Life and Laundry


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Date: August 10th, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr Laundry
Synopsis: Just some chit-chat in the unbearably hot Laundry
Rating: PG
Logger: Lexi

Eastern Weyr: Laundry

Just below the Lower Hatching Sands, this room radiates heat. Huge pools of water have been reinforced to make cisterns for the laundry. There is a pattern here: drudges place the dirty articles into the first set of pools, scrub them diligently with soapsand and washboards, then move them on to the second set of pools for a rinsing. Crank-powered roller dryers drain all the excess water out, then the clothes are hung to dry in a dry part of the room near the back.

Once the clothes are dry, the long tables along the edges are utilized to fold and secure them into baskets for replacement into the appropriate places. There are a couple benches near the tables for easier access to the tall tables by those not able to reach them alone. Often, these are used by infirm Aunties as well who chatter and gossip incessantly while they fold. Glows are more prevalent here than in the hallways, simply because it's necessary to see if the job's been done right.

One would likely avoid this room if they knew how hot it really got, considering it is right under the Hatching Sands, one can only underestimate the heat. Except those who work here constantly… And Zen certainly isn't one of those people. He is off to the side and, surprisingly, doing his chores properly. Maybe it's the heat that tames the beast, or he's simply too tired to slack off. Whatever it is, he is keeping to his charming self for the time being.

"So as you can see ma'am.." Lexi is muttering to herself as she comes into the Laundry room, idly rolling up her sleeves. Adjusting her long apron, the laundress moves over to one of the washing pools. "Its for the good of the Weyr really…." she shakes her head and sighs, "No, too much." Her conversation with herself doesn't seem to be going well as she picks up a washboard and grabs a garment expertly from the hot water and begins scrubbing it against the board.

Just finished a stint working with the nannies to tend to younglings, Teallan's been laden with a basket full of soiled clothes and the like to haul to the laundry. After that, she's free. Supposedly. The Harper-Candidate is grunting and almost moaning with displeasure as she shuffles along with the basket. Even just inside the entrance she nearly drops it with a squeak. Another self-pitying whimper under her breath and she scuttles the last few steps to the main washing tub and sets — well, drops, really — the basket with a solid thud.

Merendezen looks up at Lexi entering, green eyes searching the teen with a lift of his brow. Nothing is said in her direction, yet as he finishes his folding and pushes away from where he sits, off to join Teallan and meaning to assist the other Candidate with the heavy basket… But since she seems to make it, partially, on her own he shrugs. "Teallan…" Lexi is eyed, "little miss… Do you two want any help?"

"You see Headwoman, teens need to break free, have a little fun…" Lexi starts as someone nearby, a male someone at that, talks in her direction. Flashing him a winning smile she shrugs as non-chalantly as she can manage. "Could you run the wringer for me? I'll just hand you things and you just need to run them through." Her tone of voice is filled with adolescent coyness. Smiling at Teallan, "From the lil ones?" she wrinkles her nose at the laundry basket the candidate is holding.

No longer holding, fortunately. Teallan has the most pitiful look ever at the moment. Like a kicked puppy. But since no one came prior to the basket being set down, she lets it all sweep away and straightens, looking from Zen to Lexi. "Yeah, I was helping the nannies. They've let me go, but I have to make sure these get started in the wash, I guess?" She shrugs, looking from the basket to the great vat. "They usually just have me fold when I'm down here…"

Merendezen eyes Lexi as she starts, "are… You starting a speech?" Because that's certainly what it sounds like, green eyes take in the younger woman again before he chuckles. "Sure. Sounds easy enough." He'll move over to the wringer and then gives Teallan a look over. "Well, maybe someone will do that for you and you can fold. That's what happened when I walked in." His charming grin is quick to settle on his lips, "did you find out anything to attract the dragons to you yet, Teallan?"

Lexi blushes a little bit, "No, I'm trying to figure out how to ask Headwoman Indira if I can have a bonfire party for the teens here. We used too have them all the time back at Ista." She nods to one of the other laundresses to sort through the basket that Teallan brought in. Handing a freshly scrubbed shirt to Zen, she cocks her head to one side, "Attract a dragon?" she asks of the girl candidate.

Once the basket is taken over for her, Teallan looks a mite relieved. Or a lot relieved. She doesn't even have to fold, thankfully. Instead she starts angling towards the door before asked a question by Zen that's echoed by Lexi. "Uh, well. No." Her cheeks burn red, but there's a fire in her eyes. Determination. "It'll take more study. I'm hoping for a trip back to Landing so I can maybe consult with the AIVAS records."

Merendezen shrugs, "well… As much fun as it sounds… It's been raining quite frequently, it's one of the wetter seasons here. And with Thread approaching at who knows when…" He trails off, giving Lexi a meaningful look. "Not trying to put you off or anything, little miss, but, perhaps there is something else you can plan? Maybe something indoors." He turns a curious look to Teallan as she attempts to retreat, sending the girl another grin. "Don't do something dangerous. I've heard rumors about certain scents." Is he trying to plant a seed in the girl's brain? Yes, most likely… If only to prevent injuries later. "I doubt AIVAS knows anything. Maybe try asking some older riders."

Lexi stops and stares at Zen for a while and cocks her head to one side, "Why do you have to say it like that? It doesn't rain all the time, and inside's just not as fun." Is that a little whine in Lex's voice? "Anyway, I don't think it works that way Tea, I've never heard of it before." Of course, she is only a Laundress, but she did grow up in the Weyr.

"Scent," Teallan echoes faintly, eyes going distant as she considers it. A moment and a few blinks later and she's looking at Lexi. "How do you think it works?" She brushes at her skirt somewhat. "Obviously there's /something/ that draws a dragon to a person. I want to figure out what it is." And ensure she has it.

Merendezen rolls his shoulders, slowly getting started on the wringer. "I'm just saying… It'd be awful if it started raining and the fire went out. You could always ask if you can clear out the Living Caverns, push the tables to the sides. And gather glows to the center of the room and tell stories." He points out and now directing his charming grin to the teen. "Just giving suggestions, little miss. If your first idea is rejected, it's always good to have a backup." Green eyes consider the Harper-Candidate with a chuckle, "if you find out, be sure to let the others know… Unless you'd rather keep it to yourself."

Lexi ponders Zen's words and nods slowly. "That'd be fun, and you're right its good to have a backup. The name's Lexi by the way." Picking out another soiled garment that was soaking in the hot pool before her, she starts her scrubbing anew, only to stop again at Teallan's words. "Well think of it like love. That's what my friends who've impressed told me. Like finding another half of you that you didn't know existed. So I doubt a scent would do it. The dragon chooses the rider."

"You could always put up a tent if you do a bonfire outside," Teallan murmurs. "And we're in a Weyr. Plenty of safety to be found if Threadfall /does/ begin." She rubs at her cheek a bit, glancing between them. "Love," she says faintly, glancing up at the ceiling as she considers. The young woman hums to herself a bit before shrugging and glancing back down. "I'll have to think on that one."

"Well met, Lexi. Backups are always a good plan, that way if one gets rejected you can always offer another." Zen grins widely in response, inclining his head. "Now, Lexi, dear… There could be more ways than one. It doesn't help to crush the ideas of others." And then he looks to Teallan. "Maybe if you think of love they'll pick up your thoughts?"

Lexi wrinkles her nose and goes back to scrubbing, rather a little harder than before. Suddenly she stops and puts her hands on her hips, "You know, that's not what I was doing. I grew up in a Weyr, many of the people I know have impressed, I'm just saying, I doubt its anything a person does that attracts a dragon, more like who the person is." She shoots a look at Tea that clearly says, 'Who does this guy think he is?' before getting back to scrubbing.

"I wish there was a way to test theories before the main event," Teallan says with a long-suffering sigh. She brushes back some hair. "Like a rehersal. I always feel better when I've had the opportunity to rehearse." She plucks a bit of fluff from a sleeve, glancing from Zen to Lexi. Brown eyes settle on the latter. "Where did you grow up? How did you end up here?"

Merendezen chuckles and nods to Lexi, "I know. Forgive me, but, I think Teallan has a healthy idea. One is always curious about how the dragons really select their riders. There's always myths and rumors, little miss. No matter how you may try to be rid of them, more will always crop up. My time in the Weyr, before I came to this one, was full of all sorts of rumors and ideas of how exactly one draws a dragon to them." A look is tilted to Teallan, "I believe that she has the right idea. It'll do some good to get rid of the nerves of some who Stand on the Sands when those shells break. If they're confident, there is less of a chance that something will go wrong because their heads will be with them."

Lexi narrows her eyes in the boy's direction and looks as if she is about to say something. But at the last minute, she turns to Teallan and says kindly, "Just be yourself. You're so sweet, a dragon would be lucky to have you, but I hate to see the regret in some Candidates left standing. They beat themselves up with what they could have done differently. And a lot of them move on to stand later and impress. I know you want it, shards, I'm over 16 Turns now and living in a Weyr and never once got asked to stand, and yet I'd give my left arm to be Searched…" She quickly shuts up, maybe having gone a little too far, revealing a little two much.

"You're at a different Weyr now," Teallan says with head slightly cocked. "Maybe that'll make the difference. If they're right and only one dragon si out there for a specific person, it's entirely possible that… you said you're from Ista? I think I heard Ista. It's possible that there were no dragons at Ista destined for you." She toes at the dirt. "If I don't Impress at the first clutch, maybe I will at the second. Maybe the first will be a… a kind of rehersal."

Merendezen is totally a man. A manly man. Anyway, he nods to Lexi and smiles. "If only it could be so simple to tell the rest. Some of the Candidates are not sweet. Some are rude, brash, mean…" The list goes on and Zen waves a hand in a dismissive manner. "I am curious what draws dragons to these sorts of characters. I know a bronzerider who is a horrible prankster and could be considered a mean fellow." He considers the girl, "I've been passed over dragons plenty of times and I came here and this blue decided I smelled right. Now I'm a Candidate. Maybe you weren't ready before…" Trailing off, green eyes search her for a moment before he shrugs. "You wouldn't be Searched if you were missing your left arm." Green eyes turn to consider Teallan and he shrugs, "it may be possible that they knew her dragon wasn't there at Ista. Or, maybe it was an age thing for her… A certain age and then, poof… She'll be ready." Shoulders roll after forming a shrug, "that's a good way to take it as well." Clearly, this man has no intentions on Impressing, it seems.

Lexi shrugs as well as she hands another freshly scrubbed sheet to Zen. "I came here because I wanted a change, and what's more of a change than a Weyr that's not even fully built yet? I'm definitely not holding my breath on being Searched. It will happen or it won't, I don't stress over it." She takes a break from the scrubbing, her hands now a bright red. She heads to a shelf nearby and takes a small pot of lotion down and begins to rub some onto her hands while they are still damp from the washing. Coming back, she leans on a wall, taking a breather. "It's going to be so exciting seeing you guys on the Sands, I've met a lot of really awesome Candidates here. I'll be cheering the loudest. Any ideas on if there might be gold eggs on the Sands?" Her attempt to turn the conversation to easier fare is obvious.

"Ugh, like Zervid. I /hate/ that guy," Teallan mutters, frowning. "He doesn't just slack off, he actively tries to make other peoples' chores /harder/." She exhales in a sigh and glances to Lexi with a shrug. "It's difficult to get time or even in to see the eggs as it is. I have no idea if there's a gold one and I haven't heard anyone else say if there is or not. Guess we gotta wait until the golds themselves let us know? Or, well, until the Hatching itself comes."

Merendezen takes the sheet and runs it through the wringer easily enough. "I'm certain a lot of people came to find a change or start over… Whatever happens will happen, little miss. I certainly didn't expect that a dragon would Search me." He considers her with green eyes before shrugging. "I don't think Kaseth's had one… I don't recall any of the eggs I touched being particularly gold, but… I didn't look. I haven't seen Rauzath's eggs…" A look to Teallan and he smiles, "I'm sure if you ignore him, he'll lay off… Boys like that just want attention."

Lexi works the lotion deep into her hands, wringing them together, and rubbing them quickly. "Yeah, boys just want to seem like they don't care about anything. They are funny creatures indeed. And I find that there are not enough men around here." Says the girl who is only in her sixteenth Turn of life.

"I do ignore him," Teallan mutters. "Barely knew who he was. I think that's the problem." She kicks at a pebble on the ground, likely from the clothing of someone working on digging. Gravel seems to be everywhere. She glances at Lexi and blinks a few times, "I've seen a lot of men about."

Merendezen gives Lexi a rather bland look before he shrugs, "I think there's plenty of men around… But there are certainly more boys than men." Shoulders roll again, suddenly sore from the work at hand. He stops then, taking a break. "Maybe, then, he wants your attention. Has the hots for you?"

Lexi shrugs her shoulders and sighs, "Maybe they just aren't around the Lower Caverns where I spend most of my time." Turning to Teallan, she gets a sly smile on her face, "Ohh, it could be that he likes you." She says as well. "Poor boys don't know how to deal with liking a girl."

"Ugh," Teallan says with a slightly pained look. "I hope not. He's so…" she waves a hand, looking for the right word. "/Slimy/." That'll do. "Just ask… well, ask anyone." She glances around the room as if suddenly realizing something and fans herself a bit. "It's /hot/ in here. I think I need a cool drink."

Merendezen laughs, "men know what to do with women, little miss." There's a look sent her way, smoldering before that grin curls onto his lips again. Green eyes return to Teallan and he nods, "I remember him… Well, don't let him bug you. If you're hot, you're welcome to go get a drink."

"Well then, my previous comment stands, haven't seen many men around. But if you have some elligible men you'd lik to introduce me to, you're more than welcome to." Lexi gives a little flirty giggle. It seems that giggle caught the attention of one of the older Aunties who scowls in her direction, "Oiy! Girl! If your hands are feeling idle, you might want to take some of these baskets of towels to the baths." It doesn't sound like a suggestion, and Lexi takes the point. "Yes Ma'am." She shoots a small grin at the two Candidates and heaves a large basket to her hip taking her exit.

"I think I'm going to, before someone puts me to work," Teallan says in a lowered voice to Zen. She brushes at her skirt and glances furitively around the laundry cavern before rushing out. Likely to find something cool to drink in the living caverns.

Merendezen isn't sure whether or not he should feel insulted so instead, he simply shrugs in response and watches her leave. He looks over to Teallan, "better flee now, while you can." He winks at the girl, meaning to finish the work and distract those who would look to put the other candidate to work.

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