Position Wingrider
Dragon Bronze Zateriyath
Former title(s) Wingrider, (Igen Weyr). Weyrling, (Igen Weyr). Candidate, (Igen Weyr). Holdbrat (Igen Hold).
Sex Male
Age 21
Place of Birth Igen
Family Layla, Fadil; Sadia, Diya
Faction Neutral with Progressive leanings.
Portrayed By Salim Kechiouche
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A lean build shows 'riding-wrought muscle in definition rather than bulk; N'zi is well-proportioned, and stands tall at 5'11". His skin is a dusky olive warmed to gold by the desert sun, and he moves with confidence, rather than grace. Hair and eyes are both dark: the former, brown so dark it seems black, save when lightened by the sun; the latter, brown that shades into grey rather than gold near the pupils. His features are even, mobile, though they lend themselves more to subtle shifts of expression than to overt ones; the face that frames them is sharply angular, the line of his jaw often defined by a very slight, well-manicured, scruff.

Character History

Desert bred, desert born: N'zi is an Igenite not just due to the location of his birth, but thanks to generations of family come before him. Like man, like lifemate: the same is true, in equal measure, of bronze Zateriyath.

With Igen as point of origin firmly established, it should be noted that Nazir hails from the Hold, rather than the weyr; the first child of two happily married parents, he was followed somewhat less than promptly by two siblings in sucession: Sadia, four years his junior, and Diya, six years hers. Hold-bred and Harper-trained, Nazir was a quiet, self-contained boy who did well, if not spectacularly, at his lessons and harbored a (terribly poorly kept) secret passion for music. By the time he hit puberty, it looked like the future laid out before him was a certain one: sponsorship to the Harper Hall, and (he, his parents hoped), a lifetime within its walls. (Who knows how well that would have worked out: while he had a talent for music, his people skills — and desire to be around most of them, really, were somewhat lacking.)

Fate had other ideas, however: shortly after the final arrangements were made, but before young Nazir could actually leave the hold, Igen's dragons rode in Search. One of Igen's dragons — brown Atalanth decided that Nazir's time could be much, much better spent as a candidate at their weyr. And just like that — with some negotiation between U'rrem, the hall, and his parents, he found himself getting a crash-course in Weyr life. He wasn't -quite- a backwoods hick, but there was still a great deal of culture-shock; he adapted, though not without stumbles and the occassional faux-pas, but eventually Hatching day came. Fully expecting — perhaps, even wishing — to be left on the sands, an even bigger shock awaited him. Among Impressions left and right (Ch'rii's included), one gangly, egg-wet bronze whose hide reminded him of the desert-hot sands of home abruptly /became/ home: Zateriyath found him, and gave him a goal; a new purpose, a new home.

N'zi — as he was now known — and Zat (as his rider insisted on calling him) were young, for their weyrling class, but it soon became obvious: the pair combined were born to fight Thread. With N's head for tactics and Zat's drive, as the pair grew they settled comfortably into their new life — and, for all of his dreams of the Hall, N'zi could really see no other. While his confidence and, to some degree, arrogance have increased, most of his interpersonal — that is to say, romantic, especially — contact is still dragon-driven; he's won a few flights, but never a goldflight, and seems to be more comfortable with these occasional once-or-twice trysts than attempting anything long-term. He has his dragon, after all.

The interests that would have kept his mind active at the hall are what eventually saw him leaving Igen Weyr: while he mostly remains a neutral party in the progressive versus traditonalist debate, there -is- a driving curiousity that occasionally crept up at inopportune moments. A few too many comments over the turns, a few too many subtly excited looks when new technology was discussed — eventually, he was asked to leave his home Weyr, and to find another. It was, for all that, mostly an amicable parting: if he outgrows this youthful fascination, why, he was a valued member of the Weyr for quite some time, you know. Eastern has, since, taken him in.

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