Portrayed By Michelle Ryan
Position Eastern Weyr Laundress
Former title(s) Ista Weyr Laundress, Ista Weyr Brat
Sex Female
Age 16
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Family Mother: Xilea, Father: L'frin (deceased)
Faction Progressive

Character History

Lexi was born in Ista Weyr's lower caverns. She comes from a long lineage of Weyr workers. It was her and her mother for as long as she can remember. Her father was not talked about much at all, a rider who died in Threadfall shortly before she was due to be born. She didn't have any blood siblings growing up, but the myriad of other weyrbrats were as close to her as brothers and sisters would have been.

As soon as she was able to toddle around for herself, her fearlessness and sense of adventure became apparent. When she was 6 she was already leading exploration teams of the Weyr's various tunnels and nooks and cranies. She never meant to get anyone in trouble, but there are times that search parties had to be organized.

As soon as she turned ten, she was put to work doing menial tasks for the other Lower Cavern workers. Shortly after that, her mother pulled her into the Laundry to teach her the family career. Lexi was biddable enough, but just enough so as to keep her mother happy. Any free time was spent exploring and conjuring up various fanciful games. She was hardly ever without her little entourage.

As she entered adolescent and the first whisperings of Landing and AIVAS came to her ears, she begged her mother to let her go south. But here mother was against all these new fangled learnings. A rift began to grow between them and when she turned 16, Lexi took it upon herself to go South on her own.


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Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

Lexi is a typical friendly, happy-go lucky teenager.

Lexi's Logs


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