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Date: Backdated to the same night as the Hatching Feast
Location: Outside of the Weyrling Barracks
Synopsis: Jaya seeks L'ron out and he learns an important lesson in naivete.
Rating: PG13
Logger: L'ron

The post-hatching feasting ceremony is practically on its last leg by the time Jaya and Suli had satisfied themselves in making sure the drink table was stocked through the night. While there was still folks out and about the bowl in revelry, the pair finally make their way from the main festivities where music could be heard and starts toward the weyrling barracks where a few of the little new hatchlings could be seen. At this point, this is where Suli leaves the bar owner – the barmaid suddenly declares that all the festivities have worn her out, and that she was going to retire to the residental dorms where her cot awaits. Leaving Jaya alone in her pale yellow dress that looks crumpled and borrowed, she tucks her arms about her middle and starts to slowly amble along in the barracks' direction - the sounds of the harper-trained music now heard softly in the distance along with the chatter of the revelers.

One of those newly impressed pairs loitering outside of the barracks is L’ron and Balkrith. Seated on a rock with his long legs stretched out before him, the recently impressed weyrling looking tired beyond compare is currently exchanging idle conversation with one of his fellow weyrlings. The grayish looking blue snuffling about in the sand nearby, his sharp little muzzle firmly to the ground as if tracking something suddenly pounces onto an oddly shaped rock with a little bugle of triumph. “Not a turnip,” the blue bonded weyrling gives with a laugh and then stifles a yawn as leans forward to set what had once been a plate heaped with buffet faire, down on the ground next to him.

As Jaya continues walking towards the barracks, she spots the familiar face sitting on the rock and pauses. Her eyes go the blue that has him laughing, her gaze taking the little dragon in for a moment, before hands come down to her sides and she decides to close the distance. The other nearby weyrlings getting a wane smile if they notice her approach, "Looks like some congratulations are in order," she greets L'ron this way, her husky alto couched both in slight amusement, hesitance, and guardedness before she stops before them. She deliberately looks to Balkrith then, studying the small dragon that closely and with interest that she doesn't quite hide. Glancing back at the weyrling again, "L'ron now, is it?" she asks, brows lifting as her dress flutters a bit from the slight breeze. "And his name? There was so many…"

Balkrith paws at the rock a few times as if checking that it indeed is –not- a turnip. Not that he’d really know. He hasn’t had the good fortune of actually encountering one yet. Leaning his head back against a larger boulder situated against the rock he’s taken up seating on, L’ron’s eyes lid and he murmurs, “Tomorrow, Balkrith. I promise.” The crunch of approaching steps isn’t enough to grab his attention considering how many have been back and forth this evening, it is however the familiar voice addressing him that causes lids to flicker open. As brown eyes settle onto Jaya a smile curls out and the blue weyrling straightens out of his lanky slump and then stands unfolding to his full height. “Hey Jaya,” clearly pleased to see the woman and then with a slightly crooked turn to the smile, “I didn’t trip,” out on the sands, “guess that must have been a lucky robe you made me then, huh?” The burst of pride for the odd little grayish blue dragon he is now bonded to, is evident in the smile that broadens into a grin as he nods to what his honorific now is, and then with a tip of head toward the dragon, “That’s Balkrith.” Upon hearing his name the little blue gives up on turning the rock over and over and comes slinking over to stop right before Jaya and set a slow blinking look up to her, “Balkrith, this is Jaya, a friend of mine. Jaya, Balkrith.” Introductions given, Balkrith stretches his neck out and he tries to give the woman a good long sniff which has L’ron stifling a snicker before explaining, “He wants to know if you have any turnips.”

Watching Balkrith, Jaya's not looking the weyrling's way as he open his eyes and stands. "Yeah, I saw that," she admits wryly on him not tripping, her gaze finally tearing away from the blue to his rider. But the smile turns just a little sad, there and gone at the mention of the robe being lucky. Brushing a strand of loose hair back from her face as she looks away, "Clearly not -that- lucky," she drawls low, her eyes going to the blue again before her voice lifts up back to normal and she meets his eyes again to add quickly, "Congrats, though. I guess I won't be seeing that much of you now, till you graduate. I won some marks off of you," she's flicking through subject quick, which is common for her, and her gaze settles back to the little blue when L'ron introduces the two. There's a fleeting smile for Balkrith when he comes toward her, and not versed in how to deal with dragons, she awkwardly gives him a greeting bob of her head. "Balkrith," she tries the name on for size, looking over at L'ron before adding, "Nice name. Slides off the tongue." Talk of turnip does have a brow lifting, stealing a glance back down towards the blue, then his rider. "Turnips? What's that about?"

L’ron might be oblivious to nuances in general; sadness however, is not one of them. For some reason that’s one he easily picks up on. Perhaps because he instinctively wants to try and correct it? Either way, that quiet spoken comment coming from Jaya has a light frown flickering into place and hands pocket as he puts a long contemplative look over her. Quietly probing, eyes turn unusually serious and he tips his head to one side, “You’re not happy?” simply asked. With a quick smile his head swings the way of the barracks and then back to the dark haired young woman as shoulders lift and fall in a short shrug, “Can’t come down to the bar for a good long while I’d think, but I don’t see any harm in talking to a friend here and there?” He’s not sure on that one but his very tone of voice suggests that should such a stupid rule exist, he for one will very likely disregard it when and where it suits him to do so outside of classes and taking care of Balkrith. The little blue for his part has taken to circling Jaya first once with his muzzle thrust upward inhaling the air about her, and then firmly planted to the sand in the second round until quite satisfied with this person he wanders off distractedly following another trail. “He says you’re not bad for not being a turnip,” said with a chuckle which leads him into a wide shrug as hands unpocket to lift in helpless gesture into the air, “I have honestly have no idea what the obsession with turnips is. The very first thing he said to me out there on the sands, was to ask if I had…” and hear laughter erupts at the memory, “a turnip for him.”

"Of course I am, shuga. Don't be silly." Jaya's very quick and glib in answering when L'ron manages to pick up on her emotions, and the smile pushed his way is brief and forced in its flare. She drops her attention on the blue as if to deflect attention from herself, her gaze following Balkrith as he circles her. Once he ambles off, "Is that normal? Talking about turnips alot?" she asks, frowning after the blue once L'ron tells her what he had said. Looking the weyrling's way, "He even asked for one out on the sands? Huh. Sounds pretty odd to me, but maybe all dragons act kinda….quirky like this?" News to her. She pauses, considering her own words before her gaze lands on the retreating blue again and hitches up a shoulder to shrug a little. "I hardly leave the place," she finally addresses his earlier words in the lingering silence, her tone a little sober and subdued - the place being her bar, the dark hallways and corridors that make up her little slice of home at the Weyr - "Suli thinks I should, more. Don't know why -she's- so interested in me getting out, but…" Shrug. "I might take her up on her advice," she adds, though uncertainty is laced here. "I mean, Ro -Rio," she corrects with a short gust of laughter, shaking her head at that, "won't be able to come by either, and I'm going to miss the late night chats over wine. Hm. Maybe when the bar's not so busy…"

“No you’re not,” L’ron counters with but isn’t one to probe further than another would be comfortable with. But he will offer another opening for Jaya to talk if she so wishes. “Found your poem,” he remarks with a quick smile, “I thank you for your trust in sharing it with me. It means a lot.” Tipping his head to one side again, the blue weyrling’s smile turns soft, “You will find him, you know. The one you wish for in that poem.” Leaving her to think on that he turns to the topic of odd little blue and chuckles shaking his head, “I have no idea, if that’s normal or not. Probably just his own particular thing but its okay, I like that he’s different.” The chuckle deepens into a grin as he notes unashamedly in conspiratorial tone, “Thought I was going mad out there for a moment when these pots suddenly started banging in my head and he was asking for a turnip.” He then draws quiet, thumbs hooking into belt loops and brows drawing together into a light frown as she speaks of Suli being insistent on her getting out more. “She’s right. It’s not good to keep to the darkness of the insides of the Weyr like a wher or tunnelsnake. There’s a whole big world out here and people that count you as a friend, like Rio, and me,” including himself in that statement with a smile.

L'ron clearly says something that Jaya didn't want to hear, for when the poem is brought up, along with his soft-spoken words, she appears taken aback in her reaction to it. "Um, thanks," she tries to say in recovering herself, blinking a few times and looking away quickly to try and hide whatever hurt came to the fore at the misinterpretation. "But that's not what it—" she stops, recovered enough to look at him again in the pause and then there's that forced smile again. The woman changing tactics, her eyes briefly closing with a nod, "Nevermind," she finally says with a wave of fingers, her gaze going to the little blue that is his. "It's….better this way, shuga." And from vague words, she moves on, returning to his gaze and sending short laughter on Balkrith's antics. "Different might be an understatement," she says on the blue wryly, shaking her head a fraction. "Pots, huh? How are you going to get any sleep?" Brows lift at that, not expecting the sound of pots clanging together to be part of how a dragon communicates to his rider. "Met Ahni and her green not too long ago, too. She seems pretty loud, though a few other dragons seem quiet. I guess, part of me thought they all acted a little the same?" Lips twist a bit and she gives a half-hearted shrug before she quiets on his agreement with Suli on her getting out more. She snorts some at that, her gaze drawn to a passing couple on their way back to the Weyr proper in their gaudy attires. "Like being back there," she admits on the darkness while she stares, some of her amusement from before ebbing. "It's quiet. Private, especially in the late hours. Safe." Once the couple can't be seen anymore, she turns back to L'ron and adds, "Friends. Friends is…good," she ends it with some sort of resignation, and with a slow incline of her in agreement with him.

Brows twitch and form together into a lightly perplexed expression as L’ron quietly regards Jaya’s reaction to what he’d said, “What’s better this way?” Seeming completely lost on the matter. His brown eyed gaze remains on the woman a while longer and then slips away to join hers being sent over Balkrith and a fond smile turns out, “He doesn’t do it all the time, just when he wants to get my attention. When he’s relaxed I could swear I can hear a canine panting in the background somewhere but it’s only barely there so I’m never sure.” Besides which with the pair so newly bonded it might take a while yet to figure each other out. A chuckle breaks free and the blue weyrling nods over Jhath, “She had us all awake with a loud trumpet this morning, like some kind of drill instructor.” A last lingering glance over the little blue and then his attention returns to the dark haired woman, “I did too. Figured you seen one dragon you’ve seen them all,” guess how wrong –he- is now. His smile remains in place as he watches her watching the couple and again he falls to silence before noting quietly, “It might be quiet and private but safe means you never get to try anything new and really –live- life.” Because that’s what he’s all about. Her latter words however, those earn her another slightly perplexed look but unsure of what to say in return, he merely dips his head in a nod of agreement.

At L'ron's confusion, Jaya hesitates to explain. Then, her gaze falling from the blue to the weyrling, "I like you, L'ron," she explains calmly, carefully to him. "The poem….well, you don't feel the same way." It's a statement, not a question. She's silent on that for a moment, then Balkrith gets her attention again. "Guess it's all pretty odd, isn't it?" she notes on dragons, her gaze more thoughtful before she turns to rest it on L'ron and add, "And your folks? Are you going to write them about this? It's a pretty big change and all…I mean. You -should-, shuga." Then she goes silent again when he talks about safe, her head tilting slightly before she turns from him and goes to claim that rock he had moments before vacated. Settling down on it and not seeming to care if the dress gets dirty or not, "Think I've -lived- life already," she notes a bit dryly, snorting as she crosses her legs. "What new thing do I need to try?"

The confusion lingers a moment or two longer and then as if calling to mind the words of the poem, brown eyes go wide and L’ron blushes a lovely shade and quickly drops his head to study his boots. “Oh. Umm…I didn’t realize,” and here his head lifts, a frown fitting in over the blush and he’s looking all kinds of awkward. Quieter spoken, “I…I’m sorry, Jaya,” not too entirely sure what one says in such a situation. One shoulder lifts in slight twitch, “I just thought you wanted to be my friend,” said even quieter than the last. The poor lad’s probably feeling somewhat like a giant dunce round about now, so it takes him a little while to switch to the subject of his parents. Clearing his throat as he overcomes his initial embarrassment, his mouth curves once again into that familiar smile of his and he lays a deal in place, “I’ll write my family, if you promise to do something fun at least once a seven. Something…not Jaya. Like walking barefoot through the mud, or singing at the top of your voice while you bathe. Maybe even going a whole day wearing all your clothes inside out?” Yup, he’s still intent on challenging the woman to learn how to breathe and enjoy life.

At this confusion, and the awkwardness, "It's alright," Jaya reassures him quietly with a chaste smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes. The woman's probably had her share of hearing apologies by now, so all she could do in this situation was try and smooth it over. Letting the silence settle, her foot tapping against the ground, "Write your family and we'll see," she's non-commital in her part of that bargain anyway, leaving it open to discussion. "Telling them this is far more important than getting me to go barefoot." Practical to the last, Jaya is. "I mean, /I/ would tell my da if I Impressed, and I hardly like him." A hand goes and presses to her chest in emphasis to that point.

Once again, L’ron settles a long assessing look onto Jaya but eventually takes what she says and nods slowly in return, flickering a short smile of his own out in response to hers. And then he lets the matter alone and broaches that of the deal he’d laid out. Shaking his head, a chuckle spills out, “Nope. You come and show me mud on your feet and I’ll show you the letter.” He might be dense about some things, but he’s no fool when it comes to someone trying to wiggle out of something. Because let’s face it, he’s the master of doing just that himself.

The assessing look, for the most part, seems ignored, the barkeep choosing to look away towards the few weyrlings still ambling along outside the barracks with their charges. When it looks like L'ron's not biting on his deal, lips press together and Jaya sends him a hard look from where she sits. "You show me that letter, and I'll go get a bucket of dirt to dump on top of my feet," is her compromise, though she doesn't seem all that into that one, either. Besides, what time will you have to see me barefoot, anyway? Shouldn't you be watching -his- bare feet?" and she throws a sharp chin gesture towards Balkrith nearby. "Because really, shuga. If you think I'm coming all this way-" Yeah. As if from the bar to the bowl is a road trip from the way she's saying it "-just so that you can see my dirty feet, then you have another thing coming."

A quiet chuckle escapes for the hard look Jaya sends him and then becomes a smothered yawn, right as Balkrith wanders back over again and bumps his sharp little muzzle into the backs of his bonded’s knees causing L’ron to pitch forward a step and send a frown down onto the little blue, “Oy!” Brown eyes glaze and a soft laugh follows, “Alright, Balkrith. In a moment.” His attention shifts back to the bar owner and with a grin he waggles a finger in her direction, “You don’t get off that easily,” this to her dumping a bucket of sand over her feet, “Soon as the lake’s done and we can bathe them in it, you’re going to come down –show- me bare feet in mud. Only then will a letter be sent back home.” Completely overlooking her complaint to having to walk ‘so far’.

There's a quiet snort from the barkeep, then she stands when L'ron yawns and Balkrith pitches into him. "Actually I do, shuga," Jaya notes on getting off that easily, the smirk there and gone as she scuffs her boot against the ground. "You should send them a note much sooner than that, L'ron," and her tone turns serious at this, at least briefly. "They may find out another way and well…probably better to tell them yourself?" But for now, she lets the matter drop. "As to this barefoot business," she shakes her head at that. "Keep saying 'good day' and we'll see. Perhaps I'll indulge you one day, should I go jogging." That's perhaps the best L'ron's going to get, for now. Looking towards the bowl now, "I better head off and let you get some sleep," she addresses the yawn, nodding towards him and the blue. "Must be exhausted, hm? Just wanted to see you. In case I don't for awhile," and she's taking a step back in the direction of the Weyr proper.

Balkrith has taken to slinking circles round and round his bonded’s feet for just in case the teen might have forgotten his presence, stopping at intervals put a blinking look onto Jaya and then he’s back to his circling. Fallen to seriousness for a moment, L’ron simply nods at sending a letter back home before a smile is breaking free and he comments quietly in echo of her own words, “One day perhaps.” He for one not giving up on the bar owner’s ability to let go and enjoy life, even it if be only one small step at a time. With a hand reaching out to the headknob’s of the little blue to stay its dizzying action, the farewell sent in return is simple, “Sleep well, Jaya. And don’t forget to dream.” Whether that be while sleeping or in reference to the poem she’d given him, remains unclear. Solemn brown eyes will follow the woman’s progress back toward the Weyr in contemplative silence for a short while and then he’ll turn to the dragonet with a weary smile, “C’mon on then, let’s go get some sleep in.”

"One day," Jaya is willing to agree to that, it seems, the smile wane before her usually cool mask is settled into place. With a final gaze to the blue he touches, "Sleep well yourself," she returns quietly, her eyes lifting to meet his for a moment, and then she turns and heads off without a backwards glance.

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