New Faces


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Date: 14th July 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Entrance
Synopsis: Ciara almost crashes into Andi, a new face at Eastern Weyr, then gets chatting to Merendezen. Charm doesn't work on her…mostly.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ciara

This entrance to the Weyr is meant for the wingless folk, though to judge by its size, one would never guess. Large enough to shelter a train of wagons and herdbeasts during Threadfall, there's a set of stairs straight ahead which lead into the southern end of the Living Cavern. Off to the right, there's a strange indentation in the floor; a wide tunnel that leads even lower into the rock, though it is better-lit than any other passage in the weyr. Even though the rest of the Weyr floor is rough and newly hewn, this tunnel seems to be unusually smooth. Perhaps traffic has been heavier there than elsewhere. Or perhaps the travelers have more impact on the stone.

Andi is lurking, as much as one can, near the entrance to the Weyr, eyes darting hurriedly from one person to the next, gaze lingering for a long moment on the easy exchange between Zen and the other man, eyes widening just a little. With a nervous look over her shoulder as the other man disappears, she slowly edges a little closer to Zen, changing her angle of view, watching, though as the knife appears, she's quickly becoming rooted to the spot.

Merendezen is blissfully unawares of Andi, thoughtful as he considers the knife before it goes back into the package. Another thing is produced, quite unlike the first. A book of hides, most blank still to be used for writing - paper is expensive. He flips through the pages, examining carefully the bindings with a pleased nod before it, too, is gone. Then, green eyes turn to Andi, curious and the man smiles, inclining his head in a friendly nod.

Ciara comes almost flying down the entrance, a carisak slung over her back that bounces as she runs. She's looking back over her shoulder, yelling something to someone by the living cavern. Then her head whips round and Andi is like, /right there/. "Woah!" Ciara applies the brakes, managing to come to a stop just to the side of the older girl…and right in the middle of a very silent moment, too. "Sorry!" The girl says, as she bends and places hands on knees and regains her breath.

Andi continues to stare at Zen, watching him carefully, eyes taking in the book, the nod, and then his attention is turned back on her, and she's squeaking, jumping a little. Of course, the squeak is repeated, much louder this time, as Ciara comes sliding to a stop, and Andi's hurriedly backpedaling, putting space between them. "Its.. Its okay.." She whispers, eyes looking quite as if they're ready to bug out of her head.

Merendezen's attention moves quickly to Ciara as she almost plows into Andi, no reaction, he only waits for the wreck to come. But, she manages /not/ to topple them both over. The man chuckles, pushing to his feet and lifting the package, slinging it over his shoulder and coming closer to the two. "Looking a little afraid there, dear. On the run?" To Ciara, he nods. "Hello there, miss."
GAME: Save complete.

Straightening, breathing less heavily now, Ciara eyes Andi. "Uh…you okay? I didn't hit you, did I?" She swivels to look at Merendezen when he comes closer and speaks. "Hey. Ugh…I'm gonna be so late for my lesson." She gnaws at her lower lip, frowning some. "You two new here or something? Hanging around out here?" If Andi's going to be quiet, she's going to talk, and talk plenty.

"N-Not at all.." Andi stammers quickly, blinking at Zen and taking another shuffling step backwards as the man comes closer, blushing darkly, shaking her head again. "Why.. why would I be running?" She tries to straighten up a little, biting her lip as she darts her gaze from one to the other

Merendezen flashes a charming smile at Ciara, green eyes searching the younger woman thoughtfully. "Lesson? What sort of lesson?" A chuckle before he nods. "Yes, you caught me. I'm new. I actually had a knife that I commissioned dropped off along with a book and some things I forgot from home dropped off just a moment ago." A pointed look to Andi, the smile growing wider. "Well, my dear. You are fidgety and you look like you might have done something wrong with your behavior. Worry not, I would not turn in such a sweet woman. It dismays me, but I shall pretend I never saw you, if asked."

Ciara's gaze goes back to Andi, confusion wrinkling her brow as she gives the other girl a good stare. "Me neither," she agrees with Merendezen. "But…." And here her nosey nature comes into play. "Yanno, why're you so nervous? Nothing to be worried about here - dragons don't eat ya, if that's the problem." She gives Zen a look. "Oh yeah? Where'd you come from?"

"High Reaches, dear. And yourself?" Because the Weyr is new and one must assume all are new. Or something to that effect. Zen grins widely and ignores the nervous girl for the time being. How rude. "Missing anything from home that you simply can't live without?"

"Nerat," Ciara offers in kind, giving Andi another look before doing like Zen and ignoring her, for now. Just not talkative enough for this girl. "Not that I've noticed so far," Ci says with a grin. "Why's your book so important you were missing it? Must be pretty important to have it brought that far."

"Interesting. Can't say that I've ventured there, myself." Zen chuckles, "well, if you ever do desire something, I am sure I can find a way to produce it for you. I am at your service." That grin takes a charming hint before he shakes his head. "It was commissioned, empty for writing. A man needs to remember important things that sometimes slips the mind. We seem to have a tendency for forgetting things sometimes."

Ciara is onto eyeing Zen, now. "You make things? What sort of things? Just books?" She's perplexed - and immune to the charm in his grin, apparently, for she doesn't show even the slightest hint of a response to it. "Or did /you/ commission the book?" She faces him more fully now, hand on one hip as she surveys him with interest.

"I do make things. Things from metal, though I can't forge a knife. Mostly little trinkets and jewelry. I can carve things from wood. Nothing too elaborate, I'm not a crafter, I'm afraid. I am more adept at fixing things, I admit." Zen doesn't try to lay it on thick, either, leaving the charming grin there despite the fact that it shows no affect. "I commissioned the book, though. It's far too complicated for me to place together, there's a certain art that is created when a book is made and it eludes me."

Ciara hums, still fixing Zen with that curious look. "I'm guessing you were 'hired' here to fix stuff, huh?" She comes out with, eventually, wriggling her shoulders to shift the bag on her back. Or is the motion a subtle hint of discomfort at the man's continued charming grin? "Can't say there's anything I might need from you…unless you can make fishing rods?" She says, eyebrows lifting as her tone also lifts to indicate the question.

"I came on my own, no one sought me out, I simply came." Or something manly like that. Zen shrugs thoughtfully, "they do need people to fix things and build things, still." And the grin fades, into a thoughtful expression that lingers for a moment. "I could try, materials would need to be gathered. I can try, at least, nothing is learned from not trying."

"Sounds a bit like me." Ciara lets up on the questioning, a warm grin sneaking onto her face. "Well - I'll maybe catch you for one. I reckon the kids'll need some when I'm teaching them so…what's your name, so I know who to find?" She's getting restless now, hand dropping from her hip and fidgeting at the hem of her shirt instead, tugging it down where it's rucked up thanks to the carisak.

"A new place draws new faces." Is Zen's almost cryptic statement before he nods. "Maybe, then. I'd have to experiment. Merendezen, but, you may call me Zen. I'll be about and I'm sure someone would be able to point you in my direction."

"Ciara," Ci offers, but her restlessness has come to a head now. "I'll catch you later then, Zen." She doesn't even try to pronounce his full name. "I should probably be getting down to Landing - not that it matters how late I am now." She shrugs, and her broad grin is uncaring. "See ya around." And off she goes, at a fair speed out onto the road despite her earlier apparent lack of hurrying.

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