Portrayed By Natalie Portman.
Position Renegade Wingrider.
Former title(s) Wingrider (Igen), Candidate (Igen), Heir (Katz Field Hold)
Sex Female
Age 20
Place of Birth Katz Field Hold
Family Syrana - Mother, Marden - Father, Miene (Sibling, +3), Maren (Sibling, -2)
Faction Progressive

Character History

While Maura's parents may have thought they were serving her well by raising her with only the thought of a marriage above her station; it's certainly proved to be her undoing as time goes by. Sewing, embroidery, cooking, cleaning, etiquette… and the bare essentials of history and geography, maybe some instruction in diplomacy. It consumed her time to the exclusion of all else, in large part because she soaked up the informatin like a dry sponge and demanded more. So perhaps one can blame the Harper for all the useless information the girl often has at the top of her head, and the devious little bits of strategy she unwittingly espouses if asked the right questions.

Whatever her own plans had been, or that of her parents, it was all swept away when search riders came bustling through the minor holds in search of warm bodies for the sands. What /did/ Rikath see in this slight, innocent, and naieve young woman? Perhaps he was drawn to her untarred innocence and purity, or perhaps that wealth of information that he could use to their advantage. But when the two locked eyes, Maura was so entranced and captivated and overwhelmed by him that she's never quite been able to assert dominance over their pairing. It's his influence and persuasion that informs her choices about right and wrong, and what to do about it.

So it was perhaps that strange combination, and her relation to U'rrem, that brought the duo to the attention of those who were wanting to find another pair to help with their mission of 'timing' it to help supply Eastern Weyr after the Weyr council reneged on its promises. Both Maura and Rikath became firmly loyal to the cause, and like many others who took a few too many trips back in time, they were infected with the Iceblood disease and had to be sent to Telgar to recover. It only just now that they are able to go and join their new wing at Eastern.


While outwardly Maura still seems sweet, selfless, innocent and naive to most, her personality has lost that patina of joie de vivre that made her seem bubbly and high-spirited. In its place is an underlying sense of jaded cynicism, though most might only realize that maybe she's matured. It's the people closest to her that know it's more then that.

And in actuality, the innocent and naive just no longer applies. But it's easier to allow people to think so, and gives her an advantage in dealing with those who don't bother to look further then the surface.

Rikath, on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with. He is sly, deceptive, cynical, sarcastic and sometimes downright mean-spirited. He loves to get himself and Maura into sticky situations. Over the past year he has become exceedingly overprotective of her, unable or unwilling to let most people get too close to her. Physical injury to her also makes him absolutely livid, and can be quite a frightening sight. On the other hand, it's his solid and stony presence that's helped his rider maintain her equanimity despite tension headaches and recurring nightmares as a leftover of Iceblood.


Ch’rii: In some ways he is her opposite - street smart instead of book smart, cool and calm instead of hyper and secretly panick-attacking. She's blooded, and he's a criminal. Okay, technically she's a criminal now too. But he also makes her laugh, and helps her stay calm, and treats her as an equal. Both of them seem to know just when to offer comfort and when to give space. It works for them, obviously, since they're weyrmates. Also - don't insult him in front of her, yo. She will cut you!

Randi: depending on the day, she was like a sister or mother or maybe confidante. But someone Maura respected because she was strong enough to do what needed to be done when Eastern needed help. And then one day she was gone; and the only comfort to be found was in turning to Rii as her other confidante’s were mired in their own troubles dealing with the weyrwoman’s absence.

D’lan: Her first indulgence in going after what she wanted, and the last thread of her innocence and naivety that was severed when he too up and disappeared without word or warning. It was never that she was in love with him or any sort of romantic nonsense, but she thought they were close enough that she’d have some idea. That she obviously didn’t was heartbreaking for her, but a lesson well learned.

P’sec: Still a fatherly figure, but she knows now much better than before that each and every one of the renegades have faults and secrets that lie beneath the surface. He’s still there though, and she still trusts him with her secrets and problems and seeks him out for advice. She’s just careful not to meddle too much; just enough that he knows she’s there and call her a pain in the ass though!

Other Renegade Riders: With two of them gone, and the rest of them never bothering to make their transfers final – Maura has matured and hardened far beyond what any of them probably wanted for her. Her loyalty to them in keeping their secret doesn’t falter, but her affection and trust has been stretched too far and any who arrive now will likely be kept at arm’s length for fear of her heart being cracked any more than it already has.

Charisli: She’s kind of like the sister Maura wishes she had, instead of the one she got stuck with. She truly enjoys spending time with Rii’s younger sister and the fact that they’re quite close in age just makes it all the more fun to hang out and maybe cause some trouble together.

Miene: After her troubles in Igen, Maura’s sister has turned into the bane of her existence. She seems determined to make the bluerider’s life miserable, and seems to take every opportunity to start blush-worthy rumors or cause trouble. Maura’s patience with her is finally wearing thin, however, so time will tell how long the sibling tensions will last or how far they’ll go.

Eris: Though she doesn't show it, Maura often feels inadequate in the presence of Lady Holdless. A gorgeous warrior woman who is sometimes plain old scandalized by Maura's minor blooded status. But she likes and admires the woman anyway, and enjoys her company once she can actually jusy -relax- and not feel constantly like she has something to prove to her.

Deimos: Being that he's Ch'rii's best friend, and is like a brother to him - Maura just accepts him exactly as is. He seems to like yanking her chain, but then - who among the renegades doesn't. He's kind of like extended family that way.

Fiala: Rikath apparently sees Fiala as a mini-Maura of sorts. So it's hard not to like the girl.Really. She tries to look out for her when she can, and provide the girl a bit of fun. And also let her spoil Rikath some. Because he loves adoration, and Fiala seems to like giving it.

Meiglen: Okay, so she actually didn't -want- to like Meg. But, Rikath had a grudging respect for Svaldirath. And in some ways Meg is a lot like Maura, making it easy for her to relate. Maura just happens to be more social. She's evn considered confiding in the goldrider, but isn't sure how to bring things up. Or, what the consequences might be. So for now she continues to keep all the secrets to herself.

Memorable Quotes:

“You better not have been talking to the healer. Were you talking to the healer P’sexxxxxxx…sir. P’sec. Sir.” Table, meet forehead. (From log: Of humour, and loss.)

Trivia and Notes:

  • She has an eidetic memory.
  • She was the heir-presumptive for Katz Field Hold until being searched.
  • Her sister is known weyr-wide as a PITA and trouble-maker, though is also tolerated because most find her antics rather amusing.
  • She is fiercely loyal to those few people she refers to as 'family', including P'sec, Ch'rii, and Charisli. Notably, that does not include her blood sister, Miene.
  • Everyone at the weyr knows she's involved with Ch'rii. No exaggeration. It was evident when she hauled off and decked her sister for trying to kiss him right in front of her. That made the gossip-mill in no time.
  • She's been learning to use small weapons like knives and daggers for some time now, though the only one visibly carried on her is on a belt sheathe and looks kind of old. It seems rather out of place considering her personality.

Just a Girl - No Doubt
Toxic - Britney Spears
Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park
Going Under - Evanescence
F*ckin Perfect - P!nk
Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Last of the American Girls - Green Day
Blackout - Breathe Carolina

Maura's Logs


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