Portrayed By Nathaniel Johnstone
Position Candidate
Former title(s) Journeyman Smith, Tillek Hold Resident
Sex Male
Age 21
Place of Birth Tillek Hold
Family 4 siblings
Faction Progressive

Character History

Neythan is a young man from Tillek. Born there, raised there, and truly enjoying life there. His parents were Mardigan and Neyreen, but he barely remembers his dissolute sire. Neyreen had the assistance of two other fine ladies at the Hold, Toralia and Cerynn, who helped foster the boy in Mardigan's absence. Neythan grew up loved and being taught to enjoy life and all its splendours, but also to be kind and considerate of everyone. He's always been the young man who would drop back in a group of people to make sure the ones at the back of the group, who couldn't walk as fast as the others and were falling behind, made it to their destination safely. Neythan did his chores at the Hold, mostly centered around the fishing the seacrafters did, but he was quickly chosen by the Hold's harper for extra lessons, because he truly had a gift with music. Unfortunately, he also had a gift for making things and redesigning things and making existing things do things their creators never envisioned, and thus the Hold's smith wanted him too. By his 12th turnday, his siblings were jealous that he had the choice of two crafts to pick from. He was sad to have to turn the Harper down, simply because while he enjoyed music and could play for hours if he wanted to, he realized his true vocation was smithing. He didn't turn fully away from the harpercraft, however. He still kept his hand in there and in fact pestered the Telgar Hold's harper whenever the smiths let him free from his studies after he moved to the inland and much more inclement Hold.

Neythan's studious nature quickly garnered him some accolades and respect from his peers and the journeymen who oversaw them, but his sheer inability to stop creating stuff at the drop of a hat did make some of the more hidebound sorts rather grumpy. Neythan also saw little point in making the same things over and over again, so he was constantly tinkering with his creations to make them work better or do whatever they were intended to do more efficiently. In the usual four and a half turns, nearly five because he annoyed one of the masters just a touch too much with his whimsical nature, Neythan was allowed to walk the tables and become a journeyman, and of course, the place he wanted to go to the most was Landing to learn as much as he could from the Ancients and the wealth of knowledge they left behind. While some of his fellow smiths were adamant about misuse of technology, preferring to stay on the narrow but tried and true path, Neythan dismissed such hidebound notions and has happily embraced the notion of new technology and regaining some of the lost knowledge from their ancestors. He also has some ideas on new methods of transport, but isn't truly sharing those yet.

After Neythan came to Eastern Weyr to work on their lake-filling project, he was startled by T'ryn and Ockath's insistence that he Stand for Rauzath's clutch. Now, instead of planning how he's going to fill the lakebed once it's dug out, he gets to help dig it out too!


Neythan seems to have struck up a respectful friendship with the Weyr's glowtender, Rocio.

Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

Neythan is known for tinkering with things. He's also a flirt with all of the ladies and does get around, but always with a smile and avoiding any drama. He's also on record as perhaps being the best hugger on the planet. Finally, he wears odd bits in his long hair, tied back and hooked into the strands, and he tends to mismatch his socks by choice… and he wears a kilt.

Neythan's Logs


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