Never Piss Off a Proddy Rider


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Date: OOC Date of the log
Location: Eastern Weyr: Feeding Pens
Synopsis: Letting Kaseth hunt off some aggression, Randi meets L'han; then very nearly strangles him.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Randi

The one area of the Bowl that is cultivated for the growth of grass, it is eerily empty now as the seed planted in the fertile ashy soil takes root. For now, the beasts must be grazed outside the weyr. When the growth takes root, it will be an impressive field able to sustain the Weyr's herd without trouble. To the north, the sounds of the weyrling barracks can be heard, but they're far enough away so as not to disturb the - currently absent - residents.

Standing at the border of the feeding pens, the young, blonde rider has one foot up on the lowest bar of fence while her fingers drum an agitated tattoo on the highest. Her face is drawn and fatigued, but her gaze is - even now - affectionate as she watches her brilliantly shining gold toy with the herdbeasts leftover from the flight.

A flapping of dragon wings can be heard as a green crests the top of the Weyr, a bugle of greeting to the Weyr given and it's cheer very apparent as she swoops down to the herd pens, settling down nearby to examine the remaining kills and even see if there's still some unspoiled meat left over. L'han, who is currently on her back, slides off her side and pats her. "Don't be eating anything bad now, last thing I need is you sick." Escaeth snorts, as she notes the gold in the pen, giving her space and a greeting. « Good morning, they sure left a mess from last night… males. » L'han heads on over to where Randi is at the fence, giving her a wave in greeting. He looks like he's been out all night from the bags under his eyes as he says, "Good morning. Letting her have at what Rauzath's flight left behind?"

L'han is … unexpected. His cheerful greeting has Randi jumping a good few inches before turning a tired sort of smile on him. "Might as well avoid waste, and it works out some aggression." She shrugs, turning back to watch her glistening gold dragon. Though she is quite tiny for her size, the queen dragon still dwarfs the incoming green, even more so now that she's taken a warning stance around the few herdbeast she's managed to run into a frenzy so far.

To Escaeth, Kaseth projects the sensation of being buffeted by a wall of wind; a silent warning to the green to keep her distance. « It was a flight. Mess is acceptable. »

L'han leans on the fence as his green turns her attention to to a nearby herdbeast and begins to stalk it, giving the gold her space. He looks back to Randi. "Yeah, I could use some of that myself, especially after the brawl that broke out in Alara's weyr during the flight. What the shell brought that on I'll never know. And strange as it was, it was our new Weyrleader that threw the first punch." He shrugs and says, "After that, I just thought I'd get out of the Weyr for the rest of the night."

To Kaseth, Escaeth projects back the feeling of crisp cool air and peace, no challenge to the gold's space. « Maybe so and likely will be again soon. »

At the mention of their new weyrleader, Randi only grunts in response. She watches the two dragons in the pen for a moment, and then jerks to one side, whipping around to look at L'han in confusion. "What were you doing there?" She blinks, glances at the green and then back at L'han's knot. "That's your green out there, isn't it?"

To Escaeth, Kaseth seems soothed by the lack of challenge and settles back in to over-stalking and terrorizing her prey. « I suppose so. »

L'han chuckles at Randi's confusion. "She is yes. I was there to stop the bronzeriders from knocking each other around and then clear them all off once the queen chose. I was going to speak to Alara about the fight when she's able to… might make sense to have some green and blue riders present to keep order till the chase is done. Tradition speaks words, but I've never heard of a fight breaking out in the woman's weyr during the flight."

Staring at L'han as if he'd just grown a second head, Randi can't help but question him. "Why, by yolk-smothered shells, would we do that?" Her jaw snaps shut and she leans against the fencing, tossing odd looks his way from time to time. "Green- and blueriders are just as affected by the gold's flight as anyone else. Didn't anyone ever tell you that's why there are so many births nine months after a flight? Even non-riders feel her rise. Their minds are that strong." As for the fight. "What, you can't tell me you've never heard of such a thing. Where was your home before this? Under a rock?" Not exactly the most diplomatic of responses, but so close to her own queen's rising, Randi is short of patience these days.

L'han blinks back in confusion, considering what Randi has told him and he replies simply, "Maybe because I choose not to let it affect me then. Yeah I feel it just as much as anyone else does, but I have no sharding interest in finding a fling in just anyone's bed. And if you must call me a prude then do so. She has, several times." He indicates the green with his head and as to the fight, he replies, "Not at least as far as I know. So yeah, maybe I do live under a rock or maybe in the clouds. But at least I know my duty to the Weyr and it's -not- letting my fellow riders beat each other up over something that will last the night and be done with." He looks away from Randi, slightly irritated. He's just trying to do good for the Weyr, in his mind.

To Kaseth, Escaeth sends some feeling of rain, some sadness, to the gold, « Please let Yours know that Mine means well. He's a good rider, but still very young. And very much a prude. My own first flight… it's not a good memory for him. He doesn't like the feeling of losing control as most riders do. It scares him. »

Alara has arrived.

"You're a sharding liar, greenrider." Randi levels a rather pissed-off stare at him and stands straight; legs shifting to a more balanced stance and arms folding over her chest. "I've lived in a Weyr from the time I was born." Minus a short stint in the Harpers. "And I've seen what happens when those golds go up. You don't have a sharding choice! Don't you think weyrfolk could marry and bind themselves to be faithful if they could? No one has a choice, man. You either drink yourself stupid, wank yourself raw, give in or leave." In the pens, Kaseth has lost interest in the game of 'scare the beasts' and has turned her gaze towards her rider, eyes whirling a rather violent red. "So I'm not sure what kind of angle you have trying to pull the wool over my eyes, but it stops now. Do you understand me?"

Alara can hear the yelling from the center of the bowl. There isn't enough traffic around yet for the sound not to carry. She strides toward the younger woman and sets a hand on her shoulder. "Iardani." Her tone is firm. "Breathe." She's had the opportunity to clean up. "Greenrider, what seems to be the problem?" With a long gaze at Kaseth, she returns her attention to her friend. "Look at Kaseth, luv. You need to be calm for both of you." She removes her hand from Randi's shoulder, and crosses her arms across her chest. "Start talking, please."

L'han folds his arms and says, "I have a choice, for a time anyways. You've just seen me fly in, goldrider. I got the shard out as soon as the chase was over." When Alara walks on up, his expression shifts from it's hard to softness. "Alara, nice to see you up and around. There's no problem. I was just trying to explain to Iardani here that after the fight in your weyr last night, there should be some non-chasing riders present to keep the peace… it does no good for riders to be smacking each other around, but she thinks that it's unavoidable and useless." He looks towards the ground, his dragon mimicking his action in regards to the gold. He didn't come here to pick a fight, and their postures reflect that.

Striding forward and reaching to grab L'han by the front collar of his shirt, Randi gets right up in his face and fair to snarls. "My name is Randi, but that's weyrwoman to you, greenrider." Shoving back and away from him, she turns to Alara. "He's got some game going on, 'La. Keeps trying to tell me that it's not normal to have the occasional flight brawl and that having blue- and greenriders around would somehow make it less crazy, rather than worse." Seeing Kaseth's agitated state - and afraid to let her fly before the males had recovered from their last chase - Randi shoots one more fierce look at L'han before leaping over the fence and jogging towards her dragon. Soothing words and caresses slowly drain the red from swirling eyes, but the gold keeps an eye on the others - even as she curls plaintively around her rider.

"Oh, like girls to distract them?" Alara ponders. "That might work…" She smiles. "Well, if they're all amenable. But otherwise, she does have a point. Do you know who my mentor was, L'han?" She grins her toothy grin, softening her words. "Ianti. Meryth's Weyrwoman." The formidable Weyrwoman of Telgar Weyr, and of the Blood. "She says they tried that once, and the closer the riders got to the goldrider, the more influenced they were. Or were just as influenced, maybe, but it made things worse. There is a link between us all. Our dragons are all connected. When my girlie sends out those messages, everyone in the Weyr hears them. The only known way to avoid having a brawl is to leave the Weyr with your chosen, and deal with it out there. And with a Leadership flight, that wasn't an option." She smiles again. "This isn't my first flight, greenrider." She knows how it goes. "However, it is weyrwoman Randi's first flight. Being on that side of the experience is very different."

L'han sighs at Randi's anger towards him and he looks back to Alara, "I did not know that, Alara. Or would you rather prefer Weyrwoman? I did not mean to agitate either of them, and I would not chance angering you both." He looks over to Randi and Kaseth and his green who is now lying down, watching the gold. "I dunno what they tried… yes I feel the urge just like everyone else, but…" He just throws up his hands as it's hard to explain as he sighs in exasperation. "I can ignore it for a time, but once they get down to business, I leave. Once your ledge was clear and your order was done, I left and just got back now. Escaeth just says I'm a prude. She's right… I just don't feel right jumping into bed with anyone." He looks back to Randi and sighs, "You two are the weyrwomen and I'll trust you know what your doing. And on that note, do you have any recommendation for how I can apologize for agitating her? Perhaps after her flight?"

"I'll think about what to recommend, and it will probably go over more easily after this is over. It's no worry. If I'm gathering right, L'han, you are still getting used to being a full rider? If I've misunderstood, my apologies. But being in a Weyr is often a challenge. This is one of the more challenging things to me. I was raised in the Hall, so it was a huge change to deal with this. I can imagine it influences your relationship with your Escaeth somewhat." She looks back toward the other bowl where her queen rests in the sunshine. "It carries so much — stuff with it. Especially when we don't understand." She leans against the fence. "And as far as addressing me goes, don't worry about it right now. There may be times when we do require the formality, but I'm not sure when yet." She's still figuring this new role out.

To Escaeth and Kaseth, Rauzath lightly touches the links, attempting to pass on her contentment, unable to resist sharing her smugness along with it. « Escaeth, how old are you, girl? » Kaseth is merely sent a mental equivalent of a light touch, an empathetic ear if needed, then she draws back. Let's avoid those zaps.

L'han nods as his posture relaxes from the stress of having a goldrider pissed at him. "Of course. And I'll take a quote from both my parents, them being riders themselves… you never get used to being a rider. There's always something new to learn and when you leave for a new Weyr, it just starts over again. Usually I never come into contact with the Weyrwoman, but here we're still so small it's unavoidable, especially with two of you here." He shakes his head and says, "I'm getting away from your question. Yes I'm still getting used to it. It's not exactly an easy job, but I was chosen for it, and I've got to believe that my girl picked the right one for the job." He stops there. There's the confidence in his voice in that and he turns to look at Escaeth with a smile.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Escaeth sends her congradulatorial feeling to Rauzath and she replies, « Four turns, but that's not why my chosen is having problems. »

Alara snorts softly. "Seems that way, doesn't it. Yes, we're still learning, and we'll figure it out eventually. But as to flights, it's really not as bad an issue. There have been a few dust-ups, and will be, especially when you get some of the … surlier riders involved. But hopefully, we'll keep it to a small bit. If the chasers get too difficult in your flights, let one of us know, and we'll see what we can do. As for ours, I'm not too worried." It's all she can do to reassure him.

L'han sighs and says, "It's not that bad, I just don't like losing the control like that. Escaeth usually knocks any dragon out of the running if their rider is causing problems on the ground. She flies well, my girl. But hard to get only works if you eventually allow yourself to be caught." The dragon finally tears her gaze from the gold over to the goldrider and her rider, getting to her feet and moving over to where they are. And then, his eyes widen as he looks back to Escaeth and he blinks, "Wha…?" The dragon simply stares back at him for a moment before a flap of wings and she's headed for his weyr.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Escaeth has a moment of bells and ocean foam that she touches the mind of the gold. « Mine is going to hate me for this, but I'd rather he get past this sooner rather than let that annoying resistance build up. »

"Don't think of it as you losing control. Think of it as it being her turn for a night. She gets to be the predominant one. Otherwise, you get crazy." La knows. She's been there. It was hard for her to deal with too. She gazes out at Kaseth and Randi, watching them closely. "It's so … strange. It took me a couple Turns to really understand that it wasn't going to change, and I needed to get used to it. Beyond that. I needed to learn to enjoy it as part of belonging to Rauzath. Not to fear it." She scuffles a toe on the ground, looking down to where the small rocks roll across the ground. "I still don't like talking about it, you know, but I do think it's something we just have to deal with."

Dragon> To Escaeth, Rauzath cautions the green. « Push too hard, and he'll push back. But sometimes, ya gotta do… » She gives a mental yawn. « Oh, the sun is so lovely. »

L'han stares after Escaeth as she flies away whilst listening to Alara talk. "Indeed, and I think Escaeth just took the decision clean out of my hands. She's not going to help me run this time and she says if I try, she'll just fetch me back. And she won't help me up to my weyr until the next flight, her own or hers." He indicates the other gold with a nod of his head and sighs, leaning back against the fence and then says, "What a day."

Alara snorts. "You can say that again." She smiles and shrugs. "It's been a life-changing day for all of us, I think. I heard I lost several of the lower caverns workers a goodly amount of money, because Rauzath rose first. Apparently, the bets were all on Kaseth." She grins widely, not trying to make fun of the situation, but to provide just enough levity to keep them all afloat. "If you need to, you can rest in the ground weyr if it's too long. Or, there's definitely beds in the lower caverns yet that can be used. We aren't anywhere near capacity yet." As everyone knows. "They can get an idea sometimes, and there's no changing their minds." She sighs. "Well, I'm to the caverns for food. Have you eaten yet? I was hoping to talk to Randi about a few things, but I think she's best left with her lady." She stands up straight, and begins to walk toward the caverns.

L'han sighs as he follows the goldrider, "No, I usually don't eat before a flight and I've been out all night. I'll probably grab something to eat and then snooze unless she needs me for something." Oh and when the money is mentioned, he casually says, "You don't say…" Perhaps that was just news to him? Anyways, he follows Alara towards the caverns.

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