No Brainer


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Date: 11/20/10
Location: EW: Lakeshore
Synopsis: Ahnika and Kaskan meet for the first time. Misconceptions ensue.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Ahnika

It’s not really a typical thing to find Ahnika out by the lakeshore at this time of the evening, just a half a candlemark to curfew. Normally, she is going through her nightly rituals of bathing and applying any salves and ointments to injuries or sore muscles that have occurred through weyrlinghood, and then reading, yes reading, to Jhath a bedtime harper’s story, one usually consisting of some hero of valor saving the oppressed and vulnerable. Those are the favorites of her big (for her color) green dragonet. Tonight however, the weyrling pair is walking along the lakeshore. It isn’t the slow and languid gait set by those who are simply on an evening stroll. They walk with a purpose to their step, and their direction generally seeming to be that of the barracks, which would suggest to those who are a little more aware of such things that they are likely simply trying to make it back from parts unknown to the barracks before curfew. They have time, so aren’t rushing, but it’s definitely not a matter of a starlit stroll for the reason that these two are out.

Kaskan is sitting on the shore, legs pulled up and arms loosely draped over his knees. Evening's deep red glow is nearly gone, casting muted ember shadows over what's left of the day. Kaskan stirs from his quiet contemplation of the surf and sunkin' sun, light blue gaze shifting to the pair coming along the beach. As they approach he observes them periphially without seeming to, a gently flippant breeze coming off the water and tossing raven strands across his view. When they are near enough he tilts his head to acknowledge them respectfully, as he would all of dragonkind, but isn't sure what to make of the redhead.

Few are sure what to make of Ahnika, so Kaskan would be in good company. In fact, more than likely even those who are closest to her would admit to not always knowing what to make of her. It’s Jhath who seems to notice the sitting guardsman first as they approach, and less than a heartbeat later her lifemate’s grey eyes settle on Kaskan. She draws to a stop, politely returning the nod with one of her own, “Good evening,” she states, “Do you know the Beast Manager? Max? Have you seen him come by here, by chance?” No, hello, my name is Ahnika. Pleasure to meet you. Weather’s good. Just, where the hell is my man?

Kaskan blinks, dragging his gaze from the green to her rider. His brain slowly picks apart the seemingly random barrage of commentary she spewed by way of greeting, drawing dark brows downward into a skeptical line. Beauty without the brains. Typical. Snap judgement made, he discards most of what she said and zeros in on just the one that caught his attention most. "Max?" he echoes, giving his chin a jerk to set those over-long bangs temporarily aside. "Haven't seen him tonight, sorry." He shifts, idly digging his heels into the sand a bit more. "You…. related?" he temorizes, tone leaving the query open for confirmation or correction. Either way he tries to mentally align the man he recently met with this odd woman, and his expression reflects a shade of doubtful confusion.

Naturally, Ahnika knows nothing of the snap judgment made, and Kaskan’s ears and butt should be exceedingly grateful of that fact for there would have been a lot of ear twisting on the part of the redhead and some butt-munching on the part of the green dragonet. Ahni simply nods once to his first question, confirming the name, and then nods again to his stating he hadn’t seen him, this time in acknowledgment, politely. “Very well, thank you,” she says, taking another step to move past him, but is drawn up short by his question, her eyebrows raising just a little, “Hardly … not by blood anyway.” Though that last thought has the redhead frowning. Didn’t Indira say L’min fooled around a lot? And Ahnika doesn’t know a thing about her biological parents. Oh now she is looking like she wants to throw up. Jhath rumbles deeply, shifting in mutual discomfort with her rider, or future rider to be exact. “Nevermind. I’ll see if I can find him tomorrow. I need to get back to the barracks.” She swallows and looks at Kaskan again, “Just in case he wanders by and you want to tell him someone was looking for him, I’m Ahnika. He might panic if you don’t tell him who was looking for him.” Considering the man is liable to have any number of renegade agents looking for him these days. Not that a redheaded weyrling is likely to be confused for a renegade agent, but she is just trying to be considerate of that fact. “And this is Jhath,” she introduces her green, who bows her head formally in greeting to Kaskan.

Her answer hardly clarifies the connection, leaving Kaskan even more puzzled than before. "Ahnika. Got it," he echoes, then with his gaze dropping for a darting look head-to-toe he can't help but add, "You're his… apprentice?" Blatantly fishing he tips his chin, lips drawn into a thoughtful line meant to prick her pride into satisfying his curiosity. As the green is introduced he assumes a more serious cast, nodding again to the dragon and intoning a traditional greeting, "Well met, Jhath." And as if belatedly remembering his manners he adds, "I'm Kaskan," his eyes darting back to Ahnika to include her in that bit.

Ahnika blinks. She blinks a lot and in quick succession. Then she slowly draws her attention from Kaskan to Jhath, who simultaneously draws her attention from Kaskan to look at Ahnika. There’s a quizzical look on the human. There’s one on Jhath, too, but likely only Ahni can tell, really. And then they both look back at Kaskan. “Uh, no. I’m his … his …” she sighs and frowns at Kaskan, “He’s my beau. Satisfied?” Well, she’s not, clearly. But then she’s a weyrling so that’s probably a good thing that she’s not being satisfied these days, in the long term anyway. Ahnika straightens a little and smoothes down her tunic, “Nice to meet you, Kaskan. I need to go. Curfew.” She gives a little wave of her hand while Jhath rumbles from deep within her chest and huffs in a decidedly masculine fashion for a green. And then falls into step with Ahni as the weyrling heads off for the barracks.

Kaskan blinks too, such that one might think the two are exchanging secretive morris code signals. "Huh." That simple reply raises dark brows behind sifted bangs, lips pursing in frank amazement. Beau. Fancy word. It only seems to confirm his earlier opinion of the red-headed woman, though not how she could be connected to the serious, level-headed man he spoke to previously. He looks to her again as she straightens. Hmm. Then again, maybe he can understand the surface appeal. One hand twitches in a cursory wave as she departs. He automatically replies with, "Same to you," and watches till the pair are out of sight.

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