Portrayed By Oliver Altman
Position Weyrling
Former title(s) Candidate
Sex Male
Age 18
Place of Birth High Reaches
Family Unknown
Faction Neutral

Character History

Zen is generally unspeaking of his history. All that is known is that he's come from somewhere in High Reaches.


Zen's move to Eastern has brought many changes for him and his interactions with others. Friends and romance have been gained. He was Searched by Lenia and her Orralth while standing at the Lake. He was one of the first people to occupy the Weyrling Barracks and he was soon joined by many others. He received job offers while working as a Candidate and was more than pleased to accept them both, clearly expecting to walk away from the Hatching and being able to take both these jobs offered by Thayet and Max. The Hatching day came and he focused his attention on keeping Andi safe and calm so nothing happened to her… Until Tuorth approached and headbutted him in the chest, the presence of the mind overwhelming him and leaving him in obvious shock for the next few days.


Tuorth - His lifemate. The shock of the bonding has not yet left him as he fully expected to walk off both Sands the same man he was before. Tuorth often leaves Zen dazed, the presence of the great mind placing weight upon his own.

Randi - He's not approached her since after the promise of pelts. With being a candidate the chance of him acquiring said pelts has decreased and therefore, the conquest ended before it began. He's still rather fond of the woman, but has no plans of chasing after her.

T'ryn - He's unsure what to think of this brownrider.

Ahnika - They have a shaky friendship, if Zen could consider their interactions as such. He generally likes making her blush, but has stopped with his recent friendship with Max. He's not afraid of pissing her off and telling her how he sees things. He figures it'll make her react sooner if she's pissed at him.

Alara - Amusing goldrider, curious on getting to know her better.

Teallan - Cute Harper. Can't call her Tea. Amused by the fact that she thinks she can do something to specifically attract a dragon to her. He's really curious to see what she comes up with.

Ciara - Offered to make a fishing pole for. Neutral opinion.

Andromeda (Andi) - The odd woman who, at one point, hated him. Her attraction to him is known and he's recently admitted his own attraction to her. They are off to a horribly shaky start with Zen not really knowing what he wants. But for once, his intentions towards her are pure with a promise not to touch her, at all. And being a Lord Holder's daughter, good things are not likely to come his way any time soon.

Max - So far, this man the only man Zen feels comfortable sharing with. He considers this man a close friend and they've talked about their women troubles and just the troubles of life. If things continue to progress further, Zen would likely consider himself a loyal friend to this man. He's even offered Zen a job after the eggs Hatch along with help in keeping gossip from spreading to Andi's father.

Thayet - The interesting guard woman who asked him to spar with her. He got a thrill from their spar and was offered a position as her assistant which he happily would take as long as she got permission. He was also offered a placement in her advanced classes and he's looking forward to further work with this woman.

Nenienne - Thinks she's a weird woman, too quiet and seems like she treats him with a sort of dislike. He doesn't know why she doesn't like him and doesn't seem to really care.

Memorable Quotes:

"I'm innocent. I swear."

Trivia and Notes:

Zen, surprisingly, does not flirt with every woman!

Tends to call things as he sees them, most times.

Horrible hypocrite.

Merendezen's Logs


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