Lakeside Words


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Date: 07/12/10
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lakeshore
Synopsis: L'han tests the waters between him and the Junior Weyrwoman.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: L'han

A torrent of rain makes the ground wet and dangerous, and makes the loads of sand and rock carted out of the 'lake' by the smiths so much heavier than they ought to be. Still, it has dropped the temperature enough that their masters have declared the work still on. This isn't incredibly odd, what with the various pressures they've been under to finish it. What is odd, however, is the small, blonde-haired woman who is down in there with them. Pushing a cart of heavy, soaking silt towards the ramp up and out. Clothed in drab and filthy brown and grey work-gear, one might not actually recognize Kaseth's spitfire rider - at least not until they got quite close, indeed.

The activity at the site, especially in this rain has drawn the attention of a certain greenrider who looks soaked. From head to toe, the young man is absolutely drenched, yet he makes no effort to get out of the rain as he heads towards the lake. His eyes sweep the construction site before he takes one of the smiths aside and inquires as to the lake's progress and any current problems. The smith gives an exasperated wave. "Look greenrider, it's like we've told the Headwomen and the Weyrwomen, it's slow going and we're going as fast as we can. If you've got problems with it, talk to the Junior Weyrwoman, she's actually lending a hand, so unless you intend to do the same, away with you." L'han's eyebrows raise at hearing Randi is present and he says, "What do you need me to do?" So he finds himself saddled with a cart to pull down the ramp and it would be in passing that he spots Randi. The Weyrwoman gets a nod in greeting. "Hello Weyrwoman… nice to see you again." Nervous much is he?

Having hit a particularly sloppy place in the track, Randi ducks down and really drives her shoulder into pushing. It works, but also ends up with her stumbling after it. It's only once she's regained her footing that she spies L'han. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she leans on the edge of her cart and wipes a splatter of mud off her face. "L'han," she offers in way of greeting. When she smiles at him, it's entirely less than friendly, but also incredibly amused. "Who'd you piss off this time?" She gestures to his cart, obviously assuming he's on some sort of punishment duty.

L'han stops his cart with ease since it's empty and replies, "No punishment, the smith up there simply had a point. If I want the lake done to wash my dragon in, I'd best lend a hand to it. But if you want, I certaintly could cause some trouble if you want to assign it to me as a punishment." He grins at the Weyrwoman before he asks, "Your flowers still alive or do you need them replaced?" The peacemaking continues… L'han glances up and down the track to make sure he isen't blocking anyone's way while he chats with Randi.

Randi isn't chatting, she's working. "No, no and no." She answers all three questions - whether spoken or unspoken - succinctly and starts to push at her heavy-laden cart again. Progress is slow, but steady. Step by step by step, she pushes the load to and then up the ramp out of the 'lake'. While topside, she takes a moment to speak with the overseer and have a drink of fresh water. By the time her cart returns to her empty, she's ready to go back down. Pushing an empty one is so much easier than a full one and so she catches up to L'han in very few moments. "Why are you really down here, L'han?" Her voice is tired and resigned. Obviously she doesn't believe his initial explanation. There's got to be more to it.

L'han continues on down the path to where the carts are being filled and while his is being filled, Randi's voice comes from behind, asking him that question. He looks back at her for a few moments before he turns to face her more fully, "I wanted to ask if we're ok, Randi." The greenrider pauses for a moment, obviously thinking about the next words to come out of his mouth and he says, "What I said that day was just my opinion, sure as shard not a truth and certainly I didn't mean to say I knew better than you, a goldrider, about what goes on when the golds go up." He sighs and says, "I suppose what I'm really asking is if you'll accept my apology for the mess that day?" His cart is nearly full, but there's time for Randi to speak her mind before he has to get it moving.

Randi snorts. "And yet you went 'over my head' to try and make your point to Alara instead of myself." Grabbing a shovel, she works at moving silt from its pile to the cart herself, rather than waiting. Activity makes her less likely to lose her temper. "That seems an awful lot like saying you know better than me, L'han, whether you 'meant' it to, or not." Another three shovels full of silt make their way into the cart before she speaks again. "The apology was accepted when I didn't drop the flowers on your head, greenrider, but that's not the point." One particularly heavy shovel's load earns a grunt from her as she lifts it high enough to dump into the cart. "The point is that even though you've apologized, you haven't changed. We've got hard turns coming up. I don't need to like you - you're too much of a kiss-arse for me to like you - but I do need to trust that you know what you're doing and I just haven't seen that yet."

L'han sighs as he leans against his wagon and says, "And the fact she asked me to explain myself to her makes no nevermind to you? How is that going over your head? You were dealing with a proddy dragon, Weyrwoman, something which I happen to have plenty of experience dealing with, probably second only to Alara and any greenrider older than me. Would you have even listened to me in that state?" He seems to regard it as a rhetorical question as he continues on, "Look, insult me if you want behind my back, you aren't the first and not the last, but it won't affect how I work. I had to be hard-skinned to that four Turns ago or I would have left Fort Weyr and never returned." The greenrider turns away, pushing his cart up the hill without a glance behind him as though he considers the matter done.

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