Night Spasms



Date: 20 June 2011
Location: Nenienne's room and the Infirmary
Synopsis: The adrenaline finally wears off, and Nenienne realizes just how stoic she is… not.
Rating: PG
Logger: Nenienne

When L'han and Neni arrived back at the Weyr, Nenienne was feeling sore in her left arm and a dull, throbbing pain in her right. Certain that an infirmary visit could wait until morning, all Neni wanted was to get to her room and sleep, so she asked Escaeth and L'han to drop her at the entrance closest to her room. After thanking them politely, she stumbled in, unlocked her door, slipped in, and locked it again. On impulse she checked her press, the lock made specially for her by her fellow Smith, Neythan, extra secure since she often had jewelry items in it and had originally been sleeping in the residential dorm before journeymen got their own rooms. After double-checking the lock on her door again, she fell into bed, but despite how exhausted she was, sleep was not forthcoming. After checking the lock on her door yet again, she fell into a fitful sleep, interrupted often by an overactive mind hyped up on the adrenaline still coursing through her body, and the nightmares, mercifully forgotten, which it conjured up.

Thus, she wasn't exactly rested when, at approximately o'dark thirty, the last of the adrenaline wore off and a sharp, searing pain brought her to an instant alert state. Her right arm was the source, and it was spasming in frequent, short bursts. Fortunately for those in the rooms around her she did not cry out or say any of the words which came, unbidden, to mind. Gingerly she rolled over leftwards and maneuvered herself out of bed. At once grateful she had slipped into bed in her clothes, she reached to open the door, then unlocked it, and opened it for real this time. On the way to the infirmary she tried to find a way to hold her arm that was less painful. At best, although the pain reduction was miniscule, she found that it eased ever-so-slightly if she held her arm a bit away from her body.

Triffie, the journeyman on duty, just happened to specialize in physical therapy. She also dealt with triage, a useful skill at a Weyr, and so she immediately recognized the signs of a dislocated shoulder. Seeing the agony on Neni's face, Triffie's first action was to lace some wine with fellis and hand it to the Smith with the tacit order for her to drink it. Despite the taste, Neni did, her agony turning to a grimace as she sipped. Then, Triffie got to work. As she did, she talked, more for her patient's benefit than her own, saying, "This kind of injury is better dealt with as soon as possible — wait too long and it will require surgery to relocate. With any luck there will be minimal peripheral damage, and you'll have use of your arm back in twelve to sixteen sevendays. Not that I expect you to remember any of this later. Now, brace yourself." With that, Triffie used a practiced strong motion and popped the shoulder back in place. Neni had just had enough time to clench her jaw before she was hit with a wave of pain which made everything up until then feel like a minor discomfort. It only lasted for a moment, though, and then the pain returned to a dull throbbing much like she had felt when under the influence of adrenaline. The sheer absence of pain made her gasp with relief and, ever polite, she choked out a "Thank you."

"So, do you remember anything I told you before I relocated your shoulder?" asked Triff, her tone amused.

Neni concentrated for a few seconds, then shook her head, answering, "I'm sorry, no."

Triff smiled and said, "Don't worry, I didn't expect you to. Now, the fellis should be well on its way to putting you to sleep now, but we can't risk you sleeping on your shoulder right now; once dislocated, it's very easy to dislocate again, especially so soon after the initial injury. Therefore, I'll be keeping you here for the rest of the night, and you'll need to sleep sitting up." As she was saying this, Triffie was arranging pillows. There was no way to make sleeping sitting up really comfortable, but turns of training had taught her how to make it the least uncomfortable.

Between having just had a Very Long Day and having absolutely no tolerance built up to fellis, Neni was asleep before a protest had fully formed. Triffie winced when she realized her patient was a snorer, but she had more work to do. The sling which would be needed was specialized to hold the arm away from the body, in the best position for the multiple injuries to begin healing, hopefully reconnecting everything which had been severed. It was ready by the time the Smith awakened, at around noon. Triffie had left instructions for its use and to track her down with the Healer who took over the shift.

Nenienne caught up with Triff in the evening, looking the worse for wear. She had not known if she was allowed to bathe while in the sling, and changing clothes with only one arm was a skill she would actually never master. Triff went over the details with her, the pertinent points being that numbweed would not work for the soreness in Neni's left arm, but long soaks in the hot springs would help. She was not to wear the sling while soaking, but she had to be extra careful with her right arm when the sling was off. That she was not to try to use her right arm for anything in the first sevenday, and that the sling would only be required for said sevenday. Neni took all of it in stride until Triffie told her the time frame she would be looking at for recovery — twelve sevendays in the best of circumstances, up to sixteen otherwise. And possibly never recovering fine motor skills, depending on how well it healed, and how bad the original injury was, as well as how long it had progressed before Neni went to the infirmary. Finally, Neni was instructed to track Triffie down in a sevenday to begin the physical therapy which would be needed to learn to reuse her arm.

Although Triffie asked how the Smith had managed to dislocate her shoulder, Neni let her know with no uncertainty that she was not going to say. Privately, though, Neni almost hoped they would catch Crud and try him, so she could recommend staking the son of a tunnelsnake out in threadfall.

This happens later in the night of the log Now Let the Lady Go, and technically the morning of the next day.

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