Night Owls


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Date: Oct. 8, 2010
Location: Lake Shore, EW
Synopsis: A late night out on the lake shore finds a guard practicing his skills, a gold weyrling with her dragon practicing flight, and a barkeep out taking a stroll with her bodyguard.
Rating: PG
Logger: Jaya

It must be night time for the barkeep to be out and about from her usual haunt. Night is a quiet one out on the shore as Jaya trails along it with an easy gait. There barely anyone out other than those passing by on their way to their respective destinations, not bothering to notice her or the tall shadowy man trailing her paces behind. The man himself with the teak color skin and dark curls framing his head lags behind purposefully to give the woman time alone, though his sharp eyes are on constant move towards anyone that should venture close to the scarred woman.

Kaskan is a shadow on shadows one moment, dark hair and tanned skin melding easily with the night as he stands poised absolutely still. However, the next second he is a blur of motion, arm extending into a long staff as the sounds of thunking wood and coordinated grunts roll through the air. Two good sized logs have been hoisted on their end and leaning against each other they provide a perfect practice target. Kaskan bounces light on his feet around the logs whacking from one angle, twirling and striking them again from another. Gone is his usual tunic, the workout creating too much heat to bare any more clothing than he can get away with. Even shoes have been set aside, his feet digging into the soft sand for purchase. Only short trousers remain for the sake of decency, rolled up to stop just beneath his knees. Concentrating, Kaskan doesn't notice Jaya's approach so whether her bodyguard judges him a possible threat or not remains to be seen.

There are watchdragons, but aren't they supposed to watch what comes into the Weyr? Not what is within the Weyr? And it is night, and so what if Eovarijath is a pale, almost luminescent color, besides her grey accents? No one can see her, because she wills it so, and never-any-mind, if the young gold weyrling is not walking on the ground, but is gliding over it with outstretched wings, toward the lake. As if she's being sneaky, and the lower she flies the sneakier she is, she has to actually angle somewhat to avoid hitting Jaya's follower, before the lithe young creature ascends somewhat and sails further into the lake proper. Drifting along, like fluff in her dragonet's wake, comes the grey-clad form of Rio. She carries no glows, but her feet seem to know the path. Her path, though, seems to be cut toward the sounds, peculiar, in the night. Sometimes she has found Neythan out here, late into the eve, and perhaps that's her consideration as Rio pads toward Kaskan.

Shijan reacts to the gold dragon first, turning sharply as something pale catches his eye. His movement causes Jaya to look up from her deep thoughts and look back behind her at him, frowning before she spots the dragon's weyrling a little ways off. And then, the noise. Further studying finds the source of such noise, the guard getting a pause as her bodyguard moves forward to place himself in front of her. "Don't need protection from them," the barkeep mutters, not bothering to push pass him - instead she merely steps to the side and strides off purposefully towards both Kaskan and Rio, not looking behind her to see if the man follows. When Rio is within calling distance, "Was wondering when I'd run into you out here, shuga," she calls out to her, dark eyes falling on her first before shifting to take in Kaskan. Her expression is an unreadable one as she approaches, Shijan's quiet footsteps heard from behind as she moves.

With a quick series of strikes that would break the log's neck, if it had one, Kaskan comes to a sudden halt. Stabbing the staff into the ground he holds a crouched pose for a few more seconds then starts to uncoil by standing straight and relaxing broad shoulders. The sound of a raised voice makes his heightened nerves jump and he whirls, the staff already rising and swinging outward. In the darkness he isn't sure which woman it is that he nearly connects with, but light blue gaze narrows as he instantly realizes that not one but two forms have approached while he was working out. With a self-depreciating snort he lowers the staff again. Some guard he is! Jaya's voice is immediately recognized once it sinks in - he's had enough occasion recently to hear it at various registers. But the other garners a longer look. "Sorry 'bout that," voices to both.

"Jaya!" Pleased alto at that, "Did you see? She's … I can't keep her down. Best I can do at this point is bargain with her. Only at night. So you didn't see her." Rio will step over to Jaya, to embrace the other, but she'll stiffen when she notices Shijan. "Ah…?" All question and wariness rolled into that. And Rio steps back again, away, to look toward the noise, "And… Busy night tonight."

At the guard's stance shifting and that stick coming toward them, Rio's shoulder hits into Jaya's, so that the two are moved somewhat away from that man. Whatever the rest of Rio's reaction, or expression, cannot be seen, but a roar is heard from the lake.

When Rio talks and steps forward, so does Shijan enough for Jaya to throw a hard glance in his direction. The two have a little glaring match before Shijan's should slowly relax, though his gaze then shifts and settles on Kaskan with no emotion emanating on his face. Her eyes lingering on Kaskan before she finally inclines her head briefly towards him, "Rio!" Jaya closes the distance to embrace her close friend, squeezing her gently before letting go to step back and peer at her veiled face closely. "She's flying already? And wh—" all manner of voice is gone when the weyrling woman hits into her, following that motion as she follows that look towards the guard. Shijan once again steps forward, planting himself infront of Rio and Jaya with a hard glare towards Kaskan when he speaks. Then, as if remembering that he had a voice, "Remember this one," he says, his voice smooth and cultivated before he looks back at the two women. At Jaya's little nod, he subsides somewhat - only stepping a few paces to the side with his hand straying to a concealed weapon to his side. "That's Shijan," Jaya makes introductions, her voice loud enough to include Kaskan in this since her gaze goes from Rio to him. Back to Rio in a very serious voice, "Got some things to tell you."

Kaskan is torn. Chagrin is incinerated as his defensive senses kick back in at the tinny sound that emanates from across the water. He half turns to glance over his shoulder but keeps a staunch part of his focus on the newest and obviously male form that has appeared too. Testosterone thickens the air as the two exchange heated glares. Kaskan knows of the bodyguard but hasn't faced off with him yet. A cocky male snort is Kaskan's reply to the other man's comment. Fingers tighten around the staff as he holds his ground, starlight limning his wiry frame in silvered light refracted off a thin sheen of sweat. He maintains the alert pose even after Shijan backs away. Hearing Jaya's comment he looks from the swathed figure that must be the woman he saw briefly in the bar back to Jaya. "This gonna be girl talk?" he asks, obviously leery.

A murmur of agreement to Jaya, at that, and a pointed look over at this male who has put himself between both women and the man with the staff. Rio studies that latter one, though, in the insufficient light, before she looks over at Jaya. "You alright?" Soft tones, sotto voice, ask that question. Rio does not directly answer Kaskan, but tilts her regard, over that grey cowl, toward him while she awaits Jaya's answer. No more noise from the lake, at the moment.

Jaya turns her head slightly towards the lake where she heard something - a cry, perhaps? Before she answers Kaskan's with a dry, "Sure, if you're including yourself and Shijan here as women. Want me to braid your hair?" Brows lift in askance at that, though there's the glimmers of a smirk forming as she says it. Shijan doesn't look amused, and he keeps his hard gaze on Kaskan. "I'm fine, for now," she answers Rio now, turning her glance on the veiled woman beside her. "Got some trouble. You know who. They found me." Eyes return to Kaskan then. "You always practice out here this late?" she puts forth, and then quickly tacks on with a look to Rio, "This is Kas," she adds the introduction, nodding sharply towards the leering guard. "He's one of the ones that fucked up my bar that night. Remember?" Sardonic to the last.

Kaskan sets the staff to the ground lightly while meeting the bodyguard's hard regard - the inference being he can easily whip it into play again if needed. One hand rests near the top while the other perches on his hip. Giving his chin a jerk to shift over-long bangs he finally awards Jaya a wry look. "Never know. You feminine types like to talk about babies and jewelry and….. hair. Girlie stuff." Kaskan smirks knowing 'girlie' is the last adjective that would be applied to the barkeep. Her comment to Rio melts humor as quickly as it came and he frowns, expecting to hear more. Lashes flutter as he blinks at her sudden tangent when she addresses him with the next sentence. "Yes, actually," he counters. "It's usually quiet." Deadpan. Her introduction warrants a break in the teasing, however, so he nods to the other woman, inclining his upper body slightly. "My pleasure." See, he does know his manners. Jaya, on the other hand, is beyond that point. Her reminder to Shijan earns a quick swing of the staff to her backside. "Bowen's fault," he chimes.

"Briefly." The grey clad woman speaks the word, with a quick nod of her head, toward Kaskan. "Kas. Thank you for not hitting us." A mild politeness can often go a long ways. Rio takes another look at Shijan, though, before she eyes Jaya. She nods, but does not press for details. Rio knows full well the value of silence, and utilizes this now. Just listening.

"Hear girls talk about using the butt end of knives across errant men's heads, too," Jaya puts out there for Kaskan's benefit, recalling that she had did exactly that to the man that night. "Sorry to have disturbed you," and she nods towards what the guard was practicing on continued dryness. She doesn't comment on the fight being the big tanner's fault, though there's a lift at the corner of her mouth at it. Eyes shifting to Shijan then, "Almost took off," she finally admits, now shooting an almost guilty look Rio's way. "Wasn't thinking. Staying though. He-" and she turns slightly to include Shijan, the man finally taking his gaze off of Kaskan to shoot a dark glance towards the women, "-was given to me," she finishes with a brief incline of her head. That's all she gives for now, based on present company, but the barkeep's significant look to Rio should probably tell the other enough about what's not said. And to cover that heavy pause, "So. Where is that charge of yours?" she asks this of Kaskan, looking around and making a show of it. "Since you're guarding him and all." Apparently she's still not too convinced of his profession, her gaze studying him pointedly now.

Kaskan eyes Rio for a moment, deciding if her reply is sarcastic or serious. The darkness makes it hard enough but her coverings make it near impossible to read body language. Curiosity blooms for her unusual attire but in a rare flash of insight he senses it'd be best not to ask directly. He'll get it out of Jaya later. Keeping his body angled toward the lingering menace that is Shijan, Kaskan merely leans on his staff again while smirking for having jabbed Jaya and gotten away with it. Again, the barkeep's cryptic remarks to Rio cause him to switch gears and frown. He can tell there are volumes being left unsaid. Damn women and their secrets. Jaya's inquiry about Jhorn takes him back. The wrist at his hip flicks toward the caverns. "Bedded down for the night. No need to watch him sleep," he informs her, returning that pointed gaze with one of his own. "I'm a guard, not a babysitter."

Given. The word registers and is punctuated by a sharp glance toward Jaya's bodyguard, before Rio exhales a sigh that might have, in a previous life, been an instant question. She has, since that life, learned about enforced patience, and had the will to survive. She, too, will get the answer out of Jaya later. "You are here guarding someone?" Rio's Crom accents are not gutter-hold, but rather cultivated, harper educated, in murmuring alto, "Where are you both from, sir?" Maybe she can attach this man to more of the gossip that makes idle chores bearable.

It was obvious that there was so much more to be said to Rio, but Jaya didn't yet trust the present men to add details. So with her short, vague responses on the matter given, she sends each present a heavy look before dropping that subject. Her lips part to respond to Kaskan's comment on him not being a babysitter until Rio asks her question, her mouth shutting at that. "I suppose we're all night-owls, then," she notes on the guard still up while his charge sleeps, sending a brow lift towards the weyrling woman that's partly amused. "The four of us here and not a drop of whiskey between us." As for Shijan, his poses relaxes more somewhat but the man doesn't step back to give Jaya her privacy with Rio and Kaskan. He's pretty much included himself in this conversation, even though he's not active participating in it.

Sir? A twitch teases the corner of Kaskan's lips at that address. He hasn't been called 'sir' in, well, never. His own northern lilt is submerged by cultivated effort, only slipping out in the occasional word or two when he's distracted or emotional. When he's conscious of it his manner of speech is indistinct enough to be from anywhere. "Yes, ma'am," he replies, automatically returning the polite honorific. There's a slight pause while he debates supplying her more information. He's been enjoying bating Jaya with as little as possible and is reluctant to end the game. There's no getting around the last question, though, so he jumps forward. "We're from Southern Boll Hold. He's related to the Lord there." Satisfied that he answered the questions while still being vague Kaskan drops a snicker at Jaya's comment. "What kind of barkeep doesn't keep a skin on her at all times? Tsk. Tsk." Raven wisps shift as he moves his head from side to side slowly.

Rio sends a glance between Jaya and Kaskan, and comes to a private conclusion. She inclines her head, formally, "Well met, Kas." Her hand finds Jaya's arm and squeezes it lightly, before she takes a half-step back, preparation for brief speech, "I need to oil her, before she sleeps. I will talk to you later, Jaya." Another nod to Kaskan, before Rio turns to head back into the darkness, past Shijan, and toward where a form emerges from the lake.

"The type that doesn't plan on being out too long," Jaya answers Kaskan's question easily, squeezing Rio briefly as she steps away as well. "I should head back. We'll talk," she sends to the weyrling before Rio heads off, nodding. "Kas. Let's go, Shijan." Once the brief farewell is given to both, the barkeep is moving on with her bodyguard, the guard she leaves behind getting a long narrow-eyed look over one shoulder before she, too, is swallowed up in shadow.

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