Moonlit Musings


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Date: 9/7/10 (IC: Day #: 22 Month #: 10 Turn #: 1 Time : 01:44:00 AM)
Location: EW: Upper Bowl Center
Synopsis: Ahnika and Jhath encounter Rocio and Eovarijath in the middle of the bowl in the middle of the night and briefly talk about weyrlinghood and those they know and haven't seen.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Upper Bowl Center

Most of the traffic to and from the Upper Bowl passes through this section of the bowl. There's a path of sorts worn into the otherwise uneven ground, just wide enough to permit the smaller carts and wagons. To the west are the hatching grounds and the infirmary weyr; to the east are the weyrling barracks, feeding pens and lakeshore. Though the walls of this bowl are high and steep, there is always plenty of sky to be seen here. The shadows cross here only in the earliest and latest hours.

Moonlight lightens the pale Eovarijath to almost ghostlike quality, her fine runner's lines fuzzed into indistinct blobs that move with the characteristic cantering gait that she seems to favor. Nearby, also favoring paler hues, a top-to-bottom ivory upright figure, lithe and slender, pads an unseen path. No glows mark her way; indeed, only the luminescent orbs of her lifemate.

Scrubbing at her eyes and stomping a marshaling path of her own as she yawns, Ahnika and her green lifemate Jhath are doing their own meandering out into the center of the bowl. It is only when they get closer to the center of it, however, do they stop and look skyward at the stars, in unison, as they do often, and holding a private conversation between each other. It takes a few moments before some ghostlike motion captures the attention of the green weyrling pair and both seem to peer more closely at Eovarijath and Rio until the gold pair come into focus more. “Rio,” Ahni calls out in greeting after a moment, “And Eovarijath. Trouble sleeping, too?”

Dragon> To Eovarijath, Jhath sends on currents of sweet incense and the warmth of a low fire at a hearth, « Good evening, m'lady. »

"I had a thought about the glows." Rio speaks, after she startles. She'd not seen or heard the other. While Ahnika and Jhath are so attuned to one another as to share motions as well as emotions, Rio finds Eovarijath such a delight in the rich tapestry of -differences- between that one and herself. So her distraction was complete, and the gold flares her wings and half leaps into the air in a forbidden play at flight, before dropping back down. "Ahnika. Jhath. Hello. Why aren't you two sleeping?"

“Glows?” Ahnika asks, genuinely seeming perplexed. But she is distracted from that line by watching the graceful and playful leap by the young gold. So, she takes a moment before returning her attention to Rio and answering easily enough with a slight rub at the back of her neck. “A dream,” Ahni says softly, somewhat guardedly. “It … woke us both up and Jhath got to talking about flaming Thread at night and how it might be worked out, tactics-wise, and …” she chuckles, reaching over as Jhath leans into her and the young woman begins to rub her headknobs, “ … here we are.” Then she looks back to Rio and Eovarijath, “How are you both this evening?”

The gold dragon wavers in her next movement, before trotting over to Jhath and inhaling the green's scent, before dust-motes and runner-sweat touch the mental links, « Jhath! What have you learned this day, these days, that I have not yet learned? » Perhaps that is a test, or the question is in earnest. The odd queen gives no hints. "She is kind of as one-track as Eovarijath is, about flying, isn't she? "What was your dream? Or," there's a smile in Rio's voice, "was it about a 'who', and I should not ask?"

Jhath, for her part, remains where she stands – or slightly leans – into Ahni’s headknob rubbing as the gold approaches. However, she has deep respect for the golds and their authority by virtue of being born gold, and as such she lowers her head dutifully (even if it means momentarily being out of reach for Ahni’s hand) and respectfully toward Eovarijath and Rio. Then she straightens, affecting a somewhat “at-attention” stand for a dragon anyway, as she responds to the gold, «Regrettably, m’lady, I know not what you have learned to be able to say what I have learned that is different. Mine was just showing me the stars, however, and talking about them some as well as speculating what it might mean to fly at night, and that is something that the others have not come with us to do, should it please you to know, m’lady. » Ahni seems not inclined to pursue the glows statement further, herself, just grinning down at her lifemate a moment before looking back at Rio with a slight coloring of her cheeks, which may or may not be noticed considering the hour. She clears her throat and gives a little helpless shrug, “Just a dream. Little more.” She could be meaning aspirations, or she could be meaning that which woke her up, but Ahni is not seeming inclined to elaborate, at least not while Jhath is awake. Then she looks skyward once more, “Yes, some, I think. She seems to just want to get up there and defend Pern, but she can get distracted with other things. It’s … important, flaming Thread, but I think the bigger thing for her is righting what she sees as something that is wrong if that makes any sense. So, if she finds other things that are wrong, to her, she can get distracted there, too.” She smiles to Rio and Eo then, and says, “How are you two getting along in training?”

"No complaints. She is delightful." Rio admits her adoration of her dragon, though Eovarijath remains well out of the reach of casual contact. Now the gold is stalking around Jhath and Ahnika, her tail flicking thoughtfully, as she casts a dubious look heavenwards. The gold returns, « I would like to know how it is to fly at any time. Night as well as light. The stars are not hindrances to freedom. » Rio, privy to her gold's words at least ,flicks her regard over to Ahnika, "Justice? Good. I think we have some bullies among us. Eovarijath does not seem to favor them, either. A united front is likely better." To the other topic, that of 'whom', Rio remains silent. Well. Almost. "Seen E'ro around lately? I am feeling like most of the Weyr is avoiding we Weyrlings."

The disciplined soldier-like large (for her age and color) green dragonet, maintains her position easily enough as she is circled by the gold, unperturbed by the ‘inspection’ as it were, it seems. But she does respond respectfully, « Aye, m’lady, as you say. As would I. And we will. Soon. I’m sure on’t, m’lady. » Ahnika grins a little and nods, glancing at Eovarijath and then Jhath, and then back to Rio. “Definitely agree with you on the united front, there.” Then the latter question has Ahni frowning slightly, but only in thought and not in displeasure, trying to remember the last time she had seen E’ro. “No, I’m afraid I haven’t seen him. I’m surprised really. I thought he would have been by to gloat on his having Searched me and proven me wrong. We did make a deal after all.” She shrugs, not really upset at the bronzerider as she once was, “But I’m sure he’s okay.” After all, if he had fallen to Thread, the whole weyr would have known about it, right? She looks back at Rio, “You’re probably right. It’s probably just because we are so isolated from everyone right now.”

"Have you seen Neythan?" Some among the Candidates might have speculated on a romance between Rocio and the Smith. Others may have instead bet on its being a considered friendship. Not clear, really. But there's something of an off key in Rio's words, and a quick glance of keen gold wedge-head, to suggest that whatever the sentiment, it is deeply felt. "He wanted to remain in the Weyr. I figured he'd be by. But perhaps he's disappointed. I was sure he'd take bronze, but after meeting Tuorth… I can see why he didn't." Rio moves along, then. "The other bronzes, I haven't met. We haven't really interacted with. Have you?"

Shaking her head with genuine regret to the next question, Ahnika responds, “No, and I’m sorry he didn’t Impress, too. I liked him. He seemed really … clever.” A word she usually reserves for Jhath, which probably speaks to the esteem she feels for Neythan, but the very observant would realize that it is a platonic esteem, nothing romantic in her like for him suggested in her demeanor. “I haven’t seen him, but I’d believe we’d see E’ro before we see Neythan, unless we find him at meals or in the baths or around the lake. That seems to be the only time I meet those who aren’t riders, myself.” Like a certain someone who shall remain nameless, perhaps. Yet the redhead does turn her gaze momentarily toward the direction of the Feeding Pens, even if she can’t see them at this hour. Then she turns back to Rio, “Not gotten to know too many of the other bronzes, either, no. Just Tuorth, and M’zen and I were friends before, sort of, so …” that is her explanation and she shrugs once more. “Jhath seems to pay more attention to the adult dragon conversations than those in the weyrling barracks,” but that’s not a big surprise as the green is insatiable in wanting to learn all things related to the defense of Pern.

"Ah. I hope he hasn't gotten transferred." Either 'he'. Rio found them both charming, in their own ways. But she also looks toward the feeding pens. Nothing clicks for her, though. Rio seems entrenched in the world of feeding and oiling and exercising her dragonet, and has really not paid attention to whatever ambient gossip is going on. Even now, Eovarijath strays, heading toward the lake with a pronounced 'come-hither' gait, and a few looks cast over her shoulder. Rio actually laughs, at that, and shakes her head. "Well. Looks like she and I won't be the only ones falling asleep at morning revelry, Ahnika. I hope you two can sleep soon. Not sure we will, but I think we'll sleep well!" Her hand indicates the wayward gold, once more, before she herself starts shuffling in that direction.

“Would be a shame if he was,” Ahnika agrees in response, though for her part she still believes Rio to be talking about Neythan, not that the redhead clarifies this verbally, of course. Her head, as does Jhath’s turn to follow Eovarijath’s departure with polite attention before Rio’s laugh draws their attention back to the gold’s lifemate. Ahnika grins, and nods, “I hope you can, too. Sleep well, that is. Be well!” The last said a little louder as Rio makes her departure.

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