Portrayed By Kristina
Position Journeyman Smith posted to Eastern Weyr
Former title(s) Candidate (Eastern Weyr), Apprentice Smith, cotholder
Sex Female
Age 22 turns
Place of Birth Misty Hold
Family Averan, father (Neni's age +19); Trista, mother (Neni's age +20); Melienne, sister (Neni's age -2); Verris, brother (Neni's age -3); Favol, brother (Neni's age -6)
Faction Neutral

Character History

Twenty-two turns ago, Nenienne was born to Misty Holders Averan and Trista. As an infant and toddler she had the usual interest in shiny things. Two turns later, her sister Melienne was born. Neni was jealous at first, during her terrible twos. In her traumatic threes this exploded into a full-blown hatred that would take some dozen turns to abate in the slightest. She also had less-than-fond feelings for her oldest brother, Verris, who was born when Neni was three. Meanwhile, she was still interested in shiny things, and part of childproofing the cothold involved locking up the jewelry.

Her youngest brother, Favol, arrived when Neni was six, and unlike her other siblings, she adored him from the start. He was just like one of her babies (dolls), except that he actually moved and stuff. Now her parents needed to watch extra carefully lest he end up in toy furniture. In other news, Nenienne learned how to get into the jewelry box and a more complex lock needed to be affixed.

Neni never outgrew her love of shiny things, and finally her parents were resigned to having her join the Smithcraft, with a specialization in gems and jewelry. That was at age twelve. Neni had all of the trials and tribulations of apprentices everywhere, but eventually, at the age of twenty, she walked the tables and attained the title of journeyman jeweler. It's anyone's guess why she was posted to Eastern Weyr but, just as she is neutral in terms of technology, as long as she has shiny things to play with she's happy wherever she lands. Neni now has an easy friendship with Melienne and Verris, but Favol still holds a fond place in her heart, possibly for having survived her ministrations.

Not even a sevenday into her posting to Eastern she was searched by Atsya's blue Zhiyth. She actually managed to get two commissions while a candidate. After failing to impress, she is back to being a Jewelry Crafter at Eastern.


  • Ahnika: Neni likes her, and was thrilled when Ahnika impressed Jhath.
  • Akyla: Neni is grateful to her for filling in some gaps and clearing up some misconceptions Neni had about hatchings.
  • Andi: Neni fell in love with the dragonet who ended up impressing to Andi, but she doesn't begrudge her friend the impression.
  • Atsya: Although older and taller than Atsya, Nenienne looks up to the bluerider who searched her.
  • Cheusia: Feels a bond with the journeyman Healer which Cheusia may or may not also feel, due to their both being posted at the same time and both being deserted by the very tired riders who retrieved them in the middle of Eastern Weyr's night.
  • Ciara: Although an unfortunate remark about fish began their relationship, Neni likes Ciara and considers her a friend. She was ecstatic when Ciara impressed Suosith.
  • Crud (NPC): Dislikes the rougher of the bounty hunter brothers intensely.
  • Darros: Neutral, bemused by his desire to be searched.
  • Dubose: Nearly bumped into him literally. Neutral.
  • E'ro: Confused by his method of searching Neythan. Neutral, leaning toward dislike.
  • Eissa: Grateful to the Healer who provided the salve for sore muscles and the exercises to prevent aforementioned soreness. Neutral leaning toward friendly.
  • F'min: Neni likes him, but is not so sure about his dragon.
  • Fiala: Neni approves of Rio's efforts to bring Fiala out of her shell.
  • Gaelene: Fond of the youngster at Landing.
  • Harson: Puzzled by him. Neutral.
  • Indira: Neni considers the Headwoman to be efficient and purposeful, but is puzzled by Indira's purposefulness when it comes to making Neni smile more often.
  • Isilna: Neni wasn't quite sure what to make of the former Lady Holder and fellow candidate, but she didn't dislike her. Liked the blue which impressed to Isilna, and is grateful for Isilna's offer to transport her to and from Landing once Orteith is old enough.
  • J'ret: Has no idea how to feel about the possibility that he could someday become Weyrleader. Neutral leaning toward dislike.
  • Jarvys: Intimidated by him. Somewhat glad, after hearing his views on women, that she was not posted at Landing.
  • Jaya: Intrigued by her; neutral in a friendly way.
  • Kaskan: Neutral, but not ready to betray him to Crud and Stud — even for marks.
  • L'han: Grateful to him for his willingness to explain riderly things, and for his semi-regular rides to Landing for lessons.
  • L'ron: Thought he might handle animals a little better, but relieved that she'd finally met someone who was as ambivalent about candidacy as she is — and then he accepted search. He impressed a cute blue, though.
  • Lexi: Neni rather likes the young laundress, although she is a little bemused by Lexi's outgoing nature and her desire to be searched.
  • M'zen: Only knows him from several instances wherein he seemed to be provoking arguments. Does not like what she considers to be his condescending attitude. It may take a while, and more fortuitous meetings, for her to get over her initial dislike. Isn't sure she likes his dragon, either.
  • Max: Neni is happy to have received a commission from him; it kept her busy after she failed to impress. Neutral leaning toward friendly.
  • Mohria: Neni rather likes F'min's Weyrmate.
  • Neythan: A fellow Smith, and a comrade-in-arms when it comes to Master Jarvys, even if they've never faced down the Master Gemcrafter together.
  • Randi: Considers her somewhat dangerous, but doesn't actively dislike her.
  • Rocio: Vaguely curious about her scars, but even oblivious Neni knows better than to ask. Considers Rocio a friend since Rocio helped her find her way around on her first night. Happy that Rio impressed, and even happier that she doesn't have to pronounce Rio's dragon's name on a daily basis.
  • Stud (NPC): Dislikes the nominally better-looking and smoother of the bounty hunters equally intensely.
  • Suzan: Likes the laborer after their initial meeting, considers her a friend.
  • Teallan: Neni was happy about Teallan's promotion, and even happier to fulfill her commission of self-congratulatory jewelry.
  • Uveline: Likes her voice, neutral in a friendly way. Amused by Uve's dragon's vocation.
  • Vanielle: Puzzled by her, but friends nonetheless.
  • Warin: Wary of him due to his traditional leanings.
  • Zhia: Neni rather likes the kitchen worker.

Memorable Quotes:

Wow, things must get exciting once you impress.

Trivia and Notes:

Note: The jewelry Neni is working on/has finished can be found here.

RP Notes:

  • Cannot read body language.
  • Daydreams.
  • Easily distracted by shiny objects.
  • Hyperfocuses frequently, at other times is maddeningly disinterested.
  • Introduces herself as "Neni".
  • Is usually frowning; smiles do not come easily to her.
  • Once she latches onto an idea, it is hard for her to give it up, even beyond all usefulness.
  • Procrastinates, but is not lazy. Once she gets to work, she does the job properly.
  • Rarely makes eye contact with people, and when she does it is short-lived.
  • Seems to be awkward about friendship, sometimes missing the signs and sometimes thinking someone who isn't her friend is.
  • Socially inept; often says the "wrong thing(s)" at the worst time(s).
  • Tends to stare, often at the walls, ceilings, or a spot just beyond the shoulder of the person with whom she is speaking.

Nenienne's Logs


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