IC Date Title of Piece Rating Characters
IC Date Title in Link Rating Characters
Day 2, Month 01, Turn 4 Like a Dying Dolphin PG13 Xantes, Ch'rii, Maura
Day 03, Month 2, Turn 4 Everybody loves a bath! PG Meiglen, Maura, Aadi, Fiala, Brentram
Day 23, Month 2, Turn 4 Escape from the Infirmary PG Maura, Ch'rii
Day 10, Month 3, Turn 4 They Better Be ----ing Good Presents PG13 Maura, Eris, Ch'rii, Deimos
Day 17, Month 3, Turn 4 Collecting Conspiracies PG Rikath, Svaldirath
Day 6, Month 4, Turn 4 Tapping V'kale PG-13 Maura, V'kale, Meiglen
Day 8, Month 5, Turn 4 Sick for a looooong time PG-13 Ch'rii, Maura, V'kale, Randi, Meiglen
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