Mohria and Riordanth
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Portrayed By Olivia Williams
Position Bluerider Wingrider
Former title(s) Wingrider
Sex Female
Age 31
Place of Birth High Reaches Hold
Family F'min - Weyrmate / Crispin - son
Faction Neutral

Character History

Born to a Seacrafter father and mother, Mohria spent most of her childhood on her father's fishing boat, 'Stargazer'. Living in High Reaches Hold, the girl's mother died when she was very young, and her father remarried to a woman whom Mohria never could quite accept as a mother. Nevertheless, she had an enjoyable childhood. She helped in the stables, attended her Harper lessons, and fished with her father.

One night, though, tragedy struck the young girl. While out on an evening fishing trip, a storm blew up and washed her father over the side of the fishing boat. Mohria was helpless to save him as the sea swallowed him. She drifted on the boat until she was rescued by other Seacrafters. Upon returning home she heard her stepmother discussing plans to sell 'Stargazer', and Mohria ran.

She made her way to the weyr, distressed and not sure where else to go. She found a job in the stables, and worked there making a few friends. She learned how to play the windreed pipe, and was then Searched for a clutch. On the sands when she was sixteen turns old, blue Riordanth found her.

The blue was energetic and tiny, and the pair enjoyed a Weyrlinghood full of love and learning. And, yes, a little bit of teasing for Rio's small size, but it didn't really bother either of them. He was small, and he planned to use that smallness to his advantage.

After graduation the pair settled into their wing duties, and it wasn't long after that that Riordanth found a likely candidate in a Seacrafter named Firmin. Searching the teen was a thrill, and at that hatching he became F'min, bonding to brown Voldrath. After his graduation, he and Mohria formed a relationship, and it wasn't many turns afterwards that they weyrmated and had their first son - Crispin.

Shortly after his birth, Crispin became sick. The next few turns of his life were spent with frequent sicknesses, especially during the winter. This, along with F'min's desire to help with Eastern Weyr, made the decision for the family to transfer to Eastern. However, before they could travel, Crispin fell ill again. F'min went on ahead, and Mohria waited behind with their son, waiting for him to be well enough to make the trip.

It was a month after F'min left that Mohria got another surprise. She was pregnant. Two more months passed before she could finally travel to Eastern to rejoin her weyrmate, bringing along their son - and unborn child.


Riordanth - The energetic, lively little blue is truly the delight of Mohria's life. Happy, empathetic, and with an innate ability to sense what is wrong with his rider, Riordanth is almost always cheerful and child-like, keeping Mohria on her toes.

F'min - Little did Mohria know that when Riordanth Searched Firmin for a High Reaches clutch that she was looking at her future Weyrmate. She found in the soon-to-be brownrider a steady presence that both calms her and stabilizes her. It's no wonder she refers to him as her rock. But only in private, of course.

Crispin - Her son with F'min. Mohria never wanted children, fearing the responsibility and inability to be free to do what she pleased. Though, the moment the boy was laid in her arms, she changed her mind. She loves him very much, and his recurring illnesses weigh heavily on her. She hopes that the change in climate will help his health, and that he'll grow into a robust, healthy boy.

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