Mid-Afternoon Snack


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Date: 30 Dec 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern
Synopsis: Avander, Fiala, Nenienne, Rio, and Warin descend upon the living cavern in the lull between lunch and dinner.
Rating: PG
Logger: Nenienne

The main Living Cavern at Eastern Weyr is a near replica of the "Lower Bowl" in shape. It is circular, with ceilings sloping up into a gentle cone shape. There are a few stalactites hanging from the ceiling, from which the Weyr's few firelizards may perch. Between these, there are a few inverted "hills", showing exactly how quickly the workmen finished this job. It lends an eerie quietness to the place, as the features cut the sound more effectively. The glowbaskets on the walls highlight the tables of all shapes and sizes around the room. The Head Table appears to be more traditional in place and kind, but the rest of the tables are variable. The east side of the room boasts larger rectangle tables suitable for whole groups of riders, while the middle holds smaller circular tables more appropriate for a family with children. The west side of the room has small square tables which often double as gaming tables on lazy days and most evenings.

Near the Head table, off to the East side, the double doors of the kitchen swing open. Near those doors, two long rectanglular tables are set up for food and drink service. On the eastern and western sides of the room, the stairs lead up to parallel hallways which connect to the rest of the Weyr. A third, smaller set of stairs at the southernmost end of the cavern leads to the Weyr Entrance.

It's midafternoon on a clear, pleasantly cool afternoon. Neni is eating a late lunch while drawing on some hides. Every once in a while she rubs something out, and usually takes advantage of the time to sneak a bite of stew or a sip of klah.

Warin is likewise in the caverns, sitting conveniently at Nenienne's table, the dishes from a recent meal stacked by his elbow. He has a stack of hides which he's going through, marking off columns on one compared to another.

Time between This and That finds Rio trotting into the caverns, sending a quick, wary look around, then entering fully and with purpose. The klah table becomes her goal, her destination, and as she passes by Nenienne and Warin's table, Rio's alto can be heard issuing from behind the veil, "Neni." Just in passing.

Avander is on his break, finally, though still has a candlemark or two left of work to do before free for the day, but is taking full advantage of it. Heading over to one of the tables with snacks, he gives a nod to Rio as he passes her by the klah table, not interested in the hot drink. "Afternoon," he offers to her, having not spotted the others in the cavern yet. Grabbing a plate, he fills it with meatrolls, a large snack for a still growing young man.

Fiala enters the cavern slowly, limping. She seems freshly-bathed, and her dress is a clean one. Her hair is damp, and there is still a towel half-wrapped about the tumbled mass of it, as if she has forgotten it was there. She pauses at a distance from the food and drink, then shivers and rubs her arms with her hands.

Nenienne glances up when she hears her name, and says "Hello, Rio. How are you and yours today?" She also nods to Avander, with whom she has passing familiarity, and looks over at Fiala with obvious curiosity.

Warin looks up at the sound of Rio's voice and quickly back at his hides when he sees who it is. He thus misses Avander and Fiala's entrances.

"Moment." That murmured to Nenienne, whether or not the woman can hear it, as Rio loads up a mug with klah and then, finally, turns in time for Avander, "Afternoon." One might imagine a quick smile under the veil, as the woman's voice seems merry, or relieved. She'll pad back to Neni's table, also with a glance at Fiala, and sparing another for Warin. That last one lingers for a moment. "We are well. Yourself? How are your studies?"

Fiala's shoulders hunch a little as people look at her, and her cheeks redden. She gets as far as Nenienne's table, her steps a little more wobbly, and she finally gives a soft little sigh. "Excuse me… do you mind if I sit here just a minute or two?"

Avander watches where the goldrider goes and then spots the other people sitting together, most that he has met in one form or another, and so follows after Rio to see if he can join them. Though he pauses though at seeing Fiala, but leaves it be for now. "And I? May I join you as well?"

Nenienne's voice is excited, though she has her ever-present frown. "Lessons are going well. And, I've gotten two more commissions in the last few days." To the questioners she says, "Of course." She adds as an aside to Fiala, "You needn't rush. I'm not saving the table for anyone."

Warin appears to sense Rio's scrutiny, because he looks back up. "Good afternoon, weyrwoman," he says. Then he looks at the table filling up and observes, "Busy for this time of day."

Stepping back somewhat, to clear the way for Neni to be the permission-giver. She just draws the mug under and behind her veil, to (probably) sip it. That or she's just inhaling fumes and rejuvenating that way. Her voice, quiet, agrees with Warin. "Thank you. And yes. Noontime meal and the Weyrlings are between lessons."

"Well… except that I have lessons in a little bit. I…" Fiala sighs. "I'm learning to read." She bobs her head in respect to Rio, then the others, and then sinks down to sit, wincing a little. "And running behind because someone let one of the runnerbeasts in the stall I was cleaning. One of the temperamental ones."

Warin winces sympathetically, then asks, "Have you been to the infirmary yet? I imagine they would have at least some numbweed or something for that." To Neni he asks, "Who gave you the commissions? Anyone I would know?" He takes a gulp of his juice, finishing it off, and half-resumes his hidework, half-watching and listening to the others.

Nenienne ohs to Fiala. "Well, please do sit, especially if you're in pain." Then she gives Warin her attention. "Yes, in fact. Taellan and Vanielle both. Since it looks like I'm doing them for my non-impressed fellow candidates, I'll gladly take one from you as well." And, despite her frown, her voice is playful.

Avander slips in himself next to Warin, looking at the hides in his hands, "Never going to get away from those, are you?" he asks with a smirk. He then looks to Fiala, "All of those beasts seem to be giving you some sort of trouble, aren't they?"

"Specifically what are the commissions, Nenienne?" Rio asks. She draws the mug down a bit. The liquid contents are visibly diminished. The woman's dark eyes flick over to Fiala, with a nod, "Good that you're learning to read. One of the handiest skills." Avander gets a quick quirk of her brow, as Rio then transfers her attention to Warin as well, as if she'd followed the short young man's look there.

"Well… not so much usually. Just… someone let him in, and I wasn't s'posed to be there, that's in his head and I just 'bout threw straw at him and so he kicked. And bit." Fiala gives a shake of her head. "And I'll go to the infirmary after my lesson. Don't have time to eat and do that before my lesson."

Warin gets up and pours some klah, although not half and half this time. He sets it in front of Fiala and says, "Now I know where I remember you from. What would you like to eat?" He sends Avander a rueful smile. "Nope. It's an assistant's lot, I'm afraid." And finally, to Neni and Rio, "I'm afraid I don't have anyone to commission something *for*, but thank you for the offer."

Avander frowns a bit at Fiala, "And your teacher would be disappointed for you taking care of a wound?" he asks her before popping a meatroll into his mouth. He glances at Warin with a slight smirk, "Indeed, though if you cover the storage caverns I'll see you more often as I'm finally working in there."

Nenienne says, "Vanielle is the hard one — she basically said she wanted something colorful and to surprise her. Luckily I've had an idea knocking around my head for a while, and I might try it out. Taellan wants a set of jewelry, silver set with dark blue or dark purple." Still playfully she says to Warin, "You could always get something for yourself, you know." And finally, she agrees with Avander, "You should go to the infirmary after you eat. You can always send a message to the teacher. In fact, if it's Taellan, I imagine she would be more annoyed if you did show up while injured."

"Finally?" Rio asks. "You wanted to work in the storage caverns? How is…The tunnelsnake problem in there, these days?" Absently, she moves the veil enough that she can take another sip of her klah. The cloth becomes slightly damp with the steam, and the weight shifts the way the thing hangs, marginally. To Neni's words, Rio nods.

"Some bread, some cheese, I s'pose," answers Fiala. "If it's no trouble." She bites at her lip, then looks down at her lap. "Papa always told me I needed to toughen up and work *through* pain. I…" Her voice trails off, and she bites at her lip, glancing at Rio. "Are th-they… big…. big tunnelsnakes?"

Avander smiles shyly at Rio and gives a shrug, "It's what I know from Southern Weyr, so I figured it was best to start here with them, and see if there was any way of moving up." He quickly chews through another meatroll. "I haven't seen any yet, but they issued me a good sized blade to deal with them if I stumble across any. I'm making sure to keep my eyes open when I move anything."

Warin grabs some bread and cheese, as well as a piece of fruit, and sets them in front of Fiala. "No trouble at all." Looking around at the assembled folks at the table, he says, "since I have a bunch of you here, I might as well ask. I'm looking for a resident named Fiala. Does anyone know her or what she looks like?

"I tended glows. There's honor in any legitimate work, well-done." Rio inclines her head to Avander. "Southern Weyr? The glowtender there…Fine old man. Helped me quite a bit when I was new here. Good, patient man." Emphasis on the 'patient' part. At Warin's question, though, Rio draws a blank.

Nenienne shakes her head. "Not met her, that I know of. Sorry." She nods at what Rio says, at least the part about honest work. "And if you enjoy it, that's what's important."

"I…." Cheeks flushing to match her hair, Fiala looks up. "Thank you… for the food. I… I'm Fiala," she murmurs.

Avander pauses at Warin's question, thinking the name familiar. However, Fiala, who happens to be there, speaks up for herself and he gives a nod, turning back to Rio. "Yes, he is a good man, very patient with us weyrbrats pulling pranks on him and snatching his glows from him," he looks down, a bit abashed at the memory.

Warin blinks, then laughs. "Oh my. I wonder if the Headwoman realized… no matter. After your lesson and the infirmary, please come back here. I'm under orders to get you some new clothes from the stores."

"You!" Rio draws herself up in perhaps pretended indignation at the thought of her friend being harassed by a bunch of weyrbrats. "You took his glows? And did /what/ with them?" Her eyes show the sort of wrinkle lines that suggest that she might be smiling behind the veil, as she studies the short man.

Nenienne looks between Avander and Rio, then Fiala and Warin, as if trying to decide which conversation to listen in on.

Avander flinches at the sudden outburst from the young goldrider, as he studies her back to see if he should take this seriously or not. "What any other weyrbrat would do, use the glows to sneak around the darker portions of the Weyr and at night. And I wasn't the only one. He must have been dealing with it for generations of children at the Weyr."

Her cheeks flush redder, and Fiala hunches her shoulders. "I got one dress from stores," she protests. "Wearing it now. I don't want to work in any new clothes and ruin them. They aren't mine." She shakes her head. "It's all I can do to earn my food and shelter, and that for my ponies, too, without adding extra clothes to it. Oh shards, have I done something wrong? I… if I *must* get new clothes, I can… I can work harder!"

"Well. You know. There are things that only glowtenders know, and ways for them to find out what others do not." Rio's alto drops with a slight thrum, "And perhaps you did not get away with what you think you got away with." One brow arches just before the klah slips back behind the veil. Perhaps, in another day, it would have been a flirt, a slight smile, that Rio had hidden behind the klah mug that is, itself, now hidden.

Warin hmmmmms. "If you got one from stores, then I suppose it's not a problem. Though you really should get some new work clothes, or even used work clothes in better repair. You're part of the Weyr, so you are entitled."

Avander manages to smile at Rio and just eats another meatroll as he eyes the young goldrider. "Perhaps not, and my father made sure once I was old enough, I'd stop getting into trouble. It's when I started working in the storage caverns of Southern Weyr. But I'm here now to see what I can do in this new Weyr."

Nenienne settles on Avander and Rio, just listening for now. Her expression lightens slightly at the teasing.

"Have you intentions for our Stores, young sir?" Rio asks of Avander, "Do they appear to you, how a proper and responsible Stores should be arranged?" Both her brows cant up and her frame shifts yet again, as if to imbue a certain inquisitive nature into the questions.

"I… ermm…" Fiala nods her head unsurely, then takes a piece of the bread and cheese. She nibbles at them, swallows hard, then looks up. "I don't mean to ask a stupid question. But when I was… younger, Papa would go on a tear if I asked for new clothes, saying I weren't entitled to anything. That I needed to earn everything before it was given. Now you say I am entitled. But…. erm… I don't even know what entitled is, other than not-Fiala."

Avander blinks, surprised that it seems the goldrider might actually be flirting with him on some level. He wasn't quite used to that yet, but he was up for the challenge. "I have only been working in them a few days, but so far they seem in order, at least as those in charge wish it to be. It will take me a little while longer to learn the full layout and try to understand the habits of this Weyr and how they interact with the storerooms. It is the people of the Weyr that determine how a storeroom is maintained, what is needed most, to what is needed least." The last sounds like he's quoting someone.

Warin looks surprised. "Where are you from? Certainly not one of the major Holds." Then he considers the question. "Entitled means that you deserve it. Maybe elsewhere you have to earn things first, but here we trust you to…" He searches for words, "earn them while you use them."

Playful, perhaps. Flirting, maybe. Probably not, given Rio's history. But Avander doesn't know that. She nods, then, to the young man and another smile is barely revealed by the slight narrowing of her eyes. "Southern's loss is, perhaps, Eastern's gain. Welcome to Eastern, young sir. I'm Rio, weyrling to Eovarijath."

"Cothold at Keroon, then cothold at Southern. Father's Finn. He breeds fine runnerbeasts and fine sons. That's what he tells everyone." Fiala takes another bite of her meal. "I always thought entitled had something to do with being a Lord's Lady, or a dragonrider. I guess that's kind of silly. But… well…" She shrugs her shoulders. "I remember one time I took one of the white ponies and smeared dye all over her. Not anything as would hurt her. But she came out all rusty copper, and I made wings for her and put them on her girth-band. So…" She coughs. "So we played dragon and rider, until Papa came. I got a long lecture about not entitled. And couldn't sit a pony or anywhere else for a few days. It…" Her chin lifts just a little. "It was worth it, though. She listened real good, and the wind was in our hair like we was flying. Doing good for others." She glances over at Rio, blushes fiercely, and looks down.

Avander gives a nod back to Rio, "I am Avander, formerly of Southern, though now a full resident of Eastern Weyr. It is an honor and a privledge to meet you Rio, and perhaps I will get a chance to meet your young Eovarijath soon." He pauses as he listens to Fiala tell of her home, and of her making her own dragon out of a pony, and smiles softly, silently eating some more meatrolls.

The bit about dressing up the runner catches Neni's attention and she once again looks over at Fiala and Warin, before studiously resuming her sketching.

The majority of Rio's focus is on Avander, though she thinks she just heard something about dying a pony to look like a dragon, and yes, Rio will meet Fiala's regard for a split second, before her attention draws her back to the short guy. "Avander. Of Eastern." Then, mildly, "She's not that attentive to people, Eovarijath, but I'll be happy to introduce you sometime, should the opportunity arrive." Crom's accent lightly flavors her syllables.

Warin listens to the story, then nods. "You're not with your father any more, though. You're here. And here, we want our people to have decent clothing."

Avander smiles as the offer is made from Rio, "I would love to meet her when we both have a chance. But as of now," he sighs as his plate is now empty, "I should get back to the storerooms and finish my shift there. A pleasure, Rio," he offers to the weyrling, then looks to the others at the table, "And a good day to all of you," he says as he stands, putting his plate where the staff can pick it up to clean, and disappears into the deeper portions of the caverns.

Warin shakes his head. "Remind me to show him where the dish bins are," he says.

"I know. And I'm still learning. I'll… I'll come back, then, after lessons, sir, to get some more clothes. Thank you, sir." Fiala sighs, glancing again to the goldrider. "And my regards to your dragon. Please don't mind me with the pony." She rises slowlythen nods. "Good day to you all."

Nenienne says gently, "Good luck with the lesson."

Warin nods and gathers up his hides. "Don't forget the infirmary, as well, Fiala." He bows his head politely to Rio and nods to Neni, then heads out toward the store rooms.

"My thanks." To Fiala. Rio will finally tip back her own mug and turn to replace it on the used-dish tray, before she'll drop her hand on Neni's shoulder, and yield a nod to Warin. Then she's heading out.

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