Portrayed By Chad Michael Murray
Position Gardener
Former title(s) Farmer (Southern Hold), Renegade (Bitra), Farmer (Telgar Hold)
Sex male
Age 21
Place of Birth Lockold cothold, High Reaches
Family Benniten (father), Seraya (mother), Besutol (older brother), Serai (younger sister)
Faction Neutral

Character History

Lo is the country boy gone bad, simply enough. He was born into a quiet farming family in a Reachian cothold where he and his older brother, Besutol, left for more exciting green pastures. And well, also to keep from getting married off to the neighboring hold girls of their parents' choice.

Circumstances lead them into Bitra and into the 'loving' care of a big-time renegade by the name of Vaputero. Both currently work for the man, though there's an peculiar arrangement on the table where Lo is currently on a mission down south away from his brother that's still up in Bitra. The brothers are inseparable, so clearly Vaput has something to do with splitting them apart. Why?

Lorayit's current mission: Retrieve an old, wily employer of Vaput's by the name of Bajaya Dicori. Trackers have managed to pin point her down at Eastern Weyr, and it's Lo's job to wait for the right signal to capture her before she catches wind and bolts again. He's meant to wait it out at Souther Hold, but unbeknown to his boss, he's been convinced to make contact with the target right in her own territory.


Besutol - Lo's older brother. Works for Vaput. Currently held hostage.

Vaputero - Notorious Bitran Renegade that Lo currently works for. Lo really has little to say about the man, though there's growing resentment here with his brother being held until the mission is complete.

Suli - Intimidating barmaid that works the bar in Eastern Weyr. There's a dubious connection between Lo and Suli, which leads one to think that Suli is working for the same boss as the farmer. No one really knows, but she seems to be helping him with his mission. She is the one that convinces Lo to ditch Southern Hold for Eastern Weyr.

Bowen - What started out as him helping the man pick a flower is turning quickly into a potentially valuable friendship. Simple and honorable, Bo is the type of man that Lo should be avoiding. However, the gardener finds himself more at ease around the big tanner, which could be a problem in the future considering his shady dealings in the Weyr. He also has no clue that this is the man with Max that had captured one of his runner thieves.

Indira - Lo is both fascinated and intrigued by this woman. Perhaps it's because he has a thing for older women, and the Headwoman doesn't easily succumb to his charms. Either way, she's a woman that the man should avoid, considering his mission at the Weyr, and yet he's finding that hard to resist.

Jaya - Lo's target. He needs to get her back to Bitra in order to free his brother from Vaput. Currently has little to say about the woman after their two brief encounters - other than that she's easy on the eyes.

Memorable Quotes:

Nothing, for now.

Trivia and Notes:

Lo is not a good person, but he won't necessarily go out of his way to appear so. Not unless you get in his way. ;) Down for any type of scene with him, especially the shady sort since he's a shady sort of character.

Lo's Logs


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