Not Quite Secret Family



Date: 5 June 2011
Location: Healer Hall, Fort
Synopsis: One or two sentences telling us what happened
Rating: PG
Logger: Jonavan

For the rest of the day on which Jaya and Hope had arrived, Jonavan was in a foul, preoccupied mood. After a particularly biting comment to the first person unwary enough to try to ask about the woman and child who had turned up before noon, most of the other healers only approached him if they had no other option.

Ellis ferreted him out in the afternoon, though Jonavan had done his best to hide. The other healer found Jonavan in some one else’s office, a young woman who specialised in obstetrics. Winnie was helping one of the hold residents through labour so Jonavan thought he’d make it through undisturbed until dinner. Not so – the knock came, and when he yelled “No one’s here!” Ellis stuck his head through a moment later.

“Dude. What’s up with your secret family?”

Jonavan glared at Ellis over the patient chart he was trying to read. “Not my family. She’s on the run from her old criminal boss who wants to kill her if she doesn’t kill him first.”

“Fine, be like that. If you don’t want to tell me just say so.” Ellis didn’t buy the story, which effectively meant that Jaya’s secret was safe. “I knew you’d go and do something stupid and get stuck with a kid. Evie owes me marks.”

“You and my sister bet on me getting someone pregnant and having a secret family?” Jonavan looked and sounded incredulous.

“Well, she bet for you, technically. She said she’d find out cause you wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret from her.” Ellis was entirely unrepentant. He had the gall to grin.

Jonavan put the hide down on his stolen desk. “I hate you both.”

“I know, I know.” Ellis brushed away the comment and continued, “Listen, do you have to go play house or do you want to grab a bite to eat?”

“Only if it involves getting completely drunk afterwards," Jonavan replied sourly.

“Deal,” Ellis agreed and waited while Jonavan collected his bag, which was bulging with several sets of warm clothing, child-sized as well as in the approximation of Jaya’s size. He tried to ignore Ellis when the other man added, “Dude, you are so whipped.”

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