Not In Boll Anymore


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Date: August 22, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr - Hallway
Synopsis: Lenia and Andi run into each other and enjoy a break talk.
Rating: G
Logger: Andi

Eastern Weyr: West Hallway North
The northern half of the western hallway is just as rough and unfinished as the rest of the weyr. Glows line the walls at economic intervals. There's technically enough light, but spaces of shadow are frequent as well. On the western side, several doorways open to - from south to north - a stairwell leading up to the Upper Bowl and the entrance to the Baths. On the eastern side, a set of stairs leads down into the Lower Caverns.

With the lack of rain today, Lenia isn't so much muddy as merely dirty. She's spent most of the day digging with Orralth. Then, instead of coming in to eat, she watched some 'ghosts' that came a little close, tracking them carefully. Now that the meteors have passed, she's finally come into the caverns to bathe and eat. She strides quickly through the halls, hoping to get to the baths and clean before they put all the food up. "No, Orry. That was only thirty degrees north. If you'd have been paying attention…" Which she plainly is not.

On glow duty once again, Andi has been getting quicker with each go at it, though she's still rather hesitant about the chore, and she's currently closing the last of the glowbaskets in the hallway, the glows replaced, her basket all but empty, the Lady-turned-Candidate turning and looking down the hall, a little smile catching her lips, proud of her progress. And then, her quiet reverly is interrupted by the sound of a single voice, the young woman blinking a few times as she turns, spotting Lenia and offering a quick little curtsey. "Evening, miss.."

Miss? What? That draws Lenia's attention. "Oh, I'm no Miss. I'm Orralth's Lenia, or Rider, or something." She grins widely. "Oh, fun. Glow duty. I was just talking to the glowtender the other night. She's fascinating. We got to talking about the slurry she uses, and how much…" She grins. "You probably don't want to know about that." She tilts her head as though remembering something, and then chuckles. "Yeah. I did, didn't I." After a moment, she nods. "What's your name, 'miss'?" Her own term thrown back at her, though not too harshly.

"You… You don't seem a ma'am, um.. Rider Lenia." Andi stammers a bit, trying to sort out her thoughts and regroup as the rider is countering her term, and she's blushing, glancing over her shoulder at the glows. And then, there's talk of a slurry, and Andi is looking somewhat green just thinking about it, taking a half step backwards to lean against the wall, one hand braced against the wall behind her, shaking her head, swallowing forcefully. "A-Andi." A pause, a deep breath, and she slowly steadies herself, finding her voice. "Andromeda, daughter of Lord Boll." She offers softly, if surely, a response well practiced it seems.

"Oh, wow." Lenia gives the young woman another look. "I didn't know we had any Lord's daughters in our candidate crop. Well, other than the one who showed up after her wedding, I mean." Rocio's background is unknown, and Lenia isn't exactly paying much attention. "This has to be different than Boll, yes?" She is interested, since she's got the girl right here. "And the sky is probably different all together." That's the exciting part for the starsmith-turned-rider. "Well, welcome to Eastern, then." She sketches an awkward, halted curtsey herself, showing that, yes, she does know the forms, but hasn't used them in Turns. "I can't wait until the Hatching. Orry — my blue — he says he thinks it'll be soon." She grins. "He's been wrong before, though."

Andi blushes just a bit at Lenia's surprise, ducking her head briefly in a neat little motion. "Yes'm.." And that quick answer likely serves as the intial answer to all the comments while the young woman works to gather her thoughts, taking a moment, and letting Lenia talk, happily to let her fill in the silence. "It is, ma'am. Quite.. Quite different from.. From home. The sky too, there are.. stars I don't recogize." She offers, glancing down the hallway once, and then back at the bluerider with a little smile. "I think I'll be glad when it is, whatever the outcome.."

Well, Dorote, you're not in Bittra anymore. Or something like that. "It really is. I was so nervous when I was a candidate. Especially since the other women didn't really know what to make of me. Heck. I'm a Starsmith. Most of them are guys. I kind of learned a lot from my time there, and it wasn't how to act as a proper lady." She gives a harsh laugh, but it's not overly loud. Lenia shrugs, though, leaning back against the wall. "But it worked out for the best. I'm convinced Orry was looking specifically for me, though I can't prove that. We just fit so well together." She smiles fondly, thinking about her blue. "Are you excited, or more worried, do you think?"

Most certainly not in Bitra anymore, and the foreign terrain became even more so when Andi's role changed from merely a visitor at the Weyr to that of Candidate. "L- Isilna, she… she's similar but.." She shakes her head, dropping her gaze. "She was, but not anymore." A little smile at the bluerider's explanation, and she dips her head again. "Both, I think.. But I.. I don't know which.. Which I'm more worried about - if I Impress or… if I don't." Her worries are whispered softly, a bit worried about the admittance.

Lenia crosses her arms indolently across her chest, not really caring that she's probably leaving a dusty spot on the wall she leans against. "I think it'll all work out. If there's a little guy… or little girl … " Lenia does admit that this is a possibility, "out on the sands for you, then it'll work out. If not, you'll either stick around, or you'll go home." She shrugs, uncrossing her arms again. "I'm excited. Weyrlings are all so cuute." It's the only time the woman has gotten maternal like this in a long time. She gives a small grin. "But don't tell anyone I said so." She sets a finger beside her nose, and winks. "Isilna. That's right. That's her name. Not sure I've met her yet. I imagine Orry has, though." He gets to meet all the candidates, when he's digging.

A blush, and Andi's shoulders lift hesitantly, and there's a little squeaky whisper coming out of her. "I… I hope its.. Its a green.." And she'd certain not jinx it by saying gold, "No… No offense ma'am." She offers, face red as she can't bring herself to look at the bluerider. "I.. I don't think.." And she shakes her head, rather than expressing her thoughts about having a guy in her mind, a little sigh and a nod. The bluerider's little comment, and her follow up, catch Andi's attention however, and she's glancing up at her with a little giggle daring to escape. "Of.. Of course not ma'am." She bobs her head again, even as she hides the face she makes at the mention of digging.

"Oh, I could see that, yeah." Lenia says, shrugging. "But, it's not up to me." She laughs. "Well, I don't know about you, but I am … dirty." She gestures to her clothes which indeed are covered with dust. "And I want to get some food before they put it all up. Because I don't really want old meatrolls again." She gives a chuckle at that, and stands up straight, giving another half-sketched curtsey to the young woman, waiting for her own farewell before heading off to the baths.

"O-Of course ma'am.. I didn't mean to keep you.." Andi says hurriedly, blushing again and scooting into another little curtsey a the bluerider is excusing herself, the young woman pushing away from the wall to stand straight, waiting for the bluerider. "Have a good evening, ma'am…"

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