Lay Low


Lorayit.jpg Passan (NPC)

Date: Sept. 13, 2010
Location: Fields, Outside Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: After the events in Catch And Release, an injured Passan reports failure to his boss.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Lorayit

Lorayit was far in the Weyr's farming fields, taking stock of the land and its cool breezes at night when he finds Passan running hard towards him. Straightening from his lean against a large rock, "Pas! What—?" and he stops, his blue eyes searching about the man for his companion, Jinnet.

Panting heavily when he finally slows, "He got… fuckin'… taken!" Passan blurts out, crouching over his heaving stomach and injuries. He couldn't say anymore, his throat closing up as he tries to control his ragged breathing down to normal levels.

"He what?" The easy grace that usually associates with Lo is suddenly gone, replaced with the demeanor of a man that has been in one of Bitra's notorious renegades' gangs for turns. Getting to his feet in his shock, he stares the other man down as he waits for the full explanation.

His voice a little more controlled now as he straighten up a little, "He got caught," Passan says again, eyes stealing a glance Lo's way before he seeks the ground. "I saw him. I was going after that damn runner, and…." Maybe it's best he doesn't go on, for he notes the hardened look being sent his way now through his eyelids. Since he's not looking, anyway.

Lo stays very silent through the short explanation, his posture stock-still. Casting for something neutral to say, "You didn't get the runner." That was an obvious. No Renegade was anywhere in their vicinity, and by the looks of Passan, he clearly had his own bout of trouble trying to escape. He rubs at his face, shaking his head slowly from side to side as he tries to calm himself. He wasn't a temperamental man, but in situations like this where his ass is on the line… "Please, for fuck's sake. Please tell me you weren't discovered at least," he puts forward with forced calm, blue eyes boring into the man now.

"I don't think so," Passan is very quick to assure the man, shaking his head and finding that movement the wrong thing to do in his state. Sucking in his breath, "They don't know anything, but they got Jin. Who knows what he'll say if they crack him."

"Great." Lorayit finally turns from him, disgusted at seeing him. What was he to do now? He trusted Jinnet, but he didn't trust the Weyr's interrogation process. "He won't talk if he knows what's good for him," the Southern farmer gives Passan in warning, turning back to pass a cold look his way. "We'll have to silence him otherwise." By 'we', he means Passan. Lo only gets his hands dirty in the fields he tends. He was pretty pissed about that option, however. It wasn't a good start to his stay in Eastern if he has to off one of his own men just to keep his name clean.

Passan nods, understanding what's being put before them both. He wasn't happy about the possibility of 'silencing' his friend, Jinnet, as well. Still, if he didn't do it, Lo probably would find a way to silence him, and he wasn't about to go out like that. "Whatever you wanna do, boss," is his customary answer for any task that will be put to him. He looks around the dark fields then, pausing before adding, "What do we do now?"

"I'm going back in," Lo answers, a finger pointing at his own self before he turns it on the runner thief. "You need to get out of here before someone sees you. Try a cave or something, I don't care, but keep away from the Weyr until this whole thing blows over." Already Lo's mind was working to see how he could salvage this situation, deciding that having Passan vanish would be the first logical step. "I'll check on what will be done with Jinnet," he continues his instructions, eyes narrowing to the sky. "Maybe I'll get Suli to check for me. Whatever. You stay gone until I say otherwise!" He's turning from the man then, eyes seeking out the now-familiar view of the Weyr as he starts to put action to words.

"I'll get gone," Passan concedes to that, preferring the open space of the lands to being confined in a Weyr like they've been for the last few sevendays or so anyway. Once Lorayit turns away he does, too, breathing a sigh of relief as he slowly makes his way out of the fields. He'll search for passing travelers and hope they have mending salves to lend him. Then he'll find some small place to hole up in, awaiting news of Jinnet's fate and hoping beyond Pern's skies that he wouldn't have to be the one to seal it.

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