Position Eastern Jr. Weyrwoman
Dragon Gold Svaldirath
Former title(s) Ista Jr. Weyrwoman, Ista Weyrling, Ista Candidate, Ista Asst. Headwoman, Ista Weyrbrat
Sex Female
Age 23
Place of Birth Ista Weyr
Family father I'mei, mother Glynna
Faction Neutral
Portrayed By Blake Lively
Journal goldrider


Meiglen is a tall, willowy blonde, her hair long enough to reach nearly to her waist. Every minute she spends in sunlight both bleaches her hair to a lighter shade and brings up yet more freckles in her fair skin, especially on her patrician nose. When she smiles, she reveals neat and even white teeth, but her eyes — an elegant, clear blue — are nearly hidden in crinkles. A delicate gold necklace graces her throat, landing just below her collarbones.

Character History

Long before Gar Hold's Journeyman Harper Glynna was a journeyman or much of a harper at all, she met a man by the name of I'mei. He was a dragonrider, which the young girl of fourteen found glorious; the fact that his dragon was green didn't seem to bother her much at all. He was older. Handsome. Talented. He fought Thread. Somehow — and I'mei is still, to this day, not sure quite how he let it happen — she actually managed to seduce him. Fancying himself in love despite the scandal of her age, I'mei doted on young Glynna even when she told him she was pregnant. He was pleased. She was horrified. Their daughter, Meiglen, was born at Ista Weyr; shortly after that Glynna went back to the Hall and then to Gar Hold. She didn't contact I'mei much, and he was left to largely raise Meiglen on his own.

So it was a slew of nannies and an actively fighting greenrider who brought little Meiglen up. It was a good thing she didn't look much like her mother, for Glynna's firm rejection still stung I'mei. Thankfully, Meiglen also never actually /asked/ about her mother. She seemed perfectly satisfied with the way things were, and was content to be a simple weyrbrat who knew nothing more of her origins than that I'mei was her father. Sometimes, she spent nights in his weyr; the pair were close and she was just as fond of his dragon, Saenith, as Saenith was of her. She was taught early on about the reality of flights, and was always sent back to the nannies the second Saenith began to glow; when, a few days later, I'mei was occasionally bruised and cut, Meiglen knew better than to ask much even if it did leave her a little bit afraid that someone might hurt him pretty badly.

Mostly, though, her childhood went on unimpeded — she learned to read and write and did quite well in her studies, for all that she seemed a bit shy and awkward with other children. This was shattered when Glynna decided to come for a visit, and the woman and I'mei fought in front of six-turn-old Meiglen. It was the first and the last she saw of Glynna for quite some time, who had come simply to inform I'mei she was marrying and wanted to leave all memory of him and of Meiglen in the past. She was asking him not to identify her as Meiglen's mother. I'mei was furious, but didn't press the issue. The most important thing was that Meiglen was happy, and Meiglen mostly just seemed to want Glynna to leave. Her entire life, she'd been very protective of her father.

With the Glynna issue faded into the background, Meiglen was free to just keep on growing up. She socially developed a little bit oddly, having only one consistent influence in the form of I'mei, with her various nannies changing roles and schedules like they changed clothes. Or maybe Meiglen had just been born to be a little unusual. It didn't really matter, because despite her odd little habits and quirks, most everyone loved her. Especially the other children, who liked how easy she was to boss around and how much fun her pale hair was to dump in things. This picking on, though, was the way the other brats simply socialized with Meiglen. She actually appreciated it, knowing it meant she had made some social mark, and that it was just their way of including her as she wasn't as daring as to think of things like pranks all on her own. And the other kids, even the mean ones, did come to actually get along well with her (for all that teasing was still the way they showed their love for her, considering she was also clumsy). I'mei even let her get away with having ridiculously odd-colored hair stained with ink, grass and whatever else was available.

Meiglen's status as pushover didn't last forever, though. For all that she was and always would be easy to coax, she had a determined streak, and when she turned 12 she found herself very determined to find a job. For whatever reason, it was extremely important, and while the reason would never be clear to her as long as she lived, Meiglen kept on pushing various people until she was given a proper job, much younger than anyone else would have pressed. After all, people were Searched and Impressed at that age! She might as well be able to work, she'd finished Harper classes!

To basically all of Ista's surprise, young and slightly timid Meiglen was made the most junior of the assistants to the Headwoman, and she was good at it. She was organized and effective at her work in the stores, and making sure that whatever was her responsibility was done, either by her or an underling (and it was a big enough deal in itself that a twelve-turn-old had underlings).

While she was pressed multiple times to stand for various clutches from twelve on, it would not be until she was fifteen and a half that Meiglen would finally agree to leave her work as a headwoman's assistant, feeling that she was right where she belonged.

What changed that was the appearance, yet again, of her mother: this time by letter. She wrote a long missive apologizing to I'mei and to Meiglen, explaining herself as an immature woman who had no idea what she wanted. At that point, she did know — she wanted to try being their friend. Bringing her entire family to visit, Meiglen slowly allowed herself to be introduced to her two younger brothers and stepfather. Glynna had managed to slightly become a part of her daughter's life, albeit a distant and uncomfortable one (Meiglen liked her brothers better) and was mending what she had broken with I'mei; it seemed to change things some. Meiglen didn't feel as much as if she, a young child, needed to protect her father and his dragon: obviously, they were adults who could fend for themselves. And she did have a very large family — she didn't need to work to support herself. She didn't need to be insistently self-sufficient.

When this time it was Saenith who insisted that Meiglen really must stand for Olirth's clutch, Meiglen found herself saying yes and again couldn't quite explain her drive to why. Just like getting the job, it just seemed like the right move. She was ready to be less forcefully independent and ready to try something new, and that something new was quite possibly regressing — being a child at fifteen the way she had been a grown woman at twelve.

The candidacy was long and rather unpleasant for Meiglen, who found herself getting teased again by different people, some strangers she certainly wasn't comfortable with mocking her tendency to trip and drop things. It didn't make her stronger, though, just more irritable: eventually, when one of them shoved her, she shoved him back and the two of them became friends. "I was just trying to get you to do that!" he said. Just like with the other weyrbrats, the mean teasing of children took some time to pass, but once it did, things settled. Meiglen was lucky in that in her life she had never really met a true bully.

As a candidate, she turned sixteen. It seemed that those eggs would never hatch. But three days after her turnday, they did, and Meiglen gave Ista Weyr the shock of its life. Largely considered a future blue or greenrider if anything at all, Meiglen's impression was not what anyone had expected. The gold dragonet bypassed every girl that had thought to be an excellent candidate for the queen, and walked instantly, decisively, to Meiglen. She was her Svaldirath from then on, and it was clear that just like Meiglen, Svaldirath was always just drawn to the right decision. There was no hesitation before they found each other. It took maybe five minutes.

Despite being the surprise underdog taking the gold dragon, Meiglen was still nervous as she and Svaldirath set upon weyrlinghood. And if she was nervous about weyrlinghood, being an actual weyrwoman was even more frightening — until it was pointed out by her father that she was already good at those sorts of things. Maybe that was why Svaldirath had chosen her, since none of her other qualities seemed to make her a particularly good goldrider. But she could do lower caverns work. She could sort things. She could handle the piles and piles of paperwork that would come with the job and take no issue to doing it.

When it came time to be tapped to a wing, Meiglen was a bit sad that there was no mystery as to where she would go, to what her job would be. But the predictability of goldriding also brought some comfort to her often unsettled mind. There would be no real surprises, and for the first five turns of Svaldirath's life, there weren't really any. The biggest surprise that ever came was who caught her in a mating flight, and the subsequent results of those hatchings. And Meiglen did love hatchings, more even than Svaldirath did. She didn't mind sands-sitting. She found it rather relaxing. She found much about being the most junior of the goldriders satisfying, really, and was again comfortable at her place in life. When Eastern Weyr was founded, Meiglen and Svaldirath had never for a second given any thought to leaving Ista.

But in early month nine of the third turn of the long pass, that was forcibly changed on them. Weyrwoman Greyzina informed Meiglen quite primly that she had been chosen by the council of Weyrleaders to be the goldrider to replace Eastern's lost pair of Randi and Kaseth. There was a period of mourning to this decision; Meiglen was shocked, and begged Ista's weyrleading pair to reconsider. Anyone but her. She didn't want to leave her home and she didn't want that risk of becoming the next senior weyrwoman at a place she'd never even been.

In the end, though, Meiglen lost, the Council won and she was off to Eastern. For once, she was doing something that didn't quite feel right, but to her surprise, it didn't quite feel wrong, either.

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