Making Changes


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Date: July 15, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr - Upper Bowl
Synopsis: Uveline helps Vanielle haul tubers, and insists the girl claim her rank as an apprentice.
Rating: G
Logger: Uveline

Sunset streaks the sky with colored streamers, the high clouds painted vivid reds, oranges and purples by the lowering sun. Light still falls in the bowl, but there is a diffuse, soft quality to it that suggests the light will fade quickly. Shadows have grown long, reaching toward the bowl center. Dinner is still in progress, but several early, or perhaps just fast, diners have departed the caverns to make use of the remaining light. Uveline is one of them, and she is standing there in the center of the bowl, looking into the sunset with a delighted expression upon her face. She hums softly, an simple but sweet melody, as she watches the lowering sun cast vivid colors across the sky.

Watching the sky, the sound of a voice makes Vanielle turn. "Pretty voice miss." she says as politely as she can. She's out for a stroll, hauling a sack of tubers and other root vegetables.

Smiling warmly, Uveline shifts her gaze from the sky to the laden girl. "Thank you. It's a pretty sky, too," she says, her voice soft but melodic. She blinks her eyes clear of the sun afterimage and tilts her head. "Would you like a hand?" she offers, stepping closer to the girl.

Vanielle nods. "Sure." shesays quickly. "Well met, thank you for helping me with this particular chore- you'd think after raising runners, tubber carrying would be easy pie, but.. .they're heavier than I expected. The name is Vanielle."

Uveline nods, crossing the rest of the distance and reaching to help heft one end of the sack. "Runners are a different kind of work. This is sheer, stationary weight, and all the worse for it," she says in reply. "I'm Uveline. Nice to meet you, Vanielle. Have you been here long? And, where are we taking these tubers - the kitchens, or the store rooms?"

Vanielle shakes her heads. "Actually I need to break this down into more managable size, so partly to the kitchens for the next few days- tubber salad! The rest in small containers to the store rooms, not that it'll last long."

Uveline nods and jerks her chin, indicating Vanielle should lead the way. "There are worse things than tuber salad. Like salted fish." Uveline makes a face before continuing, "And I imagine they will vanish into a number of things, like soups, stews, and other such dishes. You never know what is hiding in those."

Vanielle nods. "Yeah. But I think a good herd-beast, with tuber stew with lots of vegetables… is much taster than the water-stuff I had when I lived with the higher-up in the hold- they mashed it really fine- you could /taste it/ but it wasn't…. substance."

"That does sound pretty awful," Uveline agrees with a slight shudder. "What is the point in making it that thin? Were they just trying to flavor a soup?" She starts to shrug, but the load is a bit too awkward for her to finish the motion. "How long did you say you had been here, in the South?"

Vanielle pauses. "A few days, feels like less reaslly." she pauses a little slowly on though.

Uveline slows a heartbeat after Vanielle, nearly dropping the bag as she tries to stay balanced. "I know the feeling. I've been here for, oh, a while now, i guess, but it never seems like much time has passed," she says with a smile as she straightens herself out. "Where'd you come from?"

Vanielle smiles. "Up North. A Keroon-girl, though I've lived a bit at Harper Hall, I came home after a bit…"

"Did you now? Hmm, must have been while I was too busy to socialize much," Uveline muses. "Well, if you don't mind me asking, what brought you South? I came as part of the Hall's posted group, myself, or I would probably have never made it South."

Vanielle nods. " Umm I ahh.. came down because family seemed to have finagled things- but I am something of a drudge- but I work with runners too wherever there's something that needs running or moving."

Uveline chuckles, nodding. "Nothing ever turns out quite how we expect, hmm? Well, I imagine the headwoman would be willing to help you work your way up, if you are a solid worker and don't mess around," she says. "The stable could probably use a hand as more people make their way here."

Vanielle smiles. "Yeah. I want to breed, runners and try my hand.. sort of at breeding good intelligent, firelizards. You know like you do with firelizards?"

Uveline tilts her head slightly, frowning. "Well, no, I suppose I don't quite understand. Firelizards are just as intelligent as they are. Breeding doesn't have a thing to do with it. Training might make them more biddable, but firelizards are what they are."

Vanielle thinks on that. "I guess. I don't know. I thought they might be more like runners, but they're dragon-kin so they are different… indeed."

Uveline nods again. "As far as I know, they don't change much from the time they hatch to whenever they die. I think only the animals brought here when our forefathers came here are like that - improving with breeding. But maybe you can do it with firelizards. I don't think anyone has ever tried."

Vanielle thinks. " I suppose Flights even firelizard ones make it hard to breed them like runners."

"Somewhat. They aren't much like canines or runners, where you can limit their exposure to males when in heat," Uveline agrees. "It took tinkering with eggs to develop the dragons, after all. I imagine you'd have to do much the same to improve the firelizards themselves."

Vanielle thinks. "But does that mean we can.. I mean.. Landing is just west of here, but…"

Uveline lifts one shoulder in a half-shrug. "I don't know. You'd have to ask at Landing to find out. I've no idea what all is being done right now, and what we will be able to regain learning for," she points out.

Vanielle nods. "True. It'd be nice though.. to learn what they knew- the Ancients I mean… I mean, they seemed to have incediable stuff, but I wanna know what they're lives were like… I mean they were people, but… they seemed.. incontrol of their world in a way we aren't." she shakes her head. "I don't know."

Uveline shakes her head slightly. "They had more knowledge than we do, but they most certainly weren't in more control. If I understand what I've been taught about AIVAS, they actually were so little in control of their first world that they came here to have more control, and found themselves on a planet with a lot of things they couldn't control in the least."

Vanielle nods. "Yeah I remember those lessons. And yes.. I suppose so. But maybe they realized it coming here- they can't be in control… not in the least. They learned to flow… like water. It doesn't smash rocks, it wears the away little by little."

Uveline raises a brow at the younger girl. "You certainly seem to have listened to your lessons. That should serve you in good stead as you move forward. Why don't you apprentice into the Beastcraft if you are so interested in the animals of Pern?"

Vanielle smiles. "I am sort of. An apprentice, but I guess what ever happened to the bits— the information about it didn't get passed along with me. The order to go south came from my family, my parents are both Beastcrafters… and so am I. We run a runner holding in Keroon, breeding, training and what not."

"Didn't you bring your badge and knot, and a letter of introduction with you?" Uveline asks, puzzled. "If you lost them, it shouldn't be a problem to send out a request for confirmation from your family, or your Hall?"

Vanielle says, "My family said they'd sent them ahead. Who am I to question it.. I didn'tthink anything of it… and I don't mind working a little harder until I can find the right time to talk to the right people about this.""

Firmly, Uveline says, "You should bring this up to the headwoman. She can send a message out, and get it straight. You should be working where you are most useful, at your craft, rather than doing drudge work. There's no sense in not getting this fixed as soon as possible."

Vanielle says, "True," softly.

"Well, let me know if you need any help with that," Uveline says after a pause. "I'd hate to see you stuck doing the hauling and such any longer than necessary. You have good ideas, and I'd love to see you get a chance to explore them," she adds. "Shall we finish getting these tubers to the kitchens, then?"

Vanielle smiles. "Thanks," she says quickly walking off to play catch up with the people in charge.

Above the pair there is a loud trumpeting before a shadow passes over them. Zhiyth, lean and blue banks to come back towards them, his rider waving from beneath full gear. Dropping down a couple dragonlengths away he dips up at the last minute, sending a shower of dust up around himself. The figure on his back gives an affectionate pat on the neck before unhooking and sliding down his leg.

Vanielle watches as the dragon descends. She raises her head. "Heyla!" she calls loudly coughing though as the dust cloud rolls her way.

Uveline watches Vanielle move off and shrugs, shouldering the burden of the tuber sack herself. The journeywoman then continues moving across the bowl, but slows when the blue dragon, one which she is starting to become familiar with, passes overhead. She smiles when Atsya waves, calling out to her, "Hi, Atsya," and waving back, though the guesture rapidly turns to shading her eyes against blown dust.

Atsya runs her hand up Zhiyth's neck before giving him a good rub and a scratch, then pulls her helmet off and starts towards the harper. "Sorry about the dust," she calls out as she gets closer, the dragon, wings folded ambling along behind her. "We're do some rain soon, which should help. Are you carrying tubers?" she asks curiously.

Vanielle nods, and slows her pace turning around. "I was going to head to see the higher ups, to see how I can improve my chance of getting my original not back- A beastcrafter."

Uveline chuckles, as she nods, smiling warmly. "I imagine it will. Ah, yes, I am." She balances the sack with a shrug as Vanielle turns back. "The lass has other tasks to attend to, so I thought I'd take care of this. Her introduction papers were lost on her way over, and she's working as a drudge rather than a crafter," Uveline explains.

Atsya smiles at Vanielle, taking a quick moment to recognize in full light the girl she met the day before. "That is wonderful," her voice much closer now to its usual quieter volume, "or quite silly, depending on which way you look at it. As if you'd pretend something like that." She frowns a little as she looks back and forth between the pair. "If it would help I could run to the crafthall sometime and try to get another copy for you."

Vanielle nods. "That'd help a lot Atsya…"

Uveline nods to Atsya, saying softly, "That's much what I told Vanielle - there are plenty of ways to get her back on track." Glancing at the slowly darkening sky Uveline sighs. "Well, I need to be getting to a meeting, so if you'll both excuse me, I'll take this on over to the kitchens and what not. Atsya, Zhiyth, good to see you both. Vanielle, good luck with getting that all cleared up." And she moves off toward the tunnel to the kitchens.

Atsya waves, and the giant head above her seems to nod at the departing harper before lowering to rest against his rider's shoulder. She laugh and looks back before beginning to scratch. "Would we need to go the Beastcraft hall, or to where you were apprenticed?"

To be completed by Atsya!

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