Let There Be Dueling


Escaeth Jhath

Date: 11/17/10
Location: Telepathic
Synopsis: Escaeth greets the weyr early in the morning and gets in a conversation with Jhath over the protocol of weddings with duels.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

<Weyr> Escaeth reaches out over to Eastern, even though it's early in the morning, checking to see who is awake.

<Weyr> Jhath is among those whose mind would be awake and present for Escaeth's checking in, preoccupied with a rumbling tummy and waiting patiently for hers to finish getting up and dressed and out for breakfast.

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes to the awake dragons. « How is everyone this morning? »

<Weyr> Jhath drifts in with heady incense in reply, « Well, indeed, Escaeth. Yourself? »

<Weyr> Escaeth lets the symphony of her mind drift through the minds of those listening, a rather classical tune. « I am well, thank you, Jhath. Just excited at the prospect of being able to go to Southern for this wedding thing that one of our healers is doing if people need rides from Landing. »

<Weyr> Jhath seems slightly intrigued with this information, adding more warmth from her mental hearth to the conversation, « Is there more Thread to flame in Southern? Will they need more dragons to protect 'this wedding thing'? » Incense wafts freely.

<Weyr> Escaeth is slightly amused with Jhath's reasoning and replies. « No, no Thread… or so they'd hope. And if there is, Southern has plenty of dragons to keep things safe. It's not that big of a wedding. Certainly nothing like that one Lady that almost got married up north round… Benden mine remembers? »

<Weyr> Jhath pauses a moment, likely for a mini conference with hers, and then more incense billows in, « Mine says the Lord was cruel and insulting in that wedding but things ended better for the Lady, Orteith's lifemate, as she was here in time for the Hatching. If this Lord, » as Jhath reasons it, « is cruel and insulting, there should be a duel. A champion should defend the Lady's honor. Does she have a champion already in case? »

<Weyr> Escaeth considers that for a moment, the symphony echoing from her head to Jhath's. « I agree with you, Jhath. The man was quite cruel and if mine recalls correctly from those that came back, it almost came to blows when the Lord started insulting weyrfolk. It is good that the Lady has found a blue to love and protect her. Is he not a fine champion? »

<Weyr> Jhath stokes some of the hearth fire in her mind, getting it ready for her day. The conversation seems to help since it is all about fighting and duels and defending a lady's honor. « A pity I did not get to see it. A pity I will not be allowed to see this one. Mine says she is certain we will get to see a wedding at some point though. Perhaps there will be a duel there that I can see then. » Some of the incense drifts in a sporadic, disorderly fashion, confused, « Orteith is being allowed out to Southern to be this Lady's champion? Should we not all be allowed to go then? » Her fire grows higher, mildly irritated at the perceived slight and injustice.

<Weyr> Escaeth extends a warm and calming song to Jhath. « Nay, Jhath. All the dragonets will remain at Eastern with their lifemates. That is the way of things. This wedding will be a small one. Mine is not invited, he and I were just asked to bring those from Landing and Eastern that were invited to see it. The Mastersmith at Landing is one of those invited. He is the girl's father. »

<Weyr> Jhath seems slightly mollified, but more distracted. She's eating now. « I see. » Though her incense still rolls around the chamber of her mind slightly haphazardly. « If there is a duel there, or Thread, will you tell me of it? » Because the kissy-face stuff is boring, but duels and Thread-fighting, Jhath is all on board with.

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes to the green dragonet. « OF course. I may not be able to recall all the times I've flown against Thread, but I will tell you what stories I can if there is Thread out there. »

<Weyr> Jhath continues to build the hearth fires of her mind as she eats, listening to her lifemate and the weyrlingmasters and getting ready for her day, « I am grateful. Thank you. »

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes to Jhath, her attentions seemingly being drawn elsewhere. « Your welcome, Jhath. »

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