Maura's New Job

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Participants: Maura, Ari, Dragons
IC Date: TBD
OOC Date: 4/5/12
Location: Ch'rii & Maura's Weyr
Synopsis: One or two sentences telling us what happened
Rating: If above PG-13, please note here.
Posted by: Ari

What looks as if it was meant to be two separate weyrs, but wound up as one overly large living space, has been turned into as comfortable a home as can be achieved with volcanic rock. The two largest rooms have been separated with screens, the first one off the main entrance and larger dragon wallow being used as the living area. Or, party central. A set of comfortable couches are placed in a semi-circle formation to face an opening in the cliff face that can be used to look out at the jungles of the Southern continent. Or, closed off with a metal shutter for weather and threadfall. Along the curved wall that leads towards the second room someone has actually set up a bar service; bottles of liquor and wine and a display of glasses line shelves and racks; and then stop prior to the hearth that services both large rooms. An oversize table and chair set takes up most of the rooms balance, usually littered with game boards, puzzles, or a deck of cards thats been left out. And the plants. We cant forget the huge abundance of greenery that very nearly covers every bit of wall.

Dragon> To Rikath, Velth subtly invades the corners of Rikath's mindscape, right out of nowhere; with no warning come the old-style flashbulbs of her presence. Two flashes, three, and the tiny rattle of a soft drumroll before the green deigns to speak, voice low and as throaty as a dragon could be: « Rikath. »

Dragon> To Velth, Rikath is a solid wall of stone at first; a faint rumble, and the scent of hot metal and fresh blood heralding the fact that he's paying attention to the sudden mind invasion. « Velth. » he replies evenly. He is even more private then normal. But for this particular green? He relents just enough for the sense of hyper-awareness and protective instinct to be felt.

Dragon> To Rikath, Velth is aware that there's something more the younger blue is hiding; it's something held close to the belt, so to speak. Velth has heard rumors, after all, and it seems her rider knows *something* is up. She doesn't pry, though, so much as reeeeeach out gently and situate herself right in the tiny little hole in the wall Rikath made for her. « Mine would speak to yours. » Her mental flashbulb goes off again, once.

Dragon> To Velth, Rikath is always hiding something, to be fair. This just happens to be something more personal then most of his secrets. He ambles right up to the wall to keep Velth company of course. He's too cautious to let the wall -down-, but that doesn't mean he has to be inhospitable. « Mine is available to speak. She invites you to our home. » he offers.

Dragon> To Rikath, Velth would expect no less — in fact, this relative hospitality from Rikath seems to be quite a bit more than she was expecting. A waft of musky smoke floats in his direction, mentally teasing at the very edge of his jawline. « On our way, » she confirms.

Dragon> To Velth, Rikath goes quiet at the whiff of smoke that breezes around and past him. He maybe finds it a little fascinating. Too fascinating. And he hunkers down to listen and wait.

By the time Ari and Velth arrive - presumably on Zekoth's ledge - Maura has finished straightening up. It's only early evening, but apparently she's alone as the brown is nowhere to be seen, nor is his rider. She even waits at the entrance, so that she can wave Ari right in, and murmur slyly to Velth. "Rikath's entrance is on the other side of the spire. He preferred to stay nearby where I sleep." So if she wants company and is willing to brave the blue's mercurial mood she will know where to find him.

Zekoith's ledge was the easier one to find — something about being long and not being sure if it's actually a ledge or a plank, plus it's got a nice landing strip for a dragon Velth's size. "Thanks," says Ari, slipping down her dragon's neck and giving her a dismissive pat. "She appreciates being told where to find companionship." Indeed she does — as soon as Ari's properly dismounted, the green is off to go bother her almost-a-friend. "And thanks for having us. Well, me — she'd have shown up whether you wanted her or not, really, if she wanted to."

"Rikath's sort of the oppposite. He uses that ledge back there because he knows nobody is likely to choose landing there first, even if they know about it. Nobody wants to risk an eyeful." Maura jokes, leading the way inside and nodding toward the couches that face a few of the jungle. "Please, have a seat. We weren't expecting company so there's no food tonight. But I can get you a drink if you want?" Yes, that means pretty much any kind of drink. "It's no problem at all. Unlike Rikath, I do enjoy company. He does seem to like Velth too, so her company isn't going to bother him." she hastens to add, recalling that she has just intimated he would dislike being joined. "What brings you by?"

"Water," says Ari, because — well, it's business, even if Maura doesn't know it yet. She doesn't comment on the plants, assuming (correctly) that it has something to do with Zekoith. She has met him. "Water'd be lovely, thanks. We did just eat, even her, and if I don't eat when she eats she just makes me hungry going on and on about how tasty her meal is." Not, of course, that Ari has any interest in what Velth considers a delicious meal. Settling herself down in the corner of a couch, she finally actually answers the question: "Work. I heard a rumour. By which I mean V'kale straight out told me something."

"Alright, water it is then." Maura agrees, pouring them both a cup and bringing the glasses over so that she can seat herself on a chair opposite Ari. "That's… amusing." her lips curl up in a smile. "Rikath only regales me with tales of his meals if he's upset with me. And then, he goes over it in detail." Her tone is dry when she admits it, the smile growing just a little when told of the reason for the visit. She can't help but laugh. "I'll just bet he did. He seemed rather amused at Ch'rii's expense when it.. when we… when his joke turned out to be a possibility." Unwilling to admit she's as nervous as her brownrider is, her shoulders lift and fall. "It's been verified, so I can confirm it. I'm not sure what it has to do with work though? Other then the fact that I can't be in a regular wing, anyhow."

"I'm not in a regular wing either," Ari points out, matter-of-fact — though her eyes are twinkling a little as she takes a sip of her water. "That's how it came up. It wasn't like he just blabbed to me so much as I made a comment about something relating to work and he mentioned your pregnancy. So." Another sip, another little smile. "Do you like teaching?"

"No, that you aren't. But you're with the young dragons." As far as Maura is concerned that says it all! Who in their right minds wants Rikath near baby dragons?? "I… well, yes. I suppose I would. I've never tried teaching to be honest with you." A nervous glance is darted back towards the screened off room where her blue resides. "I expect I'm patient enough for it. But… Rikath." she reminds, her brow furrowed.

Ari pauses, because Maura does have a point; Rikath is not exactly a shining example of what a young dragon should aspire to be when he grows up. Then again, he is still a dragon and not going to be inclined to attempt to actually harm weyrlings. Provided they don't make him angry, anyway. "He might not be the best," she hedges, still drinking her water, "but I think you would do a wonderful job, and since you're off the Thread roster, you might as well join the ground crew and help teach as soon as there's a clutch. If there's ever a clutch." She sighs, exasperated. "Velth seems to think she can keep Rikath in line with your help."

"Well thank you. I think that's the nicest thing I've heard in a very long time." Well, by someone other then her mate anyway. "I mean, that I would o a good job. I expect that so long as nobody makes me cry, Rikath will be easy enough to keep in line." she agrees, then. "Just let him help devise a suitable punishment now and then, for any that put themselves in danger, and he will likely feel useful. A good scare now and then might help keep the rowdy ones in line, too." she muses. "I do hope one of the queens rises soon. We need an end to the ambiguity of leadership. Not that I have any complaint about P'sec as my wingl… my former wingleader. He's the best. But, a Sr. Weyrwoman is very much needed."

"You'd better not have a complaint about your wingleader! Think fast," says Maura's new wingleader, and pitches a knot at her head. Or, well, in the general direction of her head — not directly aiming for her nose, really. Though it's not as if a knot thrown from close up with not much velocity's going to cause much pain on impact if it hits, but that's not Ari's aim. "If anyone makes you cry, they're assholes and not fit to fly in a wing anyway. Making a pregnant lady cry should be a crime. People made me cry all the time when I was pregnant, and I wasn't even all that fragile." A pause, and then, "Yeah. Damn golds. Seriously, it's the beginning of a Pass and our numbers are down. Nobody gonna get glowy?"

"You should consider having P'sec run a mock threadfall for the weyrlings, when we have them. There's nobody better." Maura assures Ari, in the tone of one who would quite literally stake her life on the fact. She's learnd to be quick on the uptake, too, after the past few years and she grabs the knot out of the air with a slightly awed expression. And maybe a little mischeivous. But she smooths that over with a quick smile and just clutches the item in her hand. "Only one has succeeded so far in making me cry. And he almost got shoved off a ledge. Okay, two. But the second time was happy tears. You know, the kind that totally confound men." It's only a bit of a babble, but it's also cut off abrutply in outrage at people having made the greenrider cry all the time. "What? They did? Who did?" Pause. "I know, right? We should be careful what we wish for though. They might all rise in quick succession and have huge clutches…"

"That. Would be. A complete disaster." Ari groans, and tries to find a pillow to hide her face under just thinking about it. Unfortunately she fails, as she's leaning back against the one that would suit; at least it keeps her actually talking. "I mean, I'm sure we could handle it resource-wise but the staff is too small, we'd need to literally build more weyrs which, again, while possible, logistical nightmare —" She waves her hand about, trying to dismiss the subject. "Oh, Monti was born at Telgar. Don't worry about those jerks, we won't be seeing them here."

"The doomsday scenarios are courtesy of Rikath." Being generally optimistic, he always gets in the way with those healthy doses of pessimism. "Sorry. Would we actually need that many weyrs? There seemed to be so many that were empty when we were looking for one big enough for the two of us." Maura is nothing if not thoughtful, stretching out now to prop her feet up on the coffee table. "Oh good. That's… well, that's terrible what happened. But, right. In the past. So, got any advice? I don't think I've even known anyone since moving to Eastern that's been pregnant. And this was a complete surprise."

Ari smiles gently, and forces the unpleasant-er topics aside — talking about the potential of having something like 60 baby dragons wandering around? Not too pleasant. Pregnancy? She can talk about pregnancy until the cows come home. "Oh, enough it'd be hard to narrow it down. First of all, let me tell you that you're lucky, or at least I think you're lucky, to actually be in a relationship with the father. I wasn't. I was just grounded from injury so I wasn't betweening that much." She pauses, and then asks, "How old are you, if I may ask?"

Maura is more then happy to allow more unpleasant topics to slide. Instead, nodding her agreement that she's lucky. "Very." she agrees, without thinking. "Lucky, that is. Very lucky." There's a question in there somewhere. You know, flight baby or other? But it remains as an uplift in the end of a sentence rather then spoken aloud. It's the question of age that has her biting her lower lip for a moment before answering. "21 Turns. I know. Still rather young, for a rider. Though if I were still at Katz Field they would likely have married me off years ago and I'd have had more then one already."

"Damn, you're a decade younger than I am." Ari doesn't seem to be sure if she's impressed or disconcerted. As to the origin of her daughter, she doesn't offer up a hint; she may or may not be aware that it's in question. "Well. Ch'rii may be a little — nontraditional, but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and I actually think he'd be a solid parent. From what I've seen of you both, you'd each make a solid parent, just so long as you're comfortable with the idea you're not going to have that much time for your kid." Sigh. Thread. "

"If I were still at Katz Field they would have married me off already. And I'd have been expected to already have procuced an heir and a spare. So, it's not so disconcerting for me. To be so young." Maura admits, with a faint smile. "I think it's more Ch'rii I'm concernd about; he didn't want children. But I agree with you that he'll make a good parent. With what time we have." she muses, wryly. "I just hope this is an uneventful pregnancy."

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