No More Looking Back



Date: 2011.03.07
Location: Star Stones - High Reaches Weyr
Synopsis: Six turns on, Indira finally lets go of the past.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Indira

Relates to this vignette - Remembered

Day 21, month 09, turn 02 – The anniversary of L’min’s death

Rather than performing the ritual reading of the letters of condolence sent to her after the brownrider’s death as had become her custom to do on the date thereof each turn, Indira took a decision to put the past behind her once and for all, and reach toward the future.

In the depth of night the Reachian skies parted above the Weyr with a blast of cold air that issued forth a foreign brown from Between. On great wings of klah, it backwinged and landed neatly on the star stones giving silent greeting to the blue on guard there. Although it carried two, just a single passenger dismounted before it peeled away and took to the skies once again.

A shiver ran through the solitary figure, and the woman drew the hood of her cape deeper over her face, from under it dark eyes searched the Weyr below, looking for any sign that her presence had been detected. The rider of the blue was of little concern to her for he’d expected her arrival and knew to leave her alone. The place she’d once called home and raised her son in, now given dispassionate study.

A wash of icy wind caught at the fabric of her cape and swirled it away from her darkly clad form revealing the glint of a well honed blade in the moonlight and then clouds scudded back over and she was shrouded once again in darkness.

Turning away from the view, muted steps carried her to the furthest point of the smooth rock face and kneeling behind the shelter of a boulder, she withdrew a bundle of envelopes neatly tied together with ribbon. In the dark a flame flared as she lit a taper from a tinderbox she’d produced, briefly lighting stark features hidden within the depths of the cape’s hood. One by one, fire was set to each of the envelopes, the ashes that formed dropping into a bowl she’d brought with her. When the last had been consumed, the woman extinguished the flame and cradling the bowl in her hands stood and moved back to the edge of rock that jutted out high above the bowl floor.

Once again, clouds parted, moonlight tracking silent tears to silver as they spilled down her cheeks. The last she would ever spill for a man whose careless ways had almost destroyed her. Another gust of icy wind dried the last tears and she upended the bowl, spilling the ashes out onto it. Watching as they swirled and danced away into the frosty night she sent low spoken words after them. “I let you play me for the fool that I was. But tonight, it ends here. You are now truly dead to me. The hold you’d once had over me…is broken. The scars you left me with have been consumed by the fire and passion of another.” Tossing the clay bowl out over the edge where it hit the ground and shattered far below, a slow mirthless smile formed. Though her tone was as cold and unforgiving as the bitter winds that shifted and swirled the cape about her, there was a renewed sense of self purpose to it, “You never deserved me…but he does.”

Turning from the view and a past that had tortured her for far too long, she stepped into the centre of the rock face just as the big brown that had been keeping vigil from high above, swooped down to land a few feet away.

Once she was mounted, the brownrider turned a look over his shoulder, “Where to?” Without hesitation as she buckled the last strap, the woman lifted her head and stated with a newfound calm and the trace of a smile, “Telgar.”

Closing Credits: Adele - Rolling In The Deep

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