Lonely and Forgotten



Date: August 17, 2010
Location: Somewhere close to Landing
Synopsis: L'han and Escaeth muse over the last few sevendays.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: L'han - Viginette

It's late evening here on the outskirts of Landing, the sky clear and full of the stars that one cannot see even on the clearest nights in the Holds and Weyrs. Far off the beaten path a firepit crackles around which two lonely figures rest for the evening.

The young man looks up at the sky with a sigh, drawing a look from his dragon. « L'han? Are you ok? » He looks back to his dragon with a small smile walking over to sit with her and rest against her neck. The green reflexively curls her neck to cradle her rider as they enjoy the warmth from the fire. "I'm ok, Escaeth. Just never felt this alone before."

« But I am always here with you, even when you leave my side. You're never alone. » The green's mindvoice carries that of a soothing wind-chime and he shakes his head and says, "Yeah girl, I know you're always there, but… I never meant for things to get this bad… and you pay along with me and thats not right." « It doesn't matter. What happens to you happens to me. I'll never hate you for it. » L'han reaches up, scratching the green's hide in one of her usual itchyspots, causing her to close her eyes in approval.

"Lets look at whats happened then… I get called a liar by Randi the very first time I meet her…" « I understand your misgivings about the Queens L'han, but you need to let it go. They're our queens and thats not going to change anytime soon. » "I don't really have a problem with Kaseth, it's Randi that I have the problem with." The green snorts and adds, « L'han… the Queens can't influence -you-. It's only I they can use their little commands on. » The rider smirks as he taunts his dragon. "Happens to you it happens to me, remember?" The green's mind is silent for a moment… « Stop turning my own words around on me, L'han. »

He lets out a chuckle and says, "Sorry girl, but that's why I have a problem with it. I don't like that they can force you to do stuff even when you don't want to." « And yet it's something we'll have to live with, L'han. They're not bad dragons, Rauzath and Kaseth. You seem to get along with Alara when you both talk. Although that fight with her weyrmate was unexpected. » L'han looks forward to where he can see Escaeth's eyes. "No one ever tells me to send you between, girl. He was stupid to even -say- it. I just regret I didn't get a chance to put a boot in his ass."

« Oh knock it off. He was trying to help us at first before you two started rolling around in the dirt. » Her rider can't say anything to that so he just shakes his head and says, "So anyways, we fought, got sent out here and apparently they have no intention of bringing us back to the Weyr anytime soon." « Personally I wouldn't be surprised if they just forgot about us altogether. Kaseth didn't even address it when I last talked with her. Since I'll need to go back soon. » L'han mentally nods to his dragon, he's noticed the faint shimmering in his green's hide that comes and goes lately. "If you have to fly out here girl, then you have to fly out here. Don't worry about me."

The green bugles a note of sadness which doesn't quite reach Landing and L'han shakes his head, "I'll find a way to fix it… I just don't want to have you bespeak Breznith to have Parna come down and talk to Alara. She's done enough for me and I don't want to bother her with another one of my screw ups. We're a damn good pair, Escaeth. We'll get the chance to show it sooner or later."

« Of course, I wouldn't have chosen you otherwise. »

Another bugled note is let out as dragon and rider finally settle down to sleep.

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