Neni Versus The Blue


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Date: July 22, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Upper Bowl Center
Synopsis: OnIn the midst of an impromptu shanty Nenienne is discovered as a candidate.
Rating: G
Logger: Atsya

Most of the traffic to and from the Upper Bowl passes through this
section of the bowl. There's a path of sorts worn into the otherwise uneven
ground, just wide enough to permit the smaller carts and wagons. To the west
are the hatching grounds and the infirmary weyr; to the east are the
weyrling barracks, feeding pens and lakeshore. Though the walls of this bowl
are high and steep, there is always plenty of sky to be seen here. The
shadows cross here only in the earliest and latest hours.

Nenienne is chatting with F'min and Vanielle. F'min is carving something of wood, while his dragon ignores the trio.

Vanielle chuckles. "So what are some of your favorite types of food you two?"

F'min chuckles. "I don't suppose it'll be long before word of my famous sweet tooth gets out," he allows, returning his attention to his hands as they work the knife skillfully and smoothly. "Cari made th'best bubbly pies in all o'Pern. But a whiff o'one o'those little pastries, an'I'm a done man."

Nenienne says decisively, "Klah."

Vanielle thinks. "I'd have to say breads, or pastries…"

Zhiyth appears from between high above the bowl, bugling his name as he sets into a slow gliding spiral, enjoying for a brief moment the updraft from the mountain as rider and dragon enjoy a few more moments in the air. Just reaching full growth he is not near the largest of the blues, but has a trimmer appearance than his larger brethren. As he gets lower they start for the upper bowl.

F'min raises an eyebrow in Nenienne's direction. "I didn't know klah was a food," he teases the smith woman. "Can one live on klah alone?"

Nenienne says, "No more than one can live on food alone." She grins impishly, then resumes her usual frown. Her voice isn't angry, though, as she says "Anyway, when I drink klah I'm not as hungry."

Coming from the direction of the lake, Uveline makes her way across the bowl in the evening shadows, hair damp from swimming but otherwise perfectly presentable. The harper is singing quietly to herself, a common pastime for her, and she slows steps as she watches the blue winging into the bowl. Smiling and no longer singing, Uveline resumes her earlier speed, crossing toward the center of the bowl and waving to the people gathered there. "Evening," she calls as she approaches.

Vanielle raises her head as she hears a bugling dragon. She tries not to jump but its clear she's not gotten use to the large creatures being able to do /that/ and appear and reappear. and bugling. She looks like a startled feline looking around above her. She tries to calm down. "Even—-ing" she manages to get out adjusting her hair as if to cover.

Zhiyth makes one low circle over the small group, calling out a short greeting to the large brown as the small figure on his back gives a wave. The approaching harper gets another wave as the pair overshoot a bit to land without kicking up dust all over the gathering. A quick pulling up and flap and the pair are on the ground, the blue turning and ambling over as his wings settle in on his back.

At the sound of singing, Voldrath raises his head, extending it in the direction of the approaching Harper. He grumbles when she stops, trying to reach out his nose to nudge her impatiently.

"Whoa, Voldrath," F'min commands sharply when he catches what his dragon is about. "I know y'want singin' again, but y'don't accost a lady t'get what y'want. Be patient a little, y'big oaf," he adds with a tinge affection to the order. Patience is not one of his dragon's virtues, however, owing to the grumbled response, which is drowned by the bugle of the approaching blue, momentarily distracting the brown from his petulance.

Uveline's smile widens when the bluerider waves and she returns the gesture before a rather large nose interrupts her. "What?" she asks, looking between dragon and rider and catching the last of F'min's words. "Oh, he's a fan of music?" she asks in surprise, blinking rapidly. Vanielle receives a brief smile and nod, as does Nenienne, but most of the harper's attention stays on F'min and Voldrath. "I didn't know dragons liked music."

Nenienne grins at the brown's antics, then turns to greet the new arrivals. She says politely "Harper Uveline, bluerider."

Vanielle chuckles. "Sounds like the dragons likes singing." she says to Uveline. "Though I think that's a good thing. We could form a trio and sing a bit I suppose."

Nenienne quickly says "Not me. I couldn't carry a tune even with a bucket."

Zhiyth nearly prances up the last length to the group, apparently in high spirits, then bends a leg as Atsya drop gracefully to the ground. She wastes no time in divesting herself of her riding gear, getting her helmet off as quickly as possible and starting on her jacket. "Good evening everyone," she says politely in her soft fashion. "Voldrath," she adds with a nod toward the musically inclined brown.

F'min grins. "Oh, he likes music t'night," he relates to the group at large. When the blue makes his buoyant approach, he chuckles a bit, greeting the dragon by name, first, then the rider. "However, I would never say no t'hearin' th'Harper sing. Well met, again, Harper Uveline."

Uveline glances at Vanielle, tilting her head slightly. "I didn't realize you sang. I wouldn't mind giving that a try," she agrees readily enough. To Nenienne she says, "Buckets don't carry tunes well at all, so that's just fine," and she winks. "Good to see you Atsya, Zhiyth," she says warmly, smiling to the pair, before she returns her attention to F'min and Voldrath. "Well, I'm certainly not adverse to singing, and I'm always happy to oblige dragon and rider. It would be my honor to sing for you both, F'min, Voldrath. Any requests?"

"Good to see you too, Uveline," Atsya replies with a somewhat shy smile before quickly moving her gaze to Vanielle. "Hello Vanielle," she adds to the darker skinned girl, and then a quick smile to Nenienne. "Good evening, I'm Atsya."

Nenienne replies "I'm Neni; well met." She listens to the goings-on between the rider and the Harper, and relaxes a bit as she awaits word on the impromptu concert.

Voldrath rumbles, turning a little to face the Harper and sitting back with an expression that cannot be construed as anything other than a smirk for his rider. F'min sighs, and scratches at the back of his neck with the tip of his knife. "I was humming sea chants earlier, th'kind m'da taught me when I was a lad. He seems t'enjoy those."

Vanielle smiles. "I do sing… I was at Harper Hall for a bit, but… I found my…. forte wasn't the lessons or notations. I love the lore, history and voice, but there were things I didn't get into and couldn't complete.. or felt I could devote my life too." she tells Uveline

Uveline nods, taking a step back so that she is facing the whole group, rather than just the brown and his rider, and hums a few bars thoughtfully, working out which song to sing. After several notes, she opens her mouth and begins singing, her rich voice kept soft in deference to others in the bowl but still clearly audible. She nods to Vanielle, indicating the other may join in if she wishes.

Dragon> To Voldrath, Zhiyth projects « One of them feels strong… »

Dragon> To Zhiyth, Voldrath projects « Shhhh… she's singing »

Nenienne sits down on the ground, draws her knees to her chin, and just listens.

Atsya pulls off her jacket, revealing the somewhat sweaty undershirt beneath and opens it out to air the wherryhide as a large blue head stretches over her own, looking at the group with an unusual curiosity. She gives her lifemate a look before shaking her head and turning back to the Nenienne with a smile. Then she turns quickly back up to look at her dragon.

Vanielle listens a few moment, curiously working out the songs to sing. She too is silent before joining. Harmonizing, as best she can…

Zhiyth takes a step forward, his eyes beginning to slowly whirl a violet as he shifts his weight back and forth. His large head turns towards the singing harper, moving to just feet away from her own.

Dragon> To Voldrath, Zhiyth projects « But one of them feels right. And there will be eggs. »

Dragon> To Zhiyth, Voldrath projects « Can't it wait until after the singing? I'm trying to listen! »

Leaning back against his dragon to listen, F'min hums along with the well know tune, smiling slightly. He startles to hear the dragon give an annoyed grunt, and glances up, to notice his brown's annoyance seems to be focused on the blue dragon. Still humming, he reaches up a hand to pat the brown hide, his brows knit slightly in confusion.

Uveline glances warily at Zhiyth as he approaches her but strives to keep voice even, sidestepping to stay out of the blue dragon's way as she continues to sing. She nods approving to Vanielle as the other woman joins in, modulating her volume to incorporate the younger voice. It isn't a very long song, but it is heartfelt, about the sea and making ones life upon it. Before long, she's letting the song fade out, the last notes echoing faintly in the bowl before vanishing into the night.

Slowly inhaled breath, Vanielle attempts to match, and tries to anticipate the words to the sea-song as carefully as she can. It's not a graceful execution, but its cute if one could call it that. She sings in an interesting mezzo soprano. She follows, holding the last few notes, to create an extra echo in the bowl.

Nenienne scrambles back a little as the dragon draws close to the Harper. Her expression is her usual frown, not anything like fear.

Atsya suddenly finds herself framed by two large legs as Zhiyth stands over her. "What are you doing?" she whispers a little loudly, trying not to disturb the singing and looking a little embarrassed as she puts a hand on the inside of his leg.

Zhiyth shifts his attention to the other singer, a loud sniffing audible as the voices fade out. His eyes continue to whirl as giant facets stare at Vanielle.

F'min glances up at Zhiyth, and a grin creases his face as he reaches up to slap Voldrath as high in the shoulder as he can reach. "So he interrupted yer singin', maybe it's fer a good cause. There are other things as important as yer wishes in this world, y'know." He crosses his arms, and waits.

Uveline continues to step back slowly, looking from Zhiyth to Atsya, then to Vanielle, since the blue seems so interested in her. "What's wrong, Atsya?" she asks, voice thin with worry. "Vanielle?" And she glances briefly at Voldrath, since he too seems uneasy. "What's going on?" She isn't afraid, but clearly she isn't sure what is happening, or how to react.

Vanielle eyes moving left and right. She smiled. "What do you mean?" she asks softly. She asks. She looks up looking between the dragon's riders and others.

Atsya goes from looking extremely embarrassed to stunned as she looks back at the three women, now watching them almost as curiously as the giant beast above her. "He's trying to figure out which of you it is," she replies without really answering.

Nenienne watches bemusedly, her frown deepening to one of confusion at Atsya's answer. But she doesn't say anything, for now.

Zhiyth swings his large head over to the remaining Nenienne, the whirling eyes regarding her with a giant tilt of a giant head. The whirling slows and stops as the blue gives a small croon, then a larger almost bark. He steps back, carefully not stepping on Atsya, and sits back on his haunches, looking very draconically smug.

Dragon> To Voldrath, Zhiyth projects « It is that one. I have found her. »

Dragon> To Zhiyth, Voldrath projects « Good for you. Can we get back to the singing, now? »

Vanielle raises an eyebrow. "Which?" she asks softly. She leaves it at that and then look to the two riders.

Dragon> To Voldrath, Zhiyth projects « Yes, we may listen now. »

Unlike the dragon across from him, Voldrath appears the very picture of disinterest. He curls his tail around his haunches, tapping the tip with impatience. F'min waits quietly, a bemused smile upon his face as he looks to each of the three women. To Vanielle's question and look, he simply shakes his head, waiting.

"Which of us is /what/?" Uveline asks, frowning at her friend in confusion. "And how can we help him figure it out?" For her part, she takes just two more steps away from the other girls, though this time she isn't moving away from Zhiyth. Maybe it's a proximity issue, after all? Her gaze flicks to F'min again, and Voldrath, and she shrugs slightly. Who would have guessed singing would get the blue so… flustered? But then Zhiyth moves, and she stills, returning her focus to the now much less agitated dragon. "I take it he figured it out?" Whatever 'it' is.

Dragon> To Zhiyth, Voldrath projects « Thank Faranth. »

Atsya looks up at her dragon, and he croons down at her in reply, still looking smug. She turns and gives F'min a sort of half amused, half quizzical look before she turns her attention to Nenienne, eyes dropping to the woman's knots before moving back to her face as she chews her lower lip. "Yes, and he's quite proud of doing so," she adds with a quick look back at F'min. "Neni?" she asks softly as she starts towards the young woman, folder her riding jacket over her arm. "May I have a word?"

Nenienne gets up and brushes herself off. "Of course. Is something wrong?"

Atsya replies, "Nothing at all," as she leads Neni off a short distance from the others, though strong ears, or snooping harper ears, could perhaps catch snippets. "I am not sure how to have this talk, so I will have to have it the same way it was had with me. Are you happy in your hall?" she asks, searching the other's eyes.

Nenienne walks off with Atsya, looking genuinely puzzled, especially at the question. "Very much so. Even without much jewelry to make at the moment, I'm learning some neat stuff."

Uveline shrugs as Neni and Atsya move away and turns her attention to Vanielle, smiling to the younger woman. "I take it you didn't know that song? You did well, either way. I hope you enjoyed yourself." And toward F'min and his brown, "And I hope you both enjoyed the song? I'm sorry it got a bit… distracted."

Atsya considers this a moment, not having been quite the same answer she had given. "Are you enjoying the Weyr. I mean… Do you think it's a place you could stay? It isn't for everyone sometimes." She continues to watch the other closely.

Vanielle nods. "I didn't but I learned quickly. I can anticipate some pieces sometimes." she thinks for a moment half trying to listen to Atsya but turning back to wards the brown and his rider.

Nenienne considers the second question. "Other than getting lost fairly often, I like it here." Her tone takes on a worried note. "Did I do something to offend you or your dragon? If so, I'm sorry."

Voldrath nudges F'min, the rider shaking his head with exasperation. "Considerin' Voldrath's urgin' me t'get y't'sing some more, I'd say he enjoyed it quite well. I haven't heard that in awhile, but it's always a good one." He does seem to glance over towards Neni and Atsya a few times, though, his eyes twinkling with good humor.

<Weyr> Escaeth chimes over to her Weyr-bound comrades. « This place is so different from the Weyr… so many new smells. »

"You did well," Uveline repeats with a firm nod. At F'min's words, she smiles. "Do you want to sing with me again, or would you rather listen? I can sing something more common, if that would help?" She looks toward the brown, checking his reaction to her suggested change in music. "You don't mind something other than sea music, do you? I only know a very few, but many, many more inland songs." She studiously avoids looking toward Atsya and Nenienne, giving them what privacy she can.

Atsya smiles as she looks well up at the older, and taller, young woman, and there's a quiet mischief in her eyes. "Weyr life to the rest of Pern is secretive and romantic, and mysterious. Really there are only four groups of people who know the truth and spend their days and night here. There are those, as yourself, who are posted here by their crafts. And the weyrfolk. And the riders with their dragons of course. But there is also a small fourth group with a very unique position."

Now Neni is *really* confused. "Mysterious? And fourth group? That sounds mysterious right there."

<Weyr> Voldrath projects, « Can a dragon not listen to his music in peace around here? »

<Weyr> Escaeth projects, « Eh? What music are you listening to? »

<Weyr> Ockath projects, « Or sleep, or go bend the tail without this racket. I'm snorting at you Voldrath. »

<Weyr> Kaseth merely projects a calm, quiet sense of pressure, a heavy fatigue and a blast of ozone smell. « I second Ockath. Silence is golden. »

Atsya looks down, shaking her head. "I'm afraid I'm not really approaching this well, I was never sure I would be one to do this. Zhiyth, however, seems quite certain, so I believe it's my duty to ask you if you'd like to attend the next hatching with the others of the fourth group."

Nenienne nods eagerly. "I'm very much looking forward to seeing a hatching. This one will be my first."

Zhiyth looks over at where Atsya talks with Neni and climbs to his feet, trotting over to join the pair, lowering his giant head to her shoulder and look at Nenienne.

<Weyr> Voldrath groans at Kaseth's pun.

Atsya reaches up to scratch at her dragon's muzzle, giving him a private smile before turning her gaze back on the other woman. "Have you ever considered seeing it from the sands?"

<Weyr> Escaeth lets the bells loose. « But it's so boring! And so many smells, I can't sleep. »

Nenienne blinks. Twice. Then says "You mean as a candidate?" She looks too stunned to add anything to that.

<Weyr> Rauzath snickers, but still wants information.. « Yeah, silence is golden, but I want to know. What music, Voldrath? And twisting tail, Ockath?? » There's the sensation of the Look, complete with a raised eyebrow.

Vanielle turns as the at the word candidate and a small smile.

F'min grins. Whatever Voldrath may say, he shakes his head. "We don't object t'inland songs t'all. If I know 'em I'll hum along. If not, well, Voldrath hears m'voice often enough. He can do without it for one night."

<Weyr> Voldrath sighs. «I'll ring your bell, Escaeth, if you don't let me listen to the Harper in the bowl in peace. They're just smells.»

Atsya's eyes are sparkling as she nods her head, while the giant head next to her gives an encouraging croon.

Uveline nods at F'min's response and, taking Vanielle's silence for passing on joining in, begins warming her voice up again. This time, her song is a common one, a teaching ballad, taught just this morning to her students, in fact. As before, Uveline keeps her voice low, but her tone is stronger with the martial theme of this song.

<Weyr> Zhiyth snorts, though sounds smug. «He is grumpy. He does not even care I found one who might ride.»

Nenienne stands, shell-shocked, for a few seconds, then manages to stammer out, "Um, I think it would be really exciting. But maybe I should ask someone at the Hall, or Master Jarvys at Landing? They didn't tell us about this kind of thing when I was posted here."

<Weyr> Ockath projects. « You know, I don't care either right now, if it means I can sleep. »

<Weyr> Escaeth snorts at Voldrath. « Just smells? Each smell belongs to something interesting! And you found someone too Zhiyth? Who is it? »

<Weyr> Voldrath « Have you guys heard of talking just to each other? »

<Weyr> Rauzath sounds remarkably smug. « Mine asked her little one to come here and Stand. She sounded very bubbly and happy. Much like Kaseth's on a good day. »

Atsya nods her head as she looks up at the other and Zhiyth looks down with a giant slowly swirling eye. "You can of course, but remember it is not ultimately their decision, but your own. Should you not impress they will most likely invite you back, should you choose to return. But if you do…" Her eyes go a little distant with memory, a very private moment of recollection she is utterly unembarrassed to look so open about in front of the woman she has only just met. "Riders are twice chosen, and Zhiyth has made the first."

<Weyr> Zhiyth sounds amused. «She is unsure. She is stunned, as if she just gave her first flame. It is funny.»

<Weyr> Escaeth replies, « Aren't they all like that? The girlie I found yesterday was stunned when mine told her to go to the Weyr. »

Nenienne nods slowly, then manages a smile. "Thank you, Zhiyth and rider Atsya. Who should I inform once I've heard back?"

This song, while longer, still doesn't take much time before it is completed, and once again Uveline's voice fades into the night. As the last echoes die away she blinks up at the dark sky and sighs softly. "Well, I appreciate the audience and the request, and it was nice to see all of you, but I must be going now. Things to do before tomorrow’s classes." Tucking her now mostly dry hair back from her face, Uveline nods to F'min, Voldrath, and Vanielle, then waves toward Neni and Atsya as she heads toward the passage to the caverns.

Zhiyth gives another little croon before stepping back, again seeming smug. Atsya laughs at him then turns back to Neni. "You can find me, but I'll make sure the weyrwomen know. The eggs are net yet clutched, but Search is already on, and everyone is excited for the Weyrs first clutch. You have some time, but you will not want to take long."

Nenienne nods sharply. "First time I've ever wished I had a firelizard. I wonder if I could convince someone to give me a ride to Landing tomorrow."

Atsya considers the comment for a moment, checking her head for her schedule. "Find me on the morrow, we can take you there, and I can explain as well. Threadfall barring, of course," she adds with a soft frown.

Vanielle chuckles. "You want a firelizard?" she asks Neinei… "And congratulations on the new knot.."

Nenienne smiles gratefully toward Atsya. "Thank you again. I'll be sure to do so." Then she looks over to Vanielle. "For the moment I wish I had one, so I could send it with a message. Up until now, no — firelizards would wreak havoc with all the pretty shiny stuff I keep around. I'd probably never recover all my gemstones. And thank you, too."

Atsya gives a last smile, warmth shining i her eyes. "Then I'll see you tomorrow, and leave you two to talk while we clean up from our patrol. Goodnight Vanielle. Goodnight Neni." The dragon behind her regards the smith as he dips a leg to give Atsya a starting point for her climb.

Nenienne bows her head politely and smiles in reply. "See you tomorrow!"

Atsya settles in on Zhiyth who takes a few steps back, then crouches before launching into the air over the remaining woman, wings digging into the air for purchase as he rises to return them to their weyr.

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