Neni Meet Nanny


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Date: 2010.08.03
Location: Central Bowl
Synopsis: Nenienne meets Nanny the goat and Leron, although no names are exchanged.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Leron

Mid-morning, just before the lunch hour finds the central bowl its usual hive of activity. So much so, that one might at first miss the lanky teen scuffing along one of the paths worn by the carts and wagons with none other than, a nanny goat in tow. A nanny goat that doesn’t seem particularly happy for the outing if the intermittent bleating is anything to go by.

Nenienne is walking briskly, looking down at the ground, and occasionally wiping the drizzle from her eyes. After one particularly loud bleat she looks up, watery eyes and all, to see Leron and his charge. Without missing a beat she changes direction and heads over. To Leron she says, "Hello, mind if I pet your goat?"

Lost in his own little world, just Leron and the goat, walking along, it’s a good moment or two before Nenienne’s greeting filters in. Stopping abruptly he turns, putting a somewhat glazed look onto her, “I don’t have a goat.” And then as an afterthought, a smile breaks free, “Hi.”

Nenienne mmm-hmmmms, then points to the nanny. "What is she, then?" Her usual frown accompanies the question, though she doesn't sound particularly angry.

Turning his head over his shoulder ever so slowly, Leron eyes the creature for a good long while before shrugging and stating, “A goat.” The goat by return sends out a confirming bleat and then both swing their heads to regard Nenienne with open interest.

"Mind if I pet her?" Nenienne asks patiently. "

Leron sends the goat another glance, and then eyes Nenienne in silence for a while before he shrugs and leads the creature forward, “Sure, if you want to.” Though it’s clear to see he can’t fathom why someone would possibly want to pet such an obstinate creature.

Nenienne reaches out slowly, giving the goat time to get used to her. Meanwhile, she asks "What are you doing with her out in this weather, anyway?"

The goat, a nanny goat by the over-full udder, is not a particularly friendly creature and lowers her head as if about to headbutt Nenienne. Too late Leron’s warning comes, “She’s not real friendly.” Tipping his head upward, seemingly oblivious of the rain that falls on his face, he grins, “Going for a walk.” There’s probably a good reason for doing so, but he’s not saying right now.

Nenienne, for her part, withdraws her hand and says "Too bad." Once again wiping rain from her eyes, she notes, "She might be more friendly if she was milked. I don't blame her for being grumpy when she's overfull like that." Her tone is slightly aggrieved, as if for the goat's sake.

Slouching and shoving his free hand into his pocket, Leron puts a slightly disparaging look onto Nenienne, “She’s a mean one. Only way to milk her, is to get her tuckered out first.” Hence the walking. A curious look is now tipped the other’s way, “You a beasthandler then?”

Nenienne shakes her head. "Although we did raise animals as well as crops in my family's cothold."

Mud on his boots and on the hems of his trousers, Leron scuffs a toe at the slush, adding further to what already clings there, “From around here?” The southern continent. With Nenienne having withdrawn her hand, the goat then decides it to be a good idea to try and headbutt the backs of her handler’s knees, thus causing them to buckle briefly and the young stablehand to almost cave forward. Recovering his balance just in time a sheepish grin appears and as if to gloss over the near face first splat in the mud, puts another question over to the candidate, “You do anything in particular before you got that? Her knot.

Nenienne shakes her head, then says "I'm from a small cot beholden to Misty, which is in turn beholden to Tillek. And if you mean becoming a candidate, then yes, I was a journeyman Smith specializing in jewelry." Although her words may seem impatient, they are spoken evenly and with no particular rancor. Unless you count her ever-present frown.

All the impatient words and frown earn Nenienne in return is a beatific smile from Leron. With some bemusement, “You gave up an interesting career like that to stake a chance on a dragon?” Still somewhat confounded by such a thing, “Can you go back again if there isn’t one for you?” By this time, Nanny the goat has started to get restless with the need to be milked and is starting to tug in the general direction of the beast caverns.

Nenienne nods, her frown even easing a bit, saying mysteriously, "Finally." Then, she adds, "I didn't accept search until I was told I would be allowed back with my earned rank."

Just then the goat gives a tug hard enough to pull the rope from Leron’s hand and hurtles off down the beaten path. Blink! Leron gapes at Nenienne as if somehow she had engineered that move and then he’s darting off after the creature, calling over his shoulder as he splashes and slips through the mud, “Good for you!” Laughter rather than annoyance for the goat giving him the slip, all that’s left in his wake.

Nenienne just shakes her head as she watches the goat take off, then wipes her eyes once again and begins off in the direction she had originally been walking.

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