Late Night Conversations


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Date: August 15, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern
Synopsis: Candidates, a rider and a laundress swarm the Cavern in the middle of the night.
Rating: PG for Lexi's skimpy clothes ;)
Logger: Uveline / Lexi / Lenia

Day 07, Month 09, Turn 01, AIVAS Reckoning, First Long Pass

Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern

The main Living Cavern at Eastern Weyr is a near replica of the "Lower Bowl" in shape. It is circular, with ceilings sloping up into a gentle cone shape. There are a few stalactites hanging from the ceiling, from which the Weyr's few firelizards may perch. Between these, there are a few inverted "hills", showing exactly how quickly the workmen finished this job. It lends an eerie quietness to the place, as the features cut the sound more effectively. The glowbaskets on the walls highlight the tables of all shapes and sizes around the room. The Head Table appears to be more traditional in place and kind, but the rest of the tables are variable. The east side of the room boasts larger rectangle tables suitable for whole groups of riders, while the middle holds smaller circular tables more appropriate for a family with children. The west side of the room has small square tables which often double as gaming tables on lazy days and most evenings.

Near the Head table, off to the East side, the double doors of the kitchen swing open. Near those doors, two long rectanglular tables are set up for food and drink service. On the eastern and western sides of the room, the stairs lead up to parallel hallways which connect to the rest of the Weyr. A third, smaller set of stairs at the southernmost end of the cavern leads to the Weyr Entrance.

It is the dead of night in the Eastern Weyr living cavern and nothing is stirring, well not unless you count a figure that is carrying a small glowbasket as it makes its way into the moderately lighted Living Caverns. Setting it down on a table, Lexi the Laundress moves over to the heart and checks the pots for what might still be heating.

Nenienne is also stirring, or at least stumbling, into the living cavern. She looks disgruntled, and if there were loose rocks here, she'd probably be kicking one. As it is, she beelines for the klah pot, takes her normal gulp of the first mugful and pours herself the usual second mug before turning and looking for a table.

Well, so much for nothing much stirring. Several candidates have already been up for several hours, scouring for tunnelsnakes in the lower caverns during their nocturnal active hours. Among them is Uveline, looking decidedly green as she heads toward the klah pot. Once of the other candidates comments about the number of snakes caught, and Uveline's face turns worse. Apparently, this candidate doesn't care for 'snake hunting in the least.

Sitting around, drinking a hot cup of tea, Vanielle too is up for a few hours, and has set herself up with working- a stack of hides. Is nearby.

Digging, or being the 'translator' for the digger, is thirsty work. And since she's been working most of the day, she's tired, hungry, thirsty, and just a little bit cranky. Lenia enters the Living Cavern and heads for the table too, deciding to drink a fairly large glass of wine with her meal. She pours it quickly, then moves to a seat, plopping down gracelessly.

Merendezen moves in, silent, from parts unknown. He is fairly awake looking and looks as if he may continue being that way for a good time yet. A bit of juice is fetched and he settles himself quietly at a table, watching while sipping the juice patiently.

Snake hunting is most certainly a task -not- suited to the likes of a Holder girl like Andi, the young woman having somehow managed to escape from the distasteful chore. However, even then, there's no rest for the young woman. Having spent the previous hours penning out various letters to her family, the young woman has ventured forth from the Barracks, stealthily at that, hoping to avoid causing any sort of trouble, or to be questioned as to her motives - particular as her destination is merely the Living Caverns.

Lexi looks up, a little addled, as she notices more activity and suddenly becomes aware that she is wearing a short night-shift. But upon seeing that the other people are primarily female she seems less concerned and grabs a mug from the other dishes and finds a kettle for hot water. A small container with tea leaves in it is found and she sprinkles some in the bottom of the mug. While waiting for the water to boil, she moves over to a table with her glowbasket still on it. Upon seeing the Candidates she recognizes, Neni, Uve and Zen, she waves them over, although her wave is general enough to include whoever feels she might be gesturing to them.

Vanielle smiles as she realizes there are quite a few candidates out and about. "Well.." she says handing in her stack of hides which had details of the glows she'd replaced. "How is everyone?" she says to her fellow candidates warmly.

Nenienne stumbles over toward Lexi's table, somewhere in that state between being too asleep to function and too awake to sleep. She doesn't even notice when she spiullsw klah on herself, though perhaps this is because she does put a lot of milk in it, so it's not very hot. To Vanielle she says something which approximates "Oog" before sitting down.

Uveline pours herself a mug of klah and moves rapidly away from the other candidates who were 'snake hunting, closing her ears to their chatter. Spotting Lexi's wave, Uveline joins the laundress at her table, collapsing into an empty seat with a groan. "I cannot believe how vicious some of the candidates are when hunting tunnelsnakes," she mutters, taking a sip of her klah. "I know the 'snakes are bad for the Weyr, but still." She shudders, remembering the delight of her fellow hunters. She turns her attention to Lexi with a wan smile. "You're up early. Or would that be late? It's the middle of the night, either way. What's up?"

Lenia can also see the whole batch of candidates, and queries them, her voice carrying a bit loudly over the din of others' conversations. "So, what've you all been doing today, huh?" She leans back in her chair, sipping slowly at her wine. Lexi gets a raised eyebrow for her lack of dress in the Living Cavern. Not that Lenia minds, but it is certainly unusual. "All your stuff in the laundry?" She gives a soft snicker. "Orry can go grab you some of my stuff, if you need to borrow a tunic or trous. Skirt…" She chuckles. "You'd be completely out of luck." She does have a couple 'mandatory gather gown' things, but nothing appropriate for a working candidate to wear. When Uveline mentions tunnel snakes. "Oh, those sharding things." She shudders. "Had one fall on Orry's head from somebody's weyr the other day. He thought it was fascinating, and ate the thing. I was just glad I was pretty far away."

Merendezen tilts a look only temporarily at Lexi as she waves, inclining his head in a nod to the young woman before he takes a drink from his juice. Green eyes flicker to Andi and he waves to the woman with a smile, offering her a seat beside him. "Some people enjoy the thrill of the hunt, wherever they can get it." He offers to Uveline with a chuckle and his attention lingers on her for only a moment before the bluerider draws his attention and he offers her a salute. "Ma'am." He calls in greeting to the woman who's dragon sniffed him. "How are you doing?"

Vanielle Turns at the sound of another voice a familar voice. "Replaced the glows- worked a little… you know normal stuff." she tells Lenia. She offers a polite nod to Lenia. "Well how are you?" she asks.

With so many candidates in the living caverns, the lack of candidates in the barracks is noticeable, even as some of Uveline's hunting buddies returned for their beds. There's no klah in Andi's future, nor any snacks it seems, as the young woman lingers in the entry way to the cavern, watching her fellow candidates, and attempting to sort everyone out with bleery eyes. However, one certainly sticks out from the rest - it helps that Zen is alone, surrounded by women - and after a moment, she's slipping across the room and quietly into the offered spot, looking sheepishly at the others. "Evening.." A pause to consider. "Or.. or morning?"

Lexi smiles wanely at Uveline, and shrugs, "Couldn't sleep I suppose. Tossing and turning ion my cot wasn't doign anything so I thought I might come down here for some tea." She looks over at the kettle, but true to the old saying, watching the pot is not making it boil any faster. Looking over at the bluerider, whom she identifies with her knot she gives a non-commital shrug. "I'm not that modest. Its covering all that needs to be covered." she says with a giggle. "I'm Lexi, ma'am, laundress." The others who seem to be trickling in invite a smile from her soft red lips, especially if there are any boys in the group of hunters.

Nenienne's eyes, which are red and nearly puffed close, open slightly, and she says "I spent the day hauling rocks away from the dig site. And I'm spending the night apparently not sleeping." There is more exhaustion than anything in her tone, though her ever-present frown is, well, present.

Uveline shudders again at Lenia's words, then shakes her head slightly to Zen. "I swear, they were more interested in finding the most violent ways to trap the things, and seeing who could kill the most. I would have happily nto had to kill a one of them - nasty things, but still, strangling them or beheading them is not to my taste." Hands quivering slightly, Uveline takes another, deeper drink before setting her mug down and returning her attention to Lexi as the laundress answers her. "Mmm, I can understand that. I hope the tea helps you. If it does, I might have a mug myself." Nenienne's words earn a wince from Uveline. "Sorry to hear that, Neni. I hope you can get to sleep soon."

Vanielle thinks. "I honestly don't know what time it is. I started glow re-" she yawns widely quickly covering it with her hands. "THen got to working on things like rocks.."

"Ugh. Not ma'am." Lenia shudders. "Orralth's male, and not eligible to catch anything sparkly, so I'm just Lenia." She appreciates the respect given the riders, but she, for one, doesn't like to be elevated too much. To Vanielle, she shrugs. "I'm alright. Orry insisted I stick around all day and well into the night. He kept his eyes on the ground, and I kept mine looking up at the stars." The mention of the night sky brings a small, contented smile to Lenia's lips. "There was a comet passing close to Belior that I would have loved to see through a far-viewer." There's a soft sigh, and she takes another long sip. She stands, taking her glass to refill, and to get herself some food. "Have you tried spiking your tea? That can help me." She doesn't really care that they're candidates. If they're not sleeping, they're not liable to be able to do their work properly come morning in earnest.

Merendezen smiles at Andi, chuckling. "Sleep well?" He asks of the woman beside him before giving a look to Lexi, brows lifting and making to say something, briefly before closing his mouth again. Another drink is taken from his juice and he nods to Uveline, "strangling or beheading them is the best way to know they're dead…" He trails off and gives Lenia a grin, even as she denies being called with a respectful title. "Is he having fun digging the rest of the lake? You mentioned he did want the lake to come sooner."

Lexi takes in the conversations from the overworked Candidates around her and smiles with compassion dancing in her green eyes. Swinging her black tressed head over at the hearth, she sees that the kettle she had put on to boil is steaming heartily. Pushing back her chair, she gets up, being careful to avoid any wardrobe malfunction with the super-short night shift. She fills her mug and then brings it back to the table, setting it down to cool slightly since it is still steaming. "I've known riders who are sticky about their "ma'am's" and "sirs", but its nice to know some aren't." She states in Lenia's direction. Upon hearing her words and Zen's, "Oh it is your blue who has taken to digging the lake?! I, as a humble drudge of the Weyr, thank him whole-heartdly. I've already begun to plan a lakeside bonfire party for when it is done.." She blushes a bit, "If I get permission that is."

"Not.. Not yet." Andi admits softly to Zen, offering him a hesitant little smile at him, before her attention slips to the others gathered there. "We had drudges to do that." She offers softly at Uveline, as the talk of the demise of tunnelsnakes continues, and she shakes her head with a little shudder. "I'd rather not even have to know they exist." The Holder girl comes out in that instant, and given the look of horror on her face as she actually takes in Lexi's attire, is here to stay. "What-" She asks softly to those closest to her, nodding lightly at the younger teen, looking for some sort of answer.

Vanielle smiles. "Oh a lakeside bondfire would—- bonfire would be lovely. Everyone cooking things.. and ringing the entire lake in a circle of flame." she smiles as she imagines it. "It's quite picturesque."

Uveline leans back as various conversations swirl around her, continuing to sip at her klah. Lenia's words are absorbed quietly and the candidate nods, listening as the bluerider speaks to the others. "Is there a lot that you can watch at night here?" Uveline asks softly, curiosity touching her features at the mention of the comet. Andi's soft words catch her attention, and she nods to her. "At the Hall, too. I'd never hunted them before today," she agrees faintly.

"Yes. Orralth loves to dig. He doesn't dig very deeply in one pass, which is what the miners and smiths want at this point." She grins, proud of her blue. Working her way over to the food, she gives Lexi a nod. "Yeah, that's us. I'll definitely come to a bonfire. That sounds like a lot of fun." And if it isn't, she'll do things to help make it fun. She piles a plate high with food, and quickly refills her glass. "If people are smart enough not to be keeping glowbaskets around in public areas, yeah. The middle of the upper bowl is one of my favorite places. If Orralth's nearby, then we don't have to worry about getting run over." Also, she can stretch out on his back and have a much more comfortable viewing post than laying on the flat ground.

Merendezen gives Andi a frown for her statement but says nothing on her sleeping. Green eyes are, again, drawn to Lexi as she speaks, giving her a little look and a chuckle. "Should talk to Indira before you continue to spread that around, otherwise she may be the last one to know." A grin is given before he shakes his head to Andi softly in response to the unfinished question.

Vanielle grins. "I think we sound enjoy it… I mean the building of the a new Weyr, the eggs on the sands.. life…"

"Oh you'll be invided, most definitely, it won't be no stiff gather. Just a place to let loose and let your hair down." Lexi replies as she cocks her head to Zen. "I'm working up the nerve. Of course I wouldn't do it without her permission." She rolls her eyes irratibly at Zen's presumption. Luckily she doesn't take note of Andi's comment about her dress. Picking up her mug, now cool enough to sip.

Nenienne perks up slightly at the mention of the comet. "Sounds pretty," she says. Then she half-dozes again, until the bonfire is mentioned. "Zen is correct," she says. And now it's not just a few who know about it.

Uveline mmms at the mention of the bonfire, tilting her head slightly. "I don't know that I'd try to ring the lake, but certainly a fire on one shore, after it has been filled, would be a nice way to mark its opening." She thinks for a moment, then asks, "Are there plans to stock it with fish, or will it just be for the weyrlings to bathe in?"

"Weird.." She whisper absently, shaking her head with a little sigh, Andi settling for listening to the talk from the others, one shoulder leaning to brush against Zen from time to time, as her eyes dart to each speaker. Hands are folded in her lap as she attempts to avoid fidgeting, stifling a little yawn.

Lenia laughs. "Orralth says, 'A lake has to have fish, for it to be a lake.'" The blue likes fish, and has Very Definite Ideas about the names of things. However, "I don't know of any plans to make it fish-filled, not with the river kind of close like it is." It's not super close, but not so far that an expedition couldn't be massed and return before nightfall. "The young dragons are definitely the focus, I'm afraid." The comments about the bonfire and the discussion thereof with the Headwoman merit a chuckle from the bluerider. "Yeah. You really should make sure she knows." She takes another long pull from her drink.

"I am simply saying, if you go around talking about the plans for it, others will begin to talk and it'll become another rumor around the Weyr and then next think you know, you'll have the Headwoman coming after you for not seeing her first." Zen shrugs in indifference as he finishes his juice. "Do you want something to eat, Andi?" He questions, seemingly leaning closer when the woman does.

Vanielle thinks. "Well what is the lak going to be used for? Water collection, a little fishing… and bathing of dragons yes?"

Nenienne shudders. "Hopefully *not* fishing. I don't like the idea of anything nibbling at my feet. I don't blame those people in the baths for wanting blood."

Uveline shrugs at Vanielle, answering, "All I know for sure is that it is meant for bathing the weyrlings. It isn't going to be deep enough for much else, from what I hear. Shallow, but wide. And I'm sure they'll line it with sand to keep the mud down." Nenienne's shudder elicits a raised brow. "Well, if you end up having to wash a dragon in the river, which is where they go now, you might just get nibbled there."

Andi glances at Nenienne with a blink, shaking her head a little at the girl's complaint, before Zen is stealing her attention, and she's offering a pleasant smile to her fellow candidate. "I'm okay, Zen.." She offers softly, nodding her head to the others, leaning towards his ear to whisper, "Listening." Blushing a little, she's hurriedly shifting back to put a more respectable distance between them once more.

Lexi blinks a bit at Zen's words and looks as if someone has just slapped her in the face. "Thank you for your concern, but I think I can handle that if it happens. It's not like I'm planning anything harmful like going into the hatching sands and killing a couple of defenseless dragonets in their shell." Uh Oh. Now Lexi's unfortunate case of foot-in-mouth disease has gon too far. There was a reason that her dear mother has told her, time and again, to turn her tougue over in her mouth before talking. She quickly blushes and looks into her tea with all the intensity she can muster. "I'm not a candidate." she mumbles to Lenia, "No dragonet for me to care for."

Vanielle turns Lexi ,when she mentions the egg incident. "I hope who's ever responsible is found. I should go looking thugh they did already try and find the perpetrator…"

Nenienne drops her eyes to the table at Lexi's words, her klah forgotten in that moment. She says nothing, however, her mouth set in a grim line.

Uveline winces when Lexi mentions smashing eggs, pulling away from the laundress with a pained expression. "That's not funny," she says, voice uneven. "I'm sure you didn't mean it to come out like that, but that wasn't appropriate at all." Glancing at the other candidates, she shakes her head slightly and rises. "I'm going to go wash up and take a nap. I've duties later today that I'll need to be awake for, and right now, I couldn't lift a rock if I tried." Gathering her mug, Uveline moves away from the table, depositing it in the basin on her way toward the baths.

"There's hope that it'll be done before anyone who Impresses will have to resort to using the river." Zen muses,before nodding at Andi as she rejects and his brow lifts at her final statement. He shakes his head at her and then pushes to his feet to fetch something to eat, but not before casting Lexi a look. "You don't mess with that, girl. Not with that." Being that he was one of the ones who helped with the initial search. The look he gives her is decidedly blank before he turns away and resumes on his path to acquiring food, filling the plate with a few morsels before taking his previous seat.

There's a visible wince from Andi at Lexi's outburst, jaw dropping just a little as she stares at her, the look staying put even as she hurriedly tries to change the subject. A shake of her head and Andi's gaze follows the progress of Zen, slowly lifting her voice to Lexi. "Quiet, miss." She advises hurriedly, before she's dropping her gaze once more.

Lexi looks properly chided and it was apparent that as soon as she had said the blasphemous statement she wanted nothing more than to take it back. Her youth shows when she least wants to to. A sullen, "I'm sorry." is spoken to the Candidates in the room. She pulls her knees up to her chest in the chair and dips her head, allowing her long dark hair to cover her face. But her head is up in a flash, her green eyes bright with tears that are just hanging on before spilling. Her gaze is locked on Andi. "And who are you to issue me such an order? I said sorry. I know what I said was reprehensible. I don't need a Candidate trying to order me around." Her hair is flung over her shoulder defiantly as she once again sips her tea.

Lenia just sits idly listening for most of the time, though when Lexi speaks offhandedly of the dead hatchlings, she tenses up, and growls low in her throat. "Listen. Don't even make fun of that. Or someone will think you're not joking and haul you infront of the Weyrwomen quicker than you can say 'Sorka Connell.'" When the young woman speaks, she nods. Until that last bit. "She wasn't ordering you around, Laundress, she was offering you some seriously sage advice.

Vanielle exhales.

Nenienne finally looks up, her expression desolate. She looks around briefly, meeting no one's eyes, and then stares into her klah mug, brooding.

A wise man would certainly keep his mouth shut, letting things go as Lenia offers a reprimand to Lexi on Andi's behalf. A wise man would, but, he's certainly not a wise man. He is simply a man, green eyes narrow on the young woman and lips are press firmly together. "If I weren't sure you were just being a loud mouth, I would have hauled you to the 'Sands already." The tenseness of Zen's shoulders could be noted by the woman beside him as he keeps his gaze entirely focused on Lexi. "I would suggest you listen to her, girl. She was being polite. An order would be to shut your shardin' orifice before someone decides to shut it for you."

Andi winces, recoiling visibly as Lexi is locking her gaze on her and snapping back verbally, the Holder turned candidate looking as if she'd been slapped - certainly having never experienced someone speaking to her like -that-. Mouth opens and closes as she tries to find some sort of way to respond, before Lenia is stepping in, blushing as she does so. Unfortunately, then Zen is also piping up, and Andi's shoulders are lifting as she seems to shrink in on herself, shaking her head a little. "Zen.." She says softly, trying to figure out how to calm him.

Vanielle watches the others and stands slowly. "Perhaps we should just try to be polite and …." bites her lip. "And allow forgiveness for something said at the wrong time?"

Lexi bites her lower lip which is trembling quite noticeably. Her emerald eyes are swimming with tears as she gets to her feet. With a stamp of a foot that is rather remeniscent of a child's temper tantrum, she balls her hands into fists at her side. With some defiance still in her posture, her gaze is on the floor in front of her. "I'm sorry for what I said." Her voice quavers noticeably as she sniffs loudly. "I'm not the most tactful person. And would never mean harm with my words." She sits back down at the table and pulls her chair in close to the table, and seems to find the grain of wood on the tabletop suddenly very interesting. At Vanielle's words, she merely looks up and smiles wanely. "Thanks." she mutters.

Vanielle nods. "Well its nessacery sometimes, as you said, you meant no harm…" she explains. "And that's an important thing to acknowledge. ONly an truely crude person would be so.. disrespectful. " she reaches out to comfort Lexi but stops.

Lenia holds up a hand, and attempts to forestall anything more. Lenia being the peacemaker. The Red Star is falling down. "I understand. I mean, once, I told this trader that I could buy something from his cart — or something very similar — for half the price from the farmer up the road. He wasn't too pleased, and my Da made me work in the back field for two days because of it." She grins.

Nenienne nods quietly at Lenia's words, then gets up and gets herself some more klah, still silent.

Merendezen relaxes as Andi speaks, giving her a look and then quieting. But Lexi is watched, intently, even as he moves to munch on the food on his plate. Silence lingers for a moment before he turns his gaze away and offers something in a softer tone to Andi.

Lips twitch upwards into a hint of a smile at Lenia's tale, and Andi is nodding slowly at the rider's bit of wisdom, her eyes lingering on Lexi then as the girl seems to contemplate the input of the others in the cavern. Turning her head to lean to listen to Zen, she blushes across her nose, nodding slowly. "Its okay.." She whispers, before sparing a glance to the others, leaning to whisper something hesitantly in his ear, blushing even darker red. A moment later, and she looks to the others. "I.. I should try to sleep again." She murmurs, before she's slipping out, pausing at the entrance to look back to Zen.

Merendezen nods to Andi at the whisper, standing abruptly as he finishes his food. Plate is taken care of and a nod is given to all present in farewell before he's heading out.

Lexi looks up at the rest of the room and sighs heavily. "I think I am going to try sleep again." She says as she lifts her face to those here, which is slightly red and puffy. "I'm sorry." She mumbles again as she makes her exit.

Nenienne waves after those departing, then glances around to see who's left. She finally speaks up, saying "All this tension isn't very good for us."

Lenia waves that off. "You know what? Life is tense." She's dispensing advice a lot today. "But you're right. I hope we can have that bonfire. And the Hatchings will help." She grins. She starts to eat her food, and falls silent, though she'll give small smiles to both remaining candidates. The ones leaving get a raised hand, or a quick nod.

Nenienne nods at the aphorism. "Sometimes more than others." She glances over at Vvanielle and muses, "I wonder if she fell asleep?"

Lenia shrugs. "I haven't a clue." It happens. She continues to eat, and sip at her wine. "Are you enjoying candidacy, then?"

Nenienne contemplates the question for a while, before answering carefully, "It's certainly been interesting. Nothing what I expected. Of course, I'd never known what to expect anyway. But it's been horrible, too — worse because I had touched both of the eggs…" she trails off there, her voice sounding dangerously close to tears.

"Oh…." Lenia winces visibly. "I bet. That's rough." She nods, sympathy crossing her face. "Egg touchings are weird, aren't they?"

Nenienne nods. "Another thing which is nothing like what I could have ever imagined. Even the ones which aren't so pleasant are fascinating."

Lenia nods again. "There were several during my candidacy. I don't remember if I touched Orry's egg. I probably did, but …." She gives a big grin, and takes a bite or two of food before responding. She doesn't quite get the last bite swallowed before she opens her mouth, but quickly closes it and swallows, and then continues. "The ones I touched were so … feminine." She shudders. "Or… too brass… or …." She snickers. "Just wrong for me."

Nenienne grins. "One of them growled at me, and i felt like it was shoving me away. A few have been really wonderful, and the rest just sort of… strange. Like i could understand how they felt, but I didn't feel that way myself, if that makes any sense."

Lenia nods. "Exactly!" Her grin brightens. "It makes perfect sense." She continues to eat, and then tilts her head. "Oh, dear." She starts eating more quickly. "I'm sorry. I need to finish. Orralth thinks he found something. It's probably another rock, but …" If Neninenne has been out moving rocks with them, she'll understand. "They'll probably be angry if he doesn't get the parts done he's supposed to." She gives a loud snort.

Nenienne hehs. "And so it begins — already he's not extra help, but required labor. Take care, and thank Orralth for me for the digging."

Lenia finishes her food, chuckling at the comment. "Welcome to Pern, dear. You give what you can, and don't hold back, or you end up regretting it." She throws the young candidate a wink, and heads out.

Nenienne stretches, and goes over, reaching out as if to tap Vanielle. At the last second she withdraws her hand and slips out, stifling yet another yawn.

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