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Date: May 29, 2011
Location: Bowl and Lower Caverns, Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Another transfer arrives, Maura, and runs into P'sec. He takes her around the place and they both meet L'han.
Rating: PG
Logger: P'sec

In the wet mist of late morning, P'sec strolls through the upper bowl, coming from the north and working his way down. A hat's shoved over his head against the rain, but given the warmth and humidity in the air, that's the only concession he's made. A wet shirt can be changed.

A familiar face is just dismounting from her stock-still lifemate; Maura sliding down riding straps and then giving the slate hide an affectionate pat. "I know, it /would/ have to be raining." she agrees, already pushing plastered hair away from her forehead and giving her jacket an irritated tug. "Go on, then. Find a ledge to dry off under. I'm going to head in." She's still in the habit of speaking aloud to Rikath, though he is dead silence to anyone but her. And it's his message of recognition that has her turning around towards someone she knows. "P'sec!" Oh boy, look out. She all but flings herself towards him in her innocent glee to see him.

There's no Abydoth to greet Rikath, the bronze off on his own solitary explorations. In separate ways, P'sec and Abydoth are learning their way about Eastern. He doesn't notice that the landing blue isn't one of Eastern's own, out of earshot until she calls her greeting. "Hey kid," the bronzerider answers her with a rough sort of affection. "Made it I see."

"Course I did." Maura replies, linking her arm with his whether he'd like it or not, apparently. "Us Igen-bred are tough. Knew I'd see you 'round here." a mega-watt smile accompanies the words, while Rikath broods there silently for a moment to watch the exchange and pin a big ol stare on P'sec. Glower. He's just as quick to take off for drier ground though. "I think I prefer the dry of the desert to this, though. So how are you? How is everyone? How is Randi? What's going on?"

P'sec tolerates Maura for the time-being and makes no move to extricate himself. "Out in the bowl?" He turns her remark on his whereabouts into a joke. "D'lan and I got in a little bit ago. Randi's alright, she's leading drills and Falls herself." This appears to amuse and please him to no end to judge by his grin. "What's with him?" Rather than answer each and every one of Maura's question, he gives one of his own while nodding after the departing blue.

"Oh yes, out in the bowl. In the rain." An airy gesture accompanies the words, along with a roll of her eyes. Maura's used to the dry wit that P'sec seems to employ. "None of the others have recovered enough?" That seems to distress the girl, her smile quickly fading. Even news of Randi's new duties doesn't bring the return of the joyous expression, though it does bring about a startled raise of eyebrow. "I thought Weyrwomen didn't have to do that kind of thing." she muses, watching Rikath take off into the sky. "You know Rikath. He's suspicious of everyone and everything. He's still not pleased we all wound up so sick."

"Naw, I think everyone's more or less okay. Tire easily still, and it can take awhile to arrange these things…" P'sec, shrugging, seems less worried than Maura about the other riders expected in. "How's Rikath?" He means after the illness rather than generally. The young rider's surprise just amuses him. "Randi's not exactly your typical weyrwoman, now is she?"

Maura glances trustingly up at the other rider, a solemn nod her acknowledgement of his judgement about the others. "True enough. Rikath and I still can't fly as long as we'd like. And I'm to check in with the healer here, too. Still have some headaches." she admits, pursing her lips. "Rikath is… Rikath. He doesn't like to admit that he's not up to full speed yet. But he checked out fine. He's just a little more wary then usual." Hence, the glower. "Oh shells no, Randi is cerainly not the typical weyrwoman. It's just… well, it seems unusual! Isn't it unusual? I'm tired of being rained on, why don't you show me around the inside of this place. Pleeeeease. I don't want to go exploring all on my own."

"Get it checked," P'sec seconds when Maura speaks of her headaches, looking down at her with a small frown. "Randi'll probably keep an eye out for Rikath and the rest, but don't overstress yourselves, you hear?" His short lecture springs from concern, which lingers even after he returns to the subject of their unusual goldrider. "Yeah, but it's also unusual for a Weyrleader to take off like this one has." He can't help but laugh a little when Maura begs to go inside and acquiesces easily. "All right, I can take you round a little. Stuck down here anyway til Abydoth gets his bronze butt down here."

"I know. I will. I heard that the healer here is kind of mean though." This doesn't please Maura, and one can only imagine how Rikath might react to the young woman being reluctant to go to the healer cause he's a meaniehead. By trying to eat the healer for dinner of course. "Rikath never overstresses. He far prefers to think of ways /around/ a problem. You know, strategy." That's what she calls it. Rikath has often referred to it in the presence of ther dragons as 'letting someone else be the team's bitch today'. "You're so nice to me. Thank you!" Little Miss Sunshine reaches up to tug on the olrder rider's rain hat playfully and then begins to race for the cover of the living caverns. Not that she expects him to run; but she /is/ tired of the rain.

"There's more than one healer," P'sec assures the young bluerider. "They can't all be mean." His brow lifts at Maura's further responses, straight-faced when he replies, "Is that what he calls it." Apparently the blue's words have filtered through Abydoth to reach P'sec's ears before. "I guess I can be nice today - you did just get in. Don't let it get around, though." He leaves his cap alone after Maura gives it a little pull, smile both amused and tolerant, and although he doesn't sprint like she does, he sets off in a jog after her.

"I'll wait till one of the nice ones is around." Which obviously means that Maura will somehow get stuck talking to the mean one anyway, because that's always how these things work out. She is of /coure/ confused by P'sec's response to Rikath's strategizing though, and her brow draws together in puzzlement. "Well of course it is. What else would he call it?" Whatever the bronzerider replies with afterwards is drowned out by the sound of the rain when she gains distance on him, and she'll be found in the living cavern peeling off her riding jacket and hanging it up somewhere so it can dry. "Home sweet home, I guess."

P'sec lets Maura live in her naivete and doesn't supply alternatives to her dragon's behaviour. He keeps a steady pace until the caverns are gained, not much bothered by the light rain. He slows to a walk right before he reaches the entrance, taking off his hat and giving it a quick wring. Water puddles behind him on the stone, boots squelching as he catches up with Maura. "Welcome to Eastern."

Rikath likes it when people let Maura live in her own little sweet and innocent world. So he might not glower at P'sec so much next time. "Is it always raining like that?" Her voice pleads to be lied to even if it rains every single day of the year. She makes quick work of braiding her hair up and wringing it out so that it doesn't drip all down her back when they do a walk through. "Pretty standard set up, right?" Or maybe not, as she squints a bit upon seeing the hallways to the left and right.

"Someone said it was the rainy season. Won't be like this whole Turn through. And who knows, maybe you'll come to like it once you get the Igen out of your blood." P'sec the lifelong Igenite should be the one complaining, not Maura, but so far he hasn't seemed bothered by the rain. "Yeah, except that they've got the double bowl. Big," he comments. And so it is. The caverns running through the bowl walls and beneath are big indeed, and P'sec isn't entirely sure of his way around still, so he keeps to the ones closest the main caverns, pointing out the directions of the infirmary and main offices as they go.

The sound of waterlogged footsteps fills the hallways as a certain greenrider comes along, soaked to the bone, dripping water all over the place as he helps the man along with him, a tradesman by his dress, carrying some sacks through the halls. "Next time there's a storm above Eastern, you can wait to bring your stuff here." "I thought riders flew Fall, fog, or rain?" "We do, but have you ever seen a rider ask for any of those conditions?" L'han bickers with the tradesman for that moment before he drops the sacks near a wall and says. "Ok, here we are… deal decently with these folk and I'll give you a smooth ride back to Landing." Once done the greenrider steps away and turns to face the other two riders in the hall, giving them a wave. "Hello there."

"I'd rather have sand in my hair then rain." Maura replies, stuffinf her hands n her pockets only as long as she's able to before realizing that those too are wet. She reads like an open book, this one, her eyes wide and darting every which way as she tries to get her bearings. "And who do I talk to about getting Rikath assigned a permanent ledge? He's fussy about his privacy." Everything's about the blue, of course. Sounds of another rider and a trader reach her ears and she spins around to glance at the people who've just arrived, hand lifted in a bit of a shy wave. "Morning."

"You'n me both, kid," the middle-aged bronzerider admits with good-humour. "Though I got so much sand in my hair that it's about time for a change." Showing Maura around serves as another walk-through for P'sec as well. "Indira, the Headwoman. Talk to her," he advises before they come across the other rider and the tradesman he's escorting. "Hello," he replies, even and polite, looking the other rider over when he greets them. The man then steps forward to meet L'han, offering his hand. "P'sec, Abydoth's rider. Transferred in from Igen a few days back."

L'han looks over both P'sec and Maura for a moment and then when the bronzerider extends the offered hand, it's taken in a firm, but warm grip by L'han. "L'han, Escaeth's rider. Welcome to Eastern Weyr, P'sec and…" He glances over at Maura with a smile, as she has yet to introduce herself and he asks, "Transfer as well?" He hasn't seen her around before.

<Weyr> Escaeth reaches out to the Weyr, looking for any dragons she doesn't know. « New dragons are here at Eastern? »

Maura takes mental notes about both the Headwoman and getting used to the rain. "Nice to meet you, L'han. I'm Rikath's rider, Maura." She follows P'sec's lead there and holds out her hand to shake in greeting right after him. "I'm from Igen as well. Just transferred in today." she admits, with a nod. "I was just having P'sec here show me around." Whereas she'd been full of questions and clingy with the known bronzerider, her eyes lower some and her voice is more hushed with someone she doesn't know.

<Weyr> Rikath is reluctant to reveal himself it seems, but with a bit of prodding from Maura he mutters out something socially acceptable to say in his gravelly tone. « I'm not new. I'm past three turns. »

P'sec's grip matches L'han's, giving the same solid shake before he steps back and cedes his place to Maura so she can do the same. "Thanks. Well met. Where were you from, originally?" Since L'han doesn't look like he's one of the recently graduated weyrlings.

L'han smiles and shakes Maura's hand right after. "Welcome Maura. And yeah, it's a pretty big place, even if you've been here awhile, so no worry if you get lost, there's always someone around to show you where you need to go." He glances back to P'sec and replies to him. "Fort Weyr… seven turns since I impressed. I'm also Landing's Watchrider for Eastern."

<Weyr> Abydoth is out riding the rainstorm rolling in over Eastern, learning the ways the winds and air currents work while his rider scopes out the terrestrial terrain. He flashes awareness of the question as quick as lightening, gusting in and out.

<Weyr> Escaeth reaches out and chimes, greeting both Rikath and Abydoth. « Welcome. You'll love this place. Plenty of space to fly… new smells, although the food here is… different. »

"That's a relief. I expect I'll be lost quite a bit, for awhile." Clasping her hands behind her back lightly, the greenrider is offered a smile for the welcome and the assurances. "How busy is Landing, these days? It might be interesting to visit." Some unheard comment, ostensibly from Rikath, has her eyes roll upwards. But she doesn't bother relaying whatever comment is made. "Fort Weyr. Did you volunteer to come here?"

<Weyr> Rikath isn't sure he likes the idea of 'different' food, and this prompts a drawn out sigh. « Different how? »

The big, tall bronzerider nods to L'han, filing the information away. "Landing seems interesting," P'sec agrees on the tails of Maura's remark. "Had a look around the other day." He's interested in the questions Maura asks, too, looking to L'han for his responses.

<Weyr> Abydoth expands into the space left behind Escaeth's remarks, letting the wind and rain wash in with him. Then, the sensations flicker and shift, filled with stark contrast: the barren Igen deserts and scrublands, the dry Keroon pastures stretching towards a pale horizon. Different. Yes.

L'han nods to Maura and says, "Yeah I did. Eastern needed riders and I wanted to see more of Pern so it kind of worked out. I came down shortly after the first riders did." As to the questions about Landing. "And Landing's good, it's very busy even at night, the Crafters are always up to something and there's always someone wanting to see if they can get some time on a terminal at AIVAS. I've learned to use the computer myself, to a degree… although the Masters resent me using it so much." He shrugs at that and says, "But you are welcome to come down any time you'd like."

<Weyr> Escaeth enjoys the warmth that Abydoth projects. « Yes, but not that bad different. They just taste different, but they're still good for you. And there are also wherries down here if you like those. »

Both Maura /and/ Rikath perk up at the idea of more knowledge. She for purely academic reasons. Ahd he for far less altruistic ones. He is quick to prod his rider to look into this new challenge of using the AIVAS terminals though. "Really? We're really allowed to go learn how to use the computers? What kind of information is available to us?" The pure glee on the girl's face makes it seem as though she's just been given -the- best gift -ever-. She doesn't seem overly concerned with what the Master's will think, but that's more then likely because she's not thinking of it. Yet.

<Weyr> Rikath seems content with that response, and he grunts what amounts to a thanks in his little world. A monosyllable of sound. His devious mind is busy at work pushing his rider's butons at the moment, so his last thought is a bit of malicious glee before he closes off from the others.

"Who's in charge there?" P'sec wonders, crossing his arms as he settles into a loose, relaxed posture. "Who decides who gets to use it?" AIVAS doesn't have quite the same appeal for him as it appears to do so for Maura with her quick enthusiasm, but there's a casual interest shown.

<Weyr> Abydoth shares the wind to go with the heat, hot, dry, and brisk. Not the heavy humidity he rides through now, weighing down his dark wings. And then he's gone, sucked back into the building storm.

L'han grins at Maura's enthusiasm. "First thing, the guards will check you over… no weapons, or materials other than paper, hide, and writing stuff, and your clothes usually go in. Second thing, you usually have to have a Master's permission to use the main system… although the other terminals are at request and when they're free. Lots of apprentices, other riders, and such have need to use it as well. And as to what you're allowed to look at… there's so much that they can't keep you to just one topic, such as farmcraft, beastcraft, healing, etc, but they can look over everything you access and if you do access something they have a problem with, you'll have to explain yourself. It's really up to them what's appropriate and what's not, although the weyrwomen get to see and use it whenever they want. I get to use it to some similar degree, but I'm monitored same as everyone else."

<Weyr> Escaeth peers as she picks up on some of Rikath's malicious glee, before something else nabs her attention and she withdraws, always close though to hear what's being said.

"Your clothes *usually* go in?" Maura prompts, sounding a little skeptical. "I know we're a bit more… uhm, open, about some things at the Weyr. But Landing too? Realy?" She sems to consider the rest of L'han's information cautiously, her eyes glazing over for a moment before her bright smile returns. "I'm just interested in history. I mean, you know… Pern's history. Though it would be fantastic to get some information on weather patterns and the like." Yes she is clearly more interested in this then P'sec. "You going to try it out too, P'sec? You and Abydoth can come with Rikath and I when we go!" Quick, bail out now while you still have a chance!

P'sec nods here and there as L'han explains, expression remaining that of comfortable curiosity. His gaze shifts when Maura questions him about his interest, reserved in his amusement for her sudden invitation. "Once we get ourselves sorted out here, yeah. I'd like to see what it's got on weather and Falls like you said." Ever the career man.

L'han smiles and remarks, "It depends… if your clothes could conceal something, they'll make you go change. They're not intrusive, but they will keep the computer and everyone in there safe. They don't strip-search you for example." He glances to P'sec and nods. "Yeah, that's what I've actually been spending the most time on, aside from looking up stuff for the Smithcraft on jems, forging techniques, and such. The starsmiths have been having a very hard time making new Fall maps and every little bit helps them create ones that will see us through this Long Pass." He glances back to Maura and he shifts his stance, "Well, history's a bit of a shot, there's plenty on how Pern was settled by our ancestors, but after the computer was buried by that volcano, there's nothing until it was uncovered recently by us."

"Oh, well that's good. Rikath might take exception to something like that." Maura refers to strip searching of course. But she dismisses the thought with an airy wave of her hand. "That would be interesting, learning about the settlers." she muses, disappointed however, that there won't be much more then that available. "No mind, there's bound to be something interesting regardless. But if you gentlemen will excuse me, I need to stop by the infirmary and then hunt up Indira, and then get something to eat…" her voice trails off, the bluerider suddenly distracted as she wanders down a hall. The wrong one, likely.

P'sec's interest sharpens on L'han. "Maybe you'll share some of it with me, if you're done with it?" The things relevant to dragonriding, he clearly means, not the Smithing material. As Maura heads to go, P'sec turns his head and calls after her, "To the right, not the left!" Her departure cues his own. "I'd better get Abydoth down before he flies straight out to sea."

L'han chuckles and nods to Maura as she walks off and he grins when P'sec corrects her direction. "Yeah, I'd best see to making sure Escaeth gets some sleep, she's been up for awhile. Take care P'sec… I'll probably see you at Drills." The ones led by Randi no doubt. He waves to the bronzerider before he walks off through the tunnels himself.

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