Portrayed By Shia LeBoeuf
Position weyrling to blue Balkrith
Former title(s) Lazy Brat (Craggy Flats)
Sex Male
Age 18
Place of Birth Craggy Flats
Family Rona (Mother), Leroy (Father), Leona (Younger sister), Royan (Younger brother)
Faction Neutral

Character History

Nothing other than the sheer boredom of living out one’s existence at a cothold where the most exciting thing to happen is the arrival of a travelling harper or the odd trading caravan passing through, is what had young Leron leaving home in search of adventure at age 15.

His mother Rona, cried into her apron, lamenting the departure of her ‘little’ boy, his father Leroy, stoutly proclaimed he would be back. Leona, his younger sister cried along with her mother and Royan puffed his chest out and stated that seeing as how he was now the older brother, he should be given the attic room for his own.

It was only when the sevens turned into months that Leroy started to worry and hired the services of a travelling vagabond/hunter (Woran) to find his son. Thus far, Woran has not been able to catch up with Leron, with the lad always managing to slip out of his grasp at the last moment.

A resourceful young man, once he’d run out of the few marks he’d been able to lift from his father before leaving, Leron fell naturally into pick pocketing and petty thievery as a means of survival as he meandered around having a jolly old time.

It was his misfortune to run afoul of the group the Headwoman had gathered together and was slowly shepherding toward Nerat when he tried to pickpocket her son Lomaxin while he slept off a drinking spree from the night before. Caught in the act by Indira herself, that was the last Leron was to see of his Grand Adventure when he found himself put under the watchful eye of the very person he’d tried to filch from.

With Leron having been spirited away to Eastern Weyr along with Indira’s band of holdless, Waron’s trail went cold and he had to come to the sad conclusion, that Thread must have befallen the teenager somewhere along the path. A loathsome task it was to have to be the bearer of such tidings to Rona and Leroy. But at least the parents have some closure now, right? Then again, maybe not for who knows how news travels and what snippets of information may be passed along and eventually reach their ears of a boy come in with a band of holdless, to the newly formed Weyr on the Southern continent.

Leron is a well meaning goofball, a bit on the clumsy side and a lot of a daydreamer. He takes little in life seriously and is hard pressed to bear ill will against any. You could equate him to being the Pernese equivalent of a stoner ;)


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