Vignette - Leaving High Reaches


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Date: August 22, 2010
Location: High Reaches Weyr
Synopsis: Mohria and Crispin prepare to move to Eastern
Rating: PG
Logger: Mohria

High Reaches was cool and breezy as Mohria took one last look around the weyr she'd lived in for the past thirteen or so turns. She could hear, out on the ledge, Crispin chattering away to Riordanth and the tiny blue dragon answering with his usual chorus of rumbles and croons.

Rubbing her stomach gently, Mohria adjusted the blanket that was draped over her crossed forearms. The blanket was folded to hide the detail of the quilted pattern, but when it was spread out over the bed it was an example of Weaver craftsmanship. The ocean rises from the foot of the quilt in intricate eddies of azure and sapphire. Cradled between the waves is a fishing vessel, sails full as she leans into the wind, heading for home. Her nets are stowed, and two figures stand on the deck, a male and a young female. They are both gazing forward, across the sea. The sky is cloudy at dusk, and above the ship a single star shines bright in the sky. Along the ship's hull, in brillant snow-white thread is the ship's name: Stargazer.

She was leaving the furniture, and much of her clothing. She would be needing new outfits in the much warmer climate of Eastern. Besides, she'd soon be unable to fit into any of her regular clothes anyway. She rubbed her stomach again.

The extra clothes had been packed up and sent down to Stores, where others would find use of them. Mohria took a last look at the simple wooden bed, the dresser, and the fireplace, and turned to walk out to the ledge.

The ledge was small, and appropriately sized for the smallest blue in the weyr. Riordanth crouched between Crispin and the edge, the young dragon carefully keeping the toddler from straying too close to danger. His pale blue head swung around to watch his rider approach, and Mohria felt the reassuring touch of his mind to hers. He was happy and eager to be off.

Weighed down with all their personal belongings, the little blue looked more like a pack runner than a sleek Threadfighter, but he didn't protest as Mohria carefully tucked the blanket into the last available space on his straps. Rumbling softly, he gently nuzzled her side.

"Mommy!" Crispin cried, the small, slender boy running forward and throwing his arms around her leg. The bluerider winced as she bent to lift him into her arms, feeling his frail body. This last sickness had been the worst by far, and his body still hadn't regained its strength and health. Still, he was a happy child, even when bedridden.

"Are you ready to go see Daddy?" Mohria whispered, kissing the child's cheek.

"Yes!" the little boy cried, leaning back in his mother's arms and beaming at her, his blue eyes bright and almost the exact color as his father's. Crispin's, though, had a brighter ring around his iris, through which his interminable spirit shone. "Wanna see Daddy an' 'Rath!"

Riordanth snorted and Mohria laughed, reaching out a hand to fondly rub her blue's muzzle.

« Are you ready to see Voldrath again, my love? » she asked her lifemate.

His reply was carried gently on an incoming tide, words rolling above and beneath the sea's surface before it shifted to a simple mountain spring. « I am if he is. »

Chuckling, Mohria gently lifted Crispin to the blue's neck, climbing up after her son and making sure he was properly fastened in and warmed by his riding attire.

She remembered standing on this ledge months ago, saying farewell to F'min. She hadn't cried while they stood there, lingering in kisses and embraces and promises. She would be with him as soon as Crispin was well, she'd promised. A month, tops.

But it had been more than one month. And Riordanth couldn't reach Voldrath's mind from this far away. A month had stretched to two, and then to three. When she'd found out that she was pregnant after that first month apart she had sent a letter to F'min by way of a greenrider who was going down to Landing.

Sending messages was so hard, these days.

The message had been simple. Crispin was still healing. She'd be along as soon as she could.

To this day she still couldn't figure out why she hadn't told him that she was pregnant. Maybe she didn't want him to worry. Maybe she didn't want to distract him from his new duties. Maybe…maybe she was a tiny bit worried that he'd find someone else when he got to Eastern.

She wasn't, after all, very easy to live with.

Well, whatever F'min's status was now, they were going to him as they'd promised. Double checking that Crispin was properly buckled in, she nodded to his excited and incessant chatter. It would be good for the boy to see his father again.

Mohria was surprised to realize that she was nervous. It'd been months. What if things had changed?

Riordanth swung his head around and rumbled soothingly at her. « All is well, » the little blue whispered into her mind. « We are together. »

Mohria smiled. « Of course, my love, » she replied, rubbing his blue hide tenderly.

Things couldn't have changed. It was /F'min/. He'd been with her through far more than a few months apart. Her hand rubbed her stomach. She hoped he would be pleasantly surprised by her pregnancy. And she knew it was his, too. She was rather proud of that.

Turning her head, she looked for a moment at the ledge that was adjacent to hers, and then urged Riordanth into the sky.

For better or for worse, they were going to Eastern.

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