Portrayed By William Moseley
Position Eastern Weyr Journeyman Harper
Former title(s) Apprentice Harper, Hold Kid (Nerat Hold)
Sex Male
Age 28
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Family Mother: Tiana, Father: K'sarn (rider of bronze Shioreth), Siblings: None
Faction Progressive

Character History

Born with roots in two very different worlds, Kestian is the child of a harper and a rider, conceived and born at Ista Weyr as a result of a lost flight, though he was raised from the age of four onward at Nerat Hold, which was his mother's next posting after the Weyr. He visited his father, a bronzerider, once per season for two weeks at the Weyr as a child, until he developed clear signs of inheriting his mother's talents for harpering. His relationship with his father could probably best be described as one of respectful attachment rather than true affection, though the rider did try to do right by his only son. With Kestian's devotion to bookish pursuits over physical ones, they have little in common and visits tended to play out as a cordial affairs with Kestian spending most of his time tailing the Weyr's harpers or playing with the kids in the lower caverns, only seeing his father for meals. Much closer to his mother, though he was largely raised by a fosterer when his mother had duties to attend to, one of Kestian's goals in life has been to make his mother proud of him as a harper.

He was apprenticed to the Harper Hall at the typical age of twelve. His visits to both parents became few and far between after apprenticing, with all of his energies poured into learning his craft. As an apprentice, he excelled at all archive-related tasks, developed an encyclopedic knowledge of what of Pern's history was known, including the new history brought forth by AIVAS. AIVaS fascinated him conceptually and as a 'foolproof' repository of history without the flaws inherent in hide. Every chance he got, Kestian requested the opportunity to work on AIVAS knowledge, learning whatever computer skills were available to him as an apprentice. Though he's a capable musician and has a thorough understanding of musical theory, Kestian's weaknesses as a harper are with composition and vocal production. He /can/ sing and has learned to sing well enough that he won't embarrass himself at any gathers, but it's really not his strongest suit.

Kestian was the type who did well in class for the most part and impressed most of his teachers, however he got into more than one scuffle with fellow apprentices who didn't share his progressive views on AIVAS or his support for the ancient technology. He's been disciplined more than once for getting into such scuffles, but managed to keep his nose clean enough that after eight turns of study, he was able to walk the tables at age twenty with a concentration in archives and AIVAS studies and a secondary concentration in musicianship. His preferred instrument is the violin: an instrument that by it's very nature, makes it hard to sing along to when one is playing it, though he will of course, sing upon request and as part of his duties to entertain and teach.

To Kestian, knowledge is the most valuable commodity that a person can have even above concrete skills, making him something of a 'classic' geek, deeply absorbed by his interests and learning new things. Unlike the classic stereotype, however, he's not hopelessly awkward from a social standpoint, though he does bear a certain reserve and politeness until he gets to know a person better. He paid attention in etiquette classes and is a strong observer of manners, though not always of holder mores thanks to his exposure to Weyrlife and more than one flight over the course of his childhood visits to his father at Ista Weyr. He strikes something of a balance between the two ways of life and is most comfortable in a Craft environment.

Kestian's first posting was to a seahold in the Boll region, where he had to learn quite a lot about curbing his progressive instincts and fit into a relatively conservative mindset. Ultimately while he managed to fulfill his duties the atmosphere and isolation of a small hold started to grate on him and he requested a new posting from the Hall, declaring a desire to post to Landing itself. At that time, things were building to a head and rather than posting the Journeyman to Landing, he was sent to Eastern Weyr, a posting that Kestian is approaching with equal measures of trepidation and excitement.


Uveline - Eight turns his fellow harper's senior, though Kestian and Uveline's parents are all posted at Nerat Hold, Kes was only aware of Uveline as one of the younger children around the Hold. The two harpers also only had a few months of overlap at Harper Hall as Kestian had just walked the tables when Uveline arrived to start her apprenticeship. He might not recognize her now as a grown woman and a journeyman in her own right.

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

Kestian hates salad greens and now that he's all grown up and out on his own, he refuses categorically to eat any.

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