Leaders' First Dawn


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Date: July 03, 2010
Location: Upper Bowl Ground Weyr
Synopsis: J'cobi and Alara wake up after the flight.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Alara

The morning dawns, and Alara wakes slowly. She begins to stir, laying flat on her back, barely opening her eyes. "Good morning." Her sanity has returned, and Rauzath is content, so she can manage the pleasantries. It's definitely not her first flight, of course, but it is the fist time where it changes things so completely. She is all nerves as she turns toward J'cobi. "Everything alright?" It's a lame attempt at some sort of normalcy.

Dragon> To Erikath, Rauzath awakes, her tail still twined around Erikath's. « Mornin, luv. » She raises her head just a little to nudge his, and the content smells of the Living Cavern run through her words. She'll echo her 'mate, but with more real concern. « You're alright, then? »

J'cobi stares at the ceiling in silence for a long moment, lost in his own thoughts by the looks of things. However, when Alara speaks he sits up and immediately casts an eye about the Weyr for his riding jacket which he stands up to retrieve. He pays little attention to the fact that he's covered in dried herdbeast blood for the moment, focusing on his jacket as he speaks, "I am fine. The blood is from a herdbeast if I recall correctly. You're alright?"

Dragon> To Rauzath, Erikath's mindvoice is filled with subtle strings and peaceful, almost romantic tones, « But of course. I imagine I do not need to ask you the same question? » A little chuckle permeates the last comment.

"Oh, she splashed you?" Alara vaguely begins to remember bits of the shared-mind experience of the previous night. "Ewww, Rauzath, that's disgusting." She wrinkles her nose. "And you did it again, didn't you? I hope you didn't make too many of them angry with us." The lucky thing about the experience is that no one remembers that much. "Oh." She realizes she's nattering on to her smug gold as she, too stands and looks for her clothing. She finds her shift, and examines it closely. It'll do until she gets back over to her own weyr. "I'm sorry she covered you in blood." She shakes her head, clearing some of her tangled hair from her face. "We'll have to figure out what our priorites are, and how we want to divide the labor…" She's muttering again, but it's a bit more useful.

Dragon> To Erikath, Rauzath is all smugness and solicitation. « Well, it is only polite, but you're right. Probably unnecessary. I'm alright. » There is the warm sense of contentment for just that moment. « Yours will have to get along with Randi, though. Just a little bit, anyway. » She laughs herself, thinking of how things might have been, had her fellow gold risen and this same pair caught. « Least it wasn't Kaseth you had your neck twined around. Mine feared for the Weyr in that situation. »
"Training, I imagine," J'cobi answers, actually not his usual cold and distant self for a change, "Finding a Weyrlingmaster and getting what few of us there are sorted into wings." At least it can't be said he doesn't take his newfound job seriously. Finding his clothes in the strangest places, he gathers them up and gets dressed as he speaks, "I have a few complex flight patterns I'd like to try to reduce casualties."

Dragon> To Rauzath, Erikath chuckles once more, quite content himself, « In all honesty, and he will deny it to the last, J'cobi does understand the importance of his duty. I don't imagine he will cause any commotion even if he is a little prickly. »

"Right. I do need to get that thing with the Miners done. I intended to do it before, just after we got all those tunnelsnakes, but I fell into the fog so quickly it completely escaped me. I need to talk to Iardani about that." The other woman ventured further into the deep caverns than Alara did. "As long as they're safe and we're not pushing them too much, go for it." Alara shares her dragon's sentiments about Thread. Evil. Do whatever you must. But she does care that the riders are safe, aswell. "We can't go off half-arsed, but neither can we work them so hard they get stupid." They're both trained for this. "I'd like to see them, just out of curiosity, if you don't mind." She technically doesn't need to, but she wants to work together.

Dragon> To Erikath, Rauzath projects « And thank Faranth he does, boyo. If he didn't, we'd be in a bad situation. » The echo of clanging flamethrowers sounds through her mindvoice. They're talking about Thread right now. « Have you tried these new wing things he's mentioning to her? They sound a bit dodgy. » There is no disparagement there, only curiosity. « But if they work, then we should use them right away. »

J'cobi nods his head curtly at the request, "I'll have them drawn up for you to go over before I start drilling it." He takes some time to scratch a patch of dried blood off his jacket, lapsing into silence.
Dragon> To Rauzath, Erikath projects « Oh, my lady, you have nothing at all to worry about. If there is one thing J'cobi understands entirely, it is tactics. We have seen some very impressive displays and performed quite a few ourselves. But I should let our actions speak for us in this case. »

"Thank you, J'cobi." Alara turns to smile at him, finishing dressing quickly. "Would… would you like to meet … say tomorrow and go over some things? Things have been running smoothly, but we do need to work out a few details. Or I could just show you what we have so far, and you can let me know what you think." Though the Weyrwoman and her dragon determine who Leads, both pairs keep involved. "I know you've been very busy with the training."

Dragon> To Erikath, Rauzath projects « Well, then, that's grand. You'll do. » The queen makes her pronouncement on this pair. It may be one that she sticks to for always, or it may change soon. However, for now, she's content. « She gets so embarrased at stupid things. » It's an indulgent complaint. « But she's lovely. »

J'cobi pauses a moment, giving Alara a careful look from across the Weyr before nodding his head curtly once again and fastening the ties on his jacket, "Alright. I'll bring what I've developed so far and you and you can see what you think. I'll make up for the training time I miss in the evening."

Dragon> To Rauzath, Erikath projects « Oh, I agree entirely. But that is their way, I suppose. To 'um' and 'err' over everything. Sometimes, I am not sure where they would be without us. » Another quiet chuckle, accompanied by strings, « All the same. We will have the Weyr thoroughly defensible before you know it. »

Alara runs a hand through her hair and catches her finger on a knotty spot. She blows air through her lips, expressing a slight amount of frustration. She turns her head toward Rauzath, and gives a wry snort. "You're a right lump." She reaches over to thump her on the hide. "C'mon, then. I've gotta get cleaned up, and find out what's going on. Find Iardani, get some food, and get down to work…" Those are her priorities. Whether they happen at all remains to be seen. "I shall see you then, Weyrleader." She lifts her eyebrows in a kind of a salute.

Dragon> To Erikath, Rauzath is pleased by this declaration. Warm scents from the kitchens effuse through her words. « Well, that'll be brilliant, then. » She shifts her body until her frame is a little more in the sun. « G'wan with you then, » she sends to both dragon and her rider. « I'm comfortable. »

J'cobi turns about and, in a rather stunning act, offers an actual salute to Alara along with a short bow of his head. That done, he jerks his head towards the Ledge and Erikath raises up in the slowest and most careful fashion as to avoid disturbing the Senior Queen's comfort, "You shall."

Dragon> To Rauzath, Erikath stands up slowly, taking every measure to avoid disturbing Rauzath in any way, « And so you should be. Stay and rest and be comfortable, J'cobi and I shall see to making things secure. And may I say, it has been a great honour - never have I encountered someone with your exuberance and agility. I look forward to the next time. » The dragon gives the mental equivalent of a wink and slinks towards the Ledge.

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