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Date: 2010.11.28
Location: EW - Headwoman's Office
Synopsis: Vanielle, feeling directionless, seeks Indira out and leaves with the task of being assigned as an Infirmary Aide while serving her time out as a candidate until the next Hatching.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Indira

A few hours after the lunch meal, finds the Headwoman back in her office, apparently intent on the stack of paperwork set out before her on the desk. Except that…her dark eyed gaze is set off to a distant point on the wall instead of cast downward where her hand with stylus held in it is paused over the top document. Doran, the guard that has been standing post outside of her office ever since the awful events leading up to the hatching, has yet to return from taking his midday meal.

Leaning against the door, Vanielle knocks on politely. "HeadWoman, do you have a moment? It's Vanielle." she announces her self carefully, and formally.

It’s a moment or two after that knock before Indira drifts back to the here and now, with a distracted, “Hmm?” – “Oh, Vanielle. Of course, come in.” Clearing her throat and perhaps looking a little embarrassed for having been caught lost in thought. “Please, take a seat.” Her stylus bearing hand lifting and indicating the chair on the opposite side of her desk.

Vanielle nods sits down. "I was wondering if you might be able to provide some direction? I've been sort of drifting after the Hatching, odd jobs here, drudge work, finding myself… unfufilled by it…" she inhales. "Any suggestions?"

Dark blonde brows lift upward as Vanielle dives right in but settle soon enough into an evenly composed expression. “Oookay,” she begins putting a curious look onto the girl, dark eyes drifting over her shoulders, likely in search of a knot. “Weren’t you one of the ones that decided to stay on as a candidate after the last clutch?” Chances are the woman knows full the answer to that but has for some reason decided to put it to Vanielle any way.

Vanielle nods. "Yeah. I figured it might be worth it to 'switch' to something more stable than candidate, since there are no clutches… at the moment. That and I've found myself, drifting… a bit."

Those same brows twitch then as if to move toward one another in a frown but never quite make it there. “Being allowed the opportunity to stay on as a candidate is an honor not many are granted for not having been Searched in the first place,” Indira puts forward. “If you drop out now, there’s no real guarantee that you’ll be Searched again when next there is a clutch on the Sands,” this given with a carefully pointed look, “Are you really sure you want to take that chance?” The Headwoman probably does have a suggestion or two to make, but will await Vanielle’s answer before putting them forward for further discussion.

Vanielle shakes her head. "You are right. I shouldn't give in that quicky, Headwoman. It is an honor, and a privilliage to remain bearing the knot of a candidate when the eggs are gone from the sands."

A smile briefly warms Indira’s features with Vanielle perhaps having given her the type of answer she’d been looking for. “Good,” the head of strictly bound blonde hair nods in satisfaction. “Then how about we make a deal, hmm?” Reaching toward another stack of documents set off to one side, she extract one of them and places it before her, “You keep your candidate’s knot, and I’ll see if we can’t assign you somewhere you’ll find more challenging and interesting, rather than being kept on the rotating chores you’ve been assigned thus far. How does that sound to you?”

Vanielle nods. "I like that. I think I spent my time getting… bored because I'd done it all and I could now just do it with little thought. Thank you."

Brows now openly tweak together and then upward. “So…” Indira starts out in carefully measured tone, “What you’re telling me is that…” and here she glances down at the list of chores assigned for the candidates to rotate through, “that you’ve now spent enough time with the seamstresses so as to be able to say mend a ripped shirt back to looking brand new again? Or enough time down in the beast caverns so as to be able to tell when a herdbeast or porcine is about to birth?” There is no mockery in her tone however as with a small sigh she folds her hand together before her and puts a searching look onto the young woman, “What is it that you want to do. That interests you enough that you could see yourself going back there every day and taking pride in the work done?”

Vanielle thinks. " Healing. I spent some time in the infirmary. It's odd I spent time as a beastcrafter.. and left that far behind when I came here…" she smiles.

Another smile presents itself at the answer given. Ah, now they’re starting to get somewhere. Pulling the document she’d taken out earlier, closer to her, Indira delivers a nod, “Alright then, I’ll have a word with Cheusia when she gets back from her,” dare she say it, “honeymoon, as I believe she’d been looking for an assistant for a while before she left.” The candidate’s name is crossed off of the list of those on rotation of chores and set down against the very few that have been assigned to specific duties only. That being done, sloe eyes lift and fix to the young woman opposite her, “I’m trusting you Vanielle to put your heart and soul into this, aye? Don’t be late, don’t sass back, and most of all, remember that even those with seemingly the most glamorous jobs on Pern, don’t feel like getting up for work some mornings.”

Vanielle laughs. "Not hard. I am used to mucking stalls, and stables. Compared to such… being an infirmary Aide or a healer will be 'easy' and yes… there are morings when I don't feel like getting up…"

There looks to be something on the tip of her tongue to say with regards to the mucking of stalls and stables, but Indira ends up keeping it to herself. Instead she levels a considering look onto the, “Unless you’re wanting to apply to be a late start apprentice at the Healer Hall,” which is highly unlikely she’d be accepted but always an option, “You’re not likely to be able to progress to much more than a highly regarded Infirmary Aide, and that if you’re prepared to work hard at it. So if that’s something you’re going to be okay with…?” Deliberately trailing her words and leaving prompt for Vanielle to think on that a bit before making her decision.

Vanielle thinks. "I don't know honestly. PArt of me would love to be able to wear that /knot/ too… Candidate & Healer's Apprentice, but it'd be such a late start and so unlikely, is it worth it?" she says softly.

Setting a steady look to Vanielle for a moment, Indira’s hands come apart and then close back together again, “Anything’s possible if you want it badly enough and are prepared to work for it, Vanielle. But in order to be a proper apprentice, you’d have to either be accepted down at Landing into the Healercraft down there, or up north at the Healer Hall in Fort. Either way, you’d lose the candidate knot.” A small smile fits to one corner of her mouth, “As much as we’d like to, we can’t have our sweetcake and eat it too, darlin’. So how about this. I’ll talk to Journeywoman Healer Cheusia upon her return to have you placed as her assistant, and you give that your best shot for a few months during which you can decide if you’re that passionate about the craft so as to go into the Healer Hall and forego your candidate’s knot.”

Vanielle nods. She stares at the knot on her shoulder touching it. "I don't think I could give it up. Not seriously, it was something I earned.. that I was good for… that I was picked for. I felt pretty fufilled doing that, but I think staying a few months at a single job, might help. I had such dreams growing up. Such dreams.. and then I followed my family's tradition and I guess it became about what /they/ wanted and not what /I/ wanted."

“Then don’t give it up, Vanielle. We’ll put you in the infirmary and you’ll have something, one thing, you can focus on and enjoy doing until the next clutch comes along,” Indira’s tone and expression carrying traces of understanding. However, what the young woman says next, has her setting a slightly narrowed look onto her, “Very few of us ever get what we’d dreamed of getting. We take what we do get, and we make the best of it. Make it our own. Don’t ever forget that that many’s a young girl and boy that has dreamed of wearing that very knot on their shoulders and never gotten the chance.” Or gotten it, and through their own bad choices, lost it and the chance to Stand.

Vanielle nods. "Yes. But what if one feels like they've not had any choices.. and so are just following sometihng blindly.. and only now do they get their eyes uncovered?"

Dark eyes narrow further onto Vanielle, Indira’s tone edging toward hard given what she’s had to give up in her own life due to choices made, dreams shattered and heart broken more times than she cares to count. She pays this no lip service however. “You’ve always got a choice. Even when you think you don’t. You can choose to decide how you’re going to react to what options you do still have available to you. You can either mope about and feel sorry for yourself, or you can pull yourself up by your boot straps and decide to hold your head high and be the best damned Infirmary Aide the Southern Continent has ever seen.”

Vanielle grins. "Thank you!" she says firmly. "I have always wanted to do something worth while, at some point I thought I wanted to be the best cook ever… but yeah being an Infirimary aide is more interesting."

A brow goes up with the thanks given by Vanielle, with the Headwoman considering her in silence for a moment or two. It’s approval that finally shifts over her expression, “Then go out there, and be the best Infirmary Aide we’ve ever seen!” That given with an encouraging smile before she adds with a light chuckle, “And don’t let Healer Jonavan browbeat you either. Just remember, he puts his trousers on one leg at a time, like the rest of us.” Yes, word has gotten back to her about the man’s tendency toward taciturn and sarcastic.

Vanielle laughs. "Though there are some who do 'jump into them'." she points ut. She nods and stands up to leave. "Thank you for your time, Headwoman!"

Amusement dances in dark eyes, spilling over onto Indira’s lips. She can’t deny Vanielle’s words however, “You’re not wrong there, Vanielle. But the chances are good that those that don’t ‘look before they leap’, may well find themselves face down on the floor for having tripped over their own trousers, aye?” A warm smile and a nod given as the young woman stands, “You’re very welcome, Vanielle. My door is always open, aye?” And if its not…she should likely knock…several times.

Vanielle nods. "Believe me. I try to balance things. I didn't like having my parents not show up at the hatching, I am sure they learned I left… it wasn't like I hid it.." she ponders out loud. "No letters have come, even though I've written."

Again, Indira draws silent, those dark eyes setting the younger woman under close study and breaking it to offer through an approving smile for her words, “You’re going to get on just fine, Vanielle. I can see it.” Adding then as if a thought had just come to her, “I spent many turns aiding in the infirmary up at High Reaches during Falls and you know what’s often needed the most? Holding the hand of a frightened young rider that’s been scored. Or a kind word of encouragement to his worried family. Perhaps even…” and here her smile softens a little as she takes into account what Vanielle had just said with regards to not having heard from her own family, “offering to write a letter home for those that don’t have their family at the Weyr, hmm?” Hoping to provide further food for thought for the fledgling Infirmary Aide to find her feet and purpose in life.

Vanielle nods. "I wanted to do that anyway. I owuld do that without a second though, Headwoman." she says softly. "Too many don't listen to others. I just want to be there and listen."

“Then you go out and do that, Vanielle. For as you say, too many are too wrapped up in their own problems to afford another the time of day. I know you won’t be like that,” that given sincerely for the little Indira’s already learned of the younger woman during this brief encounter. “And if there’s anything you’re hearing that…doesn’t seem to make sense, or…seems important enough that you think I should know…” slyly putting out the notion that she would highly favor and value any such information as the girl might pick up in and around the infirmary and report it back to her.

Vanielle nods. "Will do. I'll listen well, can I come to you if I see people have noticed things in the firmary that were low on"

Indira, her attention having dropped down to the stack of paperwork before her, awaiting her attention, gives a short chuckle and looks up briefly to respond, “Usually, one of the journeymen will have the Infirmary Aides do an inventory for them, and then they’ll have one of you run down the list of restocking requirements needed to me. So maybe you’ll be able to get yourself assigned such a task by either Cheusia or Jonavan, hmm?” That having been said, she picks up her stylus and starts making quick notations into the margins of the topmost document. Not being rude, simply…multi-tasking as is so often required of her position.

Vanielle nods and continues on herway out the door.
Vanielle has left.

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