Not The Clutch Father


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Date: July 17, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Bowl South
Synopsis: E'ro offers to help a broody queen. Not the one carrying his dragon's eggs, though.
Rating: PG
Logger: Alara

Shadows are cast on the bowl floor from the clouds overhead, which is much different from the warm, drizzling rain earlier in the day. It's a pensive E'ro and Yzuruth who amble their way towards the southern side of the lower bowl, a bit of rope wound around the bronzerider's forearm. He's got an unnaturally serious look - as in, it looks odd on his usually puckish features - and the dragon isn't as animated as he usually tends to be either. At least, this section of the bowl is quieter and deserted, which perhaps fits their mood a little better. "Try not to think of it that way," the rider mumbles, apparently to the dragon, but looks startled to whatever reply is given. "That's not true. I don't regret coming here, do you?" There's a long pause, blue eyes locked on faceted ones as they stop in their tracks and face each other. "That's a shame, Yzuruth."

Rauzath is sunning in the bowl, her tail flicking contentedly. The large dragon scratches idly on the ground of the bowl, reminiscent of the clawing she'll do soon when she gets to the Sands. "I'm coming, luv." Alara's voice can be heard from over near where their weyr is. "I'm coming. It's that one spot, isn't it?" Alara has changed into a shortsleeved tunic and worn trousers. "Tell me exactly where." She carries

Seconds, minutes, pass, as the bronze duo stare at each other, absolutely enraptured by their discussion, which has likely switched to internal dialogue. They're snapped out of it by the sound of the Weyrwoman's voice, it being like the warmth that melts the snow. E'ro makes a complete about-face, his serious mien exchanged for a boyish smile as he greets the goldrider with a crisp salute and a jaunty, "Well hello there, Weyrwoman Alara!" He starts moving in her direction, not very wary of the rocks and pebbles interspersed upon the ground; he's got sturdy boots, you see. "How're you and Rauzath today? Doing well, I do hope?" His light blue eyes are kind, not mocking, as he stops just feet from the gold and peruses Alara inquisitively. "Itchy?"

Dragon> To Yzuruth, Rauzath pokes idly with a long painted mental fingernail. « Oye, you. Do you have any juicy information to share? Important news? I'm dying out here. Well, not really. I mean, Marsth did give me that little tidbit about that Healer, but that's old news by now. »

Alara is a little startled by the bronze pair, but hides her jump well, pushing a little deeper into the skin with oil and paddle. "Oh, she's always itching right about here about this time. It's like she has a cycle of where she grows, and right here is always first." She sounds goodnaturedly annoyed at the whole thing. "I just got her oiled this morning. And look at you, girlie. Dusty already." Indulgence wars with the slight annoyance. Alara is visibly tired. "We are well, thank you. And you?" She pauses, prompted by Rauzath. "How is Yzuruth, then? Are you settling in well? Everything you need, Bronzerider E'ro?"

Dragon> To Rauzath, Yzuruth jolts forward like a launched rocket, eager to please one of such great significance. His mind presence is accompanied by flickering lights, the smell of plastic, and an annoying little buzzing sound. « A wagon overturned in the bowl. One beast was lost. Its owner was no happy. I think that is all to report, ma'am. » Gossip is not his thing, though when he knows news, he is happy to report it. All that reporting in business and all. « All is well on the home front. »

"Ah, I see," E'ro comments as he watches the goldrider slathers on oil with a paddle, "I'd be itchy too if I had to carry around a bunch of eggs. No one could ever convince me to trade what I've got for pregnancy, no sir-y." Stretch marks, mood swings, cramps, and looking like you've swallowed a watermelon whole? Nope, not going to do it. "I'd think the worst of it is over," the bronzerider says as he watches the tired woman, sympathizing with her annoyance. "Anticipating the flight, knowing she's going to rise soon. Or do you find clutching worse?" It's an honest, open question; this being his first go as Yzuruth as clutch dad, it's something likely close to his own mind. "Good to know. We're holding up well. Most days he's happy with everything around him, some days he's less sure." There's a shrug and a slight dropping of composure, before his grin is back in full force. "Oh, I'm settled in just fine." And all the implications that apply.

Dragon> To Yzuruth, Rauzath gives a soft chuckle. « Alright, then, Spaceman. » Don't ask her where she got the nickname. Some progressive dragon, probably. « Report received. » There's a mental return of the salute, though it's cheeky and jovial. « Are you doing well in your flight drills? » She knows just the tack to take with this one.

"Each step has its own ups and downs, I think." Alara admits, dipping the paddle into the bucket, which rests solidly against a neckridge. "Being proddy has its own problems, as does the flight, which is often fraught with personality issues… at least on the riders' parts." She smiles sweetly, as she continues to brush the oil onto Rau's hide. "Luckily, for them, if there is any issue, it's sorted out pretty quickly." Frankly, they just forget it. "This part is some of the easiest, though. Just minor things. Like itching, and making lines on the ground that can't be disturbed, and …" She snickers. "I'm not giving away all your secrets."

Dragon> To Rauzath, Yzuruth comes to life with pride, the roaring of something speeding by at infinite speeds breaking up the silence after her words. « Just doing my duty, ma'am. » He quiets down, the roaring replaced by that annoying buzzing sound once more. « I have exceeded expectations. Some of the younger recruits are not fairing so well, however. I would suggest they seek more practice and focus in their everyday routines. »

"If you had to pick a worst and a best moment out of the whole thing?" E'ro is relentless, harmlessly so with a Cheshire cat grin spreading from ear to ear. His eyes are crinkling at the sides, he's smiling so widely. "That's something I have to agree on, it being sorted easily. Yzuruth may have a problem, but then he's onto the next thing and it doesn't vex him as much. It makes it simpler on me that way. Otherwise I'd worry about him to death." He scratches the end of his nose, a frown of distaste creeping in. "I'm not the sort to worry." Or in other words, he hates worrying and it makes him uncomfortable. Typical man? Maybe. Typical E'ro? Definitely. "I promise, your secrets are safe with me, Rauzath," he says, placing a finger over his mouth and giving the gold a good-natured wink.

Dragon> To Yzuruth, Rauzath gives a mental blush, partially to Yz's rider, and partially to her own, for talking about some of that. « Well, ain't Yours a charmer. » She snickers softly. However, she calms down and gets back to business. « Any recruits in particular that need … more attention, young man? » She'll tell Erikath if she thinks they merit it. One bonus to all the gossip: Keeping your finger on the pulse of the Weyr, and noticing all the little things as they come up.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Yzuruth gives a mental nod in the direction of his rider, one of respect. « He is at that, a good man for all. I would recommend him to anyone. » But there is more important business, that of prosperity and usefulness, especially as it concerns other recruits. « Vaxoth, Grenth, and Ogith are amongst the worst, ma'am. One thinks he can play during drills, one prefers sleeping in to sweeps, and the last is hardly able to walk without losing his balance. It is a less-than-worthy lot, I am afraid to report. »

"I'm sure the experience is different for every clutching pair, but for us, the best part has to be the seven after the flight. Rauzath is content, and she's happy with the world. I don't know if many have noticed quite yet, but my girlie can be pretty particular about some things." Alara puts a finger up to her temple. "Oh, excuse me, darlin', specific." Apparently there was an objection to Alara's word choice. "My least favorite part personally is the fogginess my brain goes through right before she goes up. Her least favorite part is right before she hatches. Itchy, unable to leave the grounds, and … her specificity increases nearly exponentially. She winces again, and declares loudly, "it does so!" She sighs. "Ok, it gets a little worse." She rolls her eyes, communicating silently the truth of the matter.

Dragon> To Yzuruth, Rauzath sighs, the weight of the world, or perhaps the Weyr on her shoulders for a moment. « That lot, again? I swear. If they keep it up, we'll find watchrider spots for the whole lot of 'em. » There is the mental equivalent of a loud living cavern, showing her displeasure, especially as it's full of weyrbrats having a food fight. Yeeech. « I'll talk to Erikath about it, then. »

"I would assume as much, that it would be the most contented time for any dragon and their rider." E'ro doesn't mince words on that one, just a sly smile as he looks back to Yzuruth, who is comfortable observing the bowl at his leisure. Not to be confused with laziness - Yzuruth's always alert. "Is she now? Does that making it more difficult? Do you have to wear a hat whenever you touch the eggs? Or maybe mittens?" He's kidding, obviously, but he gives the queen another lazy grin to prove his playfulness; never be it said he insulted a gold. "I wouldn't stand being cooped up in a hot cavern for days and days either. It's not the most practical thing, but if she'd like company or an oiling while she's there, I wouldn't mind stopping by. Yzuruth has ideas about staying on the sands for the duration. I keep telling him no," he says with an askance glance to his bronze.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Yzuruth does not know how to relieve that weight off her shoulders, but he is willing to try, his presence turning that much more diligent and upright. « Unfortunately, they would do better as such. Focus and time to think would do them wonders. I am happy to report my findings back to you whenever you find necessary, ma'am. » That buzzing sound stops as he patients away her pleasure. Will she be proud? Will she shun him? It's a waiting game, but his sense of patience prevails in the void.

"Well, if Randi and Kaseth don't need your assistance…" Alara says, a bit of disapproval crossing her face for just a brief moment. "You do know she has the first call on you. And they are new at this, so they may not know what they'll require down the road." She purses her lips. "But, if you're available, we'll consider it." She'll add him on to the short list which obviously includes Erikath and Ockath. "She does like to hear any … interesting information you may come across…" She mouths the word, "gossip" to him, hoping to avoid being noticed. But since it's a mental connection, and not just a verbal one, she winces slightly again. "Sorry, luv, but it's true." As to Yzuruth's ideas, she shrugs. "She may require his presence the whole time, although, from what I know of Kaseth, " let alone her rider, "I'm not certain she'll be the type. But it would be good for him to offer." Don't discourage that, in other words.

Dragon> To Yzuruth, Rauzath's tone is pensive, and she considers things for a long moment, and then, as though out of the blue, she yells loudly, more for her rider than for her friend, « Oye! » Having expressed the displeasure, she moves back to the problem at hand. « There may not be that many places needing riders. We'll just have to get them to fall in line. » She doesn't relish this job.

Randi and Kaseth, ah yes, he'd forgotten about them. "I think that they can, for the most part, hold their own. Randi's never struck me for the needy type, but.." E'ro pauses as he becomes thoughtful, "I should offer. I don't want to come off as the asshole who thumbed my nose at my friend, eh?" He's back to grinning, with a cleverly lifted eyebrow. "Will J'cobi give you any help, you think?" and by his tone, it doesn't sound like he believes he will. Note, he's got that smile in place, so he's not openly admitting dislike or insult. Nevertheless, the suggestion is there that he doesn't believe the Weyrleader will avidly get down, dirty, and oil Rauzath if she needs it. "Yzuruth doesn't hear much gossip, or he doesn't want to. I'll pass along anything I hear if it'll cheer her up." He's all charming and helpful.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Yzuruth is taken aback by the sudden outrage from the gold, though he's careful to compose himself into the cool, respectful - and not shocked! - version. « You could stick them on ferry duty, ma'am. Weyrlings are always clamoring to get into real wings and out of ferry service. They are all young yet, it could be a reminder of what they have now. » Helpful, just like his rider. Not that it's his place, he just has suggestions. « Give Erikath my regards. »

"I think that would be best, yes." Alara has Definite Ideas about how this should be done, though she's not particular if the gold isn't. However, her experience dictates that she'll need some assistance. "It won't be oiling that'll be the problem, I think. It'll be things like hunting, or telling her gossip, or soothing her sulks…" Ouch. Again. "I mean, her down times." Slightly better. Maybe. "I think, whether J'cobi wants to or not, Erikath might." She shrugs. "It seems he's a bit more personable than his rider, or so Rauzath seems to think." And that's whose opinion matters, right? "And Ockath and T'ryn will probably help out, as well. They … they have done so before." He was clutchdaddy then, though. And doesn't her face flush red when she mentions the brown and his rider. Wonder why that is?

Dragon> To Yzuruth, Rauzath gives the equivalent of a pensive nod. « You're the clever one in your pair, aren't you, Spaceman? » Ferry duty does sound like a much better punishment. « And they're not so old as to have forgotten how to do that. » Riders or dragons. There is a shock of glee which passes through. « I hated ferry duty. I think. » It's been Turns, so she can't exactly remember. Pause while she asks Alara. « Yup » She pops her p. « I did. I hated it. »

"We'll all figure out together," E'ro comes back, his eyebrows lifting. "We'll all be visiting the sands regularly, at least, so there's no better time." He is of the all-positive nature, so there's no downside to this. "I don't think we'll have a problem with that. They've known each other since Igen, as well as me and Randi have some experience together," punctuated with a smirk, "I doubt soothing and gossiping would be a problem. Hunting is Yzuruth's thing but he's a champ, he'll be there if she needs him." But then she's blushing and talking about brownriders - that makes him perk up from the casual conversation. "T'ryn and Ockath, they're from Telgar right?" It's clear he's mentally storing and retrieving information. "The helpful sort?" His keen blue eyes, though they have a lazy look to them, are observing her reaction.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Yzuruth sounds proud another time, the figurative puffing of his chest as his rocket ship takes off again. « I tend to have better observation skills and foresight, yes. » He keeps shooting for the stars, a roar and a sputter as engines fire. « They would suit that duty. It is degrade, as it should be. Duty first, honor second. » And that's his manner of thinking, all military-like. Rank earned with determination and hard work!

E'ro's words make Alara blush more deeply. "Yeah. He's a good guy. Not always the most brilliant of the lot, but he does have a heart of gold." She looks down, trying to hide her blush with her hair, and rubbing the oil in all the way. "Oh, I'm sure it'll work out. My girlie's good about this part. She'll come through, and have a lovely clutch. I'm certain of it. But I want to do all I can to make it easy on her." Alara is the kind to worry. She looks up again, and smiles. "But if you can help either us or them, though… If they need it, they do have priority, it would be a boon. Thank you bronzerider."

E'ro is a lover, not a fighter, and he's never been concerned about that whole, goldriders sticking to what they know - as in bronzeriders. He's not particularly concerned about the obvious attachment he can sense, but he's got an eye for this kind of stuff. Lets him know who's fair game and who isn't. "Sounds like a fair enough hand, if he's willing to take time to keep you ladies company. Not many men who would do that these days unless it was their weyrmate." Feeling for handholds, there. "I'm hoping Kaseth and Yzuruth's will be nicely laid too. It was both of their first times - for Yzu with a gold - and I'm positive they flew long and high enough." He scratches his chin with a finger, looking less sure than he sounds. "I'd be honored. It'd give us both time away from those idiots in the wing. Yzuruth is good on his own, but I'd rather him do his drills than get distracted trying to help those dolts." Ahh, young dragons.

"Weyrmates? Well, he hasn't said anything, but …" Alara frowns. She looks up, realizing she's probably given herself away. "We've been … close for Turns, and only recently … figured things out." Yes, she's stuttering over this a bit. "Oh, I'm sure Kaseth will do brilliantly. " She smiles brightly herself.. "Well, that's you settled, luv. You're good now?" Rauzath whuffles her assent, and settles back down, just as La grabs the bucket of oil. "Well, you could've let me grab that first, you stinker." She chuckles at her gold, and scritches her between the eyeridges. "I do beg your pardon, sir, but I have a desk full of hidework to finish. It's been stacking up on me…" And it needs done.

Dragon> To Yzuruth, Rauzath gives the young bronze a pat. « Cheers, mate. Thanks for the information. » She'll draw back, leaving only the whirring sounds of wind and sky, and an echo of his little buzz. Just the slightest hint. Wrapped around it is a dozy contentment and the feel of sun on her back. She'll share.

That's settled then, another goldrider off the market. "Maybe he needs some convincing? Wouldn't it make you happier? Seems that way." E'ro's still bearing his devil-may-care grin and a hefty amount of brass. "I won't keep you any longer then. Just remember I'm here to help if you need me, for Rauzath for /anything/ else," he says with a meaningful look; one of those 'do you get where I'm going with this' glances. "Good day to you, Weyrwoman Alara." Plus a farewell salute to his brow.

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