Late Night, Early Morning


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Date: November 07, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr - Lakeside
Synopsis: Escaeth and L'han make a early morning ferry so while the green takes a swim, L'han talks to Rio.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: L'han

This time, the pale lovely form of the diminutive gold is not present. The night-time beach seems mostly empty, though there's a pair of lovers present, some distance down the sand. And, if one looks hard enough, the lone figure of a woman, studying the glitter of light off the mostly-calm lake. That figure sits on one of the boulders which have been recently brought in by dragons, for just that purpose. Sitting. Sunning.

In the fairly empty skies above Eastern, a green emerges from between, circling to land towards the lakeside. Again she comes bearing visitors, again with bags tied to her. As she and her rider spot the lovers near the lakeside, they circle to land near the other figure. As Escaeth comes to the ground with a backwing that is so familiar to her, she shakes her hide, indicating to her passengers that she wants them off. A chuckle comes from her rider as he slips from her neck, helping his passenger to untie the bags.

Rio looks over at the late-night delivery, and straightens somewhat. Then she rises, almost reluctantly, but she'll step over to the nearest glows, set on the posts mounted by the pathway that cuts its way through the bowl, and she'll pull that glow off before she walks over. "Glows," Rio murmurs, when she's near enough, "To light your way." There. She's the Weyr Greeter.

L'han glances over at the approaching light and smiles when he recognizes Rio coming towards him. Escaeth too peers at the approaching goldrider, giving a dip of her head in acknowledgement, before nudging L'han to finish with the bags. As soon as he does so, he loosens her straps and pulls them clear. With that, the green moves forward and into the lake to enjoy a late night dip with no dragonets and company to worry about. As he gathers the straps, L'han looks back to Rio. "Good morning, Weyrling Rio. How are you today?"

Rio hands off the glow, seeming more than content to stand in the darkness on the edge of the glow, while L'han and Escaeth's ferried passengers stare with some interest at the veiled woman who rumor has it, impressed a gold dragon. When L'han's words confirm that rumor, Rio inclines her head to the greenrider, "Well enough, sir. Eovarijath sleeps, for once, and I couldn't just… Not come out. It's become a habit." She watches the others bid both green and her rider a thanks, and farewell, and begin their trek across the bowl. "How is Landing?"

L'han nods in farewell to his former passengers and he glances at his green as she swims out into the lake. "That's good to hear, sleeping dragons are probably one of the few times you'll ever get to have calm. And habit? From glowtending?" He glances over the woman as he sits down and invites her with a gesture to sit on the rock next to him. "Landing is ok, but unfortuately boring to my Escaeth. I think she's just about smelled out everything new there. That nose of hers works overtime, as you well know." He smiles to Rio as that's said, remembering her Search.

"I can see how a dragon would be bored there, but I'm not sure that a human would." Rio settles on the rock near the greenrider, with a roll of her neck and audible popping of the bones in it, "Maybe from glowtending. Probably just because she likes to get out and do her forbidden flying, at night. Like…No one can see her." The palest dragon in the Weyr, and right…No one is going to notice. "Do you spend a lot of time on AIVIS?"

L'han nods to the latter question. "When I can and I'm not on duty. I love to learn new things. That computer has much it can teach us and we've barely scratched the surface yet. Yet as we've experienced… knowledge without wisdom has it's price." Greenrider smiles though and asks, "Well, she'd best behave for I hear we have a new Weyrlingmaster in?"

"Indeed we have. From High Reaches." That last, spoken with something of an uncertain lilt creeping in. "He seems efficient enough. I have no complaints. Nor has he been particularly abusive. Eovarijath admires his brown." That last part, or perhaps the first part, makes the woman just a touch nervous, really.

L'han gives what he hopes is a reassuring smile. "It will be alright, Rio. Golds admire browns and bronzes and vice versa. It's how things go, but that is still months away." He considers something for a moment, quiet before he asks, "Rio, you were open with me before about what happened to you… why do you wear that veil?" His tone is deep and open, as it was before.

"My face is scarred horrifically. It's not a topic of conversation I want to have, every time I see someone. Nor do I care to see the pity in their eyes." Rio answers, simply. "And they say it might be as much as two years away."

"Then I will speak of it no more." If it's that bad and a painful thing for Rio, then L'han will not ask. There's no pity in his eyes though. Not from this one. "Does it bother you? The topic of flights?"

"No. It bothers me that I killed someone the first time I … " She shrugs slightly. "I'm assured that flights are different. That you're not you anyway. And that… I won't be inclined to that again." The last is spoken out to the lake. "I just have issues with having decisions made for me."

"I understand that. I never like the gold flights myself and usually flee during them or just get so drunk that I can't even muster the energy to move. However, my girl doesn't give me the choice for hers, nor would I want to. It's her time to be happy, even if I do dislike winding up in bed with a stranger, but we all know what it means and understand. Nothing of what happened your first time will ever happen in a Weyr. Not to you." That her dragon would probably tear apart any who hurt Rio is left unsaid.

"Of course not." The words are agreement. They are not heartfelt. She settles back in a hint of restlessness, and draws in a deep breath to release it, perhaps a ritual of self-calming. "Greens rise much more often than golds. Is it as intense, do you know — for the riders? I… Avoided being here, when both golds rose. The greens rise all the time and… I can feel it sometimes."

L'han nods and says, "What goldriders and greenriders feel is the same. As it is for those chasing. What is different is the effect it has on everyone else. Green risings affect very few people that are not riders, which is why you feel them sometimes. Gold risings affect everyone or so they say. I'm not entirely convinced of that, but there's no proof to the contrary."

"I'll never know. Unless there's a Flight in the next … Before we can go *between*. Because she can't be around other queens who fly." Don't think Rio is disappointed. She's not. She does look over at L'han for a long moment. "It's absurd to think that that is part of my Duty now. When. When before, it was my Duty to my husband and… I didn't."

L'han shakes his head and says, "That was a different situation and a different time. Here while it is your duty, no one will expect that of you beyond Flights. Besides, Eovarijath will occupy your thoughts for it. She'll enjoy it and you will too." A smile is given for that as his green finally emerges from the water, dripping as she comes near the two and as neat as you please, she shakes her hide and wings, sending water spraying around her, and onto the rider and Weyrling. "Escaeth!" Her rider's plaintive cry can be heard.

Rio curls into herself, a swift hand coming up to pull the veil higher and momentarily shield the woman from the spray. But she'll come up laughing, her clothes all clinging-damp, now, as she'll turn to him. "So what was that for? What is she saying?"

L'han got the worst of the water as was his dragon's intent. He blows the water from his lips as he glances to Rio. "She's annoyed that she doesn't get to swim more often and likes to remind me that is my fault. Don't you?" He reaches out to the side of his green as she settles down, waiting for him apparently. The question goes unanswered as L'han shakes his head, "Besides, she thought the topic of flights boring. She loves to fly though and times I'll have to remind her that she's supposed to be caught."

There's a light chuckle from behind that veil. "What topics does she prefer, then, sir?" Rio asks, though she watches the dragon's spinning eyes glowing against the backdrop of darkness.
Escaeth's orbs swirl with hues of green and blue, a very calm, but tired dragon. "Oh she talks about the latest smell, draconic gossip, and what she hears when she suns herself on the streets of Landing. She says it's far easier to catch the sun there than here. Does your bonded keep up with the gossip chain? Rauzath is by far one of the biggest gossips in this Weyr." He glances at his dragon's eyes as he smiles. "Yes, we'll sleep here for a little while today girl."

"No, she really doesn't. She… Only wishes to fly. Farther and further. And she'd like to fight Thread. And lessons are too slow for her, and she constantly alienates the other dragons by being rude or arrogant. It's a good thing," Rio's voice takes on a laugh, "That dragons have such short memories, or she'd be the least-liked dragon in the Weyr." She looks over at the greenrider again. "Did you expect to Impress green?"

L'han stares at his dragon at that last question and his reply takes a moment to form. "I honestly did not expect to Impress at all and when I stood on the sands at Fort Weyr, I actually had no real desire to do so. When you're raised around them your whole life, dragons were not really that much as those outside the Weyr make them out to be. But my parents, both riders, asked me to Stand for the clutch six turns ago and so I did. Escaeth found me there to my utter suprise. Not what I expected, but I'd never give her up now." He smiles at Escaeth before turning back to Rio. "Yes, but I expect she'll change a little more once her responsibilities as a Queen set in. Which are long in coming."

"Good. She's a joy now. I hate to have her burdened with…All that." Rio's not looking forward to it either, truth told. And while Alara seems born to the position, Rio does take some comfort that Randi, wild-hearted as Eovarijath, manages to survive. "From Fort Weyr? What brought you down here, to the south?"

L'han nods to that. "Fighting Thread is enough of a duty without others added to it, for sure." He continues to rub Escaeth's hide, glancing back to Rio at her question. "I wanted to come down here to help with protecting AIVAS. Having such a thing destroyed in a flippant gesture of arrogance by the Holds serves no one. That and Fort's Senior Weyrwoman thought a change of scenery would be good for me, although I doubt she'd expected that I'd have earned the ire of both Alara and Randi in such a short time. She still doesn't know because I'd become a pariah if I let her settle my problems."

"They're angry with you? What have you done?" Rio asks. Then she remembers her rank, her place, and his, "Sorry, sir. None of my business." She'll shift her attention back toward the lake, from the green and her rider. "I enjoyed the time I spent on AIVIS. I'd love to spend more, learn more."

L'han shakes his head, brushing off the concern. "It is nothing to apologize for. I don't get upset by asked questions, Rio. To start though, remember what I said about not being convinced the golds affect everyone during their flights? I mentioned that to Randi, who was not impressed by me saying so. We've also clashed several other times, much to my Escaeth's concern. She doesn't like being on the receiving end of Kaseth's anger. It's not intentional, I just figure me and her are too different to really get along. Alara… I got into a fight with her weyrmate over healers and such." He sighs and says, "Long stories, big headache. Hence my current position at Landing." He turns to the topic of the computer once more. "It's definately worthwhile. When your Eovarijath can fly and carry you, if you'd like we can fly with you and her out to Landing so you know the route."

"I'd like that. And… I… Haven't known them to be unreasonable. You could try again. A conversation or something. But… I don't know. Might be a male/female thing. Or female/female thing. They've both been good to me, Randi and Alara. I haven't really spoken with the Weyrleader or Alara's weyrmate."

L'han nods to Rio and says, "I will try to speak with them again soon, but it's difficult, especially with them so busy. I don't doubt that their hearts are in the right place… maybe they see me as a bad person, although I'd be hurt to find that is the case."

"I doubt that's it. I think they're busy. And probably only spend exactly the amount of energy that they need to, worrying about any given thing. Likely the gold has already forgotten and it's probably worth your trying it again. Talking to them." Rio murmurs that, with a considered look sidelong at the man. "That's my opinion, though. I don't know them that well."

L'han nods to Rio and says, "Well, we'll see soon enough. It was nice to see you again, Rio. I enjoy our conversations." He smiles to the woman and says, "I hope your training continues well. As always if you have questions, have your dragon bespeak Escaeth. I can give answers through her." The green is getting to her feet as L'han stretches off the rock. "I had best get my girl to sleep before she gets too tired to wing her way up there."

"Goodnight, sir." Rio inclines her head and she, too, rises rather stiffly, for the trek back to the barracks. This is one of those nights that she'll probably not sleep in her bunk, but instead will curl up next to her dragon and there, relax.

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