Need To Know


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Date: 2010.09.29
Location: EW - Headwoman's Office
Synopsis: L’han happens by Indira’s office at the most opportune time and agrees to make two deliveries for her.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Indira

It's early in the evening for Eastern so folks are starting to wind down from their day and relaxing, but for some the day doesn't end so soon. True for Landing's watchrider who finds himself ferrying a person to the Weyr for their business, but thankfully these rare opportunities allow the greenrider to visit those he knows in the Weyr. And so L'han makes his way to Indira's office having not seen the Headwoman in quite awhile. He raps on the doorframe as he gets there, so not to suprise the Headwoman if she's busy.

Indira is not alone in her office, a bald headed man of around the same age as she is currently seated in the ‘guest of honour’ chair and the two are talking in low voices. When L’han knocks, dark eyes pin swiftly to him and Yaron twists in his chair and sets eyes of steel blue onto the greenrider. While the headwoman’s visitor narrows his gaze, she herself sends a warm smile the watchrider’s way. Rising she moves around her desk to greet him with a quick hug, if he’ll let her, “L’han, you come as if bidden.” Not in the least bit phased that it looks like he may have interrupted something.

L'han returns the gaze of the visitor with a cool one of his own before he looks to the seated woman with a smile. "Headwoman, good evening… I trust I am not disturbing anything?" He glances to her visitor with some curiosity, but this is Indira's business so if she says nothing, he won't pry.

“No, not disturbing anything,” Indira assures as she ushers L’han further into her office and pulls another chair from the corner forward. “Yaron, L’han. L’han, Yaron,” introductions made she slips back behind her desk and once seated rests her elbows on her desk and steeples her fingers together. “You’ve been well, L’han?” this asked with that same warm smile still in place. Yaron for his part sends a nod the greenrider’s way after the introductions uttering simply, “L’han.”

L'han allows himself to be ushered in and when introductions are made and Yaron greets him, he returns the man's nod with one of his own, "Yaron." He looks back to the Headwoman taking the proffered seat and says, "Oh just flying back and forth between here and Landing, keeping an eye out for Thread and trouble. How have things been here?"

Gaze going between the two men, it settles on L’han and Indira answers wryly, “Been busy. Need a little help though if you could perhaps see your way clear?” tone lilting upward in hopeful cadence. Yaron utters a soft snort on the matter of things having been busy but remains otherwise silent. “Remember a while back we spoke of your potentially running a few errands for me here and there?”

L'han nods and says, "I remember. So long as those errands don't keep me away from Landing for an extended time, I can do them. As I'm taking it you'd prefer these errands be kept quiet?" The greenrider glances at Yaron, wondering just what he has to do with things.

For the first time since L’han stepped into the office, Yaron sends the idea of a grin his way when he automatically gets that the errands should be kept on the down low, “Like him,” he says to Indira, jerking a thumb the greenrider’s way. Which earns the bald headed man a light smirk but the headwoman’s attention goes to L’han with a small smile and nod of head, “Yaron here needs a lift down to Landing and likely another back in a sevenday’s time unless something comes up between now and then. And this,” sliding a small hide wrapped package toward the greenrider, “Needs to be delivered to D’ral, the watchrider at Crom.” And perhaps recalling the trouble the poor dragonrider had gotten into with the whole healer on the bowl rim incident she adds, “Nothing nefarious for you to be worrying over, L’han. But is it essential that as few as possible know of our investigations,” giving him some hint there and then tipping a brow upward, “We can count on your dragon’s discretion in this too?”

L'han glances at Yaron with a grin and a nod, before his eyes unfocus in that way that says rider is talking to dragon. When he comes back, he nods to Indira. "She won't tell." He reaches over to take the package and asks, "Should I be wondering what these investigations are regarding? And also, who else is in the know? There are some in this Weyr that are adept at fishing for information that don't need to know."

“Ongoing from the hatching,” Indira decides to at least give him that much, “And…runner thieves.” Which might seem a little odd. “It’s on a need to know basis. You’re running me a few favours, so you need to know.” At least some of it and approval shows up in her expression for L’han’s latter words, “Aye, which is why I know I can count on you to be…discreet.” A smile showing up at the end there.

L'han nods at the mention of the hatching, although runner thieves does bring a frown to his lips before he says, "I see. Do either of the Weyrwomen know?" He waits for an answer before he asks, "Whats the bit with the runner thieves? You think they had a hand in what happened to the eggs?"

“Max is on it,” Indira gives on the topic of runner thieves and whether or not the Weyrwomen have been apprised of anything. Yaron sets a careful look onto the headwoman and then slides it over to L’han but he leaves her to answer. “No, L’han. I don’t think they are. But better to rather be safe than sorry, aye?”

L'han nods to those answers and says, "Aye, it is. Better safe than sorry." He nods and says, "Was there anything else that I can help you with, Headwoman?" He glances at Yaron as well, gauging his view of this meeting.

“Well aside from catching up on gossip,” the kind that is a simple matter of who’s doing who and which Master down at Landing is this week’s flavour of unfavourable, “No. Thank you, L’han, your help in this is appreciated.” Both Indira and Yaron stand, with the bulky bald headed man bending to take up a backpack that had been lying against his chair.

L'han nods and rises as well at that. "You're welcome, Indira. I hope this helps resolve the Weyr's problems." He glances to Yaron and asks, "Need that ride to Landing today?" The watchrider puts the package he was given under his arm as he waits either to be ushered out or he gets his answer to that.

Indira’s chuckle is low held and wry, but her words are at least civil, “One can only hope. Every little bit helps, L’han.” Yaron, for all that he has the spine to stand his ground against a raging bull and can hold his own easily in a bar fight, looks a little pale when the greenrider puts that question to him and thus answers hastily, “No, no. Tomorrow’s good if that’s when you’re heading back.” Hoping to delay that frightful trip Between. The headwoman laughs outright and swats the bald headed man’s thick shoulder, “Oh don’t be such a wuss, Yaron. Jays, you’d swear his green was going to do acrobatics and drop you in the middle of a volcano.” All that gets her is a disgruntled snort and the man lumbers his way toward the door when she moves to usher the two men out, leaving it to them to sort out whether they’d be leaving this night, or the next morning.

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