Missing Points


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Date: 12/10/10
Location: EW: Living Caverns
Synopsis: Max and Ahnika meet for dinner and the two get into a spat over W'red's recent meddling in their relationship, missing each other's points of contention for a bit, until they finally clear the air and get on the same page.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ahnika

His is not a presence usually seen in the living caverns, but for the past few nights, the beast manager has taken to eating at a table toward the back and angled in such a way so as to be able to easily keep an eye on the comings and goings of the dining crowd. There is however, no food before him; simply a mug of what one might assume to be klah with Max looking to be writing a letter of some description, dark eyes lifting every now and then to pass over those entering. Fresh from the bathing caverns, hair is still damp and sticking up at odd angles with a simple white cotton shirt and dark trousers.

At this hour, not having had her own bath yet, Ahnika’s ripe smell from a day’s worth of physical training and weyrling lessons very possibly precedes her to some degree. Usually, the friendly and sociable greenriding (well not yet) weyrling can be found coming to dinner among other weyrlings she has made friends with, but today she enters the Living Cavern alone. She’s looking as one might expect after a hard day’s training, the red tresses of her wound bun a little disheveled, her clothes smeared in places with dragon oil, but she is not overly tired or drained. She pauses a little inside the entrance and takes some time scanning the crowd of dinner goers, her grey eyes finally alighting on Max. A slow, warm smile stretches across that freckled face and she takes a more direct path to his table, not getting herself anything to eat or drink just yet. Sliding into the chair perpendicular to his own seat (next to him, but still able to look at him as she talks with him), she greets softly, “Hello, my Heart,” stated well below the decibel of the din of the crowd here this afternoon and for his ears alone.

Having glanced upward just before Ahnika had entered, he initially misses her entrance, only aware of her presence from his peripheral vision as she slides into that chair. A warm smile lights Max's face and he drops the letter he'd been working on, sliding it under what looks to be a Harper tome covering the various aspects of Holder Conclave intricacies. Dark eyes fix to her face, quite openly drinking in the sight of her as he slides a hand under the table in an attempt to lay it on her knee, if she's within close enough range, "Hey baby."

Ahnika is not only within range of his hand on her knee, but she is not objecting to it. However, she, herself, keeps both hands on top of the table. There is a quick look around, her grey eyes settling on anyone with a weyrling knot in particular, but seeing as how everyone else seems more interested in their own conversations or eating, she turns her attention back to Max, smiling once more as she sinks a bit more in her seat (what bad posture!) in order to let her leg brush up against his a little under the table. “Not been waiting long, I trust? How’s your day been?” then she is unable to help herself, brimming with excitement, and not waiting for him to answer the previous questions before she spills, “Did you see her? She flew!” Well, glide, really, but … details … details.

About the only person that might have him looking even the slightest bit apologetic for not having both hands on the table, would be one brownriding Weyrlingmaster. And even then, he's just stubborn enough to still stand his ground on the matter, his leg moving to settle in against hers under the table. As to how long he's been waiting, Max could say something like 'Only all my life' but realizing just how corny that would sound, keeps the thought to himself. Instead he gives a small shake of head and begins to respond, "Naw, 'bout a half candlemar…" but gets no further than that as Ahnika interjects to share her thrilling news. A crooked grin spills out, fondness laced into it for her excitement, "Aye? She did?" Pausing and then adding ruefully for having missed the event himself, "Been kinda snowed under the last few, baby. You reckon she'd show me later?"

Probably just as well that he didn’t express such a sweet sentiment as it might have had the green weyrling crawling under the table and tugging him down with her, and certainly not just to tell him how ‘corny’ it was. Ahnika is bubbly instead, leaning forward a little and grinning as she nods, “She did! She was the first even! My Jhath! She’s so good and clever, Max,” not the first time she’s gushed over her green and probably won’t be the last, then she continues, “We practice every couple of days. They have this area cleared off in the east end of the Upper Bowl. Our next scheduled practice is tomorrow mid-morning, after morning PT. You know she’s going to want to show off for you.” The last said about his question over whether Jhath would show him later. Then some of the bubbliness subsides and his previous statement sinks in. “Snowed under … right.” She says this and reaches for his free hand with one of hers, “Forgive me. I was too excited over Jhath.” Her mind races back to the last letter she got from him and she starts with, “Tell me more what you think is going on with your mother. I can talk with her at some point if you think she would share whatever it is with me?”

That crooked grin remains in place, the hand under the table giving her knee a squeeze, "Ain't never doubted it, Ahni. Your Jhath's more together than a lot of young 'uns I saw about the Reaches." There comes a short chuckle and a nod when she gives out when their next practice session is to occur, "I'll be there." He promises. And you can bet that if Pern had such advanced technology as cameras, he'd be taking photos too! There is however a warmed expression of gratification for the green dragonet deeming him important enough to show off in front of. Max's hand captured by the redhead's is given a light squeeze and then uncaring of who might see, brought to his lips to brush a kiss across the back of hers. Dropping it away again, a smile remains in place, "Naw, I'd rather hear about your news." Which is far more uplifting and exciting than what he's dealt with recently. However with her bringing his mother up a light frown appears, shoulders shifting in a light shrug, "Dunno, baby. She's just…" struggling to find a way to describe what he's sensed more than actually seen, "…off her game. Distracted." A brow goes up and a long considering look settles onto Ahnika before stating carefully, "You can try talking to her. Seen her like this before…" Words cut off and the hand under the table leaves her knee and reaches for the supposed mug of klah, which proves to be anything but considering the faint whiff of whiskey coming off of it. Taking a swallow, her hand in his is given another light press of fingers and then his head tips toward the serving hatches, "C'mon, let's go get something to eat and then you can tell me more about how things have been going with you, aye?" Evasion tactic? Maybe.

Her warm smile reappears and there’s a brief moment where her grey eyes seem to lose focus and Ahnika says, “Jhath sends her greetings and says that you are ‘very kind and gracious to say so of me’. Err, of her. And she looks forward to seeing you at practice tomorrow.” Then her attention is more directly upon him and that distracted look is gone, “Which reminds me, has … W’red spoken to you yet?” She looks a smidgeon worried, but as she’s not been confined to barracks yet, and Max hasn’t been by to see her, she suspects the two haven’t spoken to one another yet. She nods a little to Max’s words about Indira, filing it all away and making a mental note to pay the headwoman another visit. With practices and training ramping up more, Ahni’s not had the time she used to have to pay Indira a visit. But his evasion tactic works, or rather, she suspects it’s his way of saying ‘not here’ and she can deal with that. “Very well,” Ahnika concedes, smiling and standing up, not letting go of his hand as she does so. “I’m told that now that she is starting to learn to fly, it won’t be long before Jhath is hunting her own herdbeasts in the feeding pens,” Ahnika states it casually enough, but one can be sure that it carries some alternative meaning between the two. Something like, ‘plenty of opportunity to see you?’ Oh yeah.

Amusement plays through his expression for the message relayed with an acknowledging nod of head given, "She's most welcome." Brows go up and Max sets a bemused look onto her, "W'red? No. I do need to drop by and speak to him about something." Those same brows then press toward each other in a frown, "Is there a problem with Relly?" that last given sotto toned. The return about his mother was less a 'not here' and more a 'I'd rather not talk about it' type thing. But since Ahnika doesn't press on the matter, he's happy to leave it at rest for the time being. If she's not letting go of his hand as they stand, then you can be sure he sure as heck isn't going to, only twisting his hand slightly in order to lace fingers between hers. Being as how he'd had his back up against the wall, the beast manager waits for her to lead the way until they've skirted around the table. A grin forms on the matter of Jhath soon progressing to feeding herself from the pens, which just so happens to be right outside his place of work. How convenient. And just the kind of news he'd obviously needed considering the tight line his shoulders had held, now relaxes a fraction. "Could eat a whole sharding herdbeast myself," he comments.

“You do?” Ahnika frowns a little thoughtfully as Max says he will be stopping by to talk to W’red about something, but doesn’t press considering the crowd. She maneuvers them out around the table and strolls casually to the buffet to get a plate, adding, “No, she’s fine.” As fine as a woman who’s been through what she’s been through can be. “It’s us, Max,” here she stops and looks up into his face, “He knows. I don’t know how, but,” it might have something to do with holding hands in such a public place? “he knows. Said someone told him. Said he was going to talk to you about it. Said … some other things, too.” She frowns, looking away, not meeting his gaze and instead distracting herself with getting a plate and letting go of his hand, with an affectionate squeeze, so she can start filling it, “Said he won’t confine me to the barracks as long as we stick to the rules, and I can continue to see you, but …” she sighs a little, looking up at Max, worry tightening her gaze, “You know, I’ll always love you, Max, no matter what happens. You know that right? I won’t … think less of you if …” he decides being with a dragonrider isn’t his cup of tea after all? The words stick in her throat and she turns to resume filling her plate, somewhat hurried about it, though, and doesn’t seem to be paying a whole lot of attention to what is going on her plate at the moment.

Reaching for a plate with his free hand, Max goes deadstill, stopping so abruptly that the woman standing behind them in the line almost crashes right into the back of him. "Shit," muttered so low it might go unheard as he immediately tries to loosen his fingers from between hers, dark eyes setting a troubled look onto Ahnika. Lips compress tightly and his attention is drawn to the food laid out before them, heaping his plate with the spicy herdbeast stew on offer, his jaw tightening as she goes on to say they may still see each other. Cutlery is taken up next, as well as two freshly baked breadrolls. All done without so much as a word uttered on the matter. It's only when Ahnika says those four words, 'no matter what happens', that the beast manager draws a heavily wary look onto her, for in his ears, that's starting to sound very much like she's cutting him loose. And again he goes still, holding up the rest of the line as he does little but stare at her until eventually that same woman that had almost walked into the back of him pipes up. "Keep it moving laddie, it's not like she's the only greenrider in the Weyr." The woman, known to be a self righteous gossip, having caught some of what had been said between the two. Lips baring teeth in a snarl, the beast manager snaps his head around and pins a filthy look onto the interfering old biddy and then reaching for a breadroll from out of the basket nearby shoves it at her, "How 'bout ya do us all a favour and stuff it!" His accent dropping thick through the words. Leaving her staring slack jawed at him in shock for his impudence, he turns back to Ahnika and will try to take a hold of her elbow and steer her out of the line if she's finished filling her plate giving only a tightly stated, "Not here."

Ahnika is avoiding that look, especially the wary one, busily finishing her plate out and working on getting a cup of juice, but as the lady behind Max pipes up, she looks up and nearly drops her plate. She manages to save it all except her own roll, which rolls off and under one of the nearby tables. Hands full, though, she won’t worry about it so much now. Instead, she looks past Max at the gossip, “I beg your pardon!” indignation laced in her tone, but that is short-lived as Max is steering her away from the line. She goes long without protest, but swallows visibly. “Sure.”

He'd prefer the 'not here' part to include anywhere but the living caverns, however given what Ahnika's just told him of her weyrlingmaster being aware of their relationship, he has little other choice other than to return them back to their table. Only once there, does he release her, setting his plate down with an audible thunk of crockery to wood and then plonking down into his chair. Again, silence prevailing throughout, eyes studiously set to the plate of food before him, for which he suddenly has little appetite. Only once the redhead has seated herself, will he lift a guarded look onto her and state in a stiff tone, "In the past few months I've woken up to find a greenrider," not stating which one, "in my quarters and all over me like rash. A few days ago, I come back from a training session to find another woman," again not stating which, "butt naked in my office and of a mind to apparently have her way with me." A slight sneer having traced into his tone as he recounts in brief the events of temptations he's faced. Here he stops a moment, hand tightening about the cutlery he stills hold in it, as he draws a slow breath, "I turned 'em both out on their asses. And you know why?" Dark eyes fix an intent look onto grey, "Because all I can think about is you! Every second of every minute, of every day! But if this is too hard for you…" words trail and his eyes drop away from hers, not wanting to see what he fears might be her answer before she speaks it.

Ahnika settles onto her seat once more with her plate and drink on the table, glancing to him and that dark look as he begins to speak. She blinks at the mention of the greenrider, sputtering, “What? What? Who?” and then her own expression darkens, “What? When?” Again to the second woman paying Max a visit, “What? How? Why? Who? When? Who? Where? Who? … .What? Why?” Her brain has sort of short circuited, apparently, but she’s clearly unhappy even if nothing Max is saying makes sense to her right now. Food, what food? She relaxes when he says he turned them down, perhaps indicative of her uncertainty that he would? Or maybe W’red’s seeds have doubt took deeper root than initially thought. But her expression remains incredulous and somewhat stormy, especially when he looks at her intently, “Me?” She makes an exasperated sound, giving his ear a considering look a moment while he is looking away, but choosing not to grab hold of it yet, “Me?!” She asks again, a little louder this time. “Max! I—“ she cuts off as she realizes several people are looking over at them and then leans closer to him, murmuring, “It’s harder on you than it is me and you know it. Shit, I don’t have naked men visiting me in the weyrling barracks at night and if I did, I think I’d be too tired from training all day to do more than make idle comparisons between their dick sizes and yours. But you … you’re the one I’m afraid is going to want to call it quits on us, Max. W’red said …” she sighs, rubbing the back of her neck, “He said it would be too hard for you, not being a rider, and I should be prepared for the fact that you’ll one day not want to be with me anymore.”

Although he's wincing internally Max's expression remains outwardly dispassionate for her reaction to what he's just told her, just a muscle in his jaw working to indicate he's just as unhappy about it as she is. Forcing himself to release the grip on his cutlery he takes up the fork with his left hand and viciously starts stabbing at the pieces of vegetables and herdbeast, although none of it is actually going into his mouth. It's probably just as well Ahnika leaves off going for his ear for considering the mood he's dropped into due to inner turmoil, he'd quite likely have gotten up and stalked off. The punishment being meted out on the defenceless plate of food stops and he swings a closed look over to her for her stating it's harder on him than it is on her. "Aye? So what if it is. I'm not a sharding thirteen turn old boy, Ahnika. I am able to control myself!" Except of course when it comes to her, then things start to get way trickier in that department. "For fuck's sake! If I didn't think you were worth it, I wouldn't even have bothered in the first place and would have grabbed the first piece of tail that came swaying passed!" A frustrated sound growls out and his plate of food is shoved away from himself. "Fuck what W'red said!" and then dropping his tone as she does, "he doesn't know the first thing about you, or me! Jays, Ahni. You think I don't torture myself wondering how long you're going to put up with my not being a dragonrider, not being good enough for you? Being just a beast manager?" He stops for a moment, looking away at a distant point before turning back to her and stating tightly, "I saw what it did to my Ma. Saw the shit he put her through. Blaming it on flights and his affairs being 'the way of the dragonrider'," the air quotes audible in his tone. "But I ain't him!" And perhaps that's where some of the anger is coming from that being compared to his whoring hound dog of a father. To his mind in any event. "I'm here for the long haul and the only way I'm going away, is if you tell me too." And even then, she'll have a hard time getting rid of him.

There was a time when mid-lecture like that, if Ahnika didn’t grab Max by the ear, she would have gotten up and left altogether rather than be talked to like that. But things have changed and Impression as well as weyrlinghood has quite an effect on the development of a young woman. At some point, Ahnika has leaned back in her seat, crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes at Max, feeling every ounce on the defensive here. With every word from the Beast Manager, her heckles only seem to get higher and higher, but she doesn’t interrupt, letting him say everything. “You’re mistaking his comparison, Max,” she says icily, “In W’red’s scenario, I was your father, the dragonrider, and you were your mother, the ‘walker’ as he puts it, not the other way around. He’s more worried that you will be upset with me having a new bed partner every month,” her tone contemptuous and nearly spitting on her plate, but her volume low, “Or be so overwrought with worry while I am on my sweeps that it will one day be too much for you and you’ll walk away. My point, beast manager, is that I will always love you, even if it does become too much for you and you have to move on. I’ll forgive you. I’ll understand.” Now she stands up, leaving her plate untouched, “But if you think my concern for you and your happiness is me cutting you loose, Max, then maybe we don’t know each other as well as we thought.” She rubs her neck again, sighing, “I’m going to go soak in a tub somewhere.”

Dark eyes narrow, Ahnika's correction on W'red's scenario only serving to push his anger with the weyrlingmaster higher as lips thin for the contemptuous tone she uses when referencing flight situations, thinking that contempt to be aimed at him. Some of that anger spills over into an expression that initially hardens when she seems to slap him in the face with his designation at the Weyr and then wavers when in the same breath she states that she'll always love him. As she stands so does he, reaching for her arm to still her outward progress and heedless of whatever looks they might be getting from those nearby. At least Max lowers his tone as shoving his chair out of the way he steps in closer, "Don't let him do this, Ahni. Don't let one man's opinion change what we got. So what if he's never seen it work before!?" If he's been successful in his bid to arrest her departure, his other hand will lift to try capturing her chin, giving quietly, "Look at me, baby. I love you. I ain't gonna leave you or cheat on you. We can do this, aye? You, me and Jhath, and fuck what anyone else thinks!" There's no denying the very real entreaty in both tone and dark eyes and one can bet if they weren't in such a public place, he'd take her in his arms and give her a rather thorough and sound kissing to go with his low spoken words.

Ahnika is stopped, and doesn’t pull away. She turns instead and looks at him, still a little bristly, but not violent at least and she’ll hear him out, letting him capture her chin, but her grey eyes still somewhat cool and steely. “They were only words, words of advice, words to try and keep me from getting hurt in the future. He didn’t forbid me from seeing you. Just wanted me to prepare myself just in case. I don’t see how it will change anything unless you let it, Max, and let me say that instead of reassuring me, attacking me is not really getting things off to a good start. But,” she carefully pulls her arm free from his grip, or tries to, “I’ll let it go. I know you’ve had a lot on your plate lately.” Not to mention in his bed, too, apparently. Oh yes, one can imagine she will be looking into that one. “I wish I could help you more,” she says earnestly, some of the cool indignation leaving her voice now, “take some of the stress away.” Her voice trails off as she starts trying to think of ways to do that … her cheeks flushing and she clears her throat and more distractedly asks, “So, tomorrow?”

"Or if you let it," Max gives quietly in pointed statement that her weyrlingmaster's words must have gotten to her on some level for her to have even entertained the thought of his possibly leaving her one day. Hands drop away as Ahnika pulls free, a long and searching look settling onto the redhead with her obviously still being upset about the matter despite her speaking to letting the subject go. A light frown lingers for the herdbeast being swept under the carpet but with a sigh, he simply nods his agreement to doing so. For now. A pale smile emerges, "I miss you, Ahni. Talking to you" casting a glance behind him where their plates sit untouched that smile turns a touch wry, "spending time with you…laughi…" Words cut off and a faint smirk touches out as he reads the blush that rises up on her cheeks, tone dropping husky, "Aye, and that too." When she seems determined to go he seems torn between giving her time to collect her thoughts and keeping her with him until they've properly sorted things out, "Want some company?" down in the bathing caverns. Hands lift in a warding gesture as a crooked smile appears, "I promise to keep my mouth shut and look the other way." Look the other way. Yeah right.

There’s a scornful sniff to his first, which sometimes heralds an ear twist but again that’s forgone here, but there’s something else, too. Ahnika zones out a moment, blinks a few times and then seems to cool down. Her set jaw is loosened a fraction, some of the tension slips from her shoulders and her grey gaze softens a little. Could it be that Jhath has been paying attention and taken Max’s side here? Or something else? “I miss you too, Max,” she says genuinely, stepping back closer to him. Without looking around her she will try and curl her arms around him in a light hug. It shouldn’t be taken too amiss considering she’s hugged male friends before, like L’ron, right? “I miss things being … simple, too. And I know they don’t have to be this … hard or complicated. I just … I need to feel like I can be open with you and tell you everything I’m being told, like that sharding rumor about the dragonets attacking candidates on the sand. This is all new to me, Love. But you were raised up in this sort of place. I need you. I need you to dismiss things I’m hearing without trying to make me feel ashamed for considering it might be true or trying to think about what you might need me to do for you if it is.” She lets go then, if he lets her, and steps back, “I’ve gone and gotten you all smelly and sweaty again after your bath.” To his suggestion that he join her in the baths she starts to nod and then stops, biting her lower lip in thought. She eyes her untouched plate of food and then what is left on his and then back up into his face, a coy smile forming slowly, “I will leave that decision up to you. I need to go back to the barracks to get my bathing supplies. Instead of getting my nightclothes, I’ll get fresh clothes. So, you can stay here and finish eating while I’m getting my things and then join me in the bathing chamber, oooooorrrrrrrr,” she draws, grinning impishly, “you can finish your paperwork while I’m getting my bath in and then pack us up a basket meal and meet me back,” her voice drops to a husky murmur, “in your office to eat and talk and cuddle before I have to get back to the barracks.” She winks, “You still miss holding me as much as I miss holding you?” She’s offering a chance to do just that. W’red knows about their relationship, after all, and as long as they don’t break the rules and keep it discreet, he said, he wouldn’t interfere. Might as well take advantage of that to some degree? Or so she’s thinking, with another blink, Ahni adds, “Jhath recommends the latter, though suggests you make sure there aren’t any disrobed harlots in your chamber before I get there.” There’s no ire in her tone now.

The scornful sniff draws a faint narrowing of eyes and then Max's expression draws silently probing as she seems to start relaxing and her gaze softens. With the added gesture of her stepping in closer to hug him, some of his guard comes down and the cord of tension he'd been holding, releases to a degree as his own arms wrap about her. Dark eyes search her face as he listens in silence as she speaks. At the end he gives with a small smile, "Aye, I know love." That to it all being new to her. "I didn't mean to jump down your throat like that; I just…" was fairly convinced she was on the point of giving up on them thanks to her weyrlingmaster's well intentioned words of advice. "All I need is for you to trust me, baby. To trust yourself, to trust us or else this ain't never gonna work, aye?" arms tighten lightly about her before releasing Ahnika as she steps back. An entirely wicked light enters his eyes in response to her commenting on having gotten him smelly and sweaty for having been pulled in against him, but he pays that thought no lip service, merely flashing a roguish smile her way. He draws silent again, head cocking to one side as if considering the options she then lays out for meeting up after her bath. Chances are he's listening with half a mind to what she's saying while the other has wandered off to picturing her bathing. Bad Max, no biscuit! In order to resist the temptation to just pull her in tight against him and give her a thorough kissing before simply grabbing her up and heading off to 'help' her bathe and thus really supply the living caverns gossips something to talk about, the beast manager shoves his hands in his pockets and instead leans forward to murmur in her ear, "Have I told you just how much I love the way your mind works sometimes?" Yeah, he's liking option two as evidenced in the next when he leans back out of her personal space again, a deep smirk in place, "Your Jhath's starting to become my most favourite green in the whole Weyr." Not that she wasn't to begin with but she's just scored major points with Max. Stepping back toward the table, he turns and takes up the book and notes he'd been working on. Setting them under one arm a crooked grin of devilish proportions fits into place, "You can tell Jhath there's only one woman that I want naked in my chambers," brows waggling in suggestive tease. A glance over to the serving counters and then back onto Ahnika, "Well go on then, what are you still standing here for woman? Go get that luscious body of yours bathed and I'll see you back in my quarters." A boyish grin in place as he ducks slightly for the ear twisting his playful comment might earn him.

Trust. That’s what it all boils down to. Ahnika hesitates and then nods, “I will … I don’t want to lose you, Max. But I don’t want to make you miserable, either. I worry about you. Even more so now …” With this whole crimelord business, presumably. Then she smiles as he compliments her mind, the murmur to her ear giving her a little shiver down her spine, and not in a bad way. Then she giggles, “Just starting?” mocking incredulousness lacing her voice. Then she grins as he indicates which choice he’s selecting, sending her off for her bath, “I won’t be long … if I get back to your quarters before you, I’ll kick anyone I find naked waiting on you out. You better not object.” She tsks, grinning again and then turns and starts to head off to get her satchel and go get her bath, unless he stops her.

A warm smile appears, Max giving quietly, “You ain’t gonna lose me, baby. And the only way you’re gonna make me miserable is if you start trying to decide what you imagine I might think and feel or do before you’ve given me a chance to know for myself, aye?” It had been on the tip of his tongue to add he never wants to hear the phrase ‘W’red said’ in reference to them as a couple again, but he wisely refrains from saying as much. Likely understanding what it is Ahnika leaves off saying herself, a light frown appears and then the edge of a smile pushes it away, “Then call us even and we both get to worry ‘bout each other, aye?” Because there’s no doubt he will worry when she’s up there fighting Thread. Even were he a dragonrider himself, he’d still worry. It’s just the way of it when you love someone. Grinning crookedly over his comment on her green, “There’s still that whole privacy thing she and I need to work out.” Referencing the whole Trial Of Stamina bit with Jhath potentially ‘looking in’ and passing comment on performance. Low laughter greets her threat to kicking any naked women out of his quarters should she arrive before him, “Only if I get to watch.” Some part of him relishing the opportunity to see such a thing occur. As she leaves, he lingers a little while longer where he is, attention falling openly to the swaying of her hips as she goes. It’s only at the snicker coming from a teenaged boy standing nearby putting on a show of lovestruck googly eyes in taunt of the beast manager, that he snaps out of it, rolls his eyes and giving the lad the middle fingered salute heads toward the kitchens rather than the serving counters.

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