Knotless Wonder


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Date: July 08, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Kitchens
Synopsis: The Headwoman gives the Weyrwoman her knot. And some sweetrolls.
Rating: PG-13 F-bomb alert.
Logger: Alara

Early dawn has Rukbat only barely starting to make its presence known. The kitchens however, are a hive of activity. A dozen enticing aromas filling the air along with ladles clanging against pots, and jovial chatter being passed between cooks and bakers. Perched on a counter off to one side, is not a platter being prepared for breakfast, but rather a tousled haired blonde, clad in dark blue, form fitting trousers and white open necked blouse. Poring over the clipboard in hand, she glances up every so often and then jots down more notes.

Alara is diligent in her work, and is going through the different parts of the Weyr, making notes of her own. "Headwoman. There you are." She gives a small smile, ducking her head somewhat. "Are you settling in well?" She gazes around the kitchen, taking stock of the working women, and nodding appreciatively. "Everything looks lovely," she comments, noting what she can. This isn't her area of expertise, but it looks like they're doing alright. "Are you missing anything major?" She wants to make sure the woman has what she needs to do her job. "Until the tithes get settled, I'm not sure what's all going to be available…"

Not looking up just yet, Indira makes another note and then hops down off of the counter, tucking her clipboard under her arm. The edge of a smile greets Alara's praise and the blonde turns a critical eye out over the area, "Still plenty that needs whipping into shape, but we'll get there." As to what might be further required, a finger taps at the clipboard, "Was just coming to see you about that. We can manage with what we have in the meantime, but there's a severe lack of spices and herbs. Which," her expression turns somewhat sardonic, "considering this is the home of all things hot and spicey, comes as a bit of a surprise." Her free hand waves that off, "I've got a few sources I plan on looking into though." Dark eyes run an appraising look over the Senior's form and come to rest on her shoulder, "It would appear," a small smirk forming, "that you are not fully dressed, weyrwoman."

"What? Did I forget a button?" Alara looks down at her tunic, to make sure she's not missed anything. No, it looks like everything is in proper order. "What do you mean?" She looks down at her paper and writes 'spices.' "That doesn't make sense either. Maybe, once we get a few candidates or weyrbrats who can work… we can get them to walk down the roads and get some of them. I think there might be some over on the road between here and Landing…" She frowns. "That might work until we get a solid supply. And…" The added bonus being, "it'll keep idle hands busy."

Indira approaches the subject of spices first, "I was thinking more along the lines of putting trade agreements in place with a few of the local spice merchants. Although if we were to offer them extra hands at harvest time, that might be a means to getting the price knocked down." More notes scribbled down on that topic. Back to Alara and her state of dress. Teeth show in what could be termed as a sly grin, "Word has it you're the newly chosen senior here, correct?" Toying with the younger woman a little as to what could be missing from her wardrobe.

"Yes…" Alara draws the word out, still not understanding. She's either just barely awake, or completely immersed in her job. "Rauzath will sit on the sands soon…" What does that have to do with her being undressed? "That sounds like a good idea, as well. I know some of the others would frown on that…" It's not a very traditional practice to do anything but collect tithe, but Alara's open to more than her mentor or many others would be. "Let me know what needs to be done, and we'll arrange it. I'm sure they wouldn't mind it at all." She gazes toward the women cooking. "Oooh, are they making sweetrolls?" La has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Dark eyes flicker with amusement as Indira watches Alara explaining her position. Eventually she relents, fingers dipping into a hip pocket of her trousers and then withdrawing with an intricate knot representative of both the Weyr and the goldrider's newfound status dangling over them. The Headwoman's hand moves back and forth in enticing gesture, "Then perhaps, you might give some thought to burdening your shoulder with this?" Not the most formal of knotting ceremonies, but then again, this is Indira we're speaking of. If the senior takes the knot off of her hands, the older blonde will turn back to the discussion surrounding spices and the like, the twitch of lips dark in their presentation of movement, "Tradition went between when that sharding rock got cut in two," she states. Drawing up to her full height and hugging the clipboard to her chest an intent look is sent the younger woman's way, "You have enough to keep you awake at night worrying over. Leave the acquisitions of the spices and herbs to me. I'll be sure to get the Weyr the best prices until you've managed to work out a tithe agreement with the spice holds themselves."

"My knot!" Oh, and doesn't Alara feel stupid. "I'd forgotten completely about it. I got to working with J'cobi and trying to figure out what he's willing to do — other than train the riders, and then what needed done, and trying to get everything situated…" She completely and utterly forgot about her knot. She takes hold of the knot and eyes it closely. It's a very clear symbol of her authority and responsibility. She shakes her head, and affixes it deftly onto her shoulder. "Thank you, Indira." She listens to the words. "That would take a load off. If you do need something, just let me know, and I'll see what I can do." She gazes over at the sweetrolls, avoiding another comment for now. The headwoman's comments on the place of tradition gets a frown. "I suppose that's a valid viewpoint." She gazes out toward the caverns again. "It's definitely a touchy subject." And partially the reason Alara is here, and not on the familiar sands of Telgar.

Short the chuckle that spills out once Alara makes the connection, "You mean the knotless bronzerider parading as the Weyrleader?" alluding to the bronzerider's similarly bare shoulders. Dark eyes bear a short sign of understanding for the younger's burden of responsibility as she affixes symbol of her new authority. She even tries offering a few words of encouragement, "You'll find your feet soon enough." Indira's attention tracks the path that the young senior's eyes take, amusement hovering yet again as she signals to a baker, "Wrap a half dozen of those for the weyrwoman to take with her." Back to business, and a dark blonde brow lifts upward, "It's really quite simple. They fucked up. Now we learn all that we can to make the best out of a bad situation and move on. Any fool that can't see that, deserves to be left behind in 'tradition'." The air quotes easily audible in her tone as she puts her opinion out there.

Yes, the knotless wonder that we call the Weyrleader. "J'cobi's very good at training." And that's pretty much what he's good at, or so it seems so far. Her face brightens as they wrap up the sweets for her. "Oh, thank you so much." She's like a little brat following a baker's apprentice around. "That's very true. They did mess up quite spectacularly." The Weyrwoman can swear when she needs to, but she prefers to hoard her swears and use them like scalpels. Or when she's in flight-frenzy.

She looks down at her paper, and writes something else down. "Now, you haven't seen any stray tunnelsnakes in here, have you? I know they'd had one in the cupboards a seven or so back…" She is still worried about the infestation of critters, and will be until they're clear out. "We're trying a few things to get rid of them, and if you have any ideas, let us know, because …" She shudders just thinking about the things.

For Indira, expletives are more often than not, a pattern of speech. Chances are, given her age, she does know when to curb her tongue. A corner of her mouth lifts upward in short order for the thanks given, "If you think about it, they're really yours anyway," she points out on the matter of the sweetrolls. On the topic of tunnelsnakes, a glance is sent the way of the cupboards, "The cooks told me about it. I've organized to have some hemlock laced meatrolls set out for it." Hopefully the horrid creature won't decide to die in some hard to reach place, leaving the smell of it's rotting carcass to drift about for days on end. As to the Weyrleader himself, the tousled blonde head tips to one side, "Goldriders know from the moment they impress that this could one day be asked of them," to become senior, "and so they have some chance to prepare. Bronzeriders on the other hand, it's all a bit of a hit and miss affair for them, isn't it?" excuse the pun as she appears to plead the man's case.

Alara finds the pun funny. "Quite." She looks down, and snickers, looking up with a bit of a blush. "Well, they may be, but I don't want to appear — rude about it." She reaches up with her free hand to run it through her bangs for a moment, and then she nods again. "They do know it's a strong possibility, but they definitely don't get the training like we do. We're rather put on the spot, sometimes. I'm just glad I had a decent mentor. There are those who don't even get that help." She knows most of what goes into running this place, because she has done, and seen, most of it. However, doing is a different matter, especially when she wants to do things slightly different. "Well, I do hope the hemlock works. I did have a Smith recommend something similar, and I wasn't sure what herb would be best." There are several alternatives. "You have a goodly supply of that as well?" Just to make sure.

"Cute," Indira notes of the blush coming off of Alara. Shoulders roll in an easy shrug as she leans a hip against the counter she'd been perched on earlier, "My point exactly. Give him time.You just got to roll up your sleeves and dig in." The latter her advice to the younger goldrider taking control of her new position. "You need anything, or anyone gives you uphill, you let me know, I'll have 'em over my knee and sorted out in no time at all." Let's hope she's kidding about that last part. Enigmatic the smile that flickers in and out at the question of hemlock supplies, "Enough for the purposes it's needed for. Traps are useful but messy." Not looking like messy bothers her much.

Indira's comments only make Alara blush more deeply, at least for a moment, then she inhales, and gets back to work. "Right. I appreciate the backup. It makes things much easier to have a team, instead of fighting over the smallest details." She flashes a bright, toothy smile, reaching out for the offered sweetrolls. "I do have to check on a few other things, but it appears everything is running quite smoothly." She is pleased by this. "Have a pleasant morning, Headwoman." She holds the still warm rolls in her hands gingerly.

To her credit, Indira reins in her mounting amusement, lips twitching with the effort. As Alara puts words to her need to depart, so a cook lifts a hand in an attempt to catch the Headwoman's attention. "And I'd best get back to work. I'll be round later to drop off this list once it's completed. With that she'll turn attention to the cook and then head off to deal with whatever next is on her to-do list for the day.

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