Life S A Gamble


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Date: July 16, 2010
Location: The Blood and Bucket
Synopsis: E'ro is drunk and Jaya doesn't want to clean puke off the floors.
Rating: PG
Logger: Jaya

The Blood and Bucket tavern is fairly crowded with its usual non-descript patrons, playing card games around a few tables or drinking their time away. In the midsts of all the bustle is a single barmaid with her hands loaded down with empty dirty mugs, bantering back loudly with a few of the male patrons that seem to act too familiar with her. There's a heavyset man behind the counter in the back, busy cleaning out mugs and engaging in conversation with one of the patrons sitting at the counter.

Telgar isn't the usual haunt for Eastern riders, but why not? A whole passel of them stumble in, most of them already drunk and only a few sober. They look to be having a good time - or maybe they're looking for a good time, who knows. Some move to the bar, others find seats at unoccupied tables. One finds his way into a group of unhappy-with-his-antics men in the middle of an intense card game. There's a bit of a scurry as his wingmates pull him out of a potential fray and then they all fall into laughter. E'ro takes up a stool at the bar, obviously intoxicated as he slumps onto the counter, his eyes half-lidded. "I'll take another," he says, smacking his hand on the bar. Whatever another is, because it could be anyone's guess.

With the tavern already engaged in its night activities, a few newcomers stumbling would hardly be noticed. The barmaid doesn't fall into this category, clearly, for she looks to the entrance and gives them each at least brief study before moving on. With mugs in tow, "Hey!" she cries when one of the rowdy card-players smacker her jauntily on the behind. Looking back at their laughter, "Keep it up, Joman, and I'm tossin' your sorry lot out!" Jaya turned back to the counter and heavily deposited the mugs down right next to E'ro. Hearing his remark, "Looks like ya had enough to get /my/ ass drunk," she mumbled as she waved down the barkeep. Whether E'ro heard it or not she doesn't seem to care, for she gives him a once-over, snorts, and leans herself almost over the counter to yell a bit loudly, "Hey!! Keane, I'm not over here twiddlin' my thumbs for nothin'! I need two more rounds of ale, /now/!!"

The sound of glasses hitting the bar makes the bronzerider jump and turn in his seat, turning one squinty eye upon the barmaid because that's all he can muster right now. "I ain't had hardly enough. We're celebratin' Eastern's beginning that's off to a good start. Two clutches, wow," E'ro says as he sways and lifts an imaginary mug in toast. Those Easterners who have actually found a drink raise theirs in unison and they all start a round of cheers. There's talk of who gets to pay and then the noise levels out. "Finally got away and had some drinks with the guys. Can't always let loose and do what we want, lots of responsibilities now, you know." He lets out breath that smells clearly of booze. "You know?"

Keane moves toward the barmaid and E'ro, sending the woman a flat glance as he takes the dumped mugs. At talk of Eastern and cheers caused by it, it seems to be just a bit too much for the older tavern owner. With a heavy sigh and another heavy look at the barmaid, "Jay, you take care of this," he grunts, nodding once in the bronzerider's direction. His eyes also sweep over the newcomers, too, before he nods to E'ro directly and adds to him, "Welcome, stranger. Jay here will take care whatever you want." Before Jaya could respond (or protest by the outraged look on her face), he's gone. "Eastern Weyr," Jaya drawled, regarding E'ro now with his booze breath. She doesn't seemed fazed. "Uh-huh. /Some/ drinks, over clutches?" She moves to be behind the counter then, facing him. Looking him up and down with open suspicion, "So. What'll it be then? I've got all kinds of the same ale, though, by the looks of it you'll be more in need of a bucket instead."

Interactions between the barmaid and her boss aren't really registered by the bronzerider. "Yeah, Eastern," he says, attempting to look at her but only managing a squint. "Some drinks are ok. Just don't let that get back to J'cobi," is said in a loud whisper as he looks around, glancing all over as if the Weyrleader of Eastern would be somewhere within sight. "Ain't anything wrong with getting a little rowdy now and then." Which is punctuated by a wide, pleased grin. "I'll have whatever you got. I'm not picky when it comes to ales, just wines and that I prefer a savory red." He leans back in his seat, closing his eyes, and rocks it back a little too dangerously before allowing the chair to settle on all four legs. "Name's E'ro, how you doing?" as he holds out a hand for her to shake.

There's a brow lift; Jaya dips to bring up a large decanter of liquid and sets it on the counter. It looks like there's a battle going on within the barmaid as her expressions settle between amusement and irritation. The smile wry and lopsided as she sets a clean mug before the bronzerider, "If /you're/ what 'some' drinks look like, shuga, then I don't wanna know what you look like after a whole lotta it," she drawls as she pours ale into it. She then proceeds to set up another mug, pouring into it as she adds to his J'cobi comment, "Oh, I wouldn' worry about any…debauchery going beyond these walls, darlin'," in open dryness as she pours. "No one cares a lick what ya do here." Lips twisting a bit as she meets his eyes then, watching his demeanor before hearing his name. "Dragonrider," she states the obvious in her creamy alto. She pauses, considering whether to take his hand or not before setting the mug down and clasping a wet, cool palm to his own - rather hard, at that. "They call me Jay," she answers him flippantly, a bit proud for a mere barmaid. "I'm the peacekeeper here. Well met." Beat. "I need a drink," is her simple answer, punctuating it with a pull from her mug as she nods for him to take his.

"I can't remember how many. Five? Ten? Fifteen? Something like that," E'ro mumbles as he eagerly accepts the new mug with much-anticipated ale. "I stopped counting around " He stops his tale to tick off his fingers and he comes up empty, giving a mighty shrug. "I can't remember that either." There appears to be a loss of memory in many quarters for the Eastern dragonrider. Not that he minds, as he takes a hearty gulp from his fresh ale. "That's good to know, huh?" But he doesn't seem to be interested in the subject anymore; he's too busy downing what's left of the liquid in his glass. Until there's nothing left. "Jay? That's an odd name for a woman." His eyebrows do a weird up-down thing that he isn't in control of, before they settle to furrow over his blue eyes. "Well met."

"That much is obvious," Jaya's more amused than irritated, nursing her drink despite the fact that she's probably not even allowed to drink while working. That much is indicated by the look being sent her way by her barkeeping boss, anyway. She watches the level of ale in his mug, already moving the decanter in tow to refill when it's empty. "We get very few dragonriders here," she says at name comment, head tilting alittle to the side as she regards him, "so your name's just as odd, I would think." Beat. "It's short, for Jaya, as in, Dicori traders's Jaya." Whether it get recognized or not, she continues on. "So. This J'cobi. He must be that must of an ass to keep you riders so strung up enough to go wild on our poor taverns," and she looks meaningfully behind him to indicate the riders he came with. "Sucks to be you."

"I suppose it's odd from your stance, but I've heard weirder names in my time. We'd better count our lucky stars we were never named Antanapolis." Who knows if that's even a real name, but once he's said it, he starts laughing uncontrollably. His whole upper body shakes, the sound issuing from deep within his chest and pushing outwards. It infiltrates his words, coloring his speech, or what little can be heard between his chuckles. "Dicori traders is kinda familiar, not your name, but now I know it, huh?" He continues laughing until it's spent and then he nudges his mug with his thumb, watching as it slides on the bartop. "J'cobi isn't so bad. Mostly we do it to ourselves. We DID sign up for this," and he's back to squinting at her again. "Bad decision, if I have to say so. Plenty of good looking fine and nice asses, not much by way of fun or entertainment."

Jaya blinks. "Antanapolis???" she cries, echoing the strange name rather loudly. "Great shards!" But she pauses at his laughter, lips pursing briefly as she stares the bronzerider down. Slapping the counter with one hand, "Ahhhh, you're pullin' my ass on that one!" she states in open disbelief. "Startin' to think I can't trust dragonriders and their words!" She reaches over, refilling his mug then as a loud crash is heard from behind him. She looks over to see a smashed mug on the floor with raucous laughter going about at the card tables. Snorting then as she brings her dark gaze back to E'ro, "You might've heard of the Dicoris," she says, not fazed by the miss in recognition. If anything, she seems relieved. "They're out Bitra way." She puts the decanter down and leans away, a brow lifting at the latter words. "Better you than me, then," she answers him blithely, taking a sip from her own mug. "Think I like my havin' my freedom too much." After a studying pause, "So it's true," she says after a while. "Dragonriders get plenty of ass." It's delivered flat despite, the grin.

"Nah, wasn't any Antanapolis, but I did know a guy named Falfarl. Wrap your tongue around that one, because it took me a few turns before I could say it without biting my tongue or spitting. Most people called him Far for short, cause you know, who wants to pronounce THAT." E'ro snorts and drops his gaze to his mug. "Need a little humor every now and again, Jay," there he goes, saying her name like a true trooper. "Something to take the edge off." His eyes follow the sound of the crash, seeking the source, but they don't stay long. "It isn't the easiest life, but I try to make the best of it. Miss the people from Igen way. Miss the people from Harper more. Chose this though. Can't complain much." Drunken riders make for nice spectacles, don't they? "Yep, sure do. Not too much now. Everybody's gearing for the clutch and anyone with their hopes up don't wanna get pregnant and ruin their chances. Don't want that to happen anyway."

This time, both brows go up and Jaya actually /laughs/. "O-kay," she drawls, reaching forward as if she was about to take the bronzerider's mug away. "Now I /know/ you're playin' with me, shuga. Falffaafaa" Even she sounds tongue-tied saying it, shaking her head. The comment after seems to sober her up just a bit, a dark and thoughtful expression here and gone in an instant from her face as she regards him. It's replaced with a smile with little warmth now as she straightens and drains her own mug. "Don't care for your sort, much," she says so suddenly, so /seriously/ as she drops it. "Dragonriders. But." She pauses, looking away to slide her empty mug down the counter from them. "You're alright, I guess," she finishes then, meeting his gaze again. "For a dragonrider. Not what I expected." It seems to be given grudgingly, at that, holding up the decanter again. "Another, E'ro, or am I going to have to carry you out to your dragon?" Despite the even tone, there is but the fleetests of a smile.

"I swear it, on my and Yzuruth lives, that his name was Falfarl. Later came to be F'ral which was easier to say, but I remember those days at the Hall well. Kid had a tough time fitting in, given no one could pronounce his name. Family name or something." E'ro masks a yawn with his hand and then snorts loudly. "You said yourself they don't come around often, so what experience can you have? We're not that bad and I'm better sober," he promises as he wags a finger at her. "I'm a funny, funny guy and charming too, when I wanna be. Right now I don't, I just wanna drink and pass out later." Not even a request for a fabulous woman in his bed! Huh! Too drunk. "I can walk, I think, but let's have a round first." Never mind he's swaying in his seat whenever he makes a sudden move, but who's looking, eh?

"Haven't been here always, dragonrider," comes Jaya's answer to experience with the latter, dark eyes now scanning the loud patrons behind him quickly. "And you seem funny enough, here." The barkeep's out among the patrons now with their drink, and she watches him briefly before turning back to E'ro. His request for more ale gets a shrug from the barmaid, moving to refill his glass with a blithe, "So be it, but I must warn you that I can get tetchy if someone hurls on my floors." Eyeing the bronzerider pointedly on that, "You can fight and you can wager, but I don't allow vomit in here." She passes the filled mug back now, her own not being filled or touched. Looks like she actually has restraint, this time! She is watching his posture, seeming a bit more tense now at the possibility that the vomit rule was about to be violated.

E'ro has forgotten that whole trader thing, amongst other things. "Oh. That's unfortunate. Ales flowing and the atmosphere is good. Shame not to have been here all the or forever." He samples the newest glass, obviously happy with the results as he leans back with a satisfied sigh. "I don't vomit anymore, haven't since I was what.." Counting on his fingers again - not that it'll prove useful. "..Nine? Ten? Something around there. Always gets stuck in the back of my throat and won't come out." To punctuate, he belches. "Don't worry about your floors none, from me anyway. There's D'rox back there who cries and vomits all the time. I'd be more worried about him if I were you." So says the drunk guy, but at least he's a happy, talkative, non-puking drunk guy.

"Wow. You're really talkin' crazy," Jaya is blunt at the bronzerider's initial words, pointedly looking around the place. "Atmosphere? This is the shardin' Blood and Bucket tavern! A dank /cave/ has better atmosphere than /this/!" At glance, she doesn't seem like the mother hen-type, but she really looks like she wants to edge that mug away right now! "And sure you vomit! Drink as much as you have, it's sure to come like sunlight." The belch is regarded with distaste before she shakes her head and grabs a wash rag from behind. Eyes going to the area the dragonriders are occupying behind him, "Well then. D'rox is about to see a new side to me then if he violates the floor /I/ have to clean tonite," she says simply as she starts washing out some of the empty mugs present.

Little time is spared in taking the rest of the ale down. When it's gone, that's it, and E'ro makes the - albeit drunken - decision to stop while he's ahead. "You should head Eastern's way sometime, have a look at what's going on underneath the peaks. It isn't so bad, mindless of what I tell you. There's lots of camaraderie and good food. You'll never go hungry there." His hazy-eyed gaze turns upon one of the more piggish riders in his group and he mumbles, "Though you don't want to overdo it. No sense in that." He places one foot on the floor, trying to get his bearings, but the world shifts. "Whoa.. slowly, old hand." His hands are flat on the countertop, giving support. "Maybe I do need that assistance." Because those drunken louts loitering in the tavern surely aren't help enough.

"Second time I've heard this in a sevenday," Jaya answers on Eastern, frowning a bit as she watches him drain off the mug. Still, she doesn't look /too/ sure, her eyes going over his and his riders demeanor throughout the hubbub of the bar. With an incline of head, however, "I'll give it thought," the barmaid tells him, taking up his empty mug from him and setting it to the side. And of course, when E'ro tips she's there from around the counter, and arm out for him to hold onto with a rather wry, "Maybe you folks should invest in a bar of your own, if you're willing to come all this way." Then lifting her head as she looks toward the entrance, "Come on, dragonrider," she adds, nodding towards the door sharply. "I'll take you out after you pay."

"Sounds like they're smart whoever they are." E'ro is almost to that point - the point of no return. Don't be surprised if his speech gets less recognizable or doesn't make sense. "Think we should, would save me the trip, and I could get drunk in my own weyr. Beats having to stay around these parts until I sober up." He's grumbling, the pitch of his voice rising and falling, but he's standing on both feet now. It's just, he's also holding on, and then she's helping support him with an arm. "Right, let's go, to the entrance. Can you manage?" Why's he asking her? He's the one needing assistance.

"Haven't decided on that point, yet," Jaya's quip on smart comes brief, cutting dark eyes to his face as she helps him up. And his words indeed seem to be going beyond that point, in her eyes, for she's saying nothing at all. Focusing only on the task of helping one of her patrons through the crowd and out, "I've handled plenty of drunk men bigger than you," is given with just a touch of lightness to suggest that it could be a lie. She eyes her barkeep as she passes by him, then the barmaid is helping him to the entrance with some effort.

Nothing at all is about right. E'ro is too busy focusing on staying upright versus having a conversation, so there's only quiet on his part as they get out of the tavern and to the waiting bronze. Yzuruth is huddled outside, looking diligent and dignified, and not a reflection of his rider's lack of sobriety. "This is it, thanks for the drinks," he says a bit too loud and flings out a hand towards Yzuruth. "Help me up." To which the bronze just continues staring, perhaps a bit too intently at Jaya. "Shut up and help me up!" Again, nothing. So he turns to the barmaid and frowns. "Help me up?"

Once outside in the dark, Jaya seems to hesitate the closer they get to the dragon. The bronzerider thanks her and she turns to go, looking back over her shoulder at the drunk rider talking loudly to his dragon. She meets the bronze dragon's stare head on, straightening her posture and seeming to shed off that initial caution that assailed her went she approached. The gaze lingers for just a moment - as if petulantly, on her part - before breaking it off and flicking a glance at the blubbering rider. Turning back and stepping forward now with an expelling of breath, "What's /his/ problem?" she directs at E'ro, even though she's glancing at the bronze as she reaches out to help the rider up. "Having a row with your dragon?" There's sarcasm there, though likely not notice as the barmaid tightens her arms in order to keep the bronzerider from falling.

"Yzuruth doesn't believe in drinking. It leaves you without a clear head, he says, but he's no fun. All he wants to do is tail Kaseth and wait for the eggs. Boring," E'ro explains with a roll of his eyes. "Help me up?" This time he's pleading, much like a little boy, with round blue eyes and a frowny face. "I just need a boost, I can grab the straps. It's just, everything is spinning." His fingers comes up to trace a wobbly circle in the air before it points, somewhat off balance, at Jaya. "I'll give you half a mark to give me a hand up."

Her eyes cutting back to the dragon as reasons are explained, "Clear head," Jaya repeats, and there's a slight interest in those words there. "Sounds like he makes sense. Which is…." she doesn't finish that sentence, glancing back at E'ro and proceeds to help boost the rider up enough to at least make a grabbing /effort/ for the straps. As much as she fronts to be, the bar maid isn't /that/ strong, and it shows. Straining against him, "Give me a whole one if you manage to get up there without fallin' on me!" is her quick without-thinking response as she tries to do so. "I thought dragonriders could hold their liquor better than anyone," she mutters then. "Or so I heard."

"Dragons always make sense. Make us look like idiots," the rider starts grumbling, shooting glares at his stoic dragon. "Thank for the.." burp "help." And he's dead weight for the most part, until he actually latches onto the straps and starts dragging himself up. He's there, on the threshold, when the bronze shifts his shoulder down and let's E'ro swing his leg over. That wasn't so bad. Not he's just got to find his waistpurse. "I owe you a mark.." he's mumbling, digging around his belt, until he finds something and throws it down. Unfortunately, it's a handkerchief. Squinting, he curses. "Ok, one more try.." This time he gets it right and the ground is graced with two marks. "Thanks and all that. Other things. See you soon, yea?" He slumps forward, using his dragon's neck as his new support. Yzuruth has the presence of mind to wait their exchange over, his whirling blue eyes locked on the barmaid.

Once E'ro is mounted, Jaya steps back and peers up in the dark to find his face. "I've heard a whole lotta crazy things today," she remarks, shaking her head slowly at the dragon. "But. Still." She picks up the hankerchief with a snort, then the two marks get pocket instantly. "Don't get stuck somewhere, E'ro," is her version of a kind-hearted farewell, grimacing a bit as she steps back more to give the dragon and rider room to depart. "Evening." Then she's turning back returning to the inside of the Blood and Bucket and its still-raucous activities within.

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