one of the best for renegades and holdless alike, and there was never a fugitive he hadn’t turned away. It was how he met Jaya in those days – the Bitran running from one of the renegade lords and the barkeep took her in much the same way he was taken in and given a chance to work in his bar. He garnered loyalty from his patrons along with their marks and valuable information. Even though he is no longer an active renegade in the sense of the word now, those that remember him before the bar still know him to be a force to be reckoned with.


Lorien - Telgar's renegade lord and the barkeep have a rapport with each other. Since the crimelord is the paranoid sort, he doesn't fully trust Keane, however. Since the barkeep has been through two previous Telgari crimelords, and has even worked for one them long ago, he doesn't fully trust him either. It makes for a pretty fair friendship.

Olira/Relly - Former barmaid of the Blood and Bucket. Fiercely protective of her and treats her like a daughter.

Jaya - Former employee of his at the Blood and Bucket. Treats her like a daughter.

Memorable Quotes:

This section will probably start out empty, but as you go on, link to logs and friends' characters. If you like.

Trivia and Notes:

Currently, Keane is not actively on the grid, but a scene with him in his bar up in Telgar can be set up!

Also, Keane can be rather blunt and sharp at times, which can occasionally make him difficult. He gets too bull-headed to be an issue, page and I can reel him back. ;)

Keane's Logs


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