Kisses And Stitches


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Suli (NPC)

Date: August 16, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: Leron stops by to ask Jaya for help on putting together his candidate robe. Banter and the game of cat-and-mouse is played.
Rating: PG - 13
Logger: Jaya

The bar is on the closing end of the night, with its last patron lingering around at the counter. While Suli busies herself sweeping through the tables, Jaya is in the process of fishing out a thin hide-bound package and sliding it over the countertop towards the last patron: a rakish-looking young man with a weathered face. The two exchange a few words - probably laced with innuendo since the smirk that the bar owner answers him with is one full of trouble before he turns to leave with the package being slid up under his shirt.

Leron often appears all kinds of dimwitted and or unobservant. However, more often than not this is simply an unintentional ruse for as he steps into Jaya's establishment, a bundle of white fabric crumpled under his arm, the man about to leave is given a curious look, brown eyes openly landing on that package being sent up the man's shirt. He says nothing of it, simply steps out of the other's way and heads straight for the bar owner a wide grin in place, "Hey Jaya. He your beau?" Blending greeting and curiosity into one sentence with a nod over to the one in question.

The man passing by Leron passes him one of his cunning smiles before he's off sauntering out of the bar. Jaya's gaze transfer from him to Leron then, taking in his question with a narrowing of her eyes. All too quickly to throw the newly-candidated man off-balance, she answers that with, "No. You are," with little amusement. Perhaps it's said to deflect the exchange, but one never knows with the barkeep. Finally dropping her gaze to other parts of him, "You're out late, candidate," she drawls then, seeming to put a little stress on the last word as her intense gaze seeks out the white fabric he holds. "What can I do you for, shuga?" Dark eyes flick back up to him, part teasing, part serious.

Leron simply stands there sending a grin Jaya's way, his eyes sparkling with amusement for her answer and looking not more than a little pleased with himself round about now. The white bundle is dropped onto the counter and he leans his elbows onto it, "Well then, if I'm your beau, you can give me a kiss." All kinds of cocky for what she can do for him, though the chances are good he's just trying it on. Slowly the white fabric is sent her way with a wrinkle of nose, "Indira," losing the headwoman bit there, "says you can do stitching?"

Jaya seems wont to playing this game. Leaning elbows on the countertop as well, the scarred-faced woman leans forward all seductive-like as if she were going to do just that. With a low husky chuckle that suddenly brushes her breath from his lips to his ear, "Gotta corrupt you first," she drawls that low, playfully before she leans away and places her hand on the fabric as she goes. "Rain check, perhaps? I -do- owe you for that little display in the laundry room, ways back." There's trouble in that statement, and she's not hiding it with her sarcasm. Turning to the white fabric now, "So. Indira told you I could stitch, eh?" she muses on that, letting her fingers run over the fabric before she over at him. She nods once after a moment, "Yeah, I can stitch. What do you want with this?" and she flicks the fabric up a little in indication of it.

The candidate goes deadstill at that brush of breath and words coming from the bar owner. Swallowing hard a blush lifts up from his neck and settles onto his cheeks ending with Leron clearing his throat and shifting to put a long contemplative look onto Jaya. It's not long before that easygoing grin is in place again, "I owe you for throwing yourself at me? Waine was right, you women types are all kinds of tricky." If she looks close enough and uses a -whole- lot imagination, she'll see what appears to be the beginnings of a candidate's robe. The stitching what there is of it is horrendous, with huge gaps in between each stitch. Thread is knotted and snarled and there is even a drop of what could be blood in one place.

A smirk starts at that blush forming on Leron's face, returning his look steadily as if her words were the dead-on truth on corruption. Jaya's going to tease, anyway. "Such bravado and ease for one who blushes at the thought of a kiss," she drawls, her gaze examining the bad stitching in the cloth now. "Your Waine's right about us being all kinds of tricky, but I never threw myself at you, Leron." A flat look to him is given at that. "Got quite a memory on you. Must be all those chores they're putting you through now, hm?" Back to the fabric, she studies it longer before her lips press together. Catching the blood, "Who did this horrible job? You?" she looks up at him, frowning as she studies his hands briefly.

Leron lifts a hand and rubs at the back of his neck awkwardly, "Not scared of you," he states boldly despite the blush, "'Sides, you were the one that landed on top of me, remember?" grinning once again. That's his story, and he's sticking to it. Lips tuck into an odd mixture of ruefully cheerful as he shrugs, glancing down at this hatchet job, "Sewing is for -girls-. We men," a thumb tilting back toward his chest, "we don't sew. We work." Well, most men work, he just tends to stare off into space.

A brow lifts at this new initial statement. "Oh you aren't?" Jaya makes a show of really regarding him now, as if a sudden thought occured to her. Letting the glimmers of a smile form as she takes that blush in, the bar owner passes a brief glance over to an oblivious Suli as she leans back against the counter towards him with a bold challenge in her eyes. "Come here, then," she practically commands with a straight face, one brow staying arched at him. She drops the talk of the fabric for now, letting one hand stay over it.

And Leron, as Leron will, simply stands there quite unworried as Jaya gives him a thorough going over. He probably doesn't interpret with that look or the smile that starts to form. As such hands slide off the counter with a sigh (likely expecting a cuff alongside the ear), drop to his sides and he ambles on over round the counter side and comes to a halt in front of Jaya sending her a resigned look. Likely more to the fact of not getting the help he needs with his robe than anything else and silent for a change.

Eyes staying narrowed as Leron ambles forward, the sudden movement finally attracts the attention of the barmaid as she sweeps up around one of the tables with curiosity in her eyes. Ignoring Suli, once Leron stops infront of her, Jaya lets him stew in silence for a moment before taking a step forward and to the side as if to trap him between herself and the counter. If she succeeds, she'll place both hands to the side of him on the counter, keeping her face straight despite the tense position. Then, brushing back her dark hair with a roll of her shoulders, "Scared now?" she asks low, keeping that challenge in her eyes as she studies his face.

Finding himself trapped between Jaya and the counter, Leron darts a look Suli's way (for help maybe?) and then swallows as his eyes land back onto his female captor, chin going up in a show of defiance. Arms held stiffly at his sides although the fingers of one hand do fidget a moment at the fabric of his trousers, "Nope." Sounding far more confident that he really is right now. With a short exhale of air, that impish light creeps back into his eyes, "If you're gonna smack me upside the head or something, then just do it. I'm already out passed curfew." Cheeky.

"You are indeed," Jaya is quick to agree on curfew, letting a small playful smile finally touch her lips. She says nothing on his confident-sounding answer to her question, however, taking in that chin-lift and the dart of his eyes to her barmaid with a smile turning lopsided. Then, with firm decision, the dark-haired woman finally closes the small distance between them. Unless the trapped stablehand doesn't break free or stop it, the barkeep will press herself against Leron and reaches up with one of her caging hands to the back of his head with some firmness. A cuff to the head? Not likely if the lift of her posture due to his height and her lips descending on his is any indication!

Well, he might have given trying to squirm out of that close proximity a go, if only his head worked as quickly as it should. This being one such situation that has Leron going deer-in-headlights and simply staring down at Jaya as she closes in (for the kill?) instead of ducking. As such both the back of his head and his mouth are easily claimed in that freeze-frame moment with the candidate's eyes going wider still. Initially nothing. No response from him whatsoever. And then when there's no crash of a bottle to the back of his head coming, the candidate's lips relax and explore the bar owner's with a margin of curiosity for a brief second before finally, sense knocks at the door and he pulls away confusion rife on his open expression, "What the…what are you…" Oh look. Words have finally failed him!

Despite Jaya taking the initiative, once their lips meet she seems to let Leron drive the situation. There's only that slight, brief hesitation before she feels that brief second his exploration of her mouth, letting him do so as she presses close with that one little taste before she feels him pull away. In that second, she lets him go, stepping back from the stunned candidate with low, barely-held laughter at failed words. "Holdbred and innocent after all," she seems to conclude from the encounter, idly brushing a finger along her lips as she gives him space. "Figured, shuga. You shouldn't challenge a woman so." She turns away lest he sees that her bravado will be completely ruined by the slight flush of her cheeks. Returning to the fabric with a look going to an amused Suli, "I'll fix this for you," she drawls, fingering the stitches and giving him time to recover. "Fuck knows how you managed to mangle -this- much without the help of a woman." Beat. "Since sewing is for girls." And she snorts to that.

Recovering some of his internal balance, Leron runs his tongue over his lower lip once Jaya steps away and grins smugly, "You like me." Holdbred and innocent? Maybe. Nervous? Probably. Scared? Not likely. Life's an adventure there to be explored. Any looks coming from Suli are not so much ignored, as missed as brown eyes hold to the bar owner when she turns, a helpless grin spilling out for her assessment of his handiwork. How has he managed thus far without the help of a woman? A cocky look flirts over to the dark haired woman, "I just kiss pretty girls and they do stuff for me." Yup, he did just say that. Although it's delivered with a certain natural boyish charm and not meant as offensive.

"I like spiced mint-flavored wine from the Bitran regions," Jaya is quick to level on the candidate with dryness for his assessment, holding on to that cocky lift in posture. "Don't get all 'strutty' over a bare kiss, candidate." Yep, her face stays forward, smoothing out the fabric along the counter so that she could see the full extent of what needs to be done. To the last, that's another snort from the barkeep. "Is that so?" she muses, finally gracing him with a look over her shoulder. "Something tells me you don't get stuff done often for you, then. If at all." It's a bare tease, if anything, perhaps detecting his innocence in that department but willing not to tease him too much over it yet. Once the fabric is fully smoothed out she turns to face him. "So. Am I to do this out of the kindness of my heart?" The rest need not to be said, the dryly spoken words rich with a veiled amusement. "I normally charge, but…." a considering look goes over him then, "….I seem to be generous tonite. Lucky you."

A bare kiss…And his cocky comeback to that? Leron simply tugs at the edge of his shirt with his fingers, "Still got my clothes on." Brat. He can do little but laugh when Jaya calls him out on his comment of how he gets things done for him. She's right and he doesn't bother to deny it, simply ambling over to lean up against the bar and watch her hands smoothing over his poor attempt at a candidate's robe. "Well, I could give you another kiss," never mind that she was the one doing the giving, "but then the other ladies might all get jealous, and that one," a smiling glance over to Suli, "might hit me," yes because the barmaid absolutely has a thing for him, "So, the kindness of your heart then?"

Jaya eyes those clothes indicated before sending Leron a faintly suggestive look. To him 'giving' her another kiss, "Keep it up," she drawls, rolling her eyes to the ceiling as she returns to examining the fabric. "I'll give you another one and that'll at least get you red in the face again and sputtering for another five minutes." With Suli mentioned, there's a glance sent the older woman's way, who has now returned to her work and feigning as if she didn't hear anything. "You should bring these other ladies over to the bar sometime," she idly notes sardonically, looking over her shoulder at him once more. "We can gab over wine about how manly you look sewing these stitches together." She lifts the part of the fabric where the stitching is really bad, her smirk lopsided. "And I'll do it for free. Not because I like you. Cuz I don't." Brat.

Her suggestive look is met with only the barest hint of coloring to his cheeks but to Leron's credit, he doesn't shy away from it, his grin simply stretching wider, even for the tease to having him blushing like a girl again. A soft snort meets her words over the 'manliness' of his stitching, "If I'd made a good job of it then you'd really have to worry that I was a girlie-boy," becausemen don't sew in his opinion. Laughter greets Jaya's last and he steps away (to safety?) stating as he does, "Only cause you like me." And then, as if out of left field he suddenly asks, his tone turned musing, "What color you reckon my dragon's gonna be?" pretty sure of himself there.

The coloring of cheeks again seems to please the barkeep, but it seems for now she is willing to leave Leron be. "I'll have you know," she states on the stitching, and girlie-men, "that there's nothing 'girlie' about knowing how to sew. If your only pants rip on the road, and you got nothing but you with you, then what are you going to do? Walk naked?" Lifting a finger and wagging it alittle, "My father could stitch some, and he's no 'girlie-man'! It's called being self-sufficient, shuga." And since he's still insisting that she likes him, it's a good thing he steps away for she looks like she wants to deliver that cuff to the ears. As to the last, it's Suli that answers him before Jaya could: "I hope it's green," the grave woman makes a joke, arriving at the counter now that curiosity for the candidate robe gets the best of her. Frowning down at it, "You see a green, don't you, Jay?" she levels at the barkeep. As for Jaya herself, she looks from one to the other and snorts before giving her single answer: "Blue."

Leron actually stops for a moment and considers Jaya's words and then shrugs, "I guess. But I'm not on the road now." So it doesn't apply, right? An unusual thing happens to his face next. He actually scowls lightly, "I'm self-sufficient. Got myself all the way here didn't I?" to Eastern Weyr. But that was probably more luck than good judgment. When Suli wanders over and delivers her verdict a grin appears, and he jerks a thumb her way, "See? She likes me too." Green apparently a color he seems comfortable with. Blue too given that his grin turns onto Jaya next as he nods, "I like them two. Bronze is…" well the mark of a leader in his estimation and something he's not but he doesn't finish that thought, "And brown…well them brownrider's all look to be a gloomy lot." Something he's definitely not. Back to the barmaid again, "So how many mark you gonna lay on me getting green then?"

"You should prepare for such likelihoods anyway," Jaya returns, not backing down from that topic, even at that scowl. "And I'd love to see how self-sufficient you are, shuga, if you could sew all this-" and the fabric is lifted. She seems happy to keep goading Leron on that point, too. But the scowl, something she hasn't seen on the candidate's face, draws an interest to her that seems to have her filing that particular piece of information away anyway. "Suli just wants to cuff you again," the bar owner continues to say on the barmaid liking him, and Suli's sending him a glare in response. As to dragons and their colors, Suli speaks up again since apparently this is more of her expertise. "Don't see you as a brown or bronzerider," she says, frowning at Leron's face, "but Jay here may have a point about the blue. You feel like a blue." Whatever that means. Jaya's looking just as lost at the barmaid. As for laying marks, Suli's baring teeth into some short laughter. "I'll lay a mark each on both green and blue, son," she answers, reaching over to pat at the fabric. "It would be interesting to see you on a dragon. Might draw some real confidence out of you, too," and the older woman slides a look Jaya's way, as if in significance, before she's laughing again and moving away.

"Fine," Leron gives some ground with his smile returning, "You and that Ahnika girl can teach me, she knows how to fix socks, and then I'll make you both Gather dresses to say, thank you." Side stepping out of what he believes to be Suli's reach and probably right into Jaya's he grins over at the barmaid, "You wouldn't hit me, cause then I wouldn't make you a pretty headscarf when I've learned how to sew." Not put out by the older woman's assessment, his nose wrinkles a little and he makes a show of patting himself down, "Nope, feel more like a Leron to me." Whatever color a Leron might be. Brown eyes regard the unexpected smile from her warily for a moment or two and then he's tossing it aside whatever its meaning might be with a laugh, "Won't my da be proud." The first time he's ever mentioned his family, "Told me I could be anything I wanted to be. So now…" he wants to be a dragonrider, but his cricket brain has jumped and he's forgotten to finish his sentence. Again.

Jaya's brow lifts in interest at the name. "You know Ahni, eh?" she ventures before nodding once and answering her own question with, "Of course, you're both candidates." Pause. "Learn all you want, but I'll be crazy to let you make me a gather dress." as for headscarves, Suli is shaking her head to that as she returns to her broom. "Not worried about that, Leron." Wow, the first time Suli actually uses his name. "Your da's coming to the hatching when it happens?" Jaya is asking after fitting the barmaid with a speculative glance as she starts to fold up the fabric carefully. "You never talk about your family."

Shrugging at the question of Ahnika, "She's a candidate," said right as Jaya says it. Of course, Leron simply chuckles when the dark haired woman declines but brightens when Suli doesn't seem to, "One the same color as my dragon," he states grandly of the color headscarf he'd make the barmaid once he's learned how to sew. Shaking his head to his parents attending the hatching as he takes a step backward toward the exit, "Nah, they're…real busy." Another step, and a small shrug, "That's because I'm here and they're not." As to why he doesn't speak of his family. And then unexpectedly, he closes the distance made quickly and boldly plants a kiss on Jaya's cheek, "Thanks Jaya." For offering to sort his robe out for him and before she can likely react, he's gone, dashing out the bar with a wave thrown in farewell and a laugh.

The bar owner nods to that on the redhead, only offering up, "She helps out here, sometimes," for an explanation once the robe is all folded up. Suli's actually giving the candidate a small smile for his words on the headscarf, shaking head and deigning to say nothing at all. Looks like her friendliness and social skills only go so far. "Too bad," Jaya drawls on his parents a little soberly as she picks up the folded robe and files it away behind the counter. "Perhaps-" and then her words stop, Leron's planting that kiss to her cheek and it has her startled. It's not everyday she gets something like -that- and it shows, this time making the bar owner speechless as the stablehand is dashing out of the bar. Suli could probably be heard chuckling again behind his back, the older woman watching as the scarred-faced woman reaches up to touch the place where the kiss was planted.

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