The Morning After Escaeth's Flight


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Date: Sunday September 5th
Location: L'han's Weyr
Synopsis: The morning after Riordanth wins Escaeth's flight, both riders get dressed and talk.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Mohria

Well, the flight over, two very happy dragons find themselves curled up out on the ledge belonging to Escaeth, while the two riders find themselves sleeping on L'han's bed. The weyr is sparsely furnished, prehaps due to his exile out at Landing, but the bed is comfy enough and that is where the two wound up for last night's… festivities. L'han wakes up first, his eyes opening to find Mohria in the bed next to him with a wry smile. As he wakes, so does the green outside as both dragon and rider check on each other. Since everything seems to be alright, the green simply lies back down with Riordanth and L'han just stays in bed, trying to remember exactly all that happened last night.

Riordanth awakens a little bit when Escaeth does, and with a soft rumble and a fond, pleased and adoring croon for the green, he rubs his muzzle against her neck. « You are an amazing flyer, » he whispers to her, the mountain stream of his mind quiet and calm. Inside the weyr, Mohria stirs on the bed, turning her naked body over to lay on her stomach. Reaching out, she grabs another pillow to jam beneath her head, mumbling something into the fabric. She moves again, one leg draping over L'han's.

L'han grins as Mohria flips on over to her stomach as he looks over towards the entrance. Escaeth croons back to the blue with her, « Thank you darling. You were quite wonderful yourself. Mine is awake, but yours seems to want to sleep more… shall we let her? » We probably referring to both herself and L'han.

Riordanth's rumble is more like a laugh as he politely turns his head away from the green to yawn. No one likes dragon morning breath. « She'll be up in a moment, » he says confidently, the boundless love he feels for his rider leaking through their mental connection. Snuggling up with Escaeth once more, the little blue blinks his eyes and gazes drowsily across the landscape. Inside, Mohria makes another muffled sound into the pillow and finally flops over onto her side. Lifting a hand, she pushes her short hair away from her face, finally opening klah-brown eyes. For a moment her look is blank as she finds herself in an unfamiliar bed - and with an unfamiliar man beside her - but then it all comes back and she smiles slowly. "Morning." She draws her leg back, but makes no hasty movements to either cover herself up or leave, simply smiling over at L'han. "That was a great flight," she says.

Escaeth croons as she just enjoys the morning snuggle. She is still worn from the flight last night, so she'll enjoy this as long as it lasts. L'han smiles back to Mohria and says, "Indeed it was. My girl and I weren't disappointed." The answering bugle from the green causes L'han to laugh before he remarks, "You looked like you wanted to sleep in a little bit yet, so I didn't want to wake you up, Mohria."

Mohria chuckles at the green's bugle, nodding her head. "Riordanth never disappoints," she says confidently, smiling over at L'han. "And I certainly enjoyed myself. Mmm." She shifts her body with a low and contented sigh. "It's been a long time since he's chased," she admits. "The last few months we were at Reaches Crispin was sick and I wasn't feeling well either, so he refrained for our sakes." She reaches out a hand to trail her fingers along L'han's bicep, smiling. "Oh, no, I'm fine to wake up now."

L'han eyes Mohria's fingers with an amused gaze as he looks back to her, "Back at Fort, she was one of the favorites to be chased, I was worried about how much interest she would get here." A hand of his trails down the outer thigh of Mohria's down the leg draped over his own before he asks, "Crispin… that's your little boy with F'min?"

Mohria shivers at the touch with a pleased smile. "Were you really? Riordanth is head over tail for her. She's such a sweetheart. And an amazing flyer. He's quite enamored with her. And you are no slouch in bed either," she says with a wink. On the ledge, Riordanth warbles his agreement, nuzzling Escaeth's neck tenderly. Scooting a little closer to L'han, Mohria enjoys the casual morning after touch and conversation, her hand taking its time to explore his chest. Since, you know, things were a bit too heated last night to do much exploring. "Yes," she answers, smiling. "He is F'min's and my son."

L'han smiles nodding, "Yeah, since I was out at Landing till she started glowing and thank you Mohria, you're not bad yourself." The wink is returned, as the two enjoy this moment. Some riders are awkward the morning after, some boot the other out as soon as they're awake, others are like this. Escaeth returns the nuzzle to Riordanth, her happiness chiming through their minds as they wait for the sun to rise more. "How old is Crispin? Most riders, at least the women, don't have children until they are older because of between. And you're still quite young." He means to make his point, but he is enjoying Mohria's presence too much to risk offending her out of his bed.

Mohria smiles, letting her fingers trail along his skin. "Ahh. Worried that she'd show up and everyone would go, 'who is that?' Why are you out at Landing so much, anyway? I might have asked you that before." She laughs softly. "I have a memory about as bad as Riordanth's, I'm afraid. Crispin? He's five turns. And no, I'm not that old," she says with a sly little grin. "I had him when I was twenty six." She looks down and runs a hand over her stomach. "And this one when I'm thirty one."

L'han raises a eyebrow and then nods. "Ahh yes, Voldrath did let us all know you were pregnant again the other day. Congradulations." He smiles at that but when she asks about Landing he replies, "Punishment for irritating one Weyrwomen and fighting with the other's weyrmate. So I get to spend most of my time out at Landing where they figure I'm likely to cause less trouble. Escaeth both loves it and hates it… large open skies and new smells, but lonely without the comfort of the Weyr and other dragons around." He sighs and says, "It's not like I plan for these things to happen Escaeth." The green lets out a bugle mostly in the weyr's direction, as though reminding her bonded that their posting is -his- fault.

Mohria smiles, finally pulling away from the greenrider and sitting up. Pushing hands through her hair she looks around for her clothing, but she still isn't in any hurry. "Thank you," she says. "I don't particularly enjoy being pregnant, but the…result is worth it." Looking over her shoulder at him she smiles, and then she stands, walking around the weyr. "Oh, yes. What did you fight about? I'm sure once you get out there Riordanth and I will be visiting quite often. Do you have to go between to get there, though? Poor Escaeth." Riordanth croons soothingly to the green. « I will visit, m'lady green. We will fly and play and you will not be lonely. »

L'han replies, "The Headwoman, Indira, asked me to have Escaeth put a healer up on the reaches. I found out later that she -did- have a good reason as I suspected she did. The healer was padding his expenses for a mistress he was keeping. But anyways, Alara didn't like that I did that without their say-so so she sent her weyrmate down to talk to me about it. Short story, he and I talked, stuff was said that was stupid, I hit him, he hit me, Rauzath and Kaseth showed up fit to be tied, and Alara gave me the watchrider's duty in Landing as punishment for the healer and the fight. The only thing I don't like about it is we're generally not allowed to come back to Eastern unless it's for a reason, such as if Escaeth is hungry or a person needs a lift. And yeah you can reach Landing just by flying, it's a hour or so south-west of the Weyr. Escaeth can give Riordanth directions if he needs them." The mentioned blue gets an affectionate nuzzle of the green. « Thank you, dear. Things do get lonely out there, even with the odd visiting dragon from here or there. »

« I will visit lots, » Riordanth promises his now-mate. Mohria listens to the story as she finds her bra and tunic, pulling them on as she looks around for panties and pants and socks and boots. "Were the goldriders upset with Indira as well?" she wants to know, glancing back at L'han. Finding his tunic, she tosses it gently onto the foot of the bed. "How long is the posting?"

L'han replies as he pulls his tunic towards him to start getting dressed himself. "They were more upset with the fight than about the healer. Indira I think got a talking to, but no real punishment. She did bring me a basket of goodies to Landing as an apology. She didn't think things had to go so far. But as far as how long the posting is… forever? Neither Alara or Randi have set a limit on how long it will last. Escaeth has been trying to prompt the queens to have Alara and Randi talk to me, but neither seems to want to deal with it much with everything else going on. Weyrlings and such. Even though I think we're the senior greenpair in the Weyr, we're likely not to get the chance to instruct at all." A pity too, L'han and Escaeth are really good at flying. It's what they do after all.

Mohria frowns, "That's hardly fair for them to not give you a time limit," she says. "Rio and I took Candidates out of the weyr close to the hatching and all we got was a few sevendays of extra sweeps. If I see them, I'll ask them," she promises, finding the rest of her clothes and pulling it on, sitting on the edge of the bed once more. "Dragons belong in weyrs."

L'han shrugs and says, "I do not lay any blame on them, Mohria. If either refuses to deal with it for too long, it will come to the attention of Southern eventually and their Weyrwomen will probably want to know why me and Escaeth are at Landing all the time." He nods to her latter statement, "I don't mind too much having my own freedom, but not being able to take turns with another rider for the watch is a little extreme."

Mohria turns her head to look at him for a moment, and then she shrugs. "If you say so. I'd be irritated and demand they at least talk to me about it. Make sure they haven't just forgotten about you out there."

L'han nods to Mohria and says, "Don't worry, we will. Escaeth reminded Kaseth a little bit back before we came in for the flight of that very thing. They can't leave us out there forever, most especially not a green. Kaseth reprimanded Escaeth for trying to tell her what she can and cannot do and then ignored the matter entirely. So…. who knows." He shrugs, as he finishes pulling on his pants to where he can accompany Mohria to the door when she's all set to go.

Mohria rolls her eyes, shaking her head as she fluffs her hair. "I wouldn't talk to the golds. Talk to the riders. The golds…golds are crazy." She shrugs, having little reverence for the precious metal dragons. "So now that she's flown you have to go back?" she asks. She walks to the door and looks out onto the ledge, where Riordanth snuggles even tighter against Escaeth. His entire body language reads: Don't make me leave!

L'han follows Mohria out and says, "That does seem to be the case… Rauzath is… ok. Kaseth's mind feels like an ocean when she tries to focus on you… or so Escaeth says anyways." He looks over to his green where she's snuggled up with Riordanth and smiles before he looks back to Mohria, "Not right away, will have to let whoever's out there now know that she's flown. Probably talk to Alara just to be certain I'm still supposed to go out there again."

Mohria nods, "Sounds like a plan," she says, smiling fondly at the snuggling dragons. "If you don't mind, I'd like to leave him here until she's tired of snuggling. He loves this part almost as much as the flight itself," she admits, chuckling. Leaning over, she tries to put her arm around L'han's waist and give his cheek a kiss, if he doesn't pull away. "I had fun, thank you."

L'han allows the arm around him and the kiss with a smile as he looks back to Mohria, "You're welcome Mohria. I am glad Riordanth caught her." He looks back to the snuggling dragons before he looks back to the edge and smiles, "How are you going to get down though, since you kicked my ladder away after the flight?" Oops. But maybe someone replaced it during the night since it would have been lying near the stairs.

"Oh, shit," Mohria mutters, going over to the ledge and peering down. The ladder is sprawled at the top of the stairs. "Have any rope? Maybe I could loop it around that edge there that's peeking off the stairs and haul it back up." She looks over her shoulder at him and winks. "Can you blame me for wanting you all to myself?"

L'han laughs as he goes back into the weyr, emerging with the coiled rope that he's known to carry when riding. "Something that never loses it's purpose, rope." He uncoils it and hands the length with it's loop to Mohria and says, "Useful for tying up criminals, herdbeasts, and women." He gives Mohria a cheeky little wink at that before he steps back before she decides to tie him up with it.

Mohria laughs, shaking out the coil. "Don't get any ideas," she says teasingly, kneeling on the side of the ledge and letting the rope dangle. "Maybe next flight," she laughs. Swinging the rope, she misses catching the ladder on the first try, and she pulls it up for a second one.

L'han chuckles as he nods, "I'll keep that in mind, Escaeth sure seems to like Riordanth so it's a possiblity." He looks over the edge at the ladder and then at the neigboring rock, as though judging if he could clime down it or not. "Why do they not carve steps all the way to the top?" He will definately need to take this up with the crafters. It would not be really all that hard to do after all.

Mohria shrugs, "I don't know. Too much work, probably, and really how often are they used? So much easier just to fly." She glances at Riordanth, who is pretending to be asleep so his rider doesn't ask him to take her down. "Most of the time, anyway." She grins back at L'han and nods, "I'm sure he'll be there for all the flights he can manage." She swings the rope once more and it catches on the top of the ladder, Gently she tugs on it until the loop is tight, and then she starts to slowly pull it off. "Hope it doesn't -" she begins, before that which she was hoping wouldn't happen…happens. The loop slips off the end of the ladder and it tumbles down the stairs, landing well out of the reach of any length of rope. "Damn," Mohria says, sitting on her butt and letting her legs swing over the edge. She looks back at L'han, chuckling. "Mind if I stay here for a little while? Or would you like us gone?" « Nooooo. »

L'han smiles and shakes his head, "It is quite alright. You're as welcome as Riordanth is." The two spend the time while their dragons snuggle together talking to each other, enjoying the morning air until their dragons have had their fill and it's time to get to their duties.

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