Marauding Healers in Landing

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Participants: Charisli, Thayet, Xantes; Orton, Phineas, Villem, Rhager and Clem (NPCs)
IC Date: Day 22 month 9 turn 3
OOC Date: Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
Location: Landing: Barracks
Synopsis: Thayet has patients for Xantes and Charisli: some laid-up guards. Thayet has no patience for Xantes.
Rating: PG
Posted by: Xantes

Landing: Barracks

The Barracks are a small cluster of buildings, each having a specific purpose. The small stone buildings are connected by a rudimentary path which seems to have been tamped down from the dirt and stone around. Each building houses different people, but the main focus is on the two sets of dormitories. Slightly bigger than the other buildings, they were set up early on as dorms, one for the single women, and one for the single men. The womens' dorms have visible lacy curtains, while the mens' dorms have no such decorations.

Morning comes early for those under Thayet's command; her trainees and soldiers beat even the sun in rising. The woman herself is standing outside the Barracks, teaching a group of snot-nosed younglings the proper stretches to do before a run and explaining to them just exactly why this 'stupid runnershite' - as one unlucky crafter brat remarked - is so important. "Think of your muscles like new leather. If you don't keep them oiled and supple, they will break, not bend." She lowers herself into a half-crouch, stretching out first her right and then her left hamstrings. "Stretching is the first step in 'oiling'."

Xantes has never had any problems with getting up with the dawn tide, and is unperturbed to be catching a ride a-dragonback to Landing instead of catching waves this particular morning. Hauling the dragonrider's sister along is just an added bonus: Charisli is following as Xantes ambles into the fray, whistling something that sounds suspiciously like a sea shanty under his breath. "Technically, you'll get an even better result if you're warmed up before you stretch," he remarks lightly. "But I somehow doubt that your captain, here, failed to get you good and warm before bringing you out here. Muscle tears and sprains are substantially more painful than broken bones, just as a fun side detail! You also tend to get a lot less sympathy for them. But by all means, feel free to discover that for yourself. I'm sure you'll find there's no point at all in stretching afterwards, too, since you know so much already about muscle theory!" And that's the point where Xantes fixes a cheerful good-morning smile on Thayet. "Captain," he nods.

Charisli had been walking amicably along beside Xantes. Now she's giving him an incredibly bizarre look as he starts to address the guards, and manages in a low voice, "Did you actually just break into lecture mode in front of all of these people?" But it's really no more than a mutter, because he is now her actual personal Master, instead of just a Master, and all of Charisli's grades are in Xantes' hands as well as any potential promotion. So she's not going to talk to him like that. Really. Much.

"Actually," and isn't it funny how the quiet calm of Thayet's voice from before is replaced entirely by strained ice. "We do stretches before and after any physical workout." Lowering herself so that she's sitting flat on the ground, Thayet slowly bends forward and then straightens. "And being that it is, in fact, summer - and that their tasks for today are barely beyond gentle exercise - I highly doubt it's cold enough to warrant steaming them first." There's an edge to her tone, even as she moves through what - if one is to judge by the ease with which most of her students follow along - is an old pattern for her. "But if you wish to make more unfounded assumptions about how I teach these younglings, please, continue." It's not an easy message to miss; if he's going to barge in and be rude, she's not going to pull punches, either.

Xantes, well — he was only trying to be rude to the one idiotic craftbrat, but if she's going to go and take it out of context-! "I didn't say anything at all about steaming them," he says, smiling sweetly. "I was assuming that you had them walk around a bit before you had them start stretching, instead of just tumbling them out of bed and out through the door, because I assumed that you do, in fact, know the basics of myokinesthetics, including that increased bloodflow has been proven to lead to better outcomes with stretching in all forms of athleticism. Before and after heavy exertion. Of course." Smiiiile.

On Charisli's part, there is a lot of continued staring, and she takes a small step backward. Of all the reasons she got up this morning, becoming part of an argument wasn't even close to making the list. It wasn't even on the backup list. So she attempts to remain as unobtrusive and unviewable as possible — which has the unfortunate result of one of the new recruits ogling her rear end, and she turns around to give him a hint of a secret smile. Hopefully Xantes won't notice.

Maybe Xantes won't notice, but Thayet's had these particular recruits too long to think she can take her eyes off them for a minute. "Gorlan!" she barks, enjoying the way the youth jumps out of his skin. "Mind yourself, boy." And since Xantes is smiling sweetly and generally wriggling his way up underneath Thayet's skin, she beckons one of the women leaving the barracks. "Naara. Finish up with this bunch. I've got to meet with these Healers." The slender girl nods and takes Thayet's place without comment. The Captain stands and brushes dust from her rear before gesturing for Xantes and Charisli to precede her. "In here, Healers." She keeps her voice calmer this time, but it's obvious that she is So Not Comfortable.

And here was Charisli's only chance, because Xantes hadn't noticed — too much of his attention had been turned forward, to Thayet and those in front of him, and had only been aware that Charisli was somewhere behind him, and not what she was doing. Oh well. "By all means," he answers the captain agreeably enough, and refrains from rolling his eyes. Or otherwise pointing out that it was a damn compliment, why did she have to take it wrong?

It's not like Charisli was actually going to do anything else, so Xantes' momentary missing of the action was really just enough. After all, it's only the teenage boy who started it who got in trouble, and not her for returning a look! And that's utterly fine with her. "Right," she says with forced enthusiasm (this woman is at least a little frightening) and soldiers on behind Xantes.

Because Thayet is … yeah, Special is the only word for it. Leading them inside, she walks at a brisk pace down to the far end of the men's hall. A door is pushed open without her even bothering to knock - evidenced by the single male yelp of surprise and then the snickers and baiting from his fellows. "These are the five laid up right now." All business, then. Business Thayet can deal with in comfort. "Orton, Phineas, Villem, Rhager and Clem." Clem being the one who'd yelped - it's made obvious by his bright red face. The others merely nod or offer casual salutes Healer-wards. "Two torn ligaments," she begins, levelling a glare at Orton and Phineas. Orton has the grace to look somewhat ashamed; Phineas just makes his charming, trouble-maker grin EVEN BRIGHTER. "A wrenched shoulder and two broken bones."

"So — Rhager and Clem, is it? You two are the ones with the broken bones?" They're the two getting fixed with a sharp look, anyway, as Xantes gestures with a lovely economy of motion at Charisli, who is apparently supposed to know instinctively that she's therefore supposed to start examining the other three. "Why, precisely, aren't you healing? You!" Poor Clem. "Which bone is it? What are you doing? How long have you been laid out?" At least Rhager gets a moment to breathe in terror of the questioning being directed at him next.

So Xantes is going to let Charisli examine Phineas the charming trouble-maker, huh? Well, there goes all her interest in labeling him the 'cute one' — she's got to be professional with him instead. The ashamed-looking Orton gets her attention first. "Which ligament did you tear? Do you know? How did you tear it?" It's definitely question shooting time here in this infirmary.

Poor, poor Clem. Chubby in the way that has fat laying over muscle - the extra pounds he'll probably never shed - he quavers at Xantes' line of questioning. "S-s-s-s Sorry, sir!" How he made it through Thayet's training is anyone's guess, but judging by the way he looks to Orton and Phineas, they might have helped. Surely not helping now, though. "I f-fell off my runner, sir. B-b-broke my arm in two places." He looks down at the sling helpfully, as if that will take all the burden off of him. Phineas rolls his eyes and in that condescending manner of 'older brother', takes pity on the other young man. "The bones healed alright, but he can't get the strength back in that arm. Orton says it looks like it's twisted funny, but I don't see it." And he shrugs, completely unconcerned. Especially now that there's a cute girl over here examining his best mate. "Well hello, there."

Thayet, lounging against the doorway to watch the circus, clears her throat and give Phineas a warning look. He makes a 'puppy-dog pout' face at her, but also doesn't push things with Charisli any further, either. Orton heaves a sigh at his friend's antics and offers Charisli a bashful smile that's no less charming for all it's unintentional. He's propped up a bit different in his bed than the others are in theirs and he gestures down to his right leg. "Back of my thigh. Whatever the healers called it." Cause of course he couldn't be arsed to pay the nerds any attention. They weren't cute like this one!

"Let's see it, then," Xantes says — and where did this gentle tone come from? He surely wasn't using it around Thayet earlier! In a way, it also doesn't really matter if Clem minds — Xantes is going to examine his arm, will he or no, but at least he's going to be gentle about it. "What about you?" he asks Rhager, because there's no sense in wasting time.

Charisli flushes, completely unable to help it when she's got the attention of handsome Phineas and adorable Orton at once. "Hi," she tells him in a soft but slightly suggestive tone, and then immediately professionalizes — we are ignoring the cute guy, we are ignoring — and provides her entire focus to Orton's back of thigh problem. "Biceps femoris?" she half-guesses, and then asks, unlike Xantes, "Mind if I take a look? And a touch, which healers usually incidentally include in 'look,' if your experiences haven't taught you that. We tend to 'look' with our hands."

"I fractured my tibia in two places, sir." Rhager's voice is quiet, but firm. He is Clem's opposite, too-thin and dishwater blonde - not pale blonde like the pudgy one - with a subdued intelligence hidden behind warm amber eyes. "Even doing what I've been told, no one can seem to get it to stay set right." He watches with a sharp eye for detail as Clem gingerly offers his arm for examination. It is, indeed, starting to twist just ever so slightly.

"Oh, I understand." Phineas' smile is wolfish. "Feel free to 'look' all you like, then. I may even return the fa - OW!" He rubs his head and glares at Thayet, who looks completely unapologetic for having lobbed a small wooden doorstop at him. Orton snickers at his friend's poor luck, but a look at the silent glare being sent his way - well, everyone's way, actually - by Villem from the back corner has him sobering up quick. "Yes ma'am, that sounds about right."

Xantes' examination is gentle, yes, but also exhaustively thorough, as he prods and pries fingertips under that sling in order to get the full picture of Clem's injury. A break to the humerus here, to the ulna there — he hrrmms, thoughtfully, massaging over the tendons of Clem's elbow so lightly his fingertips are practically vibrating. "I want you to imagine yourself swimming," he begins, in a soft and coaxing sort of voice. "Go on, lad, close your eyes — you're down at the shore, on a clear and fine day, just far enough out that the waves aren't kicking you back. Really think about the way your arm moves, now, in a breast stroke, or a crawl — whatever your favorite stroke is, just imagine yourself swimming on the finest day possible, and I'm sorry, and just keep swimming — the sun is warm, so's the water, your arm is fine and straight and strong." All of that, including the 'I'm sorry', without any change in pitch beyond the surf-soothing lap of his voice — and then Xantes gives a single, solid, good sharp yank to Clem's arm, which pops loudly enough to be heard out in the hallway. After that, well, Xantes looks pleased, at any rate.

Don't flirt back don't flirt back don't flirt back. Forcibly, Charisli does not flirt back. For all that she's kind of flirty, she's also a good Healer and she's taking her job seriously, here. After simply smiling professionally at Phineas for his comment, Charisli focuses on the back of Orton's thigh. "This that's torn," she says as she palpates, "is supposed to be connecting the pelvis and the femur. Except in your case it's clearly not actually connecting quite properly." Gentle, nimble fingers push deeper into the muscle and its connection, and she squints. "I wonder if maybe — are we sure this is a ligament? Do you run very fast very often?"
GAME: Save complete.

Clem is - for all that he's a good-tempered lad - not the brightest glow nor the strongest mind. He does as he's bidden, slipping easily into Xantes' impromptu hypnosis with an idiotic smile on his face. It makes it almost comical then, when the pull and the pop result in him looking so betrayed before promptly passing out into his pillow. Phineas, Orton and Rhager hide snickers behind their hands. Villem just smirks unpleasantly.

"Well, ah, no, not really, ma'am." It's clear this time that Orton's modesty is put upon - the lad's a fair actor, but his grin when Phineas jumps in and insists upon him being the fastest in their trainee group is just a little too smug for sincere modesty. "The healers from before kept saying ligament." It was the one familiar word in a sea of technobabble, so that's the one he latched on to, though he looks to Thayet for confirmation with a hesitance that belies all his former confidence. She nods. "The healers to attend him after the injury and since then have continued in their diagnosis of a torn ligament." But her tone leaves plenty of room for healer - er, human error.

"You're thinking an avulsion, aren't you?" Xantes asks Charisli almost idly, without even looking at Orton. He's still checking over Clem, for a moment, and then is satisfied to leave the poor boy unconscious in his surprise. He stretches his hands against each other, looking around, and fixes his look on Rhager. "What, precisely, is it that the local healers have been telling you to do to heal it up?"

"I'm thinking," Charisli summarizes, "that there's an avulsion that was fairly minor, but the avulsion caused the torn ligament and it's what's been symptomatic. There just, well, also happens to be an avulsion." Her fingers go prod-palpate-pressing about, trying to actually find signs of avulsed tendon. Is it there? "Is it extremely painful when I do this?" she asks, sounding only mildly guilty as she presses inward on teh potential site.

Rhager shrugs. "It's different for all of us." He looks from the passed-out Clem to the trying-to-be-brave Orton. "Mostly just variations on rest until they heal and then slowly build up strength in the limb again." He looks to Thayet, then, who steps in quietly. "If there's nothing broken or torn, the healers recommend gentle patterns to keep it flexible, but mostly it is just rest." She may know how to treat a healthy body with respect, but when it comes to injuries … Thayet mostly just listens to the Healers. They know best, right? Hazel eyes flick first to Charisli's hands and then to Orton's face. "Now is not the time for bravado, boy." Her tone is firm, but there's a knowing sort of kindness in it as well - something noticeably absent when she speaks to Xantes. "They can't fix it if you don't tell them exactly where it hurts and how badly." Orton nods slowly, murmuring to Charisli that yes, that is very painful and could she please stop.

"The trick," as Xantes begins his equally-careful examination of Rhager's tibia, "is that there's a difference between passive resting and active resting — those patterns for flexibility, they help keep the muscle's tone intact," with a nod for the absent other healers, "and that's very important." Prod. Hmm. Rhager's ankle gets carefully rotated, and it looks for all the world as if Xantes is /listening/ to it, from the tilt of his head. (It doesn't pop.) "Massage frequently helps, too, if you've got someone who knows what he's doing. How long ago was your break? And what were you doing when you broke it?"

Charisli, in fact, stops — that was all she needed to know. "Okay," she says, releasing her pressure and starting to gently massage the area instead — while it won't fix the problem, it will at least relieve the pain she caused. "There's an avulsion; not a big one. Therapy should fix it, no need for the more unpleasant treatments." She glosses comfortably over what the more unpleasant treatments are, instead keeping to massaging poor Orton's thigh. "You should get a compression dressing on this, I'm sure Landing of all places has plenty. And it does take months to heal, even from just a torn ligament. At /least/ two, four at the most. Are you trying to walk at all? And I'll get to you in a minute," she reminds Phineas. She hasn't forgotten him. She hasn't forgotten Villem, either, but he's not much of a talker, is he?

"Same as Clem's." Color rises to stain Rhager's pale cheeks. "I got kicked." By a pissed-off runner. In the leg. There's an almost audible sneer from Villem, hunched in the back corner and hiding his face behind dark hair. "That's what you get for wasting your time trying to save imbeciles." Villem is not a pleasant character, but Thayet has to work hard to wipe the amused smile off her face - apparently she enjoys his twisted sense of humor.

"No, ma'am." Orton shoots Villem a vicious glare for his mistreatment of a friend, but Charisli is Right Here, Touching Him… and also a Pretty Girl. His cheeks color too. "I can't straighten it all the way yet, not without feeling like I'm about to black out." Despite the 'manly man' pride that makes it hard to even mumble these things, Orton /does/ have the sense to answer honestly this time.

"Are you all this terrible at remembering the passage of time?" It's a terribly mild tone for such a sharp question. Xantes is looking displeased, as he examines Rhager's leg. Rhager probably wants to remember that he could end up in a great deal of pain if he forgets to answer the question again.

Charisli nods. She's taking in this information pretty solidly, memorizing every bit of it: "Okay, well. That's probably good. You should do isolated stretching of the individual muscles in the leg, though — slowly. I can do some of the stretches with you, but I've got to check over your friends here first." Or — whatever they are. Friends? Maybe. It's not Phineas she turns to next, but Villem. "And what did you do to get your injury, if it wasn't saving imbeciles?" She resists any urge to make jokes about it. Professional even around handsome rude men.

Thayet seems to grow a little bored of this mess, so perhaps it's that reason that she steps in just as Charisli moves on to Villem. "Clem and Rhager were injured two months ago." It's a smooth answer that saves Rhager's arse and lets her move in to stand … not quite between Charisli and Villem, but close enough that the warning look she gives the young healer hopefully won't be missed. "Villem had his shoulder wrenched badly during an assignment." Her lips and the skin around her eyes tighten. "We ended up suffering some … fairly rough treatment." And her tone makes it clear that more information will have to wait for more private circumstances.

"And how much walking have /you/ been trying to do on this leg of yours?" Xantes asks mildly, but his eyes are over on Charisli — he can't go getting his apprentice hurt; that would just be a mess to deal wtih!

Charisli is not going to get hurt! Charisli is — defended by Thayet, at least, which is nice. "An assignment," she repeats, and does not ask for any more details about that assignment. She really does not want to know, come to think of it. "Okay. Well. Unfortunately the proper treatment for this involves lying down, Villem, if you would. I've got to pull on your arm. How has it not been properly treated yet? Or has it not been too long —"

"It was only last night," Thayet answers quietly, keen eyes dancing from Charisli to her bad-tempered trainee. "Since you both were meant to come today, I had the others leave him alone." Waiting for the specialists instead of asking them to correct a potentially shoddy job by … whoever else. Villem doesn't seem at all grateful for Thayet's protectiveness. In fact, the glare he gives her would make a lesser woman flinch. This tunnelsnake has venom. Thayet is unfazed; she's used to his glares by now. "Lie back, Villem." He does so - reluctantly - and only Charisli and Thayet are close enough to see his restrained wince as his injured shoulder touches the bed.

"Not much, sir." Rhager turns his attention from Villem's side of the room back to Xantes. "It was fine with the first cast, but when they took it off, they said it hadn't set right, so they … " The color drains from his face in a classic blanch. "Re-did it." And Faranth, but he hopes the man understands what he means by that. "And now I'm stuck in bed." He very pointedly Does Not Pout. "Again."

As far as it goes, Xantes winces sympathetically for Rhager. Only a small part of his attention stays on Charisli and Villem — enough so that he knows that Charisli knows that if she feels like she's in over her head, she can leave it to him, instead. "Working at Ista, and growing up at Sea Hold, I've seen my share of bad breaks and breaks that heal all wrong," he tells Rhager lightly, and is … digging scissors out of his pocket? What's left of Rhager's cast is shredded to the winds as he keeps going. "In a way, that's actually why I became a healer — I had a badly broken arm, when I was twelve." He holds his right arm up; it doesn't even have noticeable scarring, much less an odd shape. "So. What we're going to do with you is a little bit different, now — no more solid casts, all right? This way we can sort of bend it back into shape as we need to, as it's healing, and make sure it stays straight this time, and all the muscles in the right place." Rhager's pasty leg is left bare to the room's inspection, as Xantes gets up to dig through other bandaging options in the chest over against the wall.

In over her head? Not yet anyway — Charisli is examining a shoulder. She gently palpates, making sure that wrenched is really wrenched and not fully dislocated before wrapping both hands softly around Villem's arm, and — pulling. She's following the twist of the muscles as she pulls the arm around, and explains, "This is referred to as either fascial release therapy or myofascial release depending on who you ask, or it's just called 'pulling muscle fibers around,' but either way it makes an impressive difference when it's over." And hopefully he doesn't try to punch her. At least it doesn't normally hurt that much.

"Yes, yes, just get on with it!" Villem snaps. Obviously it's not the physical pain he's concerned about. Still, he does clench his teeth and close his eyes probably tighter than he needs to. Thayet stands with arms folded over her chest - a still and silent watcher.

Rhager, on the other hand, looks about as pale as his leg. "You're going to bend it?" He swallows thickly, already feeling sweat bead out across his forehead. "But, but bones don't bend!" Is his voice a little shrill there? Possibly.

"Scared as you may be, you want to breathe," Xantes instructs — both patients? Yeah, pretty much. 'Talk!' he mouths at Charisli, and then is back at Rhager's side, grinning. He's holding a few rolls of gauze and a few slender wooden dowels that don't, all in all, look all that sturdy. "Neither do wooden trees, if you wait until they're old," he agrees. "The idea is to shape the bone, or the tree, while they're still green and growing, or healing — which is why some bones heal bent-up and useless, and some heal straight and strong. Have you ever seen one of those fancy bridges that hangs down from big poles up high?" he adds in an apparent (but not actual) non-sequitur as he starts carefully poking and prodding at the exposed shin.

It didn't seem like Villem actually wanted Charisli to talk, okay? She gives Xantes an extremely exasperated and mildly frustrated look as she, as ordered, 'gets on with it.' "It's cooperating with me, at least," she tells him almost fondly. "So you should be healed up in a few days, but you need to take it easy for at least a week. Stretches, yes, but don't stretch too far. Don't lift heavy things or carry anything on your back." Pull, pull, pull. Tug. Tendons snap as they relocate.

This logic seems sensible to Rhager and a bit of color returns to his face as he gets caught up in listening and then in answering questions. No, he's never seen that kind of bridge, but he'd love to hear about it and Of course he'd be glad to hold still or whatever will make this easier. And less painful.

As for Villem, he at least makes the attempt to breathe and relax, but one look at Phineas and Orton's snickering, mocking faces and he shuts down again. It … does feel better now that this healer woman is putting his shoulder bits back into place. Grudging respect - and just the barest hint of gratitude - taint his otherwise unpleasant tone of voice as he gives the gruffest answers possible.

Thayet, on the other hand, turns to level a fierce glare at the snickering boys, her lips twisting up in a wicked - some might call it playful - grin.

"I wouldn't get too comfortable, Phineas. After all … you're next."

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