Kids Say The Darndest Things


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Date: 2011.05.21
Location: EW - Headwoman's Office
Synopsis: Randi drops by with a surprise for Hope who ends up mortifying the poor goldrider.
Rating: PG
Logger: Indira

It seems that the good weather will be continuing for the next little while, at least. The skies are blessedly clear as Eastern's most senior of the junior Weyrwomen - clad in her trademark red flight leathers with a bundle under one arm - ducks down the stairs from the bowl and jogs the now-familiar passages through the underground network until she reaches the Headwoman's door. It's still early enough in the afternoon that - she hopes - Max shouldn't be around to collect his charge just yet. Knocking in her customary pattern - three short and quick, then two slower ones following - she rocks back on her bootheels, grinning in delight.

Good weather it might be, but it also makes for sweltering heat so while Indira would likely not be found in her office at this time of day, she’s currently hiding out in it, enjoying the respite coming from the cool rock walls that make up the warren of the Weyr’s interior. The lilting rise and fall of chatter of a child’s voice, suggest that Hope is there too. Doran, the ever present guard at the Headwoman’s door, passes an appreciative glance over the leather-clad weyrwoman and then offers a respectful, “Afternoon ma’am, you can go on in, she’s not got anyone in there.” Aside from one little bundle of energy that is.

Doran gets a curious look, but Randi's in too much of a good mood today to be as prying as she might otherwise be. Fair to beaming at the man - and seemingly oblivious to his appreciative gaze - she pushes on the door's handle and steps right in. Spying Indira, her smile widens to a grin and she snaps her heels together, raising her hand in a sharp - if sassy - salute. Yep, she's in a mood to play, today. "H'lo Indira." She relaxes her posture and jerks her thumb over her shoulder. "Did I know there was a guard posted there?" Not questioning, mind. Just a turn of phrase.

Seated in the large chair behind her desk, in a very un-headwomanly pose with her legs tucked up beneath her, hair piled upon her head in a mess of loose curls and wearing a soft lightweight spaghetti-strapped dress, Indira looks up from her work. The faint smile on her lips to something Hope had said, warming and widening to a deeper one when sloe eyes land on the young weyrwoman, "Randi, I was wondering when you were going to show up." A flick of attention to her door and then a bared shoulder moves in a shrug, "Doran's been there since Kaseth's last clutching." And eggs got smashed and a dead body turned up. "Darlick!!" Hope drops the coloured chalk she'd been using to colour big swirls across a black slate board with and launches herself at the goldrider, "Where Kasef?" Dark blonde brows go up as Indira gestures toward a chair opposite her, "I see you two have met then, hmm?" To Hope, "Its Randi love, not Darlick," a faint frown of confusion appearing for the odd name the child had used.

Setting down her bundle on the corner of Indira's desk, Randi finds her empty arms suddenly full of excited child. Swinging the young girl up into the air and then down to settle her against her hip, Randi returns the greeting in kind. "Good afternoon, Miss Hope." Indira's correction of the name causes Randi to turn an alarming shade of pink. Unable to meet the Headwoman's eyes, she glosses over that bit and answers Hope's earlier question. "Weeeeell, she's actually out in the Bowl, just now. All strapped up and ready to go for a bit of a fly over to Landing to pick up some new parts for the Smiths." She bounces the little girl up a bit higher on her hip and continues, her grin turning conspiratory. "I'd be out there with her now, but I just so happened to come across these…" She fiddles with the tie on the bundle one-handed and flips the burlap back in both directions to reveal a small set of riding leathers the same blue as Kaseth's talons - and in a size just right for someone about Hope's height. "And Kaseth just wouldn't let me leave without bringing these over and seeing if your gra - mum would let me take you with me. Break 'em in a bit." She never talks down to the kid, even though most of it likely goes over poor Hope's head. She's clever enough to pick up on the important bits - Randi's seen that already. Still, that makes it harder to remember the charade she's now a part of with regards to her young friend's parentage, but she did manage to catch herself just in time. "You think if we both made big puppy eyes at her that she'd let us go?"

Hope squeals with delight as she’s lifted and swung onto the goldrider’s hip. “Affernoon Miss Dar…” she pauses then and eyes Indira for the correction before adding, “…di.” Ah, so it’s Dardi. Indira misses very little and that delightful shade of pink that Randi turns captures her attention, a dark blonde brow lifting in silently amused query. “Hot out today, isn’t it,” the Headwoman delivers casual comment thereof and then drops silent listening and watching with fondness as the young weyrwoman explains about the potential outing.

The toddler listens too, little head tipped over to one side, attention flicking between Randi and the little pair of blue leathers. Most of it indeed does go over her head and so, small fingers fiddling with one of the closures on the front of the goldrider’s leathers she queries, “Go wif Kasef and Dardi?” Indira catches the slip and with a wry smile helps the young woman out, “For now it’s Amma to her.” A slur on Grandma but enough that none not in the know would pick up on. She goes quiet then considering the request. “Peeease Amma,” Hope’s little body taut with tension as she awaits the answer and sending a well practiced puppy eyed plea. The Headwoman’s mouth twitches and then a warm smile appears, “Sure, why not. I’d say clear it with Max first but I’m not too sure where he’s gotten to right now.” And then she’s reaching to stroke fingers across the soft blue leather, “This is very generous of you, Randi. Thank you.”

Wincing once at the sound of 'Darlick' and 'Randi' childishly bastardized, Randi takes one of Hope's small hands in her own and looks down into eerily familiar dark eyes. "Darlick is fine, love." She says it quietly and moves on quickly, but it's been said nevertheless. "C'mon, Hope. Let's get you changed." Setting the girl down to stand on one of the chairs - probably normally a big 'no no' - she braces her with one hand and bites her lip in concentration as she works to get the little girl out of her current kit and into the flying leathers. Mention of Max makes her frown, but she doesn't look up as she continues to work. "He's probably off in whatever hole he goes and hides in when he doesn't want to see me." There's a touch of bitterness in her tone, but only just; it's not like she's entirely keen to be seeing him just now, either. "Nonsense." She waves off Indira's thanks a little awkwardly. "It was Kaseth's idea. She's quite enamoured of Hope." They both are. "Wouldn't give me peace until I went and found some." Or did a little pop back in time to have them commissioned - what's the difference?

Little hands easily captured by bigger has the child drawing her solemn regard up to Randi, then sliding it across to Indira and back to the goldrider again and then a smile blooms. “Darlick!” she whispers as if it were some kind of big secret. Set down on the chair, a small hand set to one of the weyrwoman’s shoulders to steady herself as the woman undresses her and gets her into the flying leathers, she hears her father’s given name come up in conversation and perks, and she chimes in with, “’Shole kiss Darlick. Mwah!” smacking little lips together in demonstration thereof and then she’s frowning in concentration as she tries to get her foot into the trousers. Yeah the kid doesn’t miss much. Indira, who had gone into a state of sort of relaxed indulgence, watching the goldrider and her granddaughter, jerks her head up. “He what!?” Any talk of gifts gone right out the window, especially in light of that faint bitterness that Randi had displayed when Max’s name had been brought up and her comment of him apparently trying to avoid her.

Tensing from head to toes as Hope decides to share that bit of helpful information, Randi only barely winces at Indira's outburst. She tries to hook the bottom ends of the jacket's zip together, but her hands feel like they're three sizes too big. Leaving it for now, she drops to one knee and works on getting the small black boots on small socked feet - the fact that she's even further from having to look Indira in the eye (and also in a better position to conceal her blush) is just a bonus. "One day, Hope, I will teach you about discretion." It's mumbled and mostly to herself, but it makes her feel a bit better. "Yes, he kissed me." A bit louder, there. "No, it wasn't his fault. Yes, I'm fine." Seeming to consider the salient points covered, she falls silent.

Kids say the darndest things, as Randi has just found out. Of course, she has no idea that she’s done anything wrong and moves her hand from the goldrider’s shoulder to her head as the woman drops to put the little boots on her feet. Then notices that the jacket isn’t done up yet and so proceeds to try and do it herself. Once, twice, even three times she tries but fingers are just not dextrous enough yet and so frustration spills out. “Fuck bastard,” and she heaves a big sigh. Indira’s eyes go wide but she’s not sure which to respond to first, the fact that her son was apparently going about kissing on weyrwomen, or that her granddaughter had somehow learned some very unsavoury language for a two turn old. “Uhhh…” Somewhat speechless for a second she addresses the child first, “You say, ’Oh dear’, not those other words. Those are bad words, Hope.” Setting a steely eyed look to the little girl and then the matter of her father is next. “Wasn’t his fault,” she repeats, “So I’m guessing he forgot to tie his boots properly, tripped and his lips fell on yours?” So casually put she could be commenting about the weather.

Randi keeps her voice flat and quiet. "He called me 'sweetcheeks'. I lobbed wet sand at his chest. He pulled me under the water. I grabbed onto him to regain balance. He tickled me. I bit him. He kissed me." It's not the whole story, by any means, but it covers the highlights, anyway. Hope's cursing does earn a snort from the young rider as she finishes lacing the second boot and straightens up, gently disengaging Hope's fingers from the zip and tugging it up gently, herself.

Leaned forward, elbows to her desk and chin cupped in hands, Indira listens and for some or other reason, her lips twitch in a faint show of amusement. The woman likely chalking it up to being nothing more serious than two young people fooling about, especially given the way the information is presented. “Ah, I see. Well he shouldn’t have done that,” though she doesn’t distinguish whether she means the name Max had called Randi, or that he kissed her. “I can have a word with him if you like?” and there’s just something about the way she says it that suggests she’s gently teasing the goldrider by offering to do so. Probably in a bid to see what her reaction might be. As for Hope? A scowl, very similar to the one her father will wear when he’s been chastised, falls into place but she doesn’t argue with her grandmother and instead sticks her thumb in her mouth and watches Randi doing up the zipper. From around her thumb, and eyeing her ‘scary’ grandmother she whisper-lisps, “We go Kasef now.’ Because that sounds like way more fun than being here right now.

Still feeling hurt and rather self-conscious about the manner in which things ended, Randi processes Indira's response … rather badly. Stung by what she interprets as the woman laughing at her, she draws back almost instinctively, biting her lip to keep from reacting in a manner that would only embarrass her even more. Turning away from Indira to wipe her arm across - her eyes or her brow, one - Randi lifts Hope onto one hip. "I think that's a good idea, Hope. I'll have her back before dinner." And she turns to walk out of the office, toddler in tow.

A soft sigh spills as Randi takes her response up the wrong way and for a moment sloe eyes turn watchful gaze onto the young woman. “If you want to talk, my door is always open, love” genuine offer spoken in a gentle tone laced lightly with apology for having appeared to make fun of the young woman’s embarrassment. She having been there all too many times in the past, Indira stands, moves around her desk and will lay a light touch to the goldrider’s arm before she leaves, “I’m sorry, Randi. I didn’t realize there was…more to it, aye?” A kiss is pressed to Hope’s soft cheek and then she’s shooing them off, “Go on you two, go have some fun and forget about duties, unruly men and bad words.” The last sent to Hope with a pointed lift of brow.

The gentle tone only seems to make things worse, Randi drawing in a sharp breath to maintain her composure. Even so, she nods in Indira's direction, trying to convey gratitude without having to open her mouth before it's reasonably safe to. It's times like these that a girl misses her mum - in Randi's case, even more than usual. Taking Hope out the door with a nod to Doran, she navigates the tunnels in silence, listening to the oddly comforting chatter of the toddler in her arms until they're both out in the Bowl proper. Out in the open air, with her dragon ready and waiting, the prospect of flying on a gorgeous day before her and the little bundle of gleeful energy in her arms, Randi calms; all that other stuff she pushes away to deal with later - or not at all, if she's lucky. Today is about hope. And Hope. And flying.

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