No Closure


Jaya.jpg Shijan.jpg Bhedri / Beddie (NPC)

Date: Nov. 25, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: Jaya gets a visitor and it's none other than her own twin sister. Jaya is 'thrilled' to hear she'll be staying for a few weeks.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

After a much-deserved hot bath, Jaya returns to her bar with damp hair and looking rather relaxed - that is, until she and her bodyguard realize that they were returning to find one sole occupant in the closed barspace. The barkeep shifting her bathing tools to the side as she spies the tall, dark-haired woman from the back in what seemed like attire made for a cold winter, "I gut men for far lesser reasons," Jaya gives in warning (and greeting, however the stranger wants to take it) as she takes a step in, Shijan on her heels. Quite frankly she was getting tired of finding strangers in her bar at all hours of the night, and she was already looking towards Shijan to escort whoever the woman was from the bar. If they were here to steal…

As Shijan gets the signal and takes a step forward to put actions to words, the slender hand lifting from the stranger has him stalling. "Now I declare, I know that dreadful scathing tone from anywhere!" the smooth soprano replies, the woman still keeping her back to the two arrivals as she continues to scan the place. Hand is now waving back and forth, "Is this your bar? It is quite bland! What happened to all the color and all the..? Well," and the woman's hand drops with a bubbly chuckle, "drawing a crowd was never your strong suit, now was it, Bajie?"

That had Jaya in pause. While the woman seemed to recognize her 'scathing' tone, she was definitely recognizing the other's high-on-energy-and-loving-it one. Darting a glance towards Shijan since she realizes she isn't alone, "Can you go guard the entrance a moment?" she asks, and she waits until the man is gone before turning resolutely towards her twin sister. "Beddie, what have I told you about calling me that?" she tosses at her back, frowning heavily. "And for that matter, what the fuck are you doing here?"

Now Bhedri Dicori turns around to face her sister. Identical in every way save for the scar running down Jaya's face, Beddie plants a bright, shocking smile on her face with her arms thrown open wide for a hug as she approaches. "Bajaya!" she cries, stepping forward as she's about to drag the other into a tight hug. "It's been turns, hasn't it? How yo— oh great Faranth!" She now sees the nasty scar, a hand flying to her mouth dramatically as she stumbles a few steps back. Groomed brows lightly furrowing now, "My poor sister, what has happened to your face?" she cries, concern welling up from within.

This was not happening. Her twin sister from Bitra was standing here in her bar…and calling her an annoying childhood nickname. Hands raising up to fend off the oncoming hug, Jaya blurts out the first thing that comes to her mind. "I ran into a knife, now what are you-"

"Don't lie to me, Bajie!" Beddie cuts her off, hands going to her hips as she stares straight at the scar that now distinguishes them from each other. So much for playing tricks on people, right? "Who did that to your face? Give me a name and I will g-"

"Call me Bajie one more time and I will make us identical twins again." Eyes light on Shijan by the entrance, the man watching the two raptly. Great. Eyes rolling to the ceiling with an exasperating sigh, "Beddie, what are y-"

"Got your letter." Beddie turns from her then, resuming her appraisal of the bland bar and looking as if Jaya hadn't threatened her face at all. One's likely used to such threats from the eldest Dicori by now - even if they haven't seen each other for over 6 turns. Hands slip into her cleavage to pull out that very letter, then the woman twirls around to face Jaya again with the folded square held up between two fingers. With a rather sunny smile in place, "I was so beside myself when you wrote me, dear sister, that I could not on good conscious not come to see you for myself! Sending that sweet boy, Soledas-"

"S'las," Jaya corrects her, her irritation rising with every word as she puts a hand to her forehead and closes her eyes. When she opens her eyes again, "And please, for fuck's sake, tell me you are going somewhere with this. Somewhere involving your backside walking out of here on the nearest dragon that could take you right back."

Beddie's smile immediately turns into a frown. It looks like there are some things that could upset the younger Dicori after all. Looking quite scandalized, "Language, Bajaya!" she scolds, directing the frown at her sister. "Is that any way to speak to your twin sister, after all you've put me through? Six turns, Bajaya. Six turns!" Sighing heavily as she dramatically throws her hands into the air and turns away from the barkeep, "Imagine my shock, getting that letter! I…no, we, thought you were dead! You certainly act like you are, what with not bothering to so much as stop by-"

"I could very well be dead if I did stop by," comes Jaya's deadpan response on Beddie's heels, scowling heavily at Beddie's back. "And I sent that letter for closure purposes, not to have you con S'las into bringing you here and…and…and upsetting things!" Jaya could already feel a headache coming. Her hand staying to her forehead, she opens her mouth to demand again what the Dicori was doing here when Beddie beats her to it.

"No matter," Beddie says smoothly then, turning back to Jaya with that sunny smile back in place. "I'm no longer mad. Seeing you has cheered me considerably, but I warn you, Bajaya Dicori," and a finger lifts, pointing it straight at Jaya's chest as she slowly approaches her with a stern expression in place. "You abandon me one more time and I'll..I'll…I'll never speak to you again!" Yeah, right. She nods firmly on that all the same however. "And I will not hear anything about this 'closure' hobnob, either! We're sisters! Nothing can change that."

Jaya regards that pointing finger with a flat expression, the scarred faced woman meeting Beddie's eyes before saying, "So you thought it best to come all this way to deliver me a verbal response to my letter?" she asks, not bothering to argue any point with her sister. It was best not to, really, or Beddie would never shut up. "You not speaking to me sounds pretty good, though," she tacks on, not bothering to mince words or give welcome.

Beddie's smile brightens more and she pokes that finger playfully against Jaya's shoulder. "No, silly," she states, her tone bubbly as she turns her sunny expression towards the rest of the empty bar. "As I said, I came to see you! I'll be here for a few sevendays, I imagine. Shells know you'll probably be needing me around longer than that, but our father loathes to have me gone for longer than that before he sends someone. Know what I mean?"

No. "Define a few sevendays," Jaya states coldly, planting herself right in Beddie's path when it looks like she was heading off again.

Eyes meeting ones identical to hers, "Twenty days, maybe more?" Beddie puts forth then, blinking once as she tries recall where she had made the mistake in causing her twin's confusion. But the smile slips back on and she's planting a hand on Jaya's shoulder as she adds, "I know you're just bubbling over with shock and excitement!" she guesses, spying the blanched look on Jaya's face. "It's gonna be great, you'll see! I come bearing gifts, of course, and lots of news and lots of gossip! You and I have so much to catch up on and I have my bag right over there, so if you'll just take my things into your room-"

Before Beddie could even finish, Jaya's brushing off the hand on her shoulder and taking a step back, hands up as if she's warding her twin off. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" she cries, the shock giving way to nervous anxiety for having her past personified staying right here in the Weyr where she's at. "First off, there's no way in Between you're staying here, and-"

Beddie sighs and rolls her eyes to the ceiling. Why is Jaya being so difficult? "You're a barkeep, right? You have the room."

"You can't stay here in the Weyr. Nice to see you, but it's time for you to go back-"

"I do not intend to go anywhere until I am satisfied that you're okay, Bajie-"

Jaya's face screws up, "Call me that name again, Bhedri, and I'll-"

"Do you serve peach rum here?" Beddie has flitted over towards the counter, her wide eyes looking over what selection of bottles she could see against the wall. "I do love me some peach rum! Do you think you could pour me a glass if you do? You can just charge me later-"

"If you want a fucking drink, then you're going to have to fucking pay like the rest of them!" Jaya turns and stomps herself over towards her selection of bottles behind the counter, but when she turns around, "Beddie, be reasonable-"

"Bajaya, language!" Beddie tuts again, dropping herself tiredly onto a stool and arranging her elbows on the counter. "And I am being quite reasonable! What am I going to drink during my stay here…" and a hand lifts, seeing the heated look on Jaya's flushed face as her mouth opens to retorts. "No, Jaya," she stops her, this time her tone sounding very serious along with a sober look coming into her eyes. "I am not going anywhere, so you might as well stop trying. You left me, remember? I think I deserve to make your life just a little bit…uncomfortable." She gives her a look. "At least for a little while."

It's not often that Beddie turns serious, and it usually begs one to listen when she does - at least for the mere sake of expecting her to say something intelligent. Whatever retort Jaya had at the ready dies at that look coming from her sister, and the guilt trip she's bringing on her has the barkeep shutting her mouth. Well, damn. Dark eyes lift beyond Beddie and find Shijan very much watching, amusement playing in his eyes even if his expression hasn't changed. Great, there's a witness. Sniffing, "Please don't drive me to drink, shuga," Jaya seems to be pleading with her sister, already feeling drained more than a full night's work at the bar.

At Jaya's words, which seems very much like she's acquiescing, Beddie's smile returns to full wattage and she props her chin playfully into the palm of her hand. "According to your letter, you're already there," she quips back, not a lick of sarcasm or malice in her sing-song tone. Taking a look around, "I want to see everything, too! I've never been down south…" She leans back, eyes falling on something on the opposite wall before she brings her gaze back to Jaya and adds, "So about that rum…"

"I'm going to bed." There was only so much a Beddie-free six-turn fugitive could only take in one sitting. Stepping away from the counter, "I suggest you find a place to crash tonite, cuz you sure as shit aren't sleeping with me," she notes over one shoulder, already putting one hand on the door to her chambers. Looking back at her then, "We'll, ah, get you set up in the morning," she adds then with some reluctance before she twists the doorknob.

Before Beddie straightens up and protests, a hand lands on her shoulder and she turns to find Shijan at her side. "There's cots in the residential rooms," he tells her, a clouded gaze going to Jaya then. "Jaya and I will find more suitable arrangements for your stay here in the morning." Yep, Jaya's glaring at him for that, but the bodyguard's merely returning that glare with a pointed one of his own.

Beddie looks from bodyguard to barkeep and back, her curiosity touching her face before she gives into a shrug and slides to her feet off of the stool. Well, perhaps it is too late to stir up curiosities. "Very well," she says with ease, sending a nod his way before turning towards Jaya. "I'll be by in the morning then! We'll do breakfast, and then you can tell me all about that dreadful scar and about who this…handsome man is," and eyes slide back to Shijan then, the smile turning just a bit suggestive before she flicks a hand in farewell towards Jaya and starts moving away with him.

Yeah, that look sent Shijan's way was enough to cause Jaya to twitch, moving away from the door with a heavy frown as she quickly blurts out to Shijan, "Take her there quickly and be back. I, uh, need you to help me with some inventory tonite." Anything to get him away from her twin, who was notorious for bagging men like fallen marks back in Bitra.

"Thought you said you were going to bed?" Shijan is quick to ask, turning back to regard the scarred faced twin blithely. The hard look coming off of Jaya was enough of an answer, the bodyguard inclining an amused head towards her before turning, picking up Beddie's bag along the way, and then leading Bhedri Dicori out of the bar.

Once they were gone, Jaya slumps against the door to her room, feeling herself drained. Yeah, she was happy that Beddie looked fine and healthy, but the barkeep had a feeling that it was going to be a long 20 or so days to come with her sister in town.

Just what she needed.

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